studio-user034Hey everybody01:18
studio-user034just wanted to let you gals and guys know that I'm a ubuntu user and I'm was wondering about ubuntu studio updates01:18
studio-user034I'm thinking of putting all my trust into Ubuntu Studio as a main distro01:20
studio-user034so I was wondering should I update to 16.10 and stick with it?01:20
studio-user034Is anybody even home?01:24
krytarikYes. :)01:24
studio-user034wow ok01:24
studio-user034are you a ubuntu studio power user?01:24
krytarikIRC is usually not hit, ask, and run though. :P01:25
studio-user034I graduated from college with a digital media degree.  At my college macs was used for all the multimedia software.  So I tried ubuntu studio back in 2006 really.01:27
studio-user034But at the time my laptop sucked.  So now I decided to stick with it and was thinking of growing my business around ubuntu studio01:27
studio-user034I just like the power of a unix based OS powering my company instead of mac.01:29
krytarikAs to the question you did ask though, 16.10 is a regular release, supported for only 9 months; 16.04 is an LTS one, supported for 3 years; and the next regular one is 17.04, due in April.01:30
studio-user034So for stability I should just stick with 16.04 LTS?01:31
studio-user034Gotcha.  Well I was confused about the releases.  I do have one problem though.  When I installed ubuntu studio I got an error01:34
studio-user034software-properties-gtk crashed when I was trying to enable additional proprietary drivers.01:35
studio-user034sorry let me be more specific.  I have a wifi driver BCM4312 that I was trying to activate or install01:37
studio-user034To be honest I'm not a technical person but I'm like curious so I tried out ubuntu studio so I googled everything and I just got confused on why its not working.01:39
studio-user034When I install the regular ubuntu desktop it works.  I also like ubuntu studio because it has all the audio programs I need.01:41
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wook_so i discovered what was making those artifacts appear on my screen in 14.04 the other day...firefox...surprise surprise...16:19
OvenWerksgood to know.16:21
studio-user309can someone help me18:09

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