floridagram<AdamOutler> Success!00:46
floridagram<AdamOutler> I just deleted an apache conf file accidentially!00:46
floridagram<AdamOutler> Then I recovered it from RAM!00:46
floridagram<KMyers> Don't drink while root00:46
floridagram<AdamOutler> grep rw-p /proc/$1/maps | sed -n 's/^\([0-9a-f]*\)-\([0-9a-f]*\) .*$/\1 \2/p' | while read start stop; do gdb --batch --pid $1 -ex "dump memory $1-$start-$stop.dump 0x$start 0x$stop"; done00:46
floridagram<KMyers> This is a great app that you all should try. I have been obsessed with it all day01:17
floridagram<KMyers> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adamoutler.extremebricksimulatorprofessional01:17
floridagram<KMyers> I could not put my phone down01:17
floridagram<RazPi> OCaml or Haskell03:52
floridagram<KMyers> Haskell if I was forced to choose between the 203:53
floridagram<RazPi> Interesting03:53
floridagram<KMyers> I am not a fan of either to be honest but Haskell has a larger following so it would be easier to find help if needed03:54
floridagram<RazPi> OCaml caught my eye because of near c performance, not sure I'm ready for Haskell yet03:55
floridagram<AdamOutler> Extreme brick simulator pro is an awesome home screen replacement.04:44
floridagram<AdamOutler> It's a productivity app.04:45
floridagram<Ivoriesablaze> @RazPi I was trying to get a hold of you last week!12:11

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