samalexhi all03:17
jgouldRandom question: Does anyone know of any docking stations that would allow me to connect two cables to a laptop that are 100% supported in Xubuntu?04:20
mark76How can I make my mouse less sensitive?12:22
Spassmark76: did you looked in xfce4-mouse-settings?12:33
mark76Yeah,  I'm having problems with the double click function.  As in it's reacting as if I double clicked even when I haven't12:35
mark76So I'm getting windows maximising when I click on the title bar, links opening multiple tabs and all that kind of thing12:36
Spassmaybe it's a hardware issue with your mouse? I had the same problem before, the issue was "broken" mouse switch12:37
mark76Could be12:38
mark76Left button?12:38
Spassin my case it was easy to recognise, because when I was clicking harder and quicker, the double-click issue did not appear12:38
Spasstry that for a moment :)12:38
Spassinstead clicking gently, just tap your mouse button slight harder12:39
Spassit sounds stupid, but it may help you to diagnose that it's hardware issue12:40
mark76I suspect it is12:41
mark76I'll try using my USB wireless mouse until the cursor freezes again12:42
mark76What's the best speed for double clicking to avoid accidental double clicks?12:44
SpassI have default values: 400ms / 5px and I'm happy with it12:46
mark76What's the difference between edge resistance and window snapping?12:49
Spassmark76: it's described on the bottom of this site - http://docs.xfce.org/xfce/xfwm4/preferences13:07
Spasssnapping is to "glue" a window to another window or to a screen edge when moving13:08
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Cust0sLimenchrome does this thing where it has this weird zoom effect when I switch to it19:26
encomjonesan animation right ?19:30

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