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Satyam2345^want to change team06:16
Satyam2345plasma-mobile , another effort for gnu/linux on mobile06:18
Lele_Can i install ubuntu touch on samsung e500 smartphone?08:20
xenialarmok first ssh telnet and http work for building buold-essential09:57
xenialarmbut vnc says there is a port problem09:58
xenialarmnot sure what that is about09:58
xenialarmi tried xrdp and it fails too  .. do i need to install freerdp09:59
xenialarmthis linux deploy for cheap hardware is a little difficult to get going compated to gnuroot for debian wheezyx10:04
xenialarmbut anyway some of ubuntu is working10:04
xenialarmat least gcc and g++ are workinf10:05
xenialarmand ircchat obviously works10:06
xenialarmbecause millions of people are demanding that all digital hardware and software be free .. especially the little kids and also people that like to acquire low and sell high10:08
xenialarmnothing to touch right now ad vnc and rdp wont access lxde except of course the hacks 'r us virtual keuboard10:18
xenialarmkeyboard works if u can ever hit the right krys10:19
xenialarmthis rdp and vnc issue is much discussed on the internet but i did not see any solutions yet10:21
xenialarmand without x i cant figure out how to scroll the user list in this room10:24
xenialarmis this still connected10:32
xenialarmstill tryong10:32
xenialarmtrying to figure out how to scroll user list10:33
TartanSpartanHi anyone got a Pro 5?13:56
aiyionSuppose the answer is yes, considered the sheer count of people in here.15:12
TartanSpartanI want to ask some questions of an owner of the phone.15:21
aiyionAnd everyone knows that now. So everyone can say, "hey welcome Tartan; youre using irc wrong.".15:32
aiyionWhat you want are answers to your actual problem.15:33
aiyionSo go ahead and ask what you want to know instead of wasting time on smalltalk you never going to meet again.15:33
TartanSpartanI don't have a problem, I'm curious about the specs.15:33
aiyionsaves your time, saves theirs, evrybody back to business and so on.15:34
TartanSpartanI want to know if it has full USB C speeds. You don't need to be a jerk.15:34
thepeterTartanSpartan, http://www.devicespecifications.com/en/model/3b443a2e15:35
TartanSpartanThank you thepeter. It puzzles me as to why Meizu switched to USB C ports for the phone yet didn't leverage the full speeds available.15:37
aiyionbecause type c is only a form factor15:38
aiyionhave a look at it on your own:15:38
thepeterTartanSpartan, as aiyion said form doesn't make automatically spped :)15:40
TartanSpartanWas there anything holding back the hardware of the phone in this regard?15:41
TartanSpartanAnyone know if the phone can handle unconventional devices such as USB Ethernet adapters?16:09
dobeyTartanSpartan: most device drivers are not compiled into the kernel (nor is module support), so most devices won't work, but some will such as generic HID, and maybe some ethernet but i suspect most won't17:01
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TartanSpartanFair enough.17:30
gljoei tried manually  activating x and setting env display=0 and start17:49
gljoestartlxde but get gtk warning errors about x ...any ideas17:50
gljoegetting ubuntu x to work seems to be an issue not encountered with wheezyx17:53
gljoehowever the gnuroot approach doesnt let you install and deploy various kernel modules17:55
gljoeand really nobody wants hardware they cannot use if they wamt to work on kernel ossues17:58
TartanSpartanAre you on a Xenia channel?18:01
gljoemillions of people especially kids with no money and businesses that like to profit by buying for zero and selling for higher all want that all digital hardware and software be free and free from advertising gimmicks too. no matter how expensive the hardware or software is to make18:03
gljoetarrar i dont know if this is a xenia channel  .. people in ubuntu channel said discuss free tlelephone hardware here18:06
gljoesince the phone is running xenial now or at least some of it18:08
gljoenot x however18:08
gljoeor vnc to x18:08
gljoeat least gcc and g++ are available now bur little else without x18:11
gljoewhatever i set for display number gtk always says cannot open display18:20
anpokthe phones are running vivid + stable-phone-overlay ppa18:21
anpokand that ppa got updated all through the development cycle of xenial18:21
gljoewhat is vivid and some ppa repository stuff18:25
gljoedebian has x working for the apps and it shpuld work on ubuntu also especially for sound apps like audacity18:26
gljoedo you realize those google sobs try to charge money for sound studio apps18:28
gljoeon google play18:28
gljoethe bastards want to give away free hardware but charge for the damn software or steal peoples privacy with data mining and advertizing crap18:32
TartanSpartanNot sure why he described Ubuntu as "free hardware".19:36
aiyioneven if too late for gljoe:  xapps do work like a charm if one uses libertine20:13
aiyionhave various running.20:14
TartanSpartanWith the recent announcements by Shuttleworth, is switching to Xenial a viable strategy for ordinary users?20:25
dobeyi don't know what that person was trying to do, but it sounds very wrong20:44
TartanSpartanCan Ubports take over Xenial development for UT devices?20:49
dobeyTartanSpartan: well anyone who still wants to build ubuntu based images for phones is going to have to take on a whole lot more than just the base system i think. lots of the apps in the store just won't work in xenial, and the store will be going away. there will also need to be a lot of development on not just unity8 but all of the pieces of the system which were developed for unity21:11
TartanSpartanWhy will the store go away?21:12
dobeythe click store; why would canonical continue spending money on an app store when they don't make a product which uses it?21:13
dobeyso some other store would have to be set up if you want to use clicks21:13
TartanSpartanThat's very sad :(21:14
dobeymigrating to snaps would be an incredibly daunting task21:14
TartanSpartanAny idea of a timescale for it's closure?21:14
dobeyi don't know that, no. i presume there will be further announcements in the future21:15
TartanSpartanI want to replace my MX4 with a Pro 5 but it could take me a long time to afford one. I hope it's still there by that time.21:17
TartanSpartanAre click apps different for each channel and device? if not, perhaps I could get around the obselecence problem somewhat by backing up all the apps I'm interested in?21:22
dobeywell the ui toolkit has had changes in xenial, and there were binary compatibility issues with gcc5, so arch-dependent apps won't run at all21:25
dobeywebapps (which are most things) should generally be fine, but any golang/c++ scopes/apps will have issues21:25
dobeyotherwise xenial would have been on the phones long ago21:25
dobeyanyway, back to weekend and no irc for me21:27
TartanSpartanNo, I'm not talking about upgrading to Xenial any more. I mean say if I backed up all my Vivid MX4 apps. Could I move them to Pro 5 Vivid and have them all work fine?21:27
TartanSpartan*Vivid Pro 521:27
TartanSpartanAh, excellent. Thanks for the advice!21:28

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