floridagram1<AdamOutler> The Duffy's?00:00
floridagram1<AdamOutler> @whisperit2me asked questions, provided pictures, then deleted them after I answered.00:01
floridagram1<AdamOutler> @whisperit2me are you that paranoid?  I mean I take many security precautions, but I also have a healthy balance of sharing my struggles and accolades.00:02
floridagram1<whisperit2me> @AdamOutler, It's OCD cleaning.00:07
floridagram1<AdamOutler> @whisperit2me  what does your OCD say about the way it looks now?00:14
floridagram1<whisperit2me> @AdamOutler, 😂 i dunno about all of your texts, but I've cleaned up mine. 😝00:17
floridagram1<AdamOutler> @whisperit2me, I'm going to make sure to quote you for posterity in the future.00:17
floridagram1<ahoneybun> Other then all of this being logged by Ubuntu logs00:18
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Oh, yeah, the chat room.00:18
floridagram1<ahoneybun> IRC is being logged00:20
floridagram1<ahoneybun> @ImageBot00:23
floridagram1<ahoneybun> Oh snap00:23
floridagram1<ahoneybun> That's odd lol00:52
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Running out of disk space while doing an apt update be like..03:22
floridagram1<whisperit2me> I tried changing my bios boot priority to usb, but the usb is still not bootable. When i try to power on my netbook again and boot from usb, a black screen with these words appear "please remove any media devices and press any key to start" so i ignored it and pressed any key to start and my computer just started like the usb nvr happened. Then i tried it again, but this time when that sentence appeared, i di20:42
floridagram1pressed any key, but comp also started like normal. So i opened up my usb folder and took a pic of it's contents:20:42
floridagram1<whisperit2me> I downloaded Lubuntu 16.4 live. Whatever that means.20:43
floridagram1<AdamOutler> @whisperit2me, That can happen when your download is corrupt. Check the Sha256/md5sum20:43
floridagram1<whisperit2me> @AdamOutler, I dunno wut that is20:43
floridagram1<AdamOutler> It also happens when you let windows "fix" your drive.20:43
floridagram1<whisperit2me> @AdamOutler, I dunno if i did that.20:44
floridagram1<AdamOutler> @whisperit2me, Try flashing it to the USB again.  While you're waiting, download a fresh copy to try next.20:44
floridagram1<whisperit2me> @AdamOutler, Oh u found a text file named md5sum20:45
floridagram1<whisperit2me> @AdamOutler, How do i ck it?20:45
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Not sure if windows has the ability natively.  You can verify with a tool called "md5sum" in Linux. There are tools for windows.20:46
floridagram1<whisperit2me> @AdamOutler, I dunno how to do that either. 😂😂😂 I'm computer illiterate. 😔20:46
floridagram1<AdamOutler> You check the locally generated hash with the remote provided hash.  "md5sum \path-to\my.iso" provides the local hash.  It should match the hash provided by Ubuntu on their server.20:47
floridagram1<whisperit2me> @whisperit2me, I'm  googling that now20:48
floridagram1<AdamOutler> @whisperit2me, This is called hashing, btw.  It's an advanced crypto topic, but it's easy enough to verify one hash against another.  Hashes are used to sign things.  They provide a digest of the contents so people can verify the contents. Just know that you can't reverse a hash because it's a one-way algorithm.  What you're doing here is using a hashing algorithm for integrity checks.20:51
floridagram1<whisperit2me> Ok, thx. 😉 … I found this on google, but dunno how to customize the texts to my situation.20:57
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Certutil-hashfile my.iso md521:01
floridagram1<whisperit2me> @whisperit2me, It has spaces between the words. Do I need those spaces? Or it won't matter?21:26
floridagram1<AdamOutler> You need them.21:42

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