laowaielky: hi00:45
laowaielky: i need help00:46
laowaielky: retard00:48
elkyhe certainly does.01:02
elkyoh noes. malv switched to centos and came to tell us. such a huge loss02:21
bazhangdax, you around03:23
daxbazhang: hi03:23
bazhangperhaps I should ask this in #freenode03:23
bazhangabout eir powers03:23
daxI'll PM, #freenode's ever so slightly on fire right now03:24
Unit193Just some lovely chap is trying to join, and seems to be having some sort of connection issues.  I see the network is helping him sort it out, that's nice of you folks!03:28
Dreamanremove my bann10:39
Dreamannot corect10:40
Dreamanold user10:40
Dreamanald ubuntu member10:40
ikoniaDreaman: hello there10:46
Dreamannot only remove bann add me one east european10:47
ikoniaI'd rather you stayed out of ubuntu, you've been asked multiple times how to behave/interact with people and you still continue to try to evade and send rude and problem creating private messages to user10:47
Dreamanyoi ar jocke mashine10:48
ikoniaok, I think we will leave it there,10:48
Dreamanwhy problem with my join in channel ego10:48
ikoniaI'm sorry, I don't understand what you are saying10:49
Dreamanbiggest ego in you10:49
ikoniaI assure you it's not, as I've said I'd be happy to remove the ban for you multiple times, you just needed to stop trying to evade and stop sending people private messages with insults and provoking operators in the channel10:50
ikoniayou've been unable to do this, and this is why the ban has stayed10:50
ikoniabeing rude in bulgarian won't help10:51
ikoniaDreaman: I've told you I would remove it if you followed the instructions I gave you10:51
ikoniaand you said "no"10:51
ikoniayou said "I'd will stop using ubuntu instead"10:51
ikoniaI've asked you multiple times and offered to remove the ban10:51
ikoniaso this is your problem and your behaviour10:51
Dreamanwhy bann10:52
Dreamannot +q10:52
ikoniabecause we didn't want you in the channel10:52
ikoniaas you also send private messages10:52
Dreamanpush me i push you10:52
ikoniano-one has pushed you10:52
ikoniathe simple solution is for you to behave10:52
Dreamanikonia  i in the channel10:53
ikoniabut you have refused to do this, and shown you cannot10:53
ikoniaso I see little point in disucussing it any more10:53
Dreamanthis is not problem10:53
ikoniagreat, we can't see you, so you're obviously not being a problem10:53
ikoniabut this is the problem10:53
ikoniayou are still trying to evade bans10:53
ikoniayou cannot follow instructions and comply with the rules of the channel, so lets end this discussion10:53
Dreamansupport channel 1 hour thel some user how to install skype10:54
ikoniasorry, don't know what that means10:54
Dreamannot goood support10:54
ikoniawho ?10:55
Dreaman<elky> could you please stop harassing people10:56
Dreaman<elky> and stay out of #ubuntu forever10:56
ikoniayes, and ?10:56
ikoniaok, so we ae done here10:56
Dreamani stay10:56
ikoniaplease /part the channel10:56
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops dreaman time wasting, no desire to resolve/fix anything - just trolling10:58
ubottuThe operation succeeded.10:58
ikonia@mark #ubuntu extreemagression dreaman evading the ban and being a problem while pm'ing me abuse using the dreaman account11:02
ubottuThe operation succeeded.11:02
Dreamanwhy not east europeans add in channel12:01
Dreamannot add12:02
ikoniaDreaman: as I told you when you where pm'ing me12:09
ikoniathere are many eastern europeans in the channel12:10
ikoniaand as I told you - I suggest you try to use google translate as your questions to not make sense with your current English ability12:10
ikoniaDreaman: there is nothing more to discuss, as again you refused to comply with the rules of the channel and chose to be rude and evade the ban12:11
Dreamaneast european12:11
ikoniaDreaman: I told you there are people from eastern Europe12:11
ikoniaand that has nothing to do with your inability to behave/follow the rules12:12
ikoniaplease /part this channel as you have said and shown you have no desire to follow the rules of the channel12:12
Dreamani not12:12
CrackerJackv kartinakta12:15
CrackerJackkartinkata lame12:15
ikoniahggdh: his ident changes with his many nicks13:04
hggdhikonia: yes, I know (and read the backlog :-)13:04
ikoniajust checking you didn't think that was a "fix" for him13:04
hggdhunfortunately, I am aware it will be not. I wish he could get a life13:07
ikoniathats fine, just checking13:13
hintdo not push mi fuck with this banns13:25
ikoniahggdh: please don't evade a kick13:29
ikoniaor a miss-kick13:29
hggdhikonia: I will do my best, but I have to say it is difficult to prepare for a miss-kick :-)13:30
ikoniathat is why you fail13:30
hggdhikonia: I will try harder13:39
ikoniahggdh: thanks, I appreciate it13:39
hfpHi all, it seems I got banned from #ubuntu for saying "ikonia" once a few minutes ago. Could anyone tell me what I did wrong and how to get unbanned? #ubuntu has been an invaluable help to me so far, it would suck not having access to it anymore! Thanks14:16
ikoniahfp: it looks like you got caught up, there was a troll announcing all his bots by saying my nickname14:16
ikoniawhy did you say "ikonia" ?14:17
hfpI saw someone say it, and nothing happened so I thought it might be a command to have a bot /msg you some help or something... Didn't mean anything, was just curious and had no idea it would autoban me :(14:18
ikoniait didn't autoban you14:18
ikoniaI did it, because there was someone announcing his bots by saying hte name ikonia14:18
ikoniagive me a moment and I'll unban you14:18
ikoniaif you /join #ubuntu now it should work14:18
hfpYep, thanks!14:19
ikoniagr33n7007h: what's up ?14:20
ikoniaok, well, if you don't need anything we ask that people don't idle in this channel please14:21
nbroIs it possible to know why Mr. or Ms. ikonia banned me from the #ubuntu channel?!14:58
ikonianbro: why did you randomly say "ikonia"15:04
nbroikonia: are you kidding? I can’t believe that someone banned me because of that… extremism detected, omg.15:05
ikonianope I'll explain in a moment15:05
ikoniawhy did you randomly say "ikonia"15:06
nbrobecause someone wrote it and you became an operator and I was trying to understand why15:07
nbroso, what’s your explanation?15:08
ikoniathere has been a channel troll who was at the same time as you announcing all the bots he had in the channel by saying "ikonia"15:10
ikonia(which is why you saw someone do it)15:10
ikonia(and has just don't it again while we are talking)15:10
ikoniayou announced yourself as one of his accounts by saying my nickname at the same time as he was15:10
ikoniaso you caught in the ban15:10
ikoniaapologies you got caught in it15:11
ikoniaif you an hang on for a moment, I'll be happy to remove the ban for you15:12
nbroikonia: ok ;)15:13
ikoniathere you go, done15:13
ikoniaif you /part this channel and /join #ubuntu you should be fine15:13
shardoneikonia and16:35
ikoniashardone: what's up now dreaman ?16:35
shardonefuck you16:35
ikoniafine, we'll continue with this16:35
ikoniawhats up dreaman16:37
ikoniawhat do you want now ?16:37
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
elkyooh, who paid dreaman's upgrade for the k-train?20:47

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