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restnot gud :(18:21
resti have this old computer with like 1.5 ram etc , was thinking of puting a light OS like lubu but cant install them. says: ERROR no conf file found no default or UI conf directive found18:22
wxland where do you see that?18:22
resti inserted usb18:22
restmade it thru universal usb installation18:23
wxluniversal usb installation? is that a windows thing?18:23
restthis one i see is for everything but i also made it via unetbootin18:23
restwhich is specific for linux18:23
restthey both give me this error18:24
restinternet says i have to rename 2 files18:24
restfrom isolinux to syslinux. did that but still error18:24
wxlwhat linux are you doing this on?18:24
restmy old computer has some corrupted windows in so i wanted to format it and install something18:25
wxlwhat are you running unetbootin on?18:25
reston windows18:25
restmy main pc18:25
wxlcan't help you with windows, unfortunately18:25
restdownloaded lubuntu from official site18:25
wxlmaybe i'm misunderstanding something18:26
wxlat which point do you see these error(s)?18:26
resti DL lubuntu, inserted it in usb , made it bootable, then i insert my usb to my old computer to install it there18:27
restbios boot18:27
resti tell it to boot from usb18:27
restthen this error18:27
wxldoes it load linux at all or immediately show this error?18:28
restit shows this error , when i think it should show the installation18:28
wxlthat's not what i asked18:28
rest(im not familiar with linux sorry)18:29
wxldo you see any other text or images? ANYTHING else? or it immediately shows that?18:29
restnothing , this error shows up at right after the initial beep sound computer makes, when it says like press DEL to enter bios etc18:30
restloads few POST infos18:30
restthen this18:30
wxlwhere did you download from?18:31
wxlthat's not the website18:33
wxllubuntu.me is.18:34
wxlso you downloaded it with http or did you use torrent, zsync, or something else?18:34
wxlwell that's good. so the hash should check out automatically.18:36
wxl*MIGHT* want to doublecheck just for sanity's sake, but it should work18:36
wxlassuming that site points at the right place18:36
restthis is the error18:36
wxllooks like it points to cdimage.ubuntu.com, so that's good18:37
restso we guess that the iso is legit?18:37
wxlbut you should check the hashes18:37
restdid u see the error on the link?18:38
wxlyeah you're not even getting to GRUB, so that's pretty bad18:38
restshould i try other version of linux?18:38
wxlbefore i head too far down the rabbit hole, please check the hash of that iso with md518:38
wxli assume this is the i386 version?18:39
wxl28121631f45c1413cb41daeb693cc927 *lubuntu-16.10-desktop-i386.iso18:39
wxlthere's your md518:39
restthat does this means18:41
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows18:41
wxlif that succeeds, i would try other methods. i usually use dd. it's a little more advanced but it never fails.18:42
restthey are the same18:53
wxlok, so try a different method to get it on the usb18:54
restbefore that im thinking of trying a windows xp sp3 LITE18:54
restbecause my parents maybe cant handle linux18:54
wxlif you don't have it connected to the internet, that sounds like it would work, but linux isn't really that complicated from a UI perspective18:57
restthe usb is rdy im trying this now jsut in case.18:57
restmy parents only want like facebook,skype,youtube some googling18:57
restthat stuff18:57
restlubu will provide stuff like that without needing me every now and then?18:58
restlike updating, fixing, terminal etc18:58
wxlxp is unsupported18:59
wxland full of security issues18:59
wxlonce you have it set up, it should Just Work™19:00
wxl(linux that is)19:00
wxli will say there have been some rumblings about removing support for i386, but that's not anything that's going to happen immediately19:00
resti heard that to make skype work with camera i have to search for drivers etc19:01
restand many drivers for various stuff19:01
wxlit depends19:02
wxlsome things are well supported right out of the box19:02
restur method of inserting it in usb19:03
wxlyou have to remember that manufacturers have had a commercial motivation to ensure that their stuff works with windows and vice versa. linux, being free, and not having a vast amount of market share, doesn't have that same motivation19:03
wxli mean, for that matter, try running apple os x on a non-apple machine. all i'll say is good freaking luck!19:03
wxlbut once you have these things set up there should be no problem19:03
wxl"no problem"19:03
wxlif you think it's going to be bug free, you got another thing coming. there's no such thing as an operating system without bugs19:04
resti guess19:04
wxlgood luck getting microsoft developers to pay attention to your random piece of hardware that hasn't been sold in 20 years19:05
restit doesnt work19:07
resti think19:07
wxl"it" is ambigious19:07
restthat my HDD is failing19:07
wxlyour HDD is not involved in booting the live system on the USB19:08
restit says19:08
restthe boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible19:08
reststatus 0xc000000f19:08
wxlit now says something DIFFERENT?19:09
restit shows this when im trying to boot usb with windows19:09
* lopta is downloading Lubuntu 16.10.19:09
restwindows failed to start, a recent HW or SW change might be cause19:09
loptaOh wait, 16.04, apparently.19:09
rest1 insert ur win blablabla19:09
wxlmaybe it's a bad usb.19:09
wxlor a bad usb port19:09
wxlthose things happeen, to19:09
resti tried 2 usbs19:10
rest3 version of windows19:10
restall this error, i tried once with lubuntu19:10
rest1 error i told u earlier19:10
wxldid you change usb ports?19:10
* wxl shrugs19:10
resty swaped 2 ports i still have 1-2 more i havent tried19:11
loptaDoes the .iso file work with USB flash or just when burned to a DVD?19:11
wxlall i know is that dd has been completely reliable for me19:11
wxllopta: both19:11
loptawxl: Great! Thanks.19:11
wxlother methods, including unetbootin, have given me mixed results19:11
restwhat dd stands for19:11
wxllopta: np. enjoy :)19:11
wxl!dd | rest19:11
wxldarnit :(19:11
wxli thought i made a factoid for dd19:11
loptawxl: I did have a disc at one point. Probably for an older version though.19:12
restwill that other method take long?19:14
wxlyou know, rest, you could buy installation media that's guaranteed to work. https://www.osdisc.com/products/lubuntu19:16
loptaDoes the Lubuntu project get a cut from those sales?19:17
loptaI hope they do.19:17
wxlthat would be nice :)19:17
restand now a silly q19:18
restusb from mobo19:18
loptaThere are no silly questions, only silly users ;-)19:18
resti lost my thoughts19:18
wxlyou better go look for them19:18
loptaVolatile memory is volatile.19:18
restusb port from mobo work without need of connecting small cables19:19
restlike from case19:19
loptarest: That's not a question.19:19
loptaAre you asking whether you can connect a USB device directly to the USB header on a mainboard?19:21
restso wxl are you up for that solution?19:21
wxlrest: i have no idea what you're asking or if you're asking something.19:21
* lopta accidentally asks to ask.19:22
wxl!ask | lopta19:22
ubottulopta: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:22
loptaAh, I see you were expecting me! :-D19:22
restyou said earlier that we could try another way of making the usb bootable with the iso19:22
wxlyou have the following possible problems:19:23
wxl 1. usb itself is bad19:23
wxl 2. usb port(s) bad19:23
wxl 3. method to put the iso on the usb is bad19:23
wxlso you can try different usbs, both in the same port and in other ports19:24
wxlfailing that, you can try using dd as i said before19:24
wxlOR if you want the easy button, go buy a usb :)19:24
* lopta buys a USB Easy Button19:26
restusb is fine, the port also19:28
restright now i did a test i removed hdd19:28
restand computer starts fine19:28
restvia usb but it stuck at windows 10 logo19:28
loptaI hope to try Lubuntu today on a very old laptop19:29
restlubu can be tried via usb without the need of hdd right?19:29
resti could try that19:29
wxlyep, rest19:29
wxlif you have 10, you likely have EFI, so you'll have to tweak the BIOS to allow legacy booting from the USB19:30
restat which point a computer can reach without hdd19:30
restonly bios ?19:30
wxlnot sure i understand that question19:31
wxlwhat i can tell you is that the iso puts the entire os AND required storage in memory, so the HDD is not used19:31
loptarest: No, you should be able to get to a desktop, given the right USB image.19:31
wxlyou do need to have memory though XD19:31
restif i turn on my computer without hdd / without usb19:31
wxlthen it will do nothing19:32
restit can reach only POST screen19:32
restand auto resets19:32
loptarest: Who made the PC?19:32
loptarest: Have you tried pressing F12 about a second after pressing the power button?19:33
restlubu works on fat32 or ntfs?19:35
wxlusually you want it on fat19:35
restim giving another shot on this19:36
resti removed hdd and a usb mouse i had19:36
restdo u think the mouse could conflict somehow?19:36
loptaOnly four minutes left...19:38
reston what rig are you going to install it lopta?19:38
loptarest: What did you use to dump the image to a USB flash drive?19:38
loptarest: Dell Inspiron 110019:39
wxl^^ that19:39
resti have 2 installers one called Universal USB instaler and the other unetbootin19:39
loptaWoohoo! My .iso file has arrived.19:42
wxli've heard some people mention this but ymmv it's not supported http://rufus.akeo.ie/19:43
loptaI'm on NetBSD, so I'm going to try "dd if=lubuntu-16.10-desktop-i386.iso of=/dev/rsd0d bs=16384 progress=723"19:44
wxlthere you go. dd rules.19:44
loptaIt's my weapon of choice.19:45
wxlNetBSD? uhh are you sure you want to switch to Lubuntu? XD19:45
loptawxl: Nope ;-)19:46
wxli mean bsd ain't all that for the desktop experience, but generally if you've been using bsd, you probably don't care all that much :)19:46
loptawxl: ...but I have to try it because ...of reasons. ;-)19:47
wxli seeeeee19:47
lopta947912704 bytes transferred in 204.927 secs (4625611 bytes/sec)19:48
loptaYay, it boots!19:49
loptadd ftw19:50
restwhere u guys from?19:53
restme greece19:54
wxli'd love to go there19:55
loptabrb, coffee19:55
restits cool for vacations19:56
restbut for living u need to have a decent and secure job19:56
loptarest: I'm not from Illinois, USA but that's where I live now.19:59
loptarest: Do you have access to another Linux or unix system?20:11
loptaIs Cascadia in Oregon?20:23
wxlwell, oregon's in cascadia20:23
loptaI know some people in Oregon20:25
wxli do too :)20:26
restguys nice to meet u20:26
resti hv to go, thank u for supporting me, gl and bb20:27
loptaIs it really just 2.75 GB installed?!21:07
MeXTuXI have been experiencing a bug on Lubuntu 16.04. When I lock screen sometimes I move the mouse and the login screen doesn't show. I only see a black screen. It does not happen all the time but I would like to know if I can check a log or something to see what is going on. When that happens I press Ctrl Alt F1 and reboot the computer. Thanks in adva21:30
tsimonq2MeXTuX: What graphics card do you have?21:31
MeXTuX00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller [8086:0126] (rev 09)21:32
MeXTuXHere there are more details http://paste.ubuntu.com/24308851/21:34
tsimonq2MeXTuX: You might want to ask in #ubuntu, and if they send you back here, give me another ping. ;)21:35
lynorianMeXTuX, you do not need to rebbot the computer you can just restart lightdm but you still lose your work that way22:22
chatter29hey guys23:05
chatter29allah is doing23:05
krytarikHi chatter29.23:05
chatter29sun is not doing allah is doing23:05
chatter29to accept Islam say that i bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger23:05
Unit193chatter29: I thought we had a discussion last night.23:05
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