MchammerdadHeres the Scenario, I have a AP on the network that has a static IP on some random subnet, its acting as a bridge only. No dns/dhcp/default gateway, pure layer 2 as far as I can tell. How can I find its IP address without factory resetting the whole setup.00:00
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OerHeksMchammerdad, is this your homework?00:02
MchammerdadoerHeks, it is atleast if you consider thats this is at my house.00:03
OerHeksYou would be ble to see this rule in your router00:04
OerHeksat least a connected mac adress00:05
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drnobodyam i muted 0.o\00:06
drnobodycan anyone hear me?00:07
Mchammerdadwe can see you.00:07
Eric_____ubuntu loading dots00:16
Eric_____it took long time00:16
drnobodyWhat version do you have?00:17
Eric_____im on win 1000:17
Eric_____i has ubuntu iso on my usb flash already00:18
drnobodyShouldnt use a flash drive00:18
drnobodyIt will wear out really fast00:18
drnobodyUnless you want it to be temperary?00:19
Eric_____i want a dual windows 10 and ubuntu on one laptop00:19
drnobodyThen why not use an external hard drive00:19
Eric_____what that external?00:19
drnobodyIt would last a lot longer and in the long run would be cheaper then buying usbs left and right00:20
drnobodyHowever Depending on ram and hard drive space you could also run a virtual machine that would do the same job but on the same hard drive00:20
drnobodyso that would be the cheapest option00:21
Eric_____i has 64 GB Usb Flash00:21
drnobodyyea your using the usb like a hard drive00:22
drnobodybut there is to much reading and wrighting00:22
drnobodyit will wear it out00:22
drnobodycurrupt all your data00:22
radeonFANmy radeon6870 just started reving the fan up full blast when I scroll (browser, etc.), and performance (scrolling) is really bad (< 1fps). has there been any changes to dpm or radeon related stuff over the past week or so?00:22
Eric_____create new partition?00:23
drnobodypartitions on the drive dont matter00:23
drnobodyit will still wear out00:23
drnobodymy advice to you would be to use a VM. or to get an external hard drive to mess around with00:24
Eric_____it will still wear out means deleted right?00:24
drnobodyit means your files will be currupted and unrecoverable00:24
drnobodyHow much RAM do you have?00:24
drnobodyand what version of ubuntu are you using?00:24
Eric_____\on my computer?00:25
drnobodyon your USB00:25
drnobodyYea on your computer where the fuck else would you find ram00:25
drnobodysorry language00:25
drnobodyyour using windows ten?00:25
drnobodyGo to the Windows search bar and type “My Computer”. You’ll  get “This PC” desktop app, Just right-click on it and choose “Properties”, as shown in the image below.00:26
tatertotsradeonFAN: question is....have YOU installed any newer kernels over the past week or so?00:26
drnobodyNo image00:26
drnobodycopy paste i dont use windows00:27
radeonFANonly the ones that came down the offical update channel. 16.04. I tried flipping back one kernel, but same issue00:27
Eric_____ram is 2.00 GB (1.89 GB usable)00:27
tatertotsradeonFAN: in terminal>      sudo apt install inxi pastebinit00:29
tatertotsradeonFAN: let me know when its done00:29
drnobodyWhat ubuntu are you using Eric?00:30
crafty1tsimonq2, You can either edit using command line or if you prefer a UI look into https://launchpad.net/~danielrichter2007/+archive/ubuntu/grub-customizer00:30
Eric_____not yet im on win 1000:30
drnobodyi mean what ubuntu do you have?00:31
drnobodyand after its done loading does it seem slow at all or is it just loading that is slow?00:31
Eric_____Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS ISO on my usb flash00:32
drnobodyis it just the loading that is slow?00:33
drnobodyMy best guess is you did not get a flash drive with a fast enough read write rate. so it takes a while to read the OS.00:34
drnobodyread/right rate00:34
MathisenEric_____, you using usb2 at all or does your computer only have realy old usb1? 2 gb ram tells me your computer is old00:34
drnobodyna he could be using a laptop00:34
Eric_____im on laptop00:35
drnobodyhe is running windows 10 his computer is not that old00:35
drnobodyVM is not ideal for you.00:35
Eric_____my latpop is works grat00:36
Eric_____-_- im dumb lol its laptop00:36
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drnobodyRead write rate is my best guess @Eric____00:39
drnobodyI would say definitely get a usb 3.000:40
drnobodyshould increase speed00:40
Eric_____do i turn fastboot off00:40
Mathisenor just dualboot linux and win00:41
Mathisenuefi ? if so turn off fastboot and secureboot to make life easyer for you00:41
Eric_____ did turned fastboot off and secureboot is disabled00:42
Mathisenand now you want to install ubuntu ?00:42
Eric_____dual win 10 nd untuntu00:43
Mathiseni would boot your win again and resize partition there before starting install just to be on safe side00:43
Mathisenso you have empty space that ubuntu can use00:43
Eric_____how resize partition where?00:44
drnobodyxD the same way you created it00:44
Eric_____dik manager?00:44
Mathisenrun diskmanager in win 10.. win + r "then type" diskmgmt.msc00:45
drnobodydik manager is the way to goooo00:45
Eric_____i start type run then typed diskmanager.msc00:47
Eric_____its said invaild00:48
MathisenEric_____, diskmgmt.msc00:48
Mathisennot diskmanager..00:48
Eric_____loll im dumb00:49
BustyLoli-ChanHas anyone here build Android Open Source Project (or similar android projects) on the latest ubuntu?00:49
Eric_____im on disk management then what i do next?00:50
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drnobodyaccording to mathisen00:53
drnobodyi use kali00:53
MathisenEric_____, just resize the partition00:53
Eric_____mathisen it said total size shrink in mb 47643800:55
MathisenEric_____, i cant say how mutch you gonna shrik it with depends on how mutch room you want for ubuntu00:55
crimzicz12hello everyone :)00:56
Eric_____size of avalible shrink space in mb 23730400:56
crimzicz12just started using Ubuntu this morning :)00:56
Eric_____total size after shrink in mb 23913400:56
Mathisencrimzicz12, good for you :)00:58
vijuHi guys00:58
vijuThe screen automatically turns off after 2-3 seconds, it doesn't lock though. 16.0400:59
vijuUbuntu 1600:59
BustyLoli-Chanhow much faster is the torrent download if at all?00:59
vijuI don't want it to turn off after idling that short period.00:59
BustyLoli-Chanupdate: the torrent is way faster....01:01
BustyLoli-Chanlike 2 minutes vs 1 hour faster01:01
Mathisenviju, checked the power settings ?01:03
goldfingerDoes mark shuttleworth ever come in here?01:04
Eric_____how much shrink?01:04
MathisenEric_____, depends on how mutch room you want for ubuntu01:04
crimziczwhat is the question?01:05
crimziczi would like to help :)01:05
Eric_____10000 or 20000?01:05
MathisenEric_____, only you know that...01:06
toothei installed a new kernel the Ubuntu way but still do not have ZFS. the module doesnt seem to install with apt-get.01:06
toothei give up on installing my kernel the Ubuntu way.01:06
tootheits broken01:06
Eric_____ill entered 3704 Mb01:07
vijuMathisen: I have set it to do not suspend for inactivity01:07
Mathisenviju, open terminal and do " xset -dpms "01:08
vijuMathisen: does that have to with dual monitor settings?01:09
crimziczthats stupid of people01:09
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu01:09
Mathisenviju, no it is display power management signals01:10
elkyMathisen: the bot is better at getting them than we are thankfully01:11
vijuThanks Mathisen01:12
MenzadorAll right, excitement's over, let's get back to support.01:16
gtkminhi am a new ubuntu01:16
Bashing-om!manual | gtkminh01:17
ubottugtkminh: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/01:17
laddhola mundo01:19
Bashing-om!es | ladd01:20
ubottuladd: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.01:20
gtkminhi use ubuntu for develop app01:21
goldfingerwhat do you develope?01:22
gtkminhwebsite and application for android01:22
goldfingercool man01:24
Eric_____gtminh u talking to me?01:27
Eric_____hey gtminh?01:29
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Eric_____i shrink mb in patrition manager for ubuntu01:39
Eric_____i entered 10240 Mb01:39
Eric_____then what i d next?01:40
_pepeHey all, getting a freeze at login. mouse freezes, keyboard flashes. 90% positive this is a wifi issue when trying to connect01:50
_pepekernel is last working one01:50
userdelathello Members, I need help for hard disk. I have just installed fresh linux OS and I swap the hard disk to this system and now I m getting error non system disk02:08
userdelatthe hard disk display as /dev/sdb1/2/302:08
scorpiusZHello I am on ZorinOS and it wont star windows10 how do I make Windows10 primary boot?02:10
bazhangscorpiusZ, ask zorin support02:11
scorpiusZWhere do I find them?02:11
bazhang /msg alis list zorin02:11
userdelatbazhang, any help for harddisk display as /dev/sdb (usb)02:13
bazhanguserdelat, ask the channel, full details please, on a single line02:13
bazhangif someone knows they will assist userdelat02:14
scorpiusZ1739 Ubuntu Zorin 6 I should of installed Ubuntu and since I cant get help here Im SOL i thought linux was linuz and commands were same in terminal?02:15
* scorpiusZ waves goodbye02:16
userdelatInstall successful Linux OS on device -- detached hard disk and plugin into this device but at start it display non system disk error and with live usb hard disk display as /dev/sdb?02:16
userdelatInstall successful Linux OS on device -- detached hard disk and plugin into this device but at start it display non system disk error and with live usb hard disk display as /dev/sdb?02:19
BustyLoli-Chanmy ubuntu VM just keeps flat out freezing02:20
BustyLoli-Chanat one point is was like... the guest operating system has turned off the CPU02:20
BustyLoli-Chanhow do I figure out why this is happening?02:20
BustyLoli-ChanI think it locks up when I tab out of the machine?02:22
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leviticusi got this N: Ignoring file '50unattended-upgrades.ucf-dist' in directory '/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/' as it has an invalid filename extension02:33
leviticushow do I fix this?02:33
tatertotsBustyLoli-Chan: are you chatting from the ubuntu system right now?02:34
BustyLoli-ChanNo, I'm on the windows host02:37
Bashing-omuserro: What pops to mind, the install was on a UEFI system, and transfered to a legacy system ?? Boot code is incompatible .02:39
userrowhy are you asking me?02:41
Bashing-omuserro: Sorry bad tab hilight on my part :(02:42
R0b0t1Hello, is there a channel for Ubuntu release engineering or whatever the term is? I would like to know how ARM packages are built.02:47
BustyLoli-Changuess I just reinstall :|02:49
BustyLoli-Chanjust kidding may have already froze......02:50
BustyLoli-ChanMaybe I'll see if 16.04 does any better02:51
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MenzadorR0b0t1: #ubuntu-devel02:52
R0b0t1Menzador, thanks!02:52
axisysany suggestion on troubleshooting sound.. live cd works fine..03:04
Bashing-om!sound | axisys03:11
ubottuaxisys: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.03:11
axisysI know it is a driver issue and something disabling it in modprobe.d .. I did not check the alsa.opensrc.org ... but I did check the rest and did not help.. aplay -l shows the card03:13
axisyslet me go through them again.. incase I missed a line.. thanks03:14
plebscumhi all, I am having a problem preventing xubuntu 16.04 from turning the monitor off after inactivity03:14
plebscumI have tried changing the power manager settings and using the program caffeine, neither helped. Any ideas?03:15
jiffewhy would apt-file list <package> come up empty?03:25
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pauljwjiffe, try "apt list <package>", no quotes...03:32
geebee16Hi. I have a 16GB mSata (2242) SSD and i want to install Linux onto it. If my PC has 16GB of ram, how much swap space will i need? Is it even necessary?03:32
tatertotsjiffe: because of <package>03:32
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BustyLoli-ChanWHAT... vim isn't installed03:51
BustyLoli-Chanwhat is wrong with this distro03:51
tatertotsBustyLoli-Chan: that only works for "vi"....you don't get to say that for "vim"...sorry03:53
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tatertotsBustyLoli-Chan: and "vi" is installed03:53
TheLexxI'm booting a distro from an ISO image. The Distro is based on Ubuntu. I believe it uses what you guys call casper. If there a list of standard args that the casper system uses? The kernel and initrd seems to load ok but If doesn't seams to find the ISO file.03:54
TheLexxIs there a list?03:54
TheLexxI got the error message unable to find ISO.03:58
axisysstill no sound.. here is my alsa details03:59
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djairanyone can tell me anoult hibernate cruteria?04:06
chris11can anyone help me to set up a cron job?04:11
chris11this is what I have: http://pastebin.com/A4GLUzDn04:11
chris11I want cron to run a script, and the script checks to see if a process is running, if not it starts it.04:12
TheLexxchris11, I have some experince using cron on other *nix systems04:14
chris11ok, cool.04:14
chris11do you see anything wrong with my setup?04:16
TheLexxI'm not that familiar with Ubuntu controls. Do you know anything about the command line interface?04:18
chris11a little bit.04:18
chris11ps ax | grep -v grep | grep $process > /dev/null just searches for a process with the name in hte process variable.04:19
TheLexxThe cron daemon (called survace in Windos) must be running to work.04:19
TheLexx"ps ax | grep -i cron"04:19
chris11its running as root.04:20
chris11the script works when I run it my self.04:21
TheLexxto list things  you have queued to run under cron you can use the cammand "crontab -l"04:23
chris11just lists this:04:23
chris11*/1 * * * * br_make_run04:23
Ben64chris11: you have PATH in your crontab?04:25
TheLexxIt's been I while I"ll need to look on some man pages for the memory to refiesh04:26
chris11I read that was sometimes suggested when you didn't put scripts in the normal places.04:26
TheLexxis  br_make_run a shell script?04:28
chris11its a bash script I think.04:29
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Ben64chris11: you can't do that in crontab04:29
chris11really? why not?04:29
Ben64because, anyway just put the full path to the script04:30
Ben64which you should do anyway for cron stuff04:30
TheLexxThe thing to remember is that environmental variables are not always the same when I process runs under cron. When I use to cron cron scripts I was sure to include the complete path to the file.04:31
chris11ok, that's good to know04:32
TheLexx<Ben64> Is cron fresher in your mind? I remember there were a few tricky things. But the brain fog is stow to clear. Are you better at helping?04:33
bcowananyone running an old macbook 2,104:36
TheLexx<chris11> how is it going?04:39
chris11ok. not setting the path in the crontab was a good idea. I accidently reset my path variable, but I got that fixed.04:41
bcowananyone running an old macbook 2,104:42
chris11does it matter if cron can't write to the file?04:46
TheLexxwhen you type "crontab -l" does it give you an error?04:47
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TheLexxdo you want the script to write to a file whenever it runs?04:48
chris11I was just wondering if chmod 755 would prevent cron from running it.04:49
TheLexx br_make_run is the script you want to run correct? Does the first line start with #/bin/bash or somthing liuke that?04:53
Plex_Davei am going to upgrade my ubuntu server from 14.04 to 16.04.  should i be worried about breaking my icecast server when i upgrade?04:54
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TheLexx<chris11> does   br_make_run is the script you want to run correct? Does the first line start with #/bin/bash or something like that?05:00
TheLexx<chris11> ok I have my test script running05:03
chris11no it does not.05:04
chris11should it?05:04
chris11alright, I just added that line.05:06
TheLexxMy suggestion is that you create a new  test script that runs once per minute. That way you can see if everything is running and you have permissions. Do you want to try that? It will append to a file in your home directory.05:07
chris11I tried that * * * * * touch t.txt worked05:07
shafoxMy home wifi network is not visible in ubuntu but all the other devices such as phone and windows laptop can access the wifi. What would be the issue ?05:08
TheLexx<chris11> good05:09
zerofinish<shafox> check if device driver for wifi is installed05:10
shafoxzerofinish, all other wifi signals it can capture but not the home one. I can see my hotspot wifi from the phone as well.05:11
TheLexxWhat is the location of the script you wish to run? is it /home/myname/br_make_run or somthing like that?05:11
chris11yeah, its something like that.05:12
TheLexxactualy the file does not to need a #!/bin/bash on the first live I took it off and it it is still working05:12
TheLexxI don't know if it needs to "chmod 755" your file, but it dosn"t hurt. I would sugest that you  use "*/1 * * * * /home/myname/br_make_run" with the real compleat path05:14
chris11I did both05:15
chris11I'm a little confused about .sh Should it be at the end of my filename, and should it be at the end of the path in the crontab?05:16
zerofinishshafox, try restarting the network manager 'sudo systemctl restart network-manager'05:16
TheLexxTo creat a test script I suggest you have a test script with two lines "date >> /home/myname/test-out.txt" and the next line "printenv >> /home/myname/test-out.txt"05:17
TheLexxwhen you type ls is your file "br_make_run" or "br_make_run.sh" you don"t need the sh, but it is a good way to rember that the file is a shell script.05:18
chris11ok, I'll try that.05:18
TheLexxtype "ls" for list05:18
TheLexxprintenv prints out all the environmental varubles. Your home directory is an environmental varuble. the comand 'cd' takes you home and ~/test-out.txt is a file in your home directory. However if the varuble HOME is not set corectorly they will not work05:21
TheLexxthat is why I suggest you include the full path to wher the test script sends to. "~/test-out.txt" should work, but if $PATH is not set (in the cron job) it will not work. Mine apears to be set corectaly05:24
Ben64just always use full paths05:24
TheLexx, but if $HOME is not set (in the cron job) it will not work., it is realy best to use full paths like Ben64 said05:25
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TheLexx<chris11>  how is it going05:27
chris11I'm trying the test script.05:27
chris11did you mean try to see if cron could start it? or just start it myself?05:28
TheLexxafter you create your test script. put it in as "* * * * *" with the compleat path and script name. It should run every minute.05:30
chris11wait, it should be date << file.txt, right?05:32
TheLexxno use >> that pushes the output to your file. Also use a compleat file path because you don"t know the curent directory when the script is running05:34
chris11ah, just a minut. I had an error in the cron job05:35
TheLexxmine seams to start the curent directory as my home, but don"t depend on it.05:35
chris11I used a complete path05:36
chris11ok, that worked.05:36
TheLexxgood now you will see what it takes to get a script  working05:38
shafoxzerofinish, will try that05:38
chris11ok, thanks05:40
TheLexxwell I"m going to take care of my bizz05:41
chris11thanks for the help.05:41
TheLexxyour welcome05:41
anton02the only distro that succesfully live boots on my system is unfortunately chinese (ubuntu kylin)05:41
anton02i've also tried systemrescueCD, opensuse, and ubuntu 16.04. only chinese ubuntu works05:42
cfhowlettweird - what is your hardware05:42
anton022 pascal cards05:46
anton02and a haswell cpu05:46
cfhowlettcustom build, anton02 ??05:46
anton02who doesnt?05:46
chris11does there need to be a space betweeen the comment section and the first cronjob in crontab?05:48
lotuspsychjeanton02: what kind of errors do you encounter whe trying to install?05:48
lotuspsychje!cron | chris1105:48
ubottuchris11: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto05:48
anton02doesnt mention any errors just locks up05:48
lotuspsychjeanton02: lockups at wich points?05:49
anton02near the beginning of the boot process05:49
lotuspsychjeanton02: did you try press F1 to see text mode at boot?05:49
lotuspsychjeanton02: where specific? can you see ubuntu dots loading? grub?05:50
anton02after grub05:50
lotuspsychjeanton02: what kind of graphics card do you have?05:51
chris11any reason a script would fail if I used absolute paths but work if I used relative paths?05:53
himcesjfIs there any PDF/book reader which gives an option to trim the margins or empty spaces for easy readibility in tablet mode?05:53
lotuspsychjeanton02: sudo lshw -C video please05:53
anton02it's two SLI gtx 107005:54
lotuspsychjeanton02: think its those GTX 1070 that might refuse boot05:55
OerHeksanton02, in sli ?05:55
lotuspsychjeanton02: try few things: test other ubuntu versions 14.04 or 16.10 and !nomodeset, and F1 at boot for errors05:56
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | anton0205:56
ubottuanton02: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter05:56
anton02yeah, already tried nomodeset. it's the only way i got chinese ubuntu to boot05:56
cfhowlettsuggestion, anton02: try lubuntu05:56
cfhowlettwith nomodeset05:57
anton02next one im trying is trueOS05:57
cfhowlettOK, --- so why were you here again?05:57
anton02because im talking about ubuntu'05:57
TheLexxis there a way that I can help casper find the iso image that contains an Ubuntu system?05:58
lotuspsychjehimcesjf: not sure if its what you need, but Mupdf is pretty nice & lightweight06:00
TheLexxThe ISO is on the root directory of filesystem sda8. grub was able to loop mopuint it and get the kernel and initrd06:00
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lotuspsychjeanton02: try other kernel versions also06:01
OerHeksanton02, so ubuntu does not boot with nomodeset?06:02
anton02well, chinese ubuntu does06:02
OerHeksunbelievable ..06:02
cfhowletta bit skeptical myself06:02
cfhowlettunless there is some way off base hardware in that custom build06:03
lotuspsychjeanton02: is your system uefi or legacy booting?06:03
lotuspsychjeanton02: have you tested installing ubuntu in legacy?06:03
lotuspsychjeanton02: try all the suggested steps please and come back ok06:03
lotuspsychjeanton02: and keep in mind this is ubuntu support, we support only ubuntu06:04
lotuspsychjeTheLexx: whats your end goal mate, what are you doing exactly?06:06
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skcin7Does anybody have any idea why I can't connect to my verified working VPN server from my Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS machine?07:14
lotuspsychjeskcin7: update your system to 16.04.2 first please07:15
skcin7I'm using OpenVPN to try to connect, with command "sudo openvpn --config client.ovpn", which works fine on other machines like my MacBook Pro, but is not working on my Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS box.07:15
skcin7lotuspsychje Hmmm okay. Do you think that might help?07:16
lotuspsychjeskcin7: well, lets close that out07:17
lotuspsychjeskcin7: always keep your system up to date, to stay out of trouble07:17
herbuntumate_anyone in here having any problems playing youtube vid on ubuntu mate07:20
lotuspsychjeherbuntumate_: did it work before?07:21
lotuspsychjeherbuntumate_: when did things start to go wrong?07:22
herbuntumate_i did some update and it quit working07:22
lotuspsychjeherbuntumate_: can you recall if it was firefox 52?07:22
OerHeks"some update" .. so we need to ask what update ?07:23
herbuntumate_after i did some update yesterday i have no sound and the vid play to fast07:23
herbuntumate_i did update in the software boutique. i did a reinstall and now its ok07:25
herbuntumate_just woudering what might have gone wrong07:25
tatertotsherbuntumate_: its after the fact now...the past...so no analysis can be performed07:25
OerHeks.. had to tell without the issue present. no logs ?07:26
tatertotsherbuntumate_: unless you're just looking for shots in the dark also known as guessing07:26
OerHeksso a non-solvable-problem as it is fixed :-D07:26
herbuntumate_i just dont want it to happen again. its a mistory to me07:28
cfhowlettno data = no answers.07:28
herbuntumate_k. i will keep a close eye on it to see if it happens again07:29
skcin7Ok lotuspsychje I'm on 16.04.2 LTS now.07:36
skcin7I can successfully connect to the VPN from my local machine, but when I try to from my Ubuntu box, it just hangs there.07:44
skcin7If anybody has any help or might have any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated.07:44
tatertotsskcin7: what operating system is "my local machine"?07:46
=== Jochen_wvdT is now known as Schlawiner
skcin7MacBook OS X Sierra07:47
skcin7And I can also connect to the VPN via iOS iPhone07:47
tatertotsskcin7: and is it on the same LAN with the ubuntu machine? ...that's a yes or no question there....07:48
shafoxWhy can't I see my home wifi network ? I am alble see every other wifi network in my system but not the home one. How do I resolve this ? I have already restarted the network-manager and networking, but still no visibility of the wifi07:48
ducasseskcin7: with the same .ovpn file, no changes?07:49
skcin72 different Ubuntu boxes which I own and control with completely separate IP addresses. 1 is the VPN server, 1 is the VPN client. I'm trying to route all traffic from the client to the server, so that outgoing connections from the client will say it has the server's IP address.07:49
tatertotsshafox: are you able to manage your home wifi at any level /07:49
skcin7ducasse, no changes to the .ovpn file whatsoever07:49
tatertotsskcin7: love how you avoid answering the yes or no questions....good luck using that strategy07:50
shafoxtatertots, I can use my home network wifi in other devices such as phone, windows laptop and ubuntu laptop as well but not in one of the system which is dell vostro 2520.07:50
shafoxtatertots, I tried to dns-clean but got error on restart07:50
skcin7The same "sudo openvpn --config client.ovpn" command successfully connects to the server on my OS X Sierra, but it is not connecting properly on my Ubuntu 16.04.207:50
skcin7Tatertots, different LANs07:50
OerHeksIf there are lots of wireless networks nearby, the network you are looking for might not be on the first page of the list. If this is the case, look at the bottom of the list ...  to display the rest of the wireless networks.07:50
tatertotsshafox: the reason i asked that is because if i started to talk about modes like a/b/g/n or 2.4ghz vs 5ghz and where and how to manage them would you have that deer in the head lights look on your face?07:51
shafoxtatertots, I have both 2.4 and 5ghz.07:51
skcin7So I'm not sure what could be different about the Ubuntu machine to cause it to not connect to the VPN, when the .ovpn is the same.07:52
ducasseskcin7: can you add --verb 4 to the command line and see what pops up?07:52
tatertotsshafox: ok...and do you know what mode you are operating in?07:53
shafoxtatertots, I have 802.11abg07:54
shafoxfrom the lshw -clkass network07:54
tatertotsshafox: that's not what i was referring to but ok....07:54
tatertotsshafox: you're focused on the computer itself....and that's fine and dandy.....i was talking about the "network"07:55
skcin7ducasse Options error: You must define TUN/TAP device (--dev)07:55
shafoxtatertots, how would I find that ?07:56
tatertotsshafox: answer this yes or no question07:56
tatertotsshafox: have you ever seen the embedded web server user interface of your modem/router?07:57
shafoxtatertots, no.07:57
tatertotsshafox: yes or no....there's no bad or wrong answer...i just want to further understand where your head is at07:57
shafoxtatertots, no07:58
shafoxI have not.07:58
tatertotsshafox: you can view (and possibly connect) to other wifi networks....that's enough to validate the functionality of the wlan adapter itself...only if you could configure your wireless network to be more like the ones you CAN pick up07:59
shafoxtatertots, I can view and connect to other network, e.g. I can connect to the hotspot wifi through my phone.08:00
shafoxtatertots, I have netgear r6220 router.08:00
tatertotsshafox: try clicking either of these and report the results  or
tatertotsshafox: maybe one of those will get you to the right place08:01
tatertotsshafox: did either of those get you somewhere?08:03
shafoxtatertots, I can connect to my router from different system i.e. this one which is a windows. Do you want me to connect from the system where I cannot access the wifi network? If so I can enable wifi hotspot and then can report.08:03
tatertotsshafox: it does not matter from where you access it ...whats important is that you access it08:03
shafoxtatertots, in that case I am on the router home page.08:04
tatertotsshafox: did it ask for a password?08:04
shafoxtatertots, yes user and pass,08:04
tatertotsshafox: ok ...sounds like you had enough information to gain access to it08:05
tatertotsshafox: navigate to the area regarding wireless, if you do not understand what is there or what it does screen shots can be posted to http://imgur.com08:06
shafoxtatertots, i can access that. tell me what are you looking for.08:06
tatertotsshafox: what i talk about modes....i'm talking about the modes you would find in your netgear router web page.....not talking about your computer at all when i talk about "modes"08:07
tatertotsshafox: can you confirm what mode you are operating in?08:07
shafoxtatertots, for the 2.4ghz i see modes are enabled on ssid broadcast and 20/40mhz coexistence.08:08
tatertotsshafox: is there two independent radios? one for 2.4 the other for 5 ghz? if so there is likely two ssid's to boot08:08
shafoxtatertots, for the 5ghz only ssid broadcast.08:08
shafoxtatertots, yes there are two.08:08
shafoxtatertots, for the modes i can see upto 300mbs for 2.4ghz and upto 867mbs for the 5ghz08:09
tatertotsshafox: make note of the ssid to each....are they the same ssid?08:09
turistahello every1, how can I install xfce in ubuntu?¿ (even use it)08:09
turistaor gimme a tutorial to install unity 2D plz08:09
shafoxtatertots, both have different ssid, one is netgear and another one is netgear-5g08:09
cfhowlettturista, sudo apt install xfce408:09
turista(sry for my wrong english) I'm using ubuntu 16.10 x6408:10
turistait does not show08:10
turistagonna try with that number08:10
skcin7ducasse, http://paste.ubuntu.com/24163011/ <--- Not sure if you can tell there why the OpenVPN connection is failing.08:10
skcin7It seems to be getting stuck on OPTIONS IMPORT part08:10
tatertotsshafox: no mention of a,b,g,n or ac anywhere?08:10
shafoxtatertots, nope. nothing of that sorts.08:10
shafoxtatertots, can I pm you the screenshot or shall i post it here ?08:11
tatertotsshafox: you can pm me the link to the imgur.com screen shot....hexchat file transfer is far from reliable08:11
shafoxtatertots, sure08:12
ducasseskcin7: seems to fail when it's about to up and configure the new tun interface, if i understand this correctly.08:13
shafoxtatertots, imgur.com is not able to upload wait for a bit to upload.08:14
skcin7Do you think something might be configured wrong on the client itself? Is it an error with the .ovpn file? ducasse08:14
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OerHeks!info network-manager-openvpn-gnome08:14
ubottunetwork-manager-openvpn-gnome (source: network-manager-openvpn): network management framework (OpenVPN plugin GNOME GUI). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.6-2ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 74 kB, installed size 496 kB (Only available for linux-any)08:14
shafoxtatertots, Thats all i get from the page.08:16
tatertotsshafox: temporarily set 2.4 ghz to 54Mbps max, remove encryption and double check that no mac filtering is taking place, apply the changes, the router will reboot itself to apply the changes, check to see if it shows up then08:18
ducasseskcin7: i'm not sure, tbh, i'm not very familiar with openvpn. have you considered asking in #openvpn? show them that log and ask for help, if they tell you it's an ubuntu problem they might at least say where it is.08:19
shafoxtatertots, now it shows up the 2.4ghz one.08:21
gtkminhmy ubuntu verry slow08:22
tatertotsshafox: that means you were configured in such a way that put your network at conflict with the capabilities of the adapter08:23
shafoxtatertots, ahh ok.08:23
shafoxtatertots, what are my options ?08:23
tatertotsshafox: you should put things back one at a time until you reveal which change results in a loss of communication, you will need to apply the changes and allow the router to reboot each time you make a change08:24
shafoxtatertots, ok. First I will enable encryption. then will up the modes.08:25
tatertotsshafox: put the encryption back like it was initially and see if that results in a loss of communication...that will rule that one single factor out08:25
shafoxtatertots, stuck at the first. Enabled encryption and now it doesn show up.08:27
tatertotsshafox: that's a good thing....you found the culprit08:27
tatertotsshafox: simply use a different encryption08:28
tatertotsshafox: be glad you didn't spend days or weeks focused on treating that linux computer versus the "network"08:29
shafoxtatertots, currently it was wpa2-psk[aes) and i changed it to wpa-psk(tkip)+wpa2-psk(aes) and it is showing up.08:30
shafoxtatertots, it has been like that for a long time08:30
tatertotsshafox: i think i saw you in here with this issue yesterday.....but now you've made some real progress and identified exactly what is causing the issue....which was a incompatibility of encryption standards08:30
scalwagshafox: security is futile08:31
tatertotsshafox: i think its safe to crank your speed back up from 54Mbps now08:31
shafoxtatertots, yeah yersterday i sat down to fix this issue.08:31
shafoxtatertots, i got an warning while ramping up from 54 to 300mbs that it may not work in the encryption level is selected. but it did restart the router.08:32
scalwagWonder how long on average it takes the CIA to crack ubuntu password encrypting.  Maybe CIA invented the encryption under an alias with backdoors08:33
tatertotsshafox: you'll know when it comes back up08:33
shafoxtatertots, it does connect.08:36
tatertotsshafox: good deal08:36
shafoxlet me restart and try to see whether it is still working just in case. tatertots thank you so much for the patience and the guidance.08:38
tatertotsshafox: no problem my friend08:39
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magnus_hi, I'm trying to install ubuntu 16.10, but get problems with grub. So I run boot-repair-disk from a USB-stick, but the program complains that it is not in EFI mode - anyone knows what to do?09:03
scalwagmagnus_: is your computer old.09:07
magnus_a few years, yes09:08
magnus_2-3 years I think, maybe 409:08
scalwagmagnus_: go into bios disable secure boot09:09
ducassemagnus_: what was the problem with grub in the first place?09:09
=== rymate12- is now known as rymate1234
magnus_eh..... well...now, when I rebooted it, it actually worked.... hrm. I rebooted to get the grub error msg but it just booted09:13
magnus_maybe helped just to ask.....;) well, actually, I changed some bios settings and that seems to have made a difference09:14
lotuspsychje!yay | magnus_09:14
ubottumagnus_: Glad you made it! :-)09:14
Fyrguys, what do the Ubuntu developers use to patch the kernel?09:19
Fyrwhat kind of hacks do they use?09:19
Fyrcan I install a vanilla kernel?09:20
\9i'm not sure what exactly is done but i figure they backport fixes and stuff like that?09:21
\9if you want vanilla, use arch or something09:21
\9nothing stops you from compiling a kernel yourself but that goes in conflict with the package system09:21
FyrI know09:22
FyrI've already tried clang to compile the latest kernel.09:22
Fyrsome modules it failed to compile.09:22
ducasseFyr: also certain functionality might depend on the ubuntu patches09:22
Fyrducasse, what functionality exactly?09:22
ducasseFyr: last time i tried, lxc broke for example09:23
ducasseFyr: i really wouldn't mess with compiling the kernel without a very good reason.09:24
Fyrit gave me a huge performance increase on opensuse.09:25
Fyron Intel's i7 49XX CPU.09:26
ducasseFyr: that's not my experience at all, but feel free to experiment. just be aware that if you break it you get to keep all the pieces.09:28
ducasseFyr: i might get yelled at for suggesting this, but if you want to test a patched kernel check out projects like liquorix. they have prebuilt packages for debian/ubuntu. it's still completely unsupported, of course.09:31
shafoxtatertots, After the reboot I cannot seem to find the driver manager where it lists out the network drivers.09:45
tatertotsshafox: in terminal>   sudo apt install inxi pastebinit sosreport09:45
shafoxI tried to use the live usb but it doesnt get mounted09:45
tatertotsshafox: let me know when its done09:45
shafoxtatertots, I dont see any wifi networks cause the network drivers are not enabled.09:46
tatertots3:21:52 <shafox> tatertots, now it shows up the 2.4ghz one.09:48
tatertotsshafox: were you hallucinating or lying?09:48
shafoxtatertots, it was but when I rebooted it stopped.09:48
shafoxNo I wasn't lying.09:48
tatertotsshafox: in terminal>   sudo apt install inxi pastebinit sosreport09:49
tatertotsshafox: let me know when its done09:49
shafoxtatertots, why would i go such length when someone is helping me to fix this issue.09:49
shafoxok i will try to install them using lan then09:49
shafox_tatertots, done.09:52
tatertotsshafox_: in terminal>     inxi -Fxxrzc0|pastebinit09:52
tatertotsshafox_: share url/link here09:52
shafox_tatertots, http://pastebin.com/s855AuyS09:53
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org09:54
k1lmint handles stuff like krenels, securityupdates and drivers differently. so ask their support to fix their stuff09:55
shafox_the base is same.09:55
tatertotsshafox_: in terminal>     ubuntu-drivers list|pastebinit09:55
tatertotsshafox_: share url/link here09:55
k1lshadoesnt matter. if support is important to you, then dont run a os that doesnt have the support you like.09:55
k1lyou could ask in ##linux if you dont want to switch irc networks09:56
shafox_tatertots, http://pastebin.com/d9zQ8vH9 ^^09:58
tatertotsshafox_: in terminal>   sudo apt install bcmwl-kernel-source10:00
shafox_tatertots, bcmwl-kernel-source is already the newest version (
tatertotsshafox_: in terminal>     iw dev|pastebinit10:01
k1ltatertots: shafox_ move it to ##linux please since its not a ubuntu support issue10:01
lemakbertebuhi i have proplem10:02
ducasse!ask | lemakbertebu10:02
ubottulemakbertebu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:03
k1llemakbertebu: then ask and give details :)10:03
lemakbertebui new in irc ^_^10:03
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ducasselemakbertebu: no worries, but you still haven't told us about your problem.10:06
anddamI'm not seeing the autofs keys in the mounted target, this is especially annoying in Files where it's not immediate how to access a path from keyboard10:07
anddambut it's annoying as well in CLI10:07
anddamany hint about what could be preventing autofs from creating the fs entries?10:08
anddamonly once I explicitly access it as "ls /net/backup" the subdirectory is listed in fs10:14
BluesKajHiyas all10:39
=== firewall is now known as Guest51834
massproghi,is there configuration file for touchpad in etc?10:56
akishi all. Could you please advise me if i can update "xfce4-weather-plugin" through this page https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-weather-plugin using .deb file. I am running 0.8.6 version  (under 16.04.2) and i want to update to 0.8.9 version10:56
k1lakis: as you can see, the 0.8.6-1 is for 16.04. the 0.8.9-1 is for 17.0410:57
k1lakis: i dont know the dependencies from that package and if installing manually the 17.04 package will work. most times its a bad idea to try this10:58
MonkeyDustakis  17.04 will soon be released10:58
k1lakis: you could ask in #xubuntu if that will work10:59
sayreshi guys.I have a problem that nobody could not help me !!! my problem is when i login to my ubuntu, immediately when i connect to internet by wireless my ubuntu is frizzed and even nothing is not register on syslog. how can i find out that where is my problem???plz help me ! I stuck for a month.11:00
akiskll: i saw that is for the new release 17.04 but i am wondering if it fits @16.04 too.11:03
k1lakis: as i said: most times that is a very bad idea to mix ubuntu releases11:03
dn1987pwell you can try to install the deb package or compile it manually... but no guarantees11:03
pitastrudlhi, im getting "sign_and_send_pubkey: signing failed: agent refused operation" when trying to ssh into my servers11:06
pitastrudli already posted on SO for insight http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/350768/sign-and-send-pubkey-signing-failed-agent-refused-operation?noredirect=1#comment621093_35076811:06
ducasseakis: different releases have different versions of libraries etc, you can't expect to just mix packages like that. if you do and break something you will not get support here either.11:06
sayreshi guys.I have a problem that nobody could not help me !!! my problem is when i login to my ubuntu, immediately when i connect to internet by wireless my ubuntu is frizzed and even nothing is not register on syslog. how can i find out that where is my problem???plz help me ! I stuck for a month.11:06
akisducasse: ok. i understand. How can i check if there will be an update for the current distro?11:08
ducasse!patience | sayres11:08
ubottusayres: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:08
dn1987ppitastrudl, can you try http://paste.ubuntu.com/24163665/ please?11:08
dn1987pi have a similar issue, no real fix yet11:09
ducasseakis: a release usually does not get newer packages.11:09
clissold345massprog, is this any use? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad11:09
pitastrudldn1987p:  rm: cannot remove '/run/user/1000/keyring/ssh': No such file or directory11:10
pitastrudlbut it is there11:10
pitastrudlwhen i do echo $SSH_AUTH_SOCK11:10
dn1987pthats weird11:10
dn1987pidk im having issues with gnome keyring on 2 machines, so annoying11:10
pitastrudlops caps11:11
dn1987pand i havent found a fix yet11:11
sayresubottu: i do everything and asked on askubuntu but i did not answer for my problem.11:11
ubottusayres: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:11
dn1987pjust that script that fixes it for me11:11
pitastrudldn1987p:  did you try this https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GNOME/Keyring#Disable_keyring_daemon_components11:11
pitastrudli heard it's a valid fix for some people11:12
pitastrudlnot for me unfortunately11:12
Simooonhey, just wanted to check out the daily builds, but I can not boot from the usb stick I created, I created it using unetbootin, is there some other way I'm supposed to creat the bootable USB when it is the daily builds? dd possibly?11:12
ducasse!ubuntu+1 | Simooon11:12
ubottuSimooon: Zesty Zapus is the codename for Ubuntu 17.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+111:12
dn1987ppitastrudl,  im not sure i want to try, that script fix is working fine for me currently hehe11:12
Simooonducasse, oh, thanks11:13
pitastrudlokay :)11:13
k1lSimooon: dont use unetbootin. use dd or rufus on windows11:13
k1lor the usb creator on ubuntu11:13
clissold345Simooon, I use Startup Disk Creator (if you have access to ubuntu already).11:13
SimooonClassicBoy, I do, I will try that, thanks11:14
SimooonClassicBoy, tagged wrong person sorry11:15
dn1987ppitastrudl,  ok I tried it, it didnt change anything actually11:15
Simooonclissold345, I will try that thanks :-)11:15
pitastrudldn1987p: i heard the problem is that the keys were generated with the ed25519 curve11:15
pitastrudlwhich isnt supported by the gnome keyring11:15
pitastrudlno wait11:15
dn1987pwell readding the key solves the issue for me, which seems odd then, if its not supported in general11:16
pitastrudli meant ECDSA11:16
dn1987phave you tried a key with another format?11:17
Simooonk1l, trying that now, thanks11:17
pitastrudli have not11:17
FManSunday, Sunday...11:23
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dn1987ppitastrudl,  have you tried setting SSH_AUTH_SOCK=0 in front of your ssh command?11:27
sayresI have a problem that nobody could not help me !!! my problem is when i login to my ubuntu, immediately when i connect to internet by wireless my ubuntu is frizzed and even nothing is not registered on syslog. how can i find out that where is my problem???plz help me ! I stuck for a month. plz tell me, how can i find out the problem??11:27
dn1987psayres, can u switch to other ttys ?11:28
sayresdn1987p: if my internrt do not connected ,yes.11:28
sayresdn1987p: this is my question : https://askubuntu.com/questions/891950/ubuntu-16-4-is-freezed-at-login-after-updating11:29
=== anonymous is now known as Guest99421
sayresdn1987p: if my internet do not connected ,yes.for example i can login by guest user because my guest user don not access to internet11:31
FManshould I consider upgrading to 17.04 when the official release occurs or stick with 16.04 LTS?11:31
dn1987psayres, did you check for errors in kern.log or dmesg ?11:32
kalby-imaniecan i execute a file under another user without being su <target_user> ?11:33
kalby-imaniei think of sticky bit11:33
sayresdn1987p: yes, when ubuntu is frizzed no error is register to any logs11:33
kalby-imanieput sticky bit in that particular file?11:33
dn1987psayres, can you try to boot from live usb version and check if there is an issue?11:34
sayresdn1987p: immediately when i connect to internet by wireless my ubuntu is frizzed and nothing is not registered on syslog or other logs.11:34
ducasseFMan: you would need to upgrade to 16.10 first, you can't upgrade 16.04 to 17.04 directly.11:35
dn1987pwell maybe then its a hardware defect?11:35
dn1987pand not a system issue11:35
dn1987pif the issue persists under any system configuration11:35
sayresdn1987p: now i am in ubuntu with 4.4.0-31 kernel , i have this problem with 4.4.0-64 and 66 linux kernel11:35
FManright, I'll keep that in mind, but I'd do a fresh install due to Boost not working right...11:37
sayresdn1987p: in this version of kernel 4.4.0-31 i don't have any problem11:37
pitastrudldn1987p:  yes i have, it works with that11:38
pitastrudlbut only for the current session11:38
dn1987ppitastrudl,  oh alright, well at least you have a hotfix then11:38
dn1987psayres,  maybe a driver issue, but i cant help you with this11:39
sayresdn1987p: thank you , how can i fix this?11:40
dn1987psayres, look if your network interface manufacturer has a driver for linux and try to install it would be my guess11:41
sayresdn1987p: when I  disable network-manager.service, I can login but when I enable network-manager.service i can't11:41
ducasseFMan: if you can keep upgrading every six months and need newer software then upgrade, if you want a stable release for longer time then don't.11:41
dn1987pyou said that before11:41
dn1987pyou can also try doing network configuration without network manager11:42
dn1987psayres, https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=571188 if you want to try, take a look here11:43
sayresdn1987p: I use external wireless device .let my I plug out this and see that  is there any driver for this.11:44
FManthanks, I guess I'll stick with the LTS presuming it will keep working11:46
XATRIXHi, can you help me with upgrading 15.10 ?11:58
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_Trullowhich display manager is the prefered one? lightdm ok?12:00
EriC^^_Trullo: yeah it's good12:01
_Trullook. upgrading my server12:02
EriC^^XATRIX: do you have any ppa's installed?12:03
XATRIXEriC^^: how can i check, i think it's highly possible12:03
EriC^^XATRIX: ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*.list12:04
XATRIXEriC^^: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/F1ko3N~uX3gZeJRJsQuRZF5M1UNdIGYhyRLivL9gydE=12:06
EriC^^XATRIX: any ppa's you can remove?12:07
XATRIXeverything in this list is a ppa ?12:07
XATRIXdo i have to remove every ?12:07
k1lXATRIX: you can look into the logs what exactly is causing the error12:09
FiunchoHi everyone!12:09
k1lXATRIX: grep Broken /var/log/dist-upgrade/apt.log12:10
k1l | nc termbin.com 999912:10
XATRIXk1l: where can i find upgrade logs ?12:10
XATRIXok, let's see12:10
Herbalisthello funchio12:10
k1lXATRIX: grep Broken /var/log/dist-upgrade/apt.log |nc termbin.com 999912:10
Herbalistzero ops ?12:10
mustmodifyhow does tab completion work?12:10
Herbalistwhat's that ?12:10
k1lmustmodify: write "must" then oress "tab" and see12:10
XATRIXno such file, apt.log in dist-upgrade12:10
mustmodifyIt seems like some programs tab complete filenames, and others tab-complete other things.12:11
mustmodifyk1l: what?12:11
k1lXATRIX: "cat /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log | nc termbin.com 9999"12:11
Herbalisti think each application has their own way12:11
Herbalistif any12:11
k1lmustmodify: ah, you talk about terminal.12:11
Fiunchoi am looking for help, i have posted a problem in the ubuntu forums, the link to the post: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2355373 if anyone can help me, please, private. Thanks and sorry :*12:11
mustmodifyI can see now how that's confusing.12:11
XATRIXk1l: http://termbin.com/wkiq12:11
mustmodifyYes, I guess I should go to #bash. :)12:11
XATRIXsounds if i have no errors in12:14
XATRIXbut which repo, cause the troubles12:14
=== _dv_ is now known as dv_
sayresdn1987p: by folowing this site https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2203162&p=12917230#post12917230 i install this driver but after run this command "lshw -C network" the output is "configuration: broadcast=yes driver=rtl8192cu driverversion=4.4.0-31-generic" ?12:24
sayresdn1987p: is it true?12:25
k1lXATRIX: "mount | nc termbin.com 9999"12:26
tozenfreedomfox: what the matter?12:28
freedomfoxI am trying to setup a wireless wpa2 enterprise connection, so i can proceed with ubuntu server installation12:29
freedomfoxhowever there are no options for wpa2 enterprise12:30
freedomfoxtozen: i am lost :/12:32
XATRIXk1l: http://termbin.com/xngk12:33
sayresdn1987p: buddy in this sait https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=571188 that you introduce to me , my Security is WPA&WPA2 Personal . which one i have to folowed?12:33
XATRIXi think i can clean the logs, and try to upgrade again12:33
freedomfoxAnyone that can help with wpa2 enterprise during installation?12:38
k1lXATRIX: sudo umount /var/cache/apt/archives12:41
k1lXATRIX: then run "sudo do-release-upgrade" again12:42
vlyalcinHi, I have a problem and want to share my screen photo. Which image host should I use?12:51
MonkeyDustvlyalcin  imgur.com12:52
XATRIXk1l: i'm doing do-release-upgrade with -s flag12:52
XATRIXfor the sandboxing12:53
vlyalcinMonkeyDust, thanks12:53
instigatorHello. I am trying to apt-get install the following: libjpeg-dev but its not available in ubuntu, can only see libjpeg812:55
XATRIXk1l: http://termbin.com/9pfj12:56
ioria!info libjpeg-dev12:57
ubottulibjpeg-dev (source: libjpeg8-empty): Independent JPEG Group's JPEG runtime library (dependency package). In component main, is optional. Version 8c-2ubuntu8 (yakkety), package size 1 kB, installed size 26 kB12:57
XATRIX!info mc12:57
ubottumc (source: mc): Midnight Commander - a powerful file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 3:4.8.17-1 (yakkety), package size 507 kB, installed size 1592 kB12:57
vlyalcinWhen I close the laptop cover (suspend the computer), menu texts disappearing. Screenshot http://imgur.com/CENIm9t. I use Ubuntu 16.04, Mate desktop environment12:57
MonkeyDust!find libjpeg12:58
ubottuFound: libjpeg-dev, libjpeg-turbo8, libjpeg-turbo8-dbg, libjpeg-turbo8-dev, libjpeg8, libjpeg8-dbg, libjpeg8-dev, libjpeg-progs, libjpeg-turbo-progs, libjpeg-turbo-test (and 6 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libjpeg&searchon=names&suite=yakkety&section=all12:58
ioriainstigator, is in universe12:58
vlyalcinDoes anyone have an idea about how I can solve?12:58
ioriainstigator, ops, sy12:58
ioriainstigator,  apt-cache policy libjpeg-dev12:59
latino30does ubuntu have this package libgcc_s.so.113:01
latino30im using yakkety yak and I did not see it in synaptic manager13:01
instigatorioria: here is the output of the apt-cache policy libjpeg-dev: http://pastebin.com/dsqFUAE813:02
ioriainstigator,  what ubuntu are you using ?13:02
instigatorioria: 14.0413:02
ioria!info libjpeg-dev trusty13:03
ubottulibjpeg-dev (source: libjpeg8-empty): Independent JPEG Group's JPEG runtime library (dependency package). In component main, is optional. Version 8c-2ubuntu8 (trusty), package size 1 kB, installed size 26 kB13:03
ioriainstigator,  did you change you sources.list ?13:03
instigatorioria: no i didnt change it. is there an entry which needs to be added for libjpeg-dev?13:04
ioriainstigator,  nope, it's in main13:04
k1lXATRIX: so the upgrade worked now?13:04
ioriainstigator,  sudo apt-get update in a pastebinit, please13:04
k1lXATRIX: first, remove fglrx. since that doesnt work anymore13:05
k1lXATRIX: did you manually set packages to hold? Hold prevents MarkInstall of kde-config-touchpad [ amd64 ] < 0.8.1-2 -> 4:5.5.5-0ubuntu1 > ( universe/kde )13:06
instigatorioria: pastebin of sudo apt-get update: http://pastebin.com/Z15MS3aN13:09
XATRIXk1l: it's not, the same trobules, but now i can filter Broken from the apt.log13:09
XATRIXI din't hold the packeges13:09
PeanutHi folks - I have a sick PC, fairly new (july 2015) i-6700k. My GFX-card died (nv960) and I  had to fall back on the CPUGPU. Which is very glitchy, and I'm trying to find out if it's a kernel/driver issue  or whether my CPU is dying.13:10
k1linstigator: sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 16126D3A3E5C119213:10
ioriainstigator,  maybe change you repository to Main13:10
PeanutI get a lot of 'GPU HANG' messages on my system, where the screen freezes for 10 seconds, then most often recovers. It runs Ubuntu 16.10. I've tried the 4.10 kernel from the PPA but that makes it slightly worse.13:11
PeanutAll nvidia drivers/packages have been removed from the system.13:11
ioriainstigator,  ^ k1l13:11
PeanutHow well should Ubuntu 16.10 work on i6700k with the built-in GPU? Does anyone have experience with that?13:13
Kenix73peanut: laptop? custom built desktop? bought? model of the on-board gpu?13:14
k1lPeanut: it should work, i guess. what do the logs like syslog and Xorg.0.log say?13:14
PeanutKenix73: custom built desktop, the on-board GPU is the one in the i6700k, no other GPU on board anymore.13:14
Peanutk1l: I'm a bit hampered (using textmode at the moment) It's mostly 'GPU HANG in render ring'13:15
Kenix73cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log13:16
k1lyou can pipe to "| nc termbin.com 9999" if you have internet on that machine, so you can show the log here13:17
PeanutKenix73: Just looked. There is nothing interesting in Xorg.0.log, only standard startup stuff, no errors. The errors do show up in syslog.13:18
Peanutk1l: Awesome, let me try that, I do have network.13:18
k1lPeanut: cat /evar/log/syslog | nc termbin.com 999913:19
Peanutk1l: http://termbin.com/5hvq and http://termbin.com/r01f13:21
k1lPeanut: "sudo apt update && sudo apt install xserver-xorg-video-intel"13:24
Peanutk1l: It reports: already installed and the latest version.13:25
k1lPeanut: hmm, i dont know then. maybe read here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/Freeze and file a bug13:27
Peanutk1l: Not sure it's a bug, or a dead CPU/GPU :-(13:28
sayresI want connect to internet manualy for this first i have disabled network manager by "sudo systemctl enable network-manager.service " and in "sudo nano /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf" I add https://paste.ubuntu.com/24164287/ and finally i run "sudo wpa_supplicant -iwlx00304f8b1f0f -c/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -Dwext" but I can not connect to internet and i got this messages: https://paste.ubuntu.com/24164290/  where is my mistake?13:29
ioriasayres, try sudo wpa_supplicant -iwlx00304f8b1f0f -c  /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -Dwext    (a space between -c and /etc)13:30
sayres_ioria: is it true? sudo systemctl disable network-manager.service . or i have to stop this?13:36
ioriasayres, stop it, but if you keep using interfaces better to diable it13:37
sayresioria: is it true? sudo systemctl disable network-manager.service . or i have to stop this?13:38
ioriasayres, stop it, but if you keep using interfaces better to disable it13:38
instigatork1l: thanks13:38
instigatorioria: my repository already includes Main13:38
ioriainstigator, i mean using the Main repos (archive, not za)13:39
ioriainstigator, but it's ok13:39
sayresioria: when I disable it I also connected to internet? is normall?13:40
instigatorioria: installing libjpeg-dev working just fine after the GPG error was resolved. thanks for the assistance13:40
ioriainstigator, ok13:40
ioriasayres, ps -A | grep NetworkManager13:41
sayresioria: 5716 ?        00:00:01 NetworkManager13:41
ioriasayres,  still running13:41
ioriasayres,  do you want to stop it13:42
sayresioria: yes ,i want connect to internet manually13:42
ioriasayres,  sudo systemctl stop network-manager13:42
sayresioria: after run this command i run sudo wpa_supplicant -iwlx00304f8b1f0f -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -Dwext .is it true?13:43
ioriasayres,  assuming your interface is already configured and the wpa_supplicant.conf is correct, yes13:44
sayresioria: ok ,i am doing13:45
Dedrickertmy box 16.10 experiences intermittent systemd failure after several hours of uptime. shutdown -h now, poweroff, init 0 all fail to work. I then need to the magic sysrq keys to shutdown.13:45
Dedrickertany ideas what might be the issue?13:46
BluesKajDedrickert, think there's a power off session timer setting bug in 16,10 ...i had the same experience on Kubuntu 16.10 , but I've now moved on to testing 17.04 Zesty and the  bug seems to be gone. Don't recommend upgrading to 17.04 however ...anything in /var/log/syslog?13:52
vijuAre they going to remove unity in the next lts version?13:54
himcesjfIs there any PDF/book reader which gives an option to trim the margins/empty spaces for easy readibility? This I am asking for reading on laptops which can work as 2-in-1 convertible13:55
sayresioria: dude I can connect to internet but my big problem have still remained. https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2355383&p=13619313#post1361931313:55
ioriasayres,  you mean that it freezes at login ?13:57
=== longerstaff13 is now known as system323
sayresioria: without network manager still my ubuntu is frizzed13:57
ioriasayres,  again ps -A | grep NetworkManager13:57
sayresioria: no when I connect to internet13:57
XATRIXwhat's wrong with it ?13:58
ioriasayres,  still running ?13:58
k1lviju: why should they?13:59
sayresioria: I think network maneger was cloesed ,let me i test again13:59
XATRIXwhy i can't remove these packages, which don't allow me to upgrade release13:59
sayresioria: i have to restart my computer again13:59
ioriasayres,  if you restart Nm will start again13:59
k1lXATRIX: remove fglrx14:00
XATRIXThe following packages will be REMOVED:14:00
XATRIX  fglrx fglrx-amdcccle fglrx-core fglrx-dev fglrx-pxpress14:00
k1lXATRIX: yes14:01
k1lXATRIX: then try again14:02
k1lXATRIX: and there is a lot of trouble around libqca2. but i dont know what that is14:03
XATRIXStill have tons of Broken packages14:04
XATRIXand upgrade process stops with error14:04
sayresioria: Network Manager closes .immediately when i run "sudo dhclient wlx00304f8b1f0f" ubuntu is frizzed14:05
sayresioria: Network Manager closed .immediately when i run "sudo dhclient wlx00304f8b1f0f" ubuntu is frizzed14:05
=== tumoxe is now known as exomut
ioriasayres,  using an usb adapter ?14:06
sayresioria: yes14:07
k1lXATRIX: i suggest you use ppa-purge to get rid of your ppa packages, too14:07
sayresioria: i dont have any problem in 4.4.0 -31 kernel but in 4.4.0-64 and 66 i have problem14:08
XATRIXyes, i installed it, but how to pass it needed packees14:08
ioriasayres,  maybe a module problem then14:08
k1l!ppa-purge | XATRIX14:09
ubottuXATRIX: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html14:09
sayres_ioria: sorry my connection was failed14:12
sayres_ioria:  what do you think ?14:14
ioriasayres_, if it works on older kernel, maybe it'a a problem with the new rtl8192cu module, idk really... sure you anything from the logs ?14:15
scalwagCIA has cracked ubuntu14:17
sayres_ioria: yes ,there is not register on syslog or other.look im trying in this way. first i login to new kernel and open syslog. i remember the time and immediatlly connect to internet. my ubuntu is friezzed and after restart my pc I looking for time that i connect to internet but this time is not registered14:18
=== Americano19 is now known as Guest23477
sayres_ ioria: do you have any suggestion?14:22
sayres_ ioria:I stock for a month14:22
sayres_ ioria:I stuck for a month.14:22
sayres_ioria: how can I exclusive kernel for updating? that means I dont want to updateed kernel?14:23
kalby-imaniehow can i change back into normal permission(without sticky bit) after i created sticky bit on my dir before?14:23
kalby-imaniei did chmod 0770 did not work out14:24
kalby-imaniei put 2770 <dir_name> before, so that it could ba granted group permissions for other users within the group member14:25
scalwagkalby-imanie: use just 3 numbers not 414:25
kalby-imaniescalwag: did not work like it used to be, what i mean is that, something has been changed even i tried to make it back. because the user which are not in the same group, could not even get into the directory?14:26
kalby-imaniethat is weird14:26
scalwagkalby-imanie: run file manager as sudo. Change permission from within file manager14:27
kalby-imaniei did changed the permission by 'sudo chmod'14:27
=== rafael is now known as Guest96690
kalby-imanieput it 3 numbers14:28
kalby-imaniebut outsider still cant get it14:28
sayres_how can I exclusive kernel for updating? that means I dont want to updateed kernel?14:28
kalby-imanieunless i never cnaged the permission then everybody could get in14:28
kalby-imanieput sticky bit messing up the rest of the users which are not in the same group.14:29
kalby-imaniei did the ls -l, i got no indications of s,S,T14:29
kalby-imanieeverything was removed before but still14:29
FunkyELFI have a 4TB external drive.  What should I format it to if i want to be able to use it between Linux and Windows?14:30
sayres_how to prevent ubuntu from updating kernel?14:32
Guest96690Who helps me, I try to create a usb of xubuntu 16.04.2 but I do not get it to start, but with xubuntu 14 there is no problem14:33
RonWhoCareslsv: Are you here14:34
k1lFunkyELF: ntfs14:35
RonWhoCaresHi k1l14:35
k1lGuest96690: dont use unetbootin. use rufus on windows14:35
Guest96690no windows14:36
noobuntuuse dd14:36
k1lGuest96690: then use dd or the ubuntu usb creator14:36
ioriasayres_, you need kernel updates.... maybe the issue is elsewhere14:37
k1lsayres_: did you remove your tor stuff like i told you yesterday?14:38
RonWhoCaresk1l: This morning my computer randomly rebooted.  Then it just froze (about 45 minutes after randomly rebooting). I had "watch -n 5 free-m" running in a terminal window when it just froze. The date - time wasn't updating. I think the swap partition was being accessed during the freeze.  Is there anything I should be doing to try and prevent this?14:38
sayres_ioria: I'm tired .14:38
RonWhoCaresk1l I should add that the swap partition hasn't been an issue since I was here last14:39
sayres_k1l: i install ubuntu again but still  there is my problem.14:39
ioriasayres_,  fresh install ?14:39
ioriasayres_,  so paste dmesg14:40
sayres_ioria : not very fresh ,I use all packages that previously installed ubuntu.local repo14:41
ioriasayres_,  k1l asked you about tor ....14:41
lerneris there a command to turn an embedded webcam off?14:41
lernerand an embedded microphone14:41
bob101hi, i have a wordlist called 3-words.txt that hold only 3 letter english words. I want to create a new file that has every combination of each 3 letter word seperated with a '-' dash14:41
sayres_ioria: https://paste.ubuntu.com/24164700/14:43
k1lRonWhoCares: syslogs will tell what was going on14:43
sayres_ioria: I remove tor completely14:44
RonWhoCaresI manually shut the computer off while it was frozen ... after about 2 minutes14:44
k1lsayres_: so the fresh install worked? without anything added by you?14:44
RonWhoCaresWhere are syslogs location14:44
k1lRonWhoCares: /var/log/14:44
ioriasayres_,  using IPv6 ?14:45
sayres_k1l: no not work ,my problem still remained14:45
sayres_ioria : no but i have not disabled it14:46
k1lsayres_: i still dont know if that is a driver or hardware issue since you cant say or run a clean ubuntu14:46
ioriasayres_,   IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): wlx00304f8b1f0f: link becomes ready14:46
ioriasayres_,   but it shouldn't be an issue14:47
XATRIXk1l: http://termbin.com/5lqt still the same14:47
XATRIXi clean all of ppa14:48
sayres_k1l: I dont think it is because of hardware issue .because in 4.4.0-31 version of kernel ,work perfectly14:48
sayres_ioria: yes ,I don't think an ipV6 cause the problem14:49
k1lsayres_: is there a chance to run a ubuntu without all your packages and changes?14:49
XATRIXk1l: http://termbin.com/seqq14:49
ioriasayres_,   yes, try from LiveCD14:49
sayres_k1l: in live ubuntu work without problem14:50
RonWhoCaresk1l: Does it hurt Ubuntu to be "frozen"14:50
sayres_ioria: in live ubuntu work without problem14:50
ioriasayres_,   because it's the old kernel ....14:50
sayres_ioria: yes ,exactly14:50
k1lRonWhoCares: its not the standard when it freezes14:50
ioriasayres_,  modinfo rtl8192cu   please14:51
sayres_ioria:   https://paste.ubuntu.com/24164740/14:52
ioriasayres_,  you are on right now ...14:53
sayres_ioria : yes, i need internet and in this kernel i have it14:53
sayres_ioria: do you want modinfo rtl8192cu to other kernel?14:54
ioriasayres_,  well, we need the dmesg from your 66 kernel, yes14:54
sayres_ioria: ok . i need restart my pu.i will come back soon14:55
_Trullook after update to latest ubuntu it aborted or something, too many errors.. now I get a black screen with a bunch of letters.. ending with kernel panic, not syncing VFS, unable to mount root fs..15:01
sayresioria : https://paste.ubuntu.com/24164797/15:03
noobuntuhow did you update15:04
sayresioria:  https://paste.ubuntu.com/24164806/15:04
_TrulloI got a question when I logged in15:04
sayresioria: this is info from 66 kernel15:05
sayresioria: i think before connect to internet everything is ok15:07
k1lsayres: what video card is it?15:08
ioriasayres_,  i see15:08
sayresk1l: now ,default but befor nvidia15:08
k1lsayres: did you install the ubuntu nvidia driver from the repo?15:08
k1li saw some crazy motherbords which didnt work properly without the prop driver from nvidia15:09
sayresk1l: yes , but now I have not installed yest15:09
ioriasayres_,  it freezes when you run the dhclient command or when exactly ?15:10
sayres k1l: https://paste.ubuntu.com/24164844/15:10
dn1987psayres, ioria https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1666421 did you see this one already?15:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1666421 in linux (Ubuntu Yakkety) "kernel 4.4.0-63 with USB WLAN RTL8192CU freezes desktop" [High,Fix committed]15:10
ioriadn1987p, he's using 66... but thanks looking ...15:11
dn1987poh alright i somehow thought it was 6315:11
dn1987pwhich would be odd though15:11
ioriadn1987p, same the issue still there in 6615:12
sayresdn1987p : no but i have problem with 64 and 6615:12
ioriasayres_,  it freezes when you run the dhclient command or when exactly ?15:12
PCatineanWhat is the easiest way to setup a printer? Any explanation why it's not as easy as in windows?15:13
dn1987pioria, [High,Fix committed] does that mean the fix is already available through official sources15:14
ioriadn1987p, committed not released15:14
k1lPCatinean: yes, easy explanation: because the manufacturer dont ship the same quality drivers and software as for windows.15:14
PCatineank1l, and windows holds like a central repository copied from linux-style repositories and automatically install on windows startup?15:15
ioriasayres,  when does it freeze exactly ?15:15
k1lPCatinean: i dont understand what you mean15:16
XATRIXk1l: the last one log file15:16
sayresioria: exactly ubuntu is connected to internet . you think when ubuntu fist ping from internet15:16
XATRIXk1l: http://termbin.com/obwv15:16
XATRIXhow can i resolve em?15:16
PCatineanWhen you start windows and plug in a printer it automatically installs the drivers and it works out of the box. I just assume printer manufacturers make the driers and microsoft published them in a central repository15:16
PCatineanThat enables this automatic find&install procedure15:16
sayresioria: exactly ubuntu is connected to internet . you think when ubuntu give first ping from internet15:16
ioriasayres,  so when you run the dhclient command ?15:17
k1lPCatinean: yes, the manufacturers work together with microsoft for that.15:17
sayresioria: exactly15:18
ioriasayres,  why don't we try witout dhcp?  and set it static ?15:18
sayresioria: how can i do exactly?15:19
ioriasayres,  sudo service network-manager stop15:20
k1lXATRIX: "apt-mark showhold | nc termbin.com 9999"15:20
sayresioria : ok ,so!!15:20
XATRIXk1l: kde-config-touchpad15:20
XATRIXonly this one is in list15:20
kalby-imaniedoes sticky bit only provids deletion security feature?15:21
ioriasayres,  sudo iconfig wlx00304f8b1f0f down15:21
k1lXATRIX: sudo apt-mark unhold kde-config-touchpad15:21
kalby-imanieonly the owner can do deletion and others can only create files or read15:21
singh1114hello there!15:21
XATRIXk1l: Canceled hold on kde-config-touchpad.15:21
ioriasayres,  sorry, sudo ifconfig wlx00304f8b1f0f down15:21
XATRIXwhat's now ?15:22
sayresioria : no problen dude15:22
sayresioria: whats next?15:22
k1lXATRIX: sudo do-release-upgrade15:22
ioriasayres,  sudo ifconfig wlx00304f8b1f0f up15:22
XATRIXk1l: is it ok, if i run it in a sandbox ? using 'do-release-upgrade -s' ?15:23
singh1114I have a question. Do the submissions of gsoc proposals can be edited once made in the Gsoc app?15:23
k1lXATRIX: why only simulate it?15:23
sayresioria: where place i have set static ip?15:23
sayresioria: where place i have to set static ip?15:23
XATRIXi'd like to see the whole process, and if it's all good, the next run will be without -s15:23
ioriasayres,  sudo ifconfig wlx00304f8b1f0f    myip15:24
sayresioria : where is GW and DNS?15:24
ioriasayres,  wait, dude15:24
sayresioria: ;-)  ok15:25
ioriasayres,  sudo ifconfig wlx00304f8b1f0f   netmask
sayresioria: finished?15:26
ioriasayres, sudo route add default gw    myrouter_ip   wlx00304f8b1f0f15:26
sayresioria :buddy can you write by order in https://paste.ubuntu.com/??15:28
ioriasayres, what's the problem ?15:28
ioriasayres, did you add the gw ?15:28
sayresioria: i am confused?15:28
ioriasayres, just run the commands15:29
ioriasayres,  where you stopped ?15:29
sayresioria :https://paste.ubuntu.com/24164924/15:30
sayresioria: is it true?15:30
ioriasayres,  nope15:30
sayresioria : where is my mistake?15:31
ioriasayres,  where i wrote myip and myrouter_ip   you have to put YOUR ip and YOU router ip15:31
ioriasayres,  what is your router ip ?15:32
sayresioria: how can i find out what is my gw? by command15:32
ioriasayres,  route15:33
sayresioria:    this is my Ip addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
sayresioria: I use mobile hotspot15:34
ioriasayres,  ok, your ip is  and your router ? should be 192.168.43.X15:35
ioriasayres,  route15:35
sayresioria: i dont have modem .I use mobile hotspot and where is ioria or how can i find out?15:35
ioriasayres,  oh, i see15:35
anddamhow do I make dash aware of a custom .desktop file?15:38
ioriaanddam, you put it in ls ~/.local/share/applications/15:39
aaioanyone know why swiping right to go back in chromium doesn't work under ubuntu?15:39
aaio(on a touchscreen)15:40
anddamioria: and what's the common practice to have it on ~/Desktop as well, a link?15:40
aaiothe swipe animation starts but its like its interrupted by something immediately15:40
sayresioria: do you have suggestion for finding my router ip?15:40
ioriaanddam, you can create a .desktop on desktop, but Dash it's not aware of it15:40
ioriasayres,  what you got if you run 'route'15:41
anddamioria: yes, I understand I have to put it in ~/.local/… , my question is what's appropriate to have it recognized by Dash AND on Desktop15:41
anddamI just used an hardlink15:41
Ericgood morning15:41
ioriaanddam, i don't think there are problems15:42
sayresioria:  https://paste.ubuntu.com/24164990/15:42
Erici need help with install ubuntu15:42
alkisgWhat help?15:42
ioriasayres,  your route is
ducasse!install | Eric15:43
ubottuEric: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate15:43
k1lEric: help with what ecxactly? please be a lot more specfic than you were yesterday15:43
Erici has usn flash on me15:43
k1lEric: what is your native language?15:44
sayresioria: ok im trying .i have to dissconnected for test.i will come back soon dude.15:44
ioriasayres,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/24164999/15:44
sayresioria: thnk you .i try this now15:45
ioriasayres,  ok15:45
Ericjust english15:45
k1lEric: then please use proper english and give more details. it is very hard to understand what your setup is and what your issue is. so its nearly impossible to help you.15:46
Erickl i has ubuntu iso on my usb flash already15:46
k1lEric: ok, what is the issue now?15:47
Erici need dual windows 10 andd ubuntu on one laptop15:47
k1lEric: the ubuntu install has a option to install ubuntu alongside windows15:47
ducasse!dualboot | Eric15:47
ubottuEric: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot15:47
Ericnew update is Ubuntu 16.1015:51
k1lEric: where is your issue?15:52
EricUbuntu 16.04.2 LTS15:52
Ericwhich one i click?15:52
k1lthat is not an issue15:52
k1lEric: for beginners better use 16.04.215:53
Erickl i dod resize partition15:53
Erickl i did turned fastboot off and secureboot to disabled15:55
k1lEric: i still dont know what your issue is15:58
Erickl i said i did turned fastbooter off16:01
Erici did disbled secureboot16:02
sayresioria: in 31 I have internet but in 66 i do not have internet. i got "From icmp_seq=82 Destination Host Unreachable"16:02
k1lEric: and now what?16:02
Erici did resize partition already16:02
k1lEric: i loose the motivation to ask questions for more details and then have to wait 10minutes for you just saying something total different and unrelated. you still could not describe what the problem is. what doesnt work? what error do you get? what do you want to know?16:03
wxif i setup a zfs mirror pool, can i add disks to it later16:03
wxor do i have to destroy it and rebuild it16:03
k1lwx: no16:03
wxk1l: i'm using zfs for storage only. is there any type of zfs pool that allows me to keep adding disks without destroying the pool16:04
k1lwx: you can only exchange disks or once again mirror it.16:04
noobuntuwhich package provides the free command as in free -h16:04
Erickl i has my other account in here16:04
MonkeyDustnoobuntu  type    which free16:05
k1lnoobuntu: procps16:05
k1lEric_____: Eric i give up. you still have not explained what your problem is.16:06
CarolinaRubeI'm using ubuntu 16.04 and recently my usb mouse has started misbehaving after boot.  I have to click in order to activate it and the effect is only temporary.16:07
CarolinaRubeIf I replug it, everything works like normal.16:07
Eric_____I see screen saying try ubuntu without installing16:07
CarolinaRubeIs there a setting that my have gotten modified somewhere?16:07
Eric_____I see dots loading on ubuntu16:09
k1lwx: https://pthree.org/2012/12/04/zfs-administration-part-i-vdevs/16:09
MonkeyDustEric_____  hit F1216:09
Eric_____I did pressed f1216:10
MonkeyDustEric_____  no text screen?16:12
Eric_____I see text screen16:13
MonkeyDustEric_____  ok, do you read anything disturbing? where does it halt?16:13
ducasseEric_____: did you read the links from ubottu on how to install? is there anything there you don't understand?16:15
ioriasayres,  sy, what you got from ?16:15
EuSiTuhello. dose HexChat have a dependency requirement named GTK 2 or 3?16:16
MonkeyDustEric_____  what do you mean, 'how'? do you see text now, after you pressed F12 ?16:16
baizonEuSiTu: http://packages.ubuntu.com/zesty/hexchat16:18
Eric_____Pwconv: failed to change mode of /etc/passwd- to 060016:18
Eric_____Pwconv: failed to change the mode of /etc/passwd- to 060016:22
ducasseEric_____: can you please tell us what your actual problem is? people have been asking you for half an hour now without an answer.16:22
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Aronehi ?16:27
=== masos is now known as Guest66034
Aroneany one know If backup-manager supports a port other than the 21 for export ftp16:27
sayresioria: are you here?16:30
ioriasayres,  tep16:30
ioriasayres,  where it stops ?16:31
sayresioria :  after sudo wpa_supplicant -B -iwlx00304f8b1f0f -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -Dwext ,ubuntu is frizzed again16:31
ioriasayres,  ok, can you kill with ctrl+c and paste dmesg  and syslog ?16:32
sayresioria: static Ip does not work like the other again16:32
ioriasayres,  meaning ?16:32
OnceMewhy does ssh-keyscan doesnt output anything?16:34
EricIm back16:35
akikOnceMe: it's normal for applications not to output anything if the operation succeeded16:35
EricIts said error invaild to access fat16:35
sayres_ioria: ubuntu is frizzed and anything does not work and i have to restart my pc16:36
sayres_ioria: sorry my connection field again16:37
ioriasayres_,  it's possible that the module is broken in kernel above 62....16:37
bob101_anyone know if you can specify a specific wordlist file with crunch?  i have a list of english words that i want to create a wordlist for with '-' as a seperator16:37
ioriasayres_,  can you paste lsusb ?16:37
sayres_ioria: which kernel?16:38
ioriasayres_,  doesn't matter16:38
sayres_ioria:  https://paste.ubuntu.com/24165256/16:39
sayres_ioria: https://paste.ubuntu.com/24165250/  between this time ,ubuntu frizzed16:40
sayres_ioria: this is syslog16:41
EricIts said invaild to acess fat16:41
EricOn text screen16:42
ioriasayres_, it 's silly to ask, , but do you have another usb adapter to try ? :þ16:43
sayres_ioria: unfortunatly I don't have any adapter16:44
ducassesayres_: RTL8188CUS - good luck with that...16:45
ioriasayres_, so.. if we are sure the problem is rtl8192cu module, reboot on the .31 kernel, get connection and try this https://github.com/pvaret/rtl8192cu-fixes16:45
ioriasayres_,  but maybe it would be easier to change the adapter16:46
virtuosojNot having any success getting Steam running on Ubuntu 16.1016:46
virtuosojtar: This does not look like a tar archive16:47
virtuosojxz: (stdin): File format not recognized16:47
virtuosojtar: Child returned status 116:47
virtuosojtar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now16:47
virtuosojfind: ‘/home/vijay/.steam/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime’: No such file or directory16:47
ducasse!paste | virtuosoj16:47
ubottuvirtuosoj: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:47
sayres_ioria: ok i try it. but i think i have to prevent of kernel update till this issue fix16:47
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ioriasayres_,  wait, after download the packages, you need to run the command on the -66 kernel16:48
ioriasayres_,  from this line  on16:49
ioriasayres_,  sudo dkms add ./rtl8192cu-fixes16:49
CommonCentsHelp!  My xubuntu won't boot.   when updates were installing, grub2 was upgraded and the grub-install that ran as the upgrade was installed complained that it couldn't delete /boot/grub/i386-pc/core.img16:50
sayres_ioria: ok .let me try16:50
CommonCentsI've booted up the live cd, but I can't get grub-install to work.  It's failing with the same message16:51
CommonCentsand I've tried sudo rm /boot/grub/i386-pc/core.img (after making a backup copy elsewhere) and that doesn't work either.16:52
erialdohello, I wanted to clean the system with BleachBit (root) , more exact the apt packages clean autoremove etc16:52
erialdobut then an error occurred when i try to uupgrade16:52
erialdoE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)16:52
erialdohow do i Solve it?16:52
sayres_ioria:i go to -66 kernel .16:53
CommonCentsWhy would root be unable to delete a file?16:53
=== semeion is now known as mnemonic
ducasseCommonCents: filesystem could be read only, file could be immutable etc16:55
CommonCentsIt's mounted rw.  how do I know if it's immutable?  and how do I undo that?16:57
virtuosojAnyone know anything about Steam issues? I want to stay on 16.10 but I'll probably just go back to 16.04 if Steam doesn't work16:57
CommonCentsthat's certainly possible.16:57
geirharun lsattr on it to see if it has any special attributes like the immutable flag16:58
leaftypevirtuosoj, what have you done so far to try to get it to work? also, how did you install it?16:58
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MonkeyDustvirtuosoj  first create a .bak file of the file you want to modify, then try this, -i instead of +i      https://www.debuntu.org/how-to-make-a-file-immutablewrite-protected/17:01
MonkeyDustoops CommonCents ^^^17:01
virtuosojleaftype, all I did was "sudo apt install steam" and I also tried doing "sudo apt install steam --reinstall"17:02
virtuosojMonkeyDust, don't know how to create a .bak file17:03
MonkeyDustvirtuosoj  that wasnt for you, i mistyped17:04
k1lerialdo: put all the output to paste.ubuntu.com and show the link here17:05
k1land bleachbit and such are a straight way to ruin the system17:05
MonkeyDustCommonCents   first create a .bak file of the file you want to modify, then try this, -i instead of +i      https://www.debuntu.org/how-to-make-a-file-immutablewrite-protected/17:05
leaftypeOn 16.10 myself. I downloaded the .deb file. I'm not sure why, but I vaguely recall a problem with the repo version17:05
andyfiedvirtuosoj: i've had issues with steam on certain installs too. i've used this solution https://askubuntu.com/questions/771032/steam-not-opening-in-ubuntu-16-04-lts which has worked for me17:05
CommonCentsThat got it, monkeyDust17:06
leaftypeI think it has to do with the version maintined by valve17:06
leaftypevirtuosoj, IIRC the software boutique (made for Ubuntu Mate, but available on both) installs it correctly as well17:09
k1lvirtuosoj: what did pproduce that error?17:14
virtuosojleaftype, thank you, I will try that!17:16
virtuosojk1l, Just typing "steam" in terminal, which I tried because Steam wouldn't open after installing/updating17:16
virtuosojoh yeah that's the weird thing, it opened the first time to do its own update, but after that it won't open now17:17
virtuosojreinstall doesn't seem to change anything17:17
virtuosojHey Eric :)17:18
EricIt said can not mount /dev/loop0 on /cow17:18
k1lvirtuosoj: purge it with apt.17:18
EricOn text screen17:18
alkisgI boot a system with a live cd. I mount /dev/sdb1 which is ext4, and dd if=/dev/zero of=1 mb file there in a loop (on the same file, i.e. just writing data to disk).  After 5 minutes the hard disk slows down from 100 mb/sec to 1 mb/sec. Temperature is 40 celcius. The disk is new 4 tb, it's on a new server that has fakeraid support, but disabled from the bios, so only one disk is used. Any ideas what can cause this?17:18
sayresioria: are you here?17:19
pavlosalkisg, can you check smartctl on sdb? any errors?17:20
EricDo i need livecd right?17:20
=== xrandr_ is now known as xrandr
k1lvirtuosoj: try to remove the ~/.steam/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime.tar.xz file17:21
dn1987palkisg, you could check dmesg for any issues17:21
alkisgpavlos: no errors, although i have millions of read errors which on seagate disks are 48 bit smart data and are supposed to be shifted right 32bits => which leaves me with 0 errors when I do that, while those millions are interpreted as "seeks", not errors (according to an askubuntu question)17:21
ioriasayres, yeah, no luck ?17:21
alkisgdn1987p: nothing in dmesg after the 20 sec boot time, even if the server is up for hours17:21
dn1987palkisg, maybe something wrong with the file system alignment?17:22
sayresioria: It seems that the problem is solved. now i am in -66 kernel17:22
ioriasayres, very good job17:22
dn1987psayres, cool :) what did you do to fix it?17:23
k1lioria: what was the issue on his system?17:23
alkisgdn1987p: ducasse also hinted on that, but I think it's fine; but even if I wasn't able to diagnose that, wouldn't the speed be constant to 1/4 or so of the theoretical maximum? It shouldn't slow down after 5 minutes then...17:23
sayresioria: thank you so much dude17:23
ioriak1l, bad rtl8192cu module , i guess17:23
k1lhmm, ok17:23
ioriasayres, no problem17:23
sayresdn1987p: i use this link .   https://github.com/pvaret/rtl8192cu-fixes17:23
dn1987palkisg, 5 min is weird, i thought the cache might run full, but that shouldnt take 5 min17:24
sayresioria: i stouk for a month buddy .you safe me dude.17:24
ioriasayres,  ahahah17:24
sayresioria: i stuck for a month buddy .you safe me dude.17:24
ioriasayres,  i got it17:25
alkisgdn1987p: I run dd with conv=fdataconv; and "sync" inside the loop, so I don't think it's a matter of cache. I think I also tried including echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches in the loop, with no visible changes17:25
=== h1a1c0k1e1r1_ is now known as h1a1c0k1e1r1
sayresioria: sorry but my english :-)17:25
ioriasayres,  no problem17:25
sayresioria: thanks again17:26
ioriasayres,  you're welcome :þ17:26
dn1987palkisg, stupid idea, try another port maybe?17:26
alkisgdn1987p: I'll take any ideas at this point; I'll do so, ty... :)17:27
thyriaenHi, i got a 2.1 setup and my subwoofer does not seem to be working. if i let the test gui put sound on each speaker seperatly it can do that with left and right but there is no sound comming out of the subwoofer this is my /etc/pulse/daemon.conf http://pastebin.com/gW4VdxCb - i already changed enable-lfe-remixing to yes17:29
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.17:32
YmFzZTY0Quick question, Is there anything wrong with formatting my Ubuntu partition if I'm re-installing it? I can't see anything wrong with it, but every page I visit says not to17:34
k1lYmFzZTY0: you dont need any data on the drive?17:34
YmFzZTY0I've backed up all the data that i need17:35
k1lYmFzZTY0: then you can check to format the partition17:35
ioriaYmFzZTY0, dual boot ?17:36
ioriaYmFzZTY0, wait ....17:36
YmFzZTY0oh no...17:36
ioriaYmFzZTY0, no, it's ok, grub will be reinstalled17:37
YmFzZTY0ioria: you had me so worried there17:37
ioriaYmFzZTY0, sy, when you remove ubuntu you erase the bootloader17:38
ioriaYmFzZTY0, but if you reinstall it, it should be fine17:38
YmFzZTY0OK, thanks!17:39
bintopanickingguys i seem to have a large name on my external wifi card does anybody know how to permanantly change it to something more simple like bob?17:39
_sfiguserhello all, i have a problem with my linux, "NMI watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 22s!"; it doesn't poweroff or shutdown... i do it manually after these messages, and the brightness sometimes dims... with no particular cause... can it be something related to acpi  ?  it is a 4.4.0-53-generic kernel17:42
virtuosojk1l http://paste.ubuntu.com/24165747/17:47
k1lvirtuosoj: what ubuntu is that exactly?17:48
k1li only find debian people with such issues17:48
virtuosojk1l, ubuntu 16.1017:49
virtuosojfreshly installed basically. I'm going to now try to install it with the Mate software boutique17:49
virtuosojand if that doesnt work i might just go back 16.04.217:49
k1lvirtuosoj: wait17:49
k1lvirtuosoj: run "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" first.17:50
virtuosojk1l, that did nothing17:50
virtuosoj0 upgrade17:50
k1lvirtuosoj: then "sudo apt install libxtst6:i386 libxrandr2:i386 libglib2.0-0:i386 libgtk2.0-0:i386 libpulse0:i386 libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0:i386"17:50
virtuosojk1l, eyy it worked! ty!17:51
virtuosojalthough my question now: why is it running in 32bit mode?17:52
k1lsteam is the 32bit hell17:52
virtuosojor am I understanding that wrong17:52
k1lbecause they didnt make it work with 64bit at all.17:52
virtuosojthat's... fucked up...17:52
OliPicardhey everyone, ive tried upgrading the Kernel of my Ubuntu 16.04.02 distro however selinux-policy-default is erroring out with "error processing package selinux-policy-default (--configure):  subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 137" after attempting to upgrade to kernel  If i purge the default policy my system17:53
OliPicardis able to update to the next kernel. Does this mean SELinux is no longer compatible?17:53
bintopanicking guys i seem to have a large name on my external wifi card does anybody know how to permanantly change it to something more simple like bob?17:55
bintopanicking guys i seem to have a large name on my external wifi card does anybody know how to permanantly change it to something more simple like bob?17:55
OliPicardThe version of SELinux I am using is 2:2.20140421-9 (if anyone wants to look at it for reference.)17:56
YmFzZTY0I have non UbuntuInstaller files on my Installer Disk, this causes the installer to crash, after it says 'scanning the CDrom' is there a fix to this other than removing the files on the drive?17:57
virtuosojk1l, everything working great, thanks!17:59
YmFzZTY0Sorry for repeating my question, but is there a way to make sure that the UbuntuInstaller  doesn't crash even though there are extra files on the UEFI Installer Disk18:02
HighMansI have the On Screen Keyboard enabled in Universal Access but how do I make it show up?18:05
HighMansI need to use it as a virtual number pad18:05
OliPicardif anyone wondered what the resolution was for the help I requested it was stopping all processes (it was a memory problem.)18:06
turistahello every1, I finally did install xfce4 yesterday but I don't know how to use it18:07
turistasomeone told me that it would prompt me after the reboot but nothing happend18:07
k1lturista: install "lightdm"18:08
k1lturista: that is the login screen. that will prompt you then to login to the gui :)18:08
turistagosh, I didn't know about it, lemme check18:09
k1lturista: yes, only installing xfce doesnt install a *dm18:09
turistaby the way, since some days ago I manually set the screen resolution of the computer cuz after the restart it always drop a bunch of errors18:10
YmFzZTY0please may someone advise me on how to stop the Ubuntu Installer from crashing18:10
MonkeyDustYmFzZTY0  describe the symptoms, in one line18:11
turistawith the xrandr and I was wondering if I can set it up directly on a file18:11
turistabtw I did install the stuff, should I restart now?¿18:11
k1lYmFzZTY0: i dont understand what the issue is.18:11
YmFzZTY0Crashes after showing 'scanning the CD-rom' this is probably because I have unrelated files also on the Disk, I am 'unable' to remove these files as I need them and they're too large to transfer18:12
Eric_____i did installed ubuntu iso on poweriso then its worked18:12
YmFzZTY0By the disk, I mean my flash drive with Ubuntu Installer18:13
k1lYmFzZTY0: you are using the ubuntu usb?18:13
YmFzZTY0k1l, yes18:13
Eric_____then i need help with dual windows 10 and ubuntu on one laptop18:13
makda7someone using tomcat server on ubuntu here?18:13
Eric_____yup kl18:14
Eric_____now im on ubuntu18:15
ioriaYmFzZTY0, how did you do the stick ?18:15
YmFzZTY0ioria: unetbootin,  using Ubuntu, I then later added a folder with my backup files onto that USB stick18:16
k1lYmFzZTY0: is that a usb pendrive or a hdd?18:16
k1lYmFzZTY0: unetbootin is known to make issues.18:16
YmFzZTY0k1l, it's a usb pendrive18:16
ioriaYmFzZTY0, oh, i'am not good in customized ubuntu isos18:17
ioriaYmFzZTY0, on ubuntu i suggest dd, on win rufus18:17
Eric_____ymfzzty8 u need PowerIso easy18:17
Eric_____PowerIso is easy18:18
k1lYmFzZTY0: the adding files should not make issues. but unetbootin makes issues since it changes the bootloader(syslinux) stuff18:18
turistaI wonder wich's the next step after installing lightdm >_<18:18
turistashould I restart now?¿18:18
k1lturista: reboot?18:18
turistathx gonna do that now18:18
YmFzZTY0Wait, nevermind, the error wasn't 'fatal', it just wasn't good, ubuntu should work. thanks for your help! I'm going to try the install18:21
Eric_____ymfzzty8 use powriso18:21
Eric_____kl you there?18:23
riccardoI have a strange problem as of yesterday18:24
riccardoMy external disk does not work18:24
riccardoIt is somehow recognized but it is not accessible18:25
EriC^^riccardo: any errors?18:25
k1lriccardo: please put the output of "dmesg" on paste.ubuntu.com after you attached the hdd18:25
_pepehey all, I am getting a system freeze when my system tries to connect to wifi, 16.04 Mate.  Last working kernel version 4.4.0-62.18:26
DanzeelClient: HexChat 2.12.3 • OS: Ubuntu "yakkety" 16.10 • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU          6400  @ 2.13GHz (2.14GHz) • Memory: Physical: 5.7 GiB Total (4.0 GiB Free) Swap: 3.9 GiB Total (3.9 GiB Free) • Storage: 102.7 GB / 716.7 GB (614.0 GB Free) • VGA: Intel Corporation 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller @ Intel Corporation 4 Series Chipset DRAM Controller • Upti18:27
Danzeelme: 4h 31m 33s18:27
ioriariccardo, and ls -l /media/$USER18:27
Danzeelweong chan18:27
ioriariccardo, and ls -Rl /media/$USER18:27
riccardoOk one sec18:27
ioriariccardo, mmm, nvm18:28
riccardototal 818:28
riccardodrwx------ 2 root root 4096 mar 12 00:10 Riccardo18:28
riccardodrwx------ 2 root root 4096 gen 12 21:05 Riservato per il sistema18:28
riccardototal 018:28
riccardototal 018:28
riccardoHere's the log you requested in addition18:30
riccardoHope it is correct18:30
ioriariccardo,   so you have nothing inside     /media/$USER ?18:31
striveQuestion on dpkg: When does dpkg -S come in handy?18:31
EriC^^strive: when you want to find which package gives a file you have18:31
riccardoioria, Nothing at all18:32
ioriariccardo,   sudo parted -l | pastebinit18:32
riccardoOk sure18:33
riccardoioria, it is taking quite a long time and nothing output yet18:35
ioriariccardo,   mmmm18:35
ioriariccardo,   wait a bit... then kill it18:36
riccardoBut when I detach the hard disk I am having problem with, parted runs smoothly18:36
riccardoIndeed I forgot to say18:36
_TrulloI got a problem with booting into my system.. I choosed a older kernel and now I'm in.. but how do I fix my system now?18:36
ioriariccardo,   btw, it's not mounted in nautilus, right ?18:37
riccardoioria,  That if for example I boot or shutdown with the HD plugged, it stucks18:37
riccardoioria, not mounted18:37
k1l_Trullo: run "sudo apt udpate && sudo apt full-upgrade"18:37
riccardoioria, nautilius does not see it18:38
ioriariccardo,   ok, unplug, replug and dmesg | tail18:38
k1l_Trullo: sorry typo: "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade"18:38
ioriariccardo,   unplug and replug the disk i mean18:38
Eric_____i need help with win 10 and ubuntu18:39
Eric_____do i need grub customizer?18:39
striveEriC^^: So, basically dpkg -S is good to check for dependancies on a certain command?18:39
riccardoioria, https://paste.ubuntu.com/24166089/18:39
_Trullok1l, processing was halted because there were too many errors..18:40
ioriariccardo,   uname -r18:40
striveEriC^^: So, it would be ideal to which (command), then dpkg -S /path/to/file18:40
k1l_Trullo: can you put the output on paste.ubuntu.com and show it here?18:40
striveEriC^^: Does that seem practical>18:40
Eric_____i want dual18:40
ioriariccardo,   wow18:40
Eric_____of win 10 n ubuntu18:41
ioriariccardo,   do you have a stock kernel ?18:41
k1l!dualboot  | Eric_____18:41
ubottuEric_____: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot18:41
k1lEric_____: read that, follow the instructions.18:41
ioriariccardo,   like 4.8 or 4.4 ?18:41
striveEric_____: Dual-booting is quite easy on Windows 10. Are you familiar with shrinking your hdd from Disk Management in Windows?18:41
EriC^^strive: yeah it is, also if you pass it a symlink it won't work, i was just messing about with finding which package my nc was from minutes ago, dpkg -S $(readlink -f /bin/nc) helped go through the maze of symlinks18:41
=== marianne is now known as Guest15183
ioriariccardo,   that kernel it's not stock18:42
striveEriC^^: You rock dude, thank you.18:42
Eric_____it wont install without Grub Boot loader18:43
_Trullok1l, http://paste.ubuntu.com/24166111/18:43
EriC^^strive: no problem18:43
k1l_Trullo: so what did you do before this problem?18:44
k1l_Trullo: because that is a lot of missin updates18:44
k1lEric_____: you need grub to boot ubuntu. so follow the instructions18:45
riccardoioria, it comes from mainline18:45
riccardoioria, I suppose so18:45
Eric_____how to get grub18:46
_Trullok1l, ubuntu wanted to install the latest upgrade18:46
ioriariccardo,   i know... what ubuntu 16.10 ?18:46
k1lriccardo: the mainline kernels are not stock kernels and miss some features from ubuntu18:46
riccardoioria, how can I see what kernels I am using18:46
ioriariccardo,   i told you ... uname -r18:46
k1lEric_____: the ubuntu insatller will install grub. so follow the regular instructions18:46
riccardoioria, yes, that is the kernel I am using. I remember having some other kernel. Let me reboot to a stock one.18:46
ioriariccardo,   are you 16.10 or 16.04 ?18:47
k1l_Trullo: what is the output of "lsb_release -sd" and "uname -a"?18:47
Eric_____https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot right?18:48
k1lEric_____: since you refused to answer my questions for details 2 days long i can only point you to the documentation and you will have to read it yourself18:48
_TrulloUbuntu 16.04.2 LTS Linux 3.13.0-106-generic #153-Ubuntu SMP Tue Dec 6 15:44:32 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux18:49
k1l_Trullo: did you by any chance change the sources.list ?18:49
_Trullono, I just booted it up today. and a question came up if I wanted to upgrade18:50
k1l_Trullo: so you did the 14.04 to 16.04 upgrade?18:50
_Trullothink so, it's was a big download18:50
uddanehas anyone noticed that VLC downloaded from the software center won't automatically play the contents of a folder? I'm on 16.0418:51
k1l_Trullo: sudo apt remove insserv18:51
k1l_Trullo: then "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade"18:51
_Trullotoo many errors18:52
_TrulloI got error on the first line too18:53
k1lshow the output in pastebin18:53
riccardoioria, nothing changed18:54
clissold345uddane, did you install the snap or the deb package? Someone told me the snap is a bit buggy.18:54
ioriariccardo,   uname -r18:54
_Trullok1l, http://paste.ubuntu.com/24166165/18:54
riccardoI restarted, booted with linux 4.818:54
uddaneclissold345: IT was whatever was in the software center... it works fine on my laptop with 16.04 loaded...18:55
ioriariccardo,   same aoutput in dmesg | tail ?18:55
k1l_Trullo: sudo apt remove virtuoso-nepomuk18:55
Eric_____ Launchpad PPA for Grub Customizer right?18:56
_Trullok1l, too many errors..18:56
k1ldetails matter18:56
k1lEric_____: you dont need grub customizer at all18:56
_TrulloI'm going to try repair from a live cd18:57
Eric_____ill look for grub bootloader on google18:57
k1l_Trullo: did it work?18:57
_Trullok1l, that last line? no18:57
k1lEric_____: run the ubuntu usb and install ubuntu. it will install grub.18:57
k1l_Trullo: i dont see what you see. so its important to show the pastes18:58
clissold345uddane, Ubuntu Software lists two vlcs. Did you use Ubuntu Software to install? If you installed the snap try the deb package instead.18:58
_TrulloProcessing was halted because there were too many errors.18:58
_TrulloE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)18:58
k1l_Trullo: put all to paste.ubuntu.com because every detail matters18:58
riccardoioria, 4.8.0-41-generic18:58
ioriariccardo,   same output in dmesg | tail ?18:58
riccardoioria, riccardo@riccardo-PC:~$ dmesg | tail18:59
riccardo[  179.112083] usb 2-1: Manufacturer: ASMedia18:59
riccardo[  179.112084] usb 2-1: SerialNumber: 20150324001A6C18:59
riccardo[  179.772691] usb-storage 2-1:1.0: USB Mass Storage device detected18:59
riccardo[  179.772747] usb-storage 2-1:1.0: Quirks match for vid 174c pid 55aa: 40000018:59
riccardo[  179.772760] scsi host4: usb-storage 2-1:1.018:59
riccardo[  179.772829] usbcore: registered new interface driver usb-storage18:59
riccardo[  179.774561] usbcore: registered new interface driver uas18:59
riccardo[  180.803165] scsi 4:0:0:0: Direct-Access     ASMedia  ASM1153E         0    PQ: 0 ANSI: 618:59
_Trullok1l, http://paste.ubuntu.com/24166183/18:59
riccardo[  180.803401] sd 4:0:0:0: Attached scsi generic sg2 type 018:59
riccardo[  180.804269] sd 4:0:0:0: [sdb] Spinning up disk...18:59
uddaneclissold345: I'm thinking I must have picked the wrong one, because I remember loading it by command line on my laptop... thank you for the help, I'm going to uninstall and load it through command line18:59
ioriariccardo,   don't paste in here, please18:59
riccardoioria, yes the same output. Yeah I am sorry18:59
ioriariccardo,   'sg2' is odd19:00
k1l<k1l> _Trullo: sudo apt remove virtuoso-nepomuk19:00
ioriariccardo,   ever worked that disk ?19:00
riccardoIt has always worked19:00
riccardoYesterday for no reason stopped19:00
riccardoEven with the 4.10 kernel19:00
_Trullok1l, Package 'virtuoso-nepomuk' is not installed, so not removed19:00
k1l_Trullo: now "sudo apt-get install -f"19:01
riccardoThe past days I installed VMWare and Virtual Box nd I removed them if that is relevant19:01
k1lneed to go afk19:01
ioriariccardo,   you know how to edit the kernel boot line from grub ?19:02
riccardoioria, nope19:02
_Trullok1l, still no go.. too many errors..19:02
riccardoioria, but I can learn it19:02
ioriariccardo,   you can try this parameter "usb-storage.delay_use=5"19:03
riccardoI paste it in the terminal?19:04
ioriariccardo,   nope :þ19:04
apowlI'm having trouble doing anything with a hard drive I just added. fdisk returns `fdisk: cannot open /dev/sdb: No such file or directory` -- but I know it's there and I see /dev/sdb exists.19:04
apowlAm I using the wrong utility?19:05
riccardoioria, where then?19:05
ioriariccardo,   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters19:05
ioriariccardo,   in grub19:05
riccardoioria, thanks I read it19:05
xhearthi everyone, Can I use a .exe program on ubuntu 16.04?19:05
anonymousEXPECT US19:06
Sweepyofacenot without emulating19:06
ioriariccardo,   but i assume your disk is ok ... healthy i mean19:06
=== anonymous is now known as Guest92594
WirehunterOr maybe running wine19:06
xhearti want to copy a compact flash card19:06
Wirehunterxheart, Lookup Wine19:06
Wirehunterxheart, what do you need to run an exe for then?19:06
Wirehunterxheart, can't you use dd?19:07
xheartthe .exe is the flash card program exetension19:07
xhearti want to do an exact copy19:08
EriC^^xheart: to a same sized flash drive?19:08
Wirehunterxheart, I think you should look for an alternative, you can probably use dd to do that.19:08
xheartyes exact everything19:08
xhearti conect the flash card reader and usign the dd?19:09
xhearti connect the flash card reader and use the dd?19:09
xheartthe dd is a program or a command?19:09
EriC^^xheart: yeah, get the names of the disks and do sudo dd status=progress if=/dev/sdX of=/dev/sdY bs=4M conv=sync,noerror && sync19:09
EriC^^if= is the source and of= is the destination19:10
EriC^^xheart: terminal command19:10
WirehunterIt's a program, but I think it's only available from terminal.19:10
DinosaurioIs Unity 8 somehow stable?19:10
xheartbut can i transfer the info to the pc then copy to the flash card?19:10
Wirehunterxheart, Yes19:10
EriC^^xheart: yeah, put of=/path/to/file bs=4M conv=notrunc,sync,noerror19:11
Wirehunterxheart, storage devices like flash cards are actually the same as a file19:11
kalby-imaniewhy is it always failed when i created bootable iso using dd command?19:12
xhearti copy/ paste  that command did not recognize19:12
kalby-imaniei failed to boot, i just tried to create ubuntu iso image19:12
Wirehunterxheart, you can't just copy it19:13
kalby-imaniei made me using windows again19:13
kalby-imanieit made me*19:13
Wirehunterxheart, you'll have to fill in the arguments19:13
pavlosxheart, what exactly do you want to do?19:13
xhearti want to transfer the file to the pc then copy to the flash card19:13
pavlosxheart, and where is that file?19:14
xhearton the compact flash card19:14
pavlosxheart, so you want to copy a file from flash to the pc, right?19:14
Wirehunterxheart, You wanted to clone the compact flash right?19:14
Wirehunterxheart, or just a file?19:15
apowlWeird: gdisk is telling me -- Disk /dev/sdb: 0 sectors, 0 bytes19:15
xheartclone the compact flash19:15
apowlBut it's a 3TB disk?19:15
Wirehunterxheart, check with your 'disks' utility what dev your compact flash is.19:16
WirehunterOr does anyone know a better way to determine that?19:16
pavlosxheart, insert flash, df should list the device19:17
pavlosxheart, something like /dev/sdX where X is b,c,d,e,f, ...19:19
apowlxheart: if you run df -h, you can identify it by its size -- you may have a few devices in /dev/sd*19:20
debioulhi. i want to install ubuntu 5.04 (yes, srsly) on a 64bit machine. will that be possible with the installation files available in the ubuntu archives?19:20
xheartyou like sudo apt df?19:20
pavlosdebioul, rather old release19:20
Wirehunterxheart, No19:21
WirehunterShould be installed by default19:21
Wirehunterjust run df -h19:21
WirehunterThen you see what devices are mounted and what size they are. Then say whish /dev/xxxx file your compact flash is19:21
pavlosxheart, you could try, lsblk19:22
xheartsdb1 also19:22
WirehunterLike, if your card is 32gb and you find one that is 32G, what one is it?19:22
pavlosxheart, try this, lsblk | nc termbin.com 9999 and give us the url19:23
apowlbe careful, sda1 may be your root partition..19:23
Wirehunterxheart, like pavlos said, just copy "lsblk | nc termbin.com 9999" in your terminal, you'll get an url. Share it with us, then we can see what storage devices are on your pc.19:26
pavlosxheart, sample output ... http://termbin.com/s7a319:26
apowlTIL about termbin. Cool.19:27
apowlOk, so I'm trying to force a new partition scheme on this disk I have. Starting to worry something is irrecoverably wrong.19:27
KostasI am having trouble booting into my account19:28
KostasSomething about mdm19:28
xheartpavlos i will try with wine19:28
Wirehunterapowl, I didn't know about it too.19:28
pavlosxheart, why wine? we are working with ubuntu and linux19:28
KostasSo I went to terminal and startx now i am here19:28
apowlHere is the output I get when I print the partition table via gdisk: `Disk /dev/sdb: 0 sectors, 0 bytes`19:29
KostasIt is as if I am not connected to my file system19:29
WirehunterUh, I don't think that will work. That was what I adviced when he just asked about running exe files. Haha.19:29
pavlosapowl, try fdisk -l <device> and throw the termbin at the end19:29
apowlIt's not showing up via fdisk -l. that gives me: fdisk: cannot open /dev/sdb: No such file or directory19:30
apowlbut gdisk does see it.19:30
apowlAnd I see /dev/sdb there.19:30
jhonatan#vcs chupam?19:30
pavlosapowl, try sudo parted -l /dev/sdb | nc termbin.com 999919:31
Kostascan anyone help me?19:31
murrdawgHas anyone had success mapping the Thinkpad X41 tablet buttons to their actual function?19:31
OerHeksKostas, mint display manager?19:32
murrdawgI've followed the instructions here, but haven't had any luck with the buttons such as rotate screen: https://www.linux.com/learn/installing-ubuntu-904-ibm-x41-tablet19:32
apowlpavlos: sdb isn't showing up http://termbin.com/glpt19:33
OerHeks!pm | Kostas19:33
ubottuKostas: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.19:33
murrdawgI've got the screen to rotate, and the stylus works19:33
OerHeksno pm please, kostas i read only here19:35
pavlosapowl, replace parted with gdisk and give the url19:35
KostasWhen I log on it first told me the mdm was not connected or that I am not the owner of my folder  then, i startx which i noticed the my folders looked diffeent, first i am at elivated privliges then I can not view into my file system because i do not have the permissions for it19:35
OerHeksKostas, mint display manager?19:35
apowlYeah, gdisk is the only that sees it. Reports this issue: http://termbin.com/jiat19:35
Kostaswhat is that?19:35
OerHeksKostas, you say mdm, so i ask.19:36
Kostasoh i didnt know what that stood for19:36
OerHeksmint is not supported her, they have their own issues19:36
Kostasnow when i log on it goes to a black screen with my mouse pointer free19:36
pavlosKostas, there is a mint channel !mint19:37
pavlosapowl, sdb is empty19:37
murrdawgIs the scancode the same as a keycode?19:37
apowlpavlos: that's what's weird. It's definitely a disk, and it's 3TB.19:38
pavlosapowl, maybe you can try gparted (gui) and verify disk data, the partition table may be corrupt19:39
murrdawgI'm just not sure if it's picking up the keycodes (0x6c) and how I would map that to a command19:39
apowlpavlos: this a server, so no gui, but I'm trying to write a whole new partition table anyway.19:40
apowlpavlos: does it need a current table for that to be possible? I had thought not19:40
Currydoes the age of a usb matter. will it wear out faster? Getting tails os so will be repeatedly booting of of it19:41
pavlosapowl, so the disk has no data, then parted should let you make new partition, format it, etc19:41
OerHeksCurry, more a Q for  ##hardware19:42
CurryOerHeks, aight thnx ill head over there19:42
SebthreeBQM10HDCurry, uhmm19:42
SebthreeBQM10HDCurry, hold on a dab off topic sure but19:42
CurrySebthreeBQM10HD, sure19:42
SebthreeBQM10HDCurry, yes if you ikeep on putting things on a usb, and taking off again etc,  that is more likely to wear out the usb more over time19:43
riccardoioria, here I am19:43
riccardoI tried but I was not successful19:43
SebthreeBQM10HDCurry, plus ubs in genreal probably are only desgined to really last a few or so years, before they might have issues, I guess19:43
ioriariccardo,   does it work in another pc ?19:43
murrdawgSurprised noone here has had experience trying to map a hardware key to a command19:43
CurrySebthreeBQM10HD, aight. appreciate the info. i was just going to dedicate to staying as a bootable tails, so shouldnt be too much of a prob. but the usb is like 6 yrs old so ill find another one19:44
riccardoioria, I am trying now19:44
ioriariccardo,   ok19:44
SebthreeBQM10HDCurry, a six years usb will probably work, but for more important things, I would suggest newer usbs yeah19:45
SebthreeBQM10HDa year or two or so, is still new in this context, if not used, and kept ok19:45
apowlpavlos: the issue is the 0 size. When I try to create a partition (via gdisk) I get: `Problem: partition 1 is too big for the disk.`19:45
CurrySebthreeBQM10HD, yea it was barely used, just a couple pdfs and stuff. should be good then. thnx19:46
murrdawgoh wait, or did the site refer to mapping the shortcut to the keycode, and then in the file, set the keycode to a mapped key on the keyboard?19:52
zmajhi guys :D19:53
zmajIm new19:53
murrdawgWoohoo! I think I figured it out haha. I'll have to try it tonight. Since the hardware key is mapped to a physical key, I then have to create a shortcut for the physical key to a command19:54
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pavlosapowl, does this help? https://joshstrange.com/ubuntu-formatting-a-3tb-drive/19:57
_Trulloif I need to reinstall ubuntu, what do I need to backup?19:58
murrdawgWhen is rc.local grabbed? On startup?19:58
zmajhey, any good server or room for mathematics discusions? :)20:00
murrdawgAnyone know how I can force on start-up to grab rc.local?20:01
andrejtrying to replicate an existing machine. did the base install of 12.04 (I know, I know; I'm trying to see how an upgrade will affect the current box). The boxes are both x86_6420:02
andrejdoing a dpkg --set-selection from a list of installed packages on the original tries to install a TON of i386 packages on the target - what's going on there?20:03
ioriamurrdawg, what's the command you want to execute ?20:03
murrdawgioria, I have a set of setkeymaps I want Ubuntu to recognize everytime on startup20:03
murrdawgioria, they are stored in rc.local20:03
murrdawgioria http://paste.ubuntu.com/24166566/20:05
ioriamurrdawg,  have yo tried to make a script and run it in StartUp Applications ?20:05
murrdawgioria I have made a script only for rotating the tablet screen, as per instructions here: https://www.linux.com/learn/installing-ubuntu-904-ibm-x41-tablet20:06
murrdawgwell, 2 scripts20:06
arunpyasiHello everyone, which nvidia driver package should I install for  GeForce GT 610 ?20:07
arunpyasiIs nvidia-340 correct ?20:08
ioriamurrdawg,  idk if rc.local is the right place for that ... if you are on unity, type in sash Startup , put those command in a script and call it from there20:10
riccardoioria, I do not know why20:10
pavlosarunpyasi, better to install whatever is recommended in the Software & Updates | Additional Drivers20:10
murrdawgioria, I'm using gnome panel20:11
riccardoIt is working20:11
ioriariccardo,   on what ? a windows machine ?20:11
riccardoOn both20:11
ioriariccardo,   can you paste again dmesg ?20:12
ioriamurrdawg,  look for Startup Applications or such20:12
murrdawgioria thanks! I'll try that method tonight and see if I can get it working20:13
ioriamurrdawg,  good luck20:13
riccardoioria, I plugged the electrical plug more deeper20:14
riccardoioria, here's the report20:14
ioriamurrdawg,  lol20:14
bordicon #csua20:15
Bashing-omarunpyasi: nVidia wants ya to try the 375 version : http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/114708/en-us . 367 version should work .20:16
ioriariccardo,   i see .. well, check if it's all ok20:16
arunpyasiBashing-om, what about 375 ?20:16
riccardoioria, all is okay20:17
ioriariccardo,    Volume was not properly unmounted. Some data may be corrupt. Please run fsck.20:17
arunpyasiBashing-om, what should I run command to install the latest and stable one ?20:17
riccardoTo make it work also on Windows, what should I do?20:17
arunpyasiBashing-om, I mean 34020:17
riccardoioria, yes, I am backing up the content so I can format it20:17
=== vlt1 is now known as vlt
ioriariccardo,   good... if you want make it usable on win you need to format with ntfs20:17
Bashing-omarunpyasi: Think the 340 is too old .. but it is listed as workable : http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx?lang=en-us ,20:18
arunpyasiBashing-om, hmm ok thanks !20:19
Bashing-omarunpyasi: Easiest - greateest level of maintainability ' sudo apt purge nvidia* ; sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ; .20:20
IhrFusselIs it safe & reliable to use while read line for looping WHILE another script appends new lines to the looped file?20:24
ioriaIhrFussel, #bash  is the right place20:26
riccardoioria, is it dangerous to use fsck?20:31
riccardoIn term of losing data?20:31
ioriariccardo,   you run it on unmounted partitions or drive20:31
riccardofsck from util-linux 2.28.220:32
riccardoe2fsck 1.43.3 (04-Sep-2016)20:32
riccardoWARNING!!!  The filesystem is mounted.   If you continue you ***WILL***20:32
riccardocause ***SEVERE*** filesystem damage.20:32
riccardoDo you really want to continue<n>?20:32
\9i think that's a pretty clear warning20:32
ioriariccardo,   umount it20:32
OerHeksriccardo, you don't perform fsck on a mounted partition20:32
\9(imo fsck should abort and require a command-line switch there...)20:33
OerHekssudo touch /forcefsck # and reboot20:34
ioriariccardo,   it's easier in your case, because it's an external drive20:34
BooH e l l o20:44
lhavelundH i  t h e r e20:44
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Guest86890Tem br ?20:45
Menzador!Be | Guest8689020:45
Menzador!br | Guest8689020:45
ubottuGuest86890: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.20:45
Guest86890ubottu vocẽ é br ? ;-;20:46
ubottuGuest86890: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:46
Guest86890A T A20:46
OerHeksGuest86890, stop that please20:46
ubottuTo diagnose boot issues, you can use the Boot Info Script available from http://sourceforge.net/projects/bootinfoscript/ Run the script with !sudo and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).20:47
Guest86890Oerheks Bot ? '-'20:47
Guest86890Speak With me ;-20:47
Guest86890A vsf20:47
OerHeksGuest86890, this is ubuntu support, not a play channel20:47
Guest86890eae men20:48
Guest86890OerHeks YOU ARE A BOT OR HUMAN ? '-'-'-'-'20:48
Guest86890F I L H O D A P U T A20:48
cuddylierHow would I go about using a cronjob on an encrypted home directory? Seems like cronjobs can't run on it by default unless I have a SSH session logged in.20:53
plexdave1hey guys, i get this in "software" but my laptop is not the model family that is indicated.  any thoughts?  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwnW5Ri2FUpIdTZqRTFaSWtwV0k20:53
st3fannHello, I am trying to git clone a directory onto my server, fresh install of debian, I just set the dns servers and for some reason it clones most directories, then randomly fails at one: Clone of 'https://github.com/QuickBox/quickbox_themes.git' into submodule path 'themes' failed20:57
st3fannit doesn't always fail at the same one either20:57
OerHeksplexdave1, is this on windows?20:58
plexdave1No.  this is in "software" on ubuntu20:58
plexdave1I am running ubuntu gnome and ubuntu studio on this machine for 2 different projects and the software app in both is telling me to do this.  I am just wondering if there's any way to get rid of it.  dell's site shows that I am on the most current "bios"20:59
plexdave1If I didn't absolutely need this machine I would run it to see if it bricks so I can let everyone know not to do it.  But alas, I am not made of money and this precision laptop was quite expensive.21:00
OerHeksplexdave1, oh, seems legit > Ubuntu 16.04 and later natively will notify you for BIOS updates https://www.dell.com/support/article/nl/nl/nlbsdt1/SLN171755/updating-the-dell-bios-in-linux-and-ubuntu-environments?lang=EN21:00
OerHeksi think that number is the bios number21:00
texlaTrying to run bootinfoscript..getting syntax error near new line using sudo ${0} <outputfile> What wrong?21:01
plexdave1That's actually a model number schema for dell latitudes.  The series they are showing is 5th gen, I am on 6th gen.  It's all wrong, I didn't even think about running it, but I was just curious about it so here I am.21:01
OerHeksplexdave1,  to be sure, ask dell support?21:01
OerHeksplexdave1,  their docs say bios/firmware updates are (finally) possible21:02
plexdave1I get their newsletter for this model laptop and it alerts me to bios updates.  Is there any way to tell "software" to ignore that?  If someone else is using this machine, they might just think "oh an update"....21:02
OerHekstexla, post the output on paste.ubuntu.com to see21:02
tarashi folks21:04
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Guest13688hi folks21:04
pavlostexla, go to the dir where the script is, sudo ./bootinfoscript  ... it will create a RESULTS file21:04
texlaOerHeks, http://pastebin.com/2qwt9EgJ21:04
OerHekstexla, you need to be in the folder of that script first.21:05
OerHekscd bla bla21:06
OerHeksor  sudo ~/Downloads/bootinfoscript21:06
lerneridont know how to start virtual machine manager from the shell21:07
SebthreeBQM10HDguest13688 hi21:07
st3fannlerner: what software?21:07
lernerso I cannot just start vmm, but I have to specify which host?21:08
lernerwhonix gateway st3fann21:08
Duckleanyone in here who knows if it's possible to use TRRS headset remotes in ubuntu>21:09
DuckleIt'd require an internal pullup on the mic line but that's usually needed for bias anyways, and then an ADC to read the voltage on the pin, but hey, it's a mic input :)21:10
st3fannlerner: hmm I can't find anything in the docs21:10
st3fannlerner: man virtualbox should help you out21:11
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texlaOerHeks, http://pastebin.com/EuuZ21jc21:12
st3fanntexla: sudo bash ~/Downloads/bootinfoscript21:13
Atomic20I uninstalled pyton 3.5 with synaptic manager and that seems to remove a lot of files it took a while and I reinstalled it but a lot Of the files removed where not put back ..I noticed something going on with network manager and Firefox missing I rebooted and now it won't log in maybe Ubuntu desktop got removed ..I tried recovery mode and it won't access the internet but I have root and access to files with live CD.. I tried chroot but its a luks…21:13
Atomic20… hard drive and Ubuntu 16.10 installation CD does not see Ubuntu there to repair..21:13
lernerfound it!! virt-manager21:13
Atomic20any ideas?21:14
st3fannAtomic20: what do you mean it wont log in?21:14
Atomic20no desktop blue screen st3fann21:15
st3fannAtomic20: does it show you a terminal login screen?21:15
Atomic20its asks for a luks password and then freezes21:15
Atomic20no but I can access root in recovery21:16
st3fanndo that, and try running: apt-get install -f21:16
st3fannto try to fix missing dependencies21:16
Atomic20I tried that21:16
st3fannidk what you could have uninstalled21:16
kulelu88How do I upgrade the Ubuntu 14.04 kernel, which is 3.13 ?21:16
OerHekstexla, strange, never seen that erroe21:16
Atomic20st3fann recovery networking won't access internet21:17
texlast3fann, http://pastebin.com/vWW4C9zw21:17
Wirehunterkulelu88, Why would you want to? You can install the linux-hwe packages to use a newer kernal on LTS21:18
Wirehunterkulelu88, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack21:18
kulelu88Wirehunter: the software I am using requires 14.0421:18
st3fannAtomic20: what is the output of: cat /etc/network/interfaces21:18
st3fannAtomic20: is it configured properly? and wired or wireless?21:18
Atomic20st3fann nothing there I looked at that21:18
st3fanntexla: can you post bootinfoscript on pastebin?21:19
Wirehunterkulelu88, And your hardware needs a newer kernel?21:19
Atomic20st3fann wired and it works on live cd21:19
kulelu88Wirehunter: I require overlayFS, which requires the 3.19 kernel21:19
kulelu88Wirehunter: is this the command to upgrade the kernel:  sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-xenial  ?21:19
st3fannAtomic20: you need to set up your interfaces then, not too difficult21:19
Atomic20st3fann how do I do that21:20
st3fannAtomic20: one sec finding some docs to help you out21:20
st3fannAtomic20: https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/setting-up-an-network-interfaces-file/21:20
Wirehunterkulelu88, On server? Yes21:20
Wirehunterto 4.421:20
kulelu88yes, thanks Wirehunter21:21
st3fannAtomic20: you need to copy the first code example if you want a static IP, or the second for DHCP21:21
texlapavlos, Finished. The results are in the file "RESULTS2.txt"21:22
texlalocated in "/home/ray/".21:22
texlanot a debian package error21:22
st3fannAtomic20: once you have done that, you can run: service networking restart21:22
mguyHow do I reset my monitor layouts/configuration in kde? After using some external monitors, when I log in all I see is a black screen and I can only move the cursor on the top edge of my monitor21:25
alkisgIn gnome it's rm .config/monitors.xml; I don't know about KDE.21:26
texlast3fann, http://pastebin.com/njRjRm3z21:27
st3fanntexla: whats the output of: ls /bin/bash21:30
texlast3fann, ray@ray-Kudu-Pro:~$  ls /bin/bash21:31
st3fanntexla: nothing after that?21:31
PeanutHi folks - I would like to make a different Kernel the default boot in grub. But I can't simply set the  number, because the Ubuntu Grub display is now 2 levels deep. Does anyone k now how to accomplish this?21:31
st3fanntexla: apt-get install -y bash21:31
\9ls would print an error if it wasn't there...21:32
\9texla: what does it say when you press enter?21:32
st3fann^^ oops21:33
texlast3fann, bash is already the newest version (4.3-14ubuntu1.1).21:33
texla\9 /bin/bash21:34
\9ok then bash is there21:34
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\9pretty sure bash wouldn't print a syntax error if it didn't exist...21:36
alkisgPeanut: the easiest way is to make grub remember the last choice: http://askubuntu.com/questions/148662/how-to-get-grub2-to-remember-last-choice21:37
Peanutalkisg: Unfortunately, 'easiest' is kind of out, because grub crashes when I go t hrough the menu options.21:37
PeanutAnd now I end up booting into a not-so-functional kernel.21:38
texlast3fann, I get a results.txt file when running  sudo ./bootinfoscript but the results says its not a debian file21:38
alkisgPeanut: eh? if grub crashes while pressing keys in the menu you have more serious issues :D Are you using graphical grub? Anyway, the submenu syntax for grub is something like 0>2, want me to google it?21:38
alkisgPeanut: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Submenus#Setting_a_Main_Menu_entry_as_the_default21:39
alkisgSubmenu Designation Examples21:39
Peanutalkisg: Thanks!21:40
alkisgnp, but check for memory errors etc if grub crashes21:40
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Peanutalkisg: I suspect it is the GPU built into my i6700k that is dying :-(21:40
alkisgYou can use console/text mode in grub, not graphics21:41
pavlostexla, cat RESULTS2.txt | nc termbin.com 9999 and give us the url21:43
TomyLoboon 16.04, where do i put custom .service files that i write?21:45
texlapavlos, cat: RESULTS2.txt: No such file or directory21:47
texlaUse netcat.21:47
brokenffmpegHello! I'm having trouble installing ffmpeg from the official repos. Whenever I try to run it I get the following: ffmpeg: relocation error: ffmpeg: symbol av_vdpau_get_surface_parameters, version LIBAVCODEC_57 not defined in file libavcodec.so.57 with link time reference21:48
pavlostexla, you just wrote the file is RESULTS2.txt ... be in that dir and issue the command21:48
OerHekstexla, ubuntu got nc standard, linuxlite not .. lolzz21:48
texlapavlos, http://termbin.com/tmb621:48
texlaOerHeks, Had to use Results.txt not2 got file bootinfoscript now21:53
pavlosTomyLobo, /lib/systemd/system/21:56
TomyLobopavlos, thanks, i found conflicting information online :)21:58
TomyLobosome say etc, some say usr/lib, some say lib21:58
pavlosTomyLobo, the original systemd page is outdated, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers21:58
sdffffany ubuntu studio users here?21:59
cfhowlettdon't use "anyone ..." questions sdffff.  state YOUR issues and YOUR specifications22:00
k1lsdffff: i guess most are in the #ubuntustudio channel :)22:00
sdffffyeah but they are non responsive22:01
sdffffits like people sign up and don't say anything22:02
sdffffi'm thinking of just going back to ubuntu22:02
k1lsdffff: welcome to irc :)22:02
brokenffmpegGuys the ffmpeg from the Ubuntu repos is broken something about a relocation error and undefined symbols. Or maybe it's the libavcodec package that's broken. What do I do?22:02
cfhowlettnotify the package maintainer brokenffmpeg22:02
k1lbrokenffmpeg: what is the command and error? put all that to paste.ubuntu.com and show the link22:02
brokenffmpegk1l: the command "ffmpeg" on it's own should show the configuration options that ffmpeg was built with, but instead I get what is in the paste link22:05
brokenffmpegIf I install any other packages like mpv and try to play a video, I get the same message22:05
pavlostexla, your fstab points to sda6 as / but at the very top, sda3 it marked bootable22:06
pavlostexla, is22:07
wedgiebrokenffmpeg: how did you install it? Have you tried reinstalling it?22:07
R0b0t1Hello, I've tried to find a way to use tun/tap and bridge devices to allow a qemu guest to be accessed from external computers on my LAN but can't find one that does things in a way which integrates well with Ubuntu services. Does anyone have a suggestion?22:07
R0b0t1As it stands it seems like it works (the Windows VM is assigned an IP inside the subnet) however I can't ping that computer. Is there default configuration I need to change to allow it to be accessible, or?22:08
brokenffmpegwedgie: "sudo apt install ffmpeg mpv" like you would install any package. I've removed those packages with "sudo apt remove ffmpeg mpv" and the related libavcodec packages, but when I reinstall the same thing happens22:09
brokenffmpegI guess I'll just build my own until I can figure it out.22:13
mario_Ahojte, inšatloval tu niekto na linux minte Kiwix?22:15
cfhowlettin english, mario?22:15
OerHeks!mint | mario_22:15
ubottumario_: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org22:15
mario_how can i get install kiwix?22:16
cfhowlettmario_, go to #linuxmint-help22:17
mario_is this chat about ubuntu only?22:19
cfhowlettmario_, yes22:19
OerHeksmario_, yes, mint has its own issues.22:19
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R0b0t1I need some help setting up bridged networking for QEMU. Can anyone link me to what they would recommend? I've searched for and found the most obvious pages, but nothing has anything that works.22:44
R0b0t1I need DHCP on the tap interface if that's possible.22:44
apowlI'm trying to get a service working on ubuntu 16.04. When I try to start it, I'm prompted for a password:22:44
apowl`==== AUTHENTICATING FOR org.freedesktop.systemd1.manage-units ===`22:45
R0b0t1I have a tap device created and running and the guest can access the network through it, but I can't access the guest.22:45
btobiasi want to install this: https://www.linux-apps.com/content/show.php/wacom+tablet?content=11485622:45
btobiasbut i don't see how22:45
apowlIs there a way to configure the service to start without password required? I'd like this to start up automatically on boot22:45
btobiasthere is a ubuntu ppa repository22:45
btobiasbut besides adding it with apt-add-repository i don't see how i can get it to work on my computer22:45
u11join #diaspora22:48
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asadfhello all23:22
Jeff_Belladonnahello asadf23:23
OerHeksoriginal name23:24
OerHeksmea culpa, yours is too, Jeff_Belladonna23:24
Jeff_BelladonnaOerHeks no23:25
Jeff_Belladonnano tua culpa23:25
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pennTellerHi guys, a friend of mine was saying that ubuntu spies on people.. is this true? or is it a pile of bs?23:28
OerHekspennTeller, change friend23:29
=== jdqx is now known as |1li
pennTellerOerHeks, lol I probably will.. but why do people keep bringing this up? is it or has it ever been true?23:29
k1lpennTeller: its FUD.23:30
OerHeksthere *was* a plugin to search on amazon, default, but never spied.23:31
pennTellerk1l, I see23:31
pennTellerOerHeks, Oh yes the infamous Amazon thing..23:31
OerHekswhatever someone typs in google, or listens on the mediaplayer and enables lyrics, ubuntu did it .. gross23:33
pennTellerOerHeks, Im not sure I undestood that last comment, I apologize23:34
OerHeksnp, just be carefull beiing on the internet.23:35
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DizzyywooI've been server stacked for 4 months23:41
DizzyywooWell now I know what's going on23:41
DizzyywooDid the unaffiliated work for you finally?23:42
OerHeksDizzyywoo, how is that related to ubuntu support?23:44
murrdawgAnyone here have experience with putting Ubuntu on a Thinkpad X41 laptop?23:55
tomreynmurrdawg: such poll type questions rarely provide the expected results. you'd better just ask you actual question23:56
murrdawgWell, I asked earlier, no answer. I have a Thinkpad X41, I have the rotate screen working, but I can't get the hardware buttons to map any of the actual things they are supposed to do23:56
murrdawgI've followed the instructions here: http://zootlinux.blogspot.ca/2009/06/thinkpad-x41-tablet-and-linux.html23:57
tomreynhmm 2009 is rather old, maybe they no longer work on current systems.23:58
tomreynthinkwiki.org is usually a good resource for thinkpad on linux23:58
murrdawgBut, if I can get the rotate to work, I'm sure I can still button map the physical buttons to work23:58
murrdawgI did check out the thinkwiki.org, but it didn't provide much support with this23:58
murrdawgI used the coding table here:http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Tablet_Hardware_Buttons23:59

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