axwthumper: when you have a minute can you please email me those sprint dates?01:00
axwgot another wedding coming up...01:00
balloonsburton-aus, veebers, is this ready to land? https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/737301:01
thumperaxw: sure01:03
veebersballoons: should be, haven't checked update yet will do shortly01:04
* thumper has a bad feeling that resource migration hasn't ever worked fully01:46
babbageclunkhey thumper, I forgot to mention - rogpeppe was trying to find something out from reviewboard the other day and was pretty bummed that it was gone.02:26
babbageclunkthumper: Would it be hard to bring back? It's definitely useful to try to understand some design decisions.02:27
thumperit is gone gone02:28
babbageclunkthumper: :( He'll be very unhappy. (He said to say that.)02:30
thumperI'm not even sure who to ask about any form of backup02:31
babbageclunkthumper: What was the rationale for stopping it? Cost?02:49
thumpermaintaining yet another service02:50
thumperveebers: do you know of a simple charm that has a resource in the charmstore?03:03
axwbabbageclunk: nice work on the subordinates bug :)03:03
babbageclunkaxw: Thanks!03:03
axwgnarly one03:03
veebersthumper: not that I'm aware off, partly why we created the simple resource charm for testing03:04
babbageclunkaxw: it was definitely fiddlier than I'd expected.03:05
wallyworldaxw: sorry about delay. lgtm with a suggestion to improve an error message03:16
axwwallyworld: thank you03:32
axwwallyworld: how's this? "cannot create instance with placement %q, as this will prevent attaching EBS volumes in zone %q"03:36
thumperresources are so fucked03:41
anastasiamacthumper: yes :)03:43
anastasiamacthumper: r u geenrally looking? do u want bug 1627127 too?03:43
mupBug #1627127: resource-get gets hung on charm store <cdo-qa> <cdo-qa-blocker> <juju:In Progress by anastasia-macmood> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1627127>03:43
thumperI'm looking at the migration bugs03:44
anastasiamacthumper: ack03:45
anastasiamacthumper: altho we r both essentially lloking at placeholder resources vs download failures (atm both cases are identified by size 0 which kind of sucks...)03:46
thumperthat's not what I'm looking at03:46
thumperI'm completely avoiding sending placeholders03:47
anastasiamacthumper: \o/03:52
* babbageclunk goes for a run03:56
thumperwell poo04:24
thumperforgot to make install04:24
* thumper offline for abit04:38
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wpkhttps://github.com/juju/juju/pull/7383 a large one, so it'll probably need two reviewers15:05
wpk(add functionality, remove code, http://www.quickmeme.com/img/13/1324dfd733535e58dba70264e6d05c9b70346204d2cacef65abef9c702746d1c.jpg )15:09
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wallyworld_babbageclunk: the recent subord PR introduced a race http://reports.vapour.ws/releases/5275/job/run-unit-tests-race/attempt/276421:47
wallyworld_could you take a look at fixing?21:47
babbageclunkwallyworld_: ah, d'oh - yeah fixing now21:47
* thumper again types juju instead of git22:58
thumperalexisb: oh hai22:58
alexisbheya thumper!23:06
thumperwhat brings you back to your old stomping grounds?23:07
* thumper wonders if this was an auto-join...23:07
alexisb:) yes it was an auto join23:07
babbageclunkwallyworld_: chasing that race - the only way I can see it happening is if the lifecycleWatcher returns nil from Err() even though Changes() is closed.23:08
thumperalexisb: you are always welcome :)23:08
wallyworld_babbageclunk: yeah, could be, not looked too closely23:09
alexisbI dont know some shady folks hang about around here23:09
alexisbI even hear some of them are a kangaroo short of a top paddock ;)23:10
alexisb<cough> wallyworld_ <cough>23:10
wallyworld_alexisb: ha de ha ha23:10
* babbageclunk snickers23:11
thumperoh ffs23:48
thumperbabbageclunk: didn't you have some tests recently where you had to create some resources?23:48
* thumper headdesks23:51
babbageclunkthumper: no, subordinates23:53
thumpernm, I've got it sorted now23:53
thumperjust more fucking hoops23:54

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