superflychesedo: I think you mailed the wrong list about the mini meetings02:59
superflyI don't think ubuntu-africa is a bad choice, but I know it's not the intended audience ;-)03:00
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chesedolol thanks superfly10:00
inetprogood evening10:58
Kiloshi inetpro 11:12
Kilosconnection bad here today again11:12
inetprofix it11:12
Kilosill fone them tomorrow but need to use sim in modem11:13
jeritgoeie middag manne11:46
jeritguess who's installing a Teamspeak server on his new ubuntu server11:47
Kiloshi jerit 11:59
jerithey Kilos11:59
jeritany ideas? can't tar this file "gzip: stdin: not in gzip format" https://i.itsosticky.com/hwo2ma.png12:04
MaNI -z, --gzip, --gunzip, --ungzip              Filter the archive through gzip(1).12:06
MaNIthat file is a .tar, not a .tar.gz ...12:06
jeritah tar -xf <file> worked12:09
jeritI'm confused again -> https://i.itsosticky.com/1xwmpe8.png12:24
jeritnot exactly sure what I'm looking at here12:25
chesedoinetpro superfly Kilos: can any of you respond to my wrong thread on the africa list to indicate that is such... i did not receive a copy of it so can not respond on it (unless if i start a new one)12:37
* chesedo wonders how it keeps track of a thread any way... maybe i can just 'hack' the title...12:37
inetprochesedo: just copy and paste in a new message to ubuntu-za-request@lists.ubuntu.com12:42
inetproor did I miss something?12:42
chesedoinetpro: nop, according to this (https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-africa/maillist.html) that worked thanks...12:44
chesedoinetpro: you may have missed that i email the africa list instead of the za list about the mini meeting...12:45
jeritguys symlink is okay? https://i.itsosticky.com/1cgtese.png12:46
* inetpro missed this, "i did not receive a copy..." sorry chesedo12:46
chesedojerit: i have no idea...12:47
chesedowait a minute...12:48
chesedojerit: that seems like a recursion12:48
jerityeah turns out directory structures haven't worked out like the guide I'm using for this assumes they should12:51
jeritthat or I did something wrong12:51
jeritThis is weird... the startup script is there but it says not found? https://i.itsosticky.com/p5405s.png13:08
Kilosi will but its good there as well chesedo 13:38
chesedoalready done Kilos13:38
chesedoand superfly ^^13:38
Kilosbut its good there too maybe some of them will come see what its about13:42
chesedoKilos: let's hope that i did not scare them away then :D14:04
chesedofor the python lovers -> https://t.co/44klGmO6qQ15:03
jeritanybody wanna join my new teamspeak server btw? maybe we can all talk there n stuff?15:33
inetprowelcome back kulelu8817:02
kulelu88welcome back? inetpro 17:03
inetpro03/12 18:29:28 --> kulelu88 (~kulelu88@unaffiliated/kulelu88) has joined #ubuntu-za17:03
inetproit's only like half an hour ago and nobody has said anything yet17:04
kulelu88almal slaap17:05
inetproeven Kilos17:06
inetproMaaz: seen theblazehen17:07
Maazinetpro: theblazehen was last seen 3 days, 4 hours, 25 minutes and 20 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2017-03-09 12:42:28 GMT], and has been offline on freenode since 2017-03-10 17:39:36 GMT17:07
inetproanyone else played with nested virtualisation yet?17:09
* inetpro wonders why a machine would come to a crashing halt with nested KVM17:11
inetprosurely you should not be able to use resources outside the boundaries of the first VM?17:12
kulelu88CPU is normally shared in virtualization17:13
nsnzeroevening all17:27
Maaznsnzero: By the way, paddatrapper on freenode told me "tell nsnzero weechat has a python slack plugin - wee-slack" 21 hours, 43 minutes and 47 seconds ago17:27
inetpronsnzero: try it and please tell us about it17:27
inetprooh and hi as well17:28
nsnzerohi inetpro  will do17:28
inetproah and welcome back to pavlushka also17:32
inetprooh dear17:34
inetproMaaz: talk to me17:35
Maazinetpro: What?17:35
pavlushkainetpro: thank you :)17:35
pavlushkaMaaz: you stupid, talk to inetpro 17:36
Maazpavlushka: What?17:36
inetprogosh, you guys are boring today17:36
inetpromagellanic: oh are you?17:36
magellanichi, good can't complain you?17:37
inetproall good as well thanks :-)17:37
magellaniccatching up on the trove of vids from google's cloud conference.. (https://www.youtube.com/user/googlecloudplatform/videos)17:41
inetprosounds interesting, sadly with limited data not something I can join in to tell what happened17:43
magellanicthere are a bunch of interesting ones, but yeah one wants uncapped for youtube17:45
inetprohi zaki17:58
* inetpro feels like the greeter bot in the absense of Kilos17:58
inetprooops, he's actually here?17:59
Kilosi heard the alert17:59
Kilosmostly i miss thenm17:59
inetproKilos: stop playing games and concentrate for a change18:00
Kilosi just eaten man , and also been trying to fix ians car18:00
Kiloslost spark and its a new coils and distributor18:00
Kilosmodern electronics suck18:01
inetprooh golly18:01
Kilostold him to buy a distributor with points in then i can look18:01
Kiloscant see inside sealed chips18:01
inetproKilos: tell me about it, keeping a car in good running condition is a constant battle18:14
Kilosexpensive battle18:16
inetprothat as well yes18:16
Kilosthis golf has exploded 2 of the modern black coils18:16
Kilosand on third distributor in 2 years18:17
Kilosjinx car18:17
inetprotrade it in for a new one18:17
Kiloswas in an accident before he bought it and they did a good hideaway job, but wiring harness damaged inside so weird things happen18:18
Kiloshe still growing his business so no spare cash for another car18:18
Kilostough in africa18:19
kulelu88what business?18:20
inetprowish we had more affordable alternatives for transport in this country18:21
MaNIso say we all18:22
inetprosadly the only solution around it is to increase the monthly budget to keep the wheels spinning18:23
kulelu88in this 1 particular case, you can really blame the apartheid government for urban planning. People are spread out too far, making public transport difficult18:24
inetprowish it was that simple18:25
MaNISounds like a massive oversimplification to me. We have plenty of very dense areas.18:25
kulelu88Ask Kilos about the difficulty of getting from where he is to Kalafong hospital18:26
kulelu88the dense areas have been addressed by the gautrain18:26
MaNIThe construction of an over expensive super fast gautrain that only goes between one or two locations instead of multiple slower monorail lines - similar to e.g. what Malaysia has, is but one of our many blunders18:27
MaNIIIRC they company that did Malaysia's one even wanted to build one for us, but at the time submarines were more important to us.18:27
kulelu88you can go from hatfield to sandton and the radius around sandton using only the train/bus-service18:27
nsnzeroinetpro: i have tried 3 methods to connect - i gave up 18:27
nsnzeroevening guys18:28
* inetpro agrees with MaNI even if the gautrain is one very tiny part of the solution18:28
kulelu88MaNI: not to discount the ineptitude currently present, but making people live far from each other just to keep races away from each other was not sound judgement either18:28
inetproKilos: what are you saying?18:30
MaNIThe apartheid government was wrong in many ways for sure, none of which excuse the complete lack of infrastructure building ever since. 18:30
Kilosabout what inetpro ?18:30
inetprosanners and biometrics18:30
inetproscanners as well18:30
kulelu88my concern regarding infrastructure is the dams18:30
inetprosjow, how do we get from transort to dams?18:31
Kilosoh about what ians business is18:31
Kiloskulelu88 asked what business18:31
MaNIWell our water infrastructure is also a huge failiure I won't argue with that.18:32
kulelu88some of them are really old inetpro . dams weren't built to last ad-infinitum 18:32
kulelu88at least we don't have Iraqs problem with their dam, or so we know18:32
Kilosscanners finger hand and eye print readers etc and time and attendance stuff18:32
MaNIWell age is only part of the problem, the larger problem is that we have done almost nothing to extend our capacity18:33
kulelu88I believe they are building a few dams, but not as many as the past18:33
MaNIpopulation of western cape has what, doubled? tripled? yet we have the exact same dams (more or less) that we did 20 years ago - and then we act surprised when the dams are half empty18:33
inetproour biggest challenge is to stop blaming everybody and start working together to find solutions for future generations18:34
MaNIand strangely nobody is talking about this, instead we are talking about how people should try save 5% on their usage by showering less, it's a bit of a worry :)18:34
Kiloswe have a large sea all around us they can desalienate the water and score salt as well18:35
MaNIwell this is my problem, instead of sitting down and being like "wow we better build more dams" or "wow we need desalanation plants" - instead we have this "consumers are evil and are using too much water" finger pointing agenda going on18:35
Kilosinetpro +118:35
MaNIOur nuclear build program was meant to solve (the one we had 20 years ago - not the one we are proposing now) was meant to solve both water and energy in one, but at some point we decided to just throw pebble bed away and not try think of any new solutions18:36
Kilospass the buck is the easiest solution 18:36
kulelu88MaNI: people must be blaming the ANC even though the DA runs that province XD18:36
MaNIkulelu88, yes actually, they do18:36
Kilosand then you can form commities to pass it further18:36
MaNIboth parties (and their voters) are equally bad in that respect18:37
MaNInot a big fan of politicians in general18:37
Kilospoliticians are all born liars and thieves18:38
kulelu88I can't see how any new party can win the general elections without maintaining the status-quo. we have loads of people depending on social grants, which puts pressure on the tax-payers18:38
MaNIto an extent they are yeah, though the quote "people get the leaders they deserve" often comes to my mind18:38
kulelu88the minute you mess around with grants, that will turn the country upside down18:39
MaNIif people stopped voting for liars then maybe we would find some politicians who aren't liars :)18:40
kulelu88but aren't politicians and liars mutually exclusive? 18:41
kulelu88sorry, mutually inclusive18:41
nsnzeropeople need to start thinking long term unfortunately most strategies only last until the next term of office 18:41
kulelu88got my statistic terms wrong :(18:41
MaNIanyway yeah - back to transport topic - our big metros could definitely use some kind of mono rail or tram lines or something - it really makes me sad how much easier it is to get around in countries that do have these things18:42
nsnzerowhen we went to sweden the public transport runs 24 hours - luxury buses 18:45
inetprotransportation as a service rather than as a product, that's the thinking that we need18:47
MaNINot a huge fan of bus as the primary means of transport, I must say. I mean bus systems do work (sort of - though they are prone to delays and usually very complex)18:47
MaNIbut I've found cities with light rail of some kind (tram; mono rail) to be the best by far18:47
inetproas a young boy I used to dream of a network of overhead ziplines as a solution to keep people off the streets18:49
inetproif only it was easy to build such a thing18:50
MaNIThe fancier bus systems are still quite nice I guess - Curitiba in Brazil had a pretty well run bus system, where some of the busses were double length express busses and stuff - Cape Town MyCity is meant to be modeled off that somewhat, though I start to doubt I'll ever see the day where MyCity extends out to this side of cape town (Somerset West)18:50
kulelu88the city is very much the priority though. 18:51
kulelu88or as they call them now "the huge metros"18:51
MaNIwell Somerset West is a big part of "the city" now - they've extended service to some much smaller less populated west coast areas, so it's all a bit silly18:52
nsnzeroi dont think i will ever see that system in durban as most large business have relocated elsewhere18:52
MaNIthey are now about 8 years behind schedule on MyCity roll out though or something18:53
MaNII suspect they have pretty much stopped expanding it in order to avoid further taxi strikes, but I don't know, I should check up to see if there is any new progress18:53
inetprowhy can't we do transport like TCP/IP?18:56
inetproput a human in a packet and put it on the network from soutrce to destination18:57
MaNIMusk is working on the product you describe, or at least the closest thing I guess18:57
nsnzeroguys if someone can tell me if there any benefits in using tmux - especially if you dont use the remote features of it 18:57
inetpronsnzero: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tmux18:59
inetpro"access multiple separate terminal sessions inside a single terminal window or remote terminal session"19:00
inetprodoesn't have to be remote19:00
nsnzerothanks inetpro - its also gives a nice status bar - which is why i am using it 19:01
* inetpro is still pretty much stuck in GNU screen mode19:01
MaNIyeah - I've never felt the need to advance beyond screen personally19:03
nsnzerotmux and screen do the same thing though 19:03
inetprohow's Cape Town this evening?19:11
inetprolooks like it was quite windy this morning19:11
paddatrapperinetpro: Windy and burning19:11
paddatrapperwind isn't as bad as earlier though19:11
inetproguess you guys should be used to windy but the burning can't be fun19:12
paddatrapperyeah, houtbaai has had two fires in one day today...19:14
MaNIfire season has been pretty long the last few years19:14
inetprowb magespawn19:15
paddatrapperThat it has... 19:16
inetprook, that's it for me19:20
inetprogood night19:20
Kilosnight all. sleep tight. thats you as well inetpro 19:26
nsnzeronight Kilos 19:26
superflyHello! 20:02
superflyAre we going to bed already? 20:03
superflypaddatrapper: I saw the videos of the Argus. Were any of you hoping to cycle? 20:04
paddatrappersuperfly: thankfully not 20:04
kulelu88psssh, cycling is for healthy people20:23
superflykulelu88: paddatrapper is weird, he likes being outside20:30
kulelu88daai man hou van die sonskyn20:30
paddatrapperHehe. Outside is fun20:30

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