gamerchick02SSD arrived! SSD installed! computer won't boot. :(01:17
cmaloneyWoo woo02:03
_stink_cmaloney: the garbage disposal was a headache for us too02:41
_stink_but congrats!02:41
cmaloney_stink_: Did you lose power too?02:43
_stink_we did, at around the same time you did, but got it back at about 3pm on Thursday02:47
_stink_still haven't dug out of the pile of dishes.02:48
_stink_did manage to purge the fridge and restock though.02:48
cmaloneyYeah, the fridge got a cleaning02:54
cmaloneyeverything was tossed02:54
cmaloney(I think this is nature's way of renewing our fridge)02:54
_stink_hah, yes03:01
gamerchick02welcome back cmaloney17:00
cmaloneyComputer locked up17:00
gamerchick02at least it's back. mine is dead17:01
gamerchick02well i have the ubuntu laptop17:01
cmaloneyThat's no fun17:01
gamerchick02i tried to upgrade the hard drive which required removing the graphics card so i'd have enough room to plug in the SATA cables and something happened. i don't know what. it's either the mobo or the power supply. so i'm going to microcenter sometime next week to get them to diagnose it and figure out a repair.17:02
cmaloneyGood luck17:04
gamerchick02microcenter has a 17 day backlog right now17:12
gamerchick02they lost power for like 4 days17:12
cmaloneyOh that's no fun17:13
cmaloneyI didn't realize they were down as well17:13
gamerchick02so. $40 for a diagnostic, $130 for the repair, plus parts17:14
gamerchick02so i'm looking at $400 about to get this fixed if i need a new mobo and chip17:15
gamerchick02well i can swing it. i don't WANT to but i need the desktop17:15
gamerchick02my gaming addiction calls for it. :-P17:16
gamerchick02i like having separated computers for different functions. an ubuntu laptop and a windows desktop17:16
jrwren!!! https://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/sys/6011964791.html17:40
cmaloneyjrwren: Does it run Ubuntu? :)17:57
gamerchick02dang that's huge18:01
jrwrencmaloney: i'll bet you could make it work ;)18:03
gamerchick02i'm sure he could!18:12
cmaloneyjrwren: I would love the opportunity to try.20:08
gamerchick02of all the people, i'm sure you could get it running proper. :)21:31
cmaloneyi find your faith comforting and frightening. ;)21:54
gamerchick02hey, you're a level higher than me with the whole computer thing. i managed to short something on a drive install22:06
cmaloneyi blew up a motherbkadd and a processor in my last computer22:10
cmaloneydon't underestimate ykur skills22:10
jrwren^^^ always good advice.22:14
cmaloneyjrwren: You might appreciate this: https://www.reddit.com/r/industrialmusic/comments/5z0jkv/dating_sites_hate_him/22:17
jrwrenI didn't really get it.22:33
jrwrenoh jezz... NOW I get it.22:34
gamerchick02it didn't blow up. just stopped working23:02
gamerchick02i didn't release any magic smoke23:03
jrwrengamerchick02: have you tried a diff video card or the onboard video?23:05
gamerchick02the computer won't turn on, jrwren23:10
gamerchick02it won't turn on regardless of what i have in there23:10
jrwrendid you double check the power button cable and power supply cables to the mobo?23:13
jrwrendo you have an old IDE cable plugged in backwards (used to be a thing)23:13

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