benlakeguess I’ll answer my own question. Apparently the HTTP proxy plays a part in the IPMI discovery. Opened TCP 8000 and enlistment was able to determine the power type to be IPMI 2.002:27
pmatulisthat's very odd02:29
benlaketrial and error got me there.02:29
pmatulisroaksoax, possible? ^^02:29
benlakebut I suppose my trials could have had an error :D02:29
benlakewatched dropped packets on MAAS, opened things up until enlistement revealed the power type as it had with no firewall02:30
BjornTbenlake: maas installs the ipmitool package on the machine. if it can't use the http proxy, it can't install that package, and thus not determine the power type.05:41
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BjornTgood morning cnf08:47
sachiHi All09:51
sachii am using maas 1.9 version09:51
sachiis there support to deploy 16.04 for any provision09:52
roaksoax /win 613:23
benlakeBjornT: ah, that makes sense.13:36
roaksoaxsanjay: you can deploy 16.04 with 1.913:52
roaksoaxsanjay: you cannot commission with 16.04 in 1.913:52
sanjayi have mass 2.1.514:11
sanjay I can commission nodes14:11
sanjaybut while deploying at last moment its shows error of grub rescue>14:12
sanjaynode is at final stage to get delpoyed but if grub rescue doesnt come14:12
roaksoaxsanjay: that seems like a deployment failure14:14
roaksoaxsanjay: grab the installation log from the UI14:14
roaksoaxon the node that failed14:14
roaksoaxgo to the bootom part14:14
roaksoaxwhere the machine output is14:14
roaksoaxand on the dropdown select installation log14:14
roaksoaxand pastebin that14:14
sanjayerror: attempt to read or write outside of disk 'hd0'14:16
roaksoaxsanjay: can you pastebin it all please ?14:20
sanjayi can see the outputsummary logs from webui14:20
sanjayhow to use pastebin14:21
roaksoaxsanjay: on the dropdown menu, what options do you have on that sectio n?14:24
mupBug #1693255 opened: [2.2, UI] Cannot add an interface when the machine is "NEW' <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1693255>15:10
mupBug #1693256 opened: [2.2, UI] Cannot add an interface when the machine is "NEW' <MAAS:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1693256>15:10
xygnalafter setting boot disk for a machine in maas15:27
xygnalhow do I apply that?  the machine still shows sda as the boot disk, even though I got a 200 back from the API :/15:27
xygnalwell let me put it this way, it still shows up as the install disk in the storage tab.  do I need to combine boot disk with something else to change the install disk?15:29
benlakeI’m very new to MAAS, but I get the impression any changes such as the one you speak are Deploy time implemented only.15:35
benlakeI don’t think it is designed to make changes post deploy15:36
sanjayone more thing15:37
sanjaydoes we need to have atleast 2 disks on server15:38
sanjayor with 1 disk also OS can be deployed15:38
benlakeone disk is fine. what is your thinking around needing 2 disks?15:42
sanjayno just asking15:58
sanjaydo we need to do any partition15:58
sanjayit creates on GPT partition and other part-2 partion with full disk15:58
kikoif you are using EFI, yes16:06
benlakesanjay: before you deploy, you can mess with the partitioning scheme on the node16:22
benlakeunfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a way to save that scheme and apply it to other machines. I assume this isn’t a new thought and someone is thinking about custom layouts, eventually.16:23
kikobenlake, we're working on that right now in fact16:39
kikothe first iteration will be a dump-to-yaml and upload-yaml16:39
benlakelook at that, heroes of the people16:40
benlakethat’s a good start16:40
benlakeremoves all the UI work16:40
kikowe are also doing something interesting for our use case, which is grouping machines into buckets of "identical" config16:42
kikoso you'll be able to easily configure a set of machines with the same layout16:42
kikoand by identical config, layout I mean # and type of NICs, drives, and cpu/core and RAM count16:42
cnfkiko: accepted :P16:45
mupBug #1693299 opened: MAAS allows any image name to be uploaded by only known images can be deployed <MAAS:Triaged by ltrager> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1693299>17:11
mupBug #1693299 changed: MAAS allows any image name to be uploaded by only known images can be deployed <MAAS:Triaged by ltrager> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1693299>17:17
mupBug #1693299 opened: MAAS allows any image name to be uploaded by only known images can be deployed <MAAS:Triaged by ltrager> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1693299>17:20
sanjayGuys i have deployed 4 nodes..i created one /boot partition and other / root partition and started deployed and it worked for me17:25
sanjaythanks all for your support17:25
sanjayhope this can be helpful to other people who are facing same error17:26
benlakekiko: +1 to identical layouts17:27
kikobenlake, thanks -- I think it's going to be really useful17:27
ThiagoCMChey guys, is it possible, via MaaS -> Interfaces, to create OpenvSwitch Bridges? And not only Linux Bridges...?17:28
pmatuliskiko, i think this is also on the map but, to be sure, please allow (storage) percentages when changing a layout17:48
pmatuliscurrently sizes need to be in, gulp, bytes17:52
kikopmatulis, yes indeed17:57
kikoThiagoCMC, not currently17:57
ThiagoCMCHmm... Ok!17:57
sanjaydoes anyone can give exact layout in % wise when doing partition manually18:04
maticueHi everyone! I see that maas region controller and maas rack controller DNS registers are under ".maas" domain. Is is possible to change these domains? Can be different for rack controller and region controller? Finally, could some one guide me and tell me how to change this?18:12
ThiagoCMCyou can add more domains18:24
ThiagoCMCand move the nodes to it, before deploying18:24
sanjayMass dhcp not running18:30
sanjaycan anyone please let me know how to start it18:30
maticueThiagoCMC: I created more domains , I also deployed new servers and I know how to assign them to the new domains. However, I can't do this with maas rack controller and maas region controller18:53
xygnalroaksoax: seems root_disk is ignored on custom image?19:18
roaksoaxbenlake: https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/1418044/comments/3 -> in your comment there, what version of MAAS are you using? What was set in /etc/maas/regiond.conf and what was set in /etc/maas/rackd.conf ?19:22
roaksoaxxygnal what is the custom image you are trying to deploy ?19:23
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xygnala centos7 cloud image we have made some tweaks on19:47
ThiagoCMCGuys, at the end of a deployment, I'm seeing the following message: "cloud-init[XXXX]: Can not apply stage final, no datasource found!"20:30
ThiagoCMCWhat to do?20:30
ThiagoCMCI'm running MaaS Next20:31
ThiagoCMCIt was working this morning but, I updated the box because a new package appeared on MaaS Next PPA...20:31
roaksoaxxygnal: at the moment we dont support any storage config for centos, I think that's the culprit.20:31
roaksoaxxygnal: you could customize the image curtin hooks to install where you need them to20:32
roaksoaxThiagoCMC: has it caused a failed deployment ?20:32
ThiagoCMCI was stucked...20:32
ThiagoCMCI rebooted the node, boom! It worked!20:32
roaksoaxThiagoCMC: strange, it would be interesting to see the full cloud-init log if you can grab that20:33
ThiagoCMCSure, I'll collect it and post on pastebin20:33
roaksoaxThiagoCMC: but final has had tiny bug fixes not at all related to metadata server or anything of the sorts20:33
ThiagoCMCHmm... I see20:33
ThiagoCMCwhich file should I collect?20:33
roaksoaxThiagoCMC: /var/log/cloud-init*.log from the ephemeral env if you can, and also /var/log/maas/regiond.log and maas.log20:34
ThiagoCMCroaksoax, figured out! For some reason, MaaS picked up the wrong subnet for a fabric... So, it gave two IPs from the same subnet, to two different segments, which was causing problems with the communication between cloud-init and the metadata server.20:47
xygnalroaxsoak: is that neccesary? can customs or centos not use root_device?20:49
xygnalroaxsoak ok i see.  any example code?20:50
xygnalroaxsoax: going to need a little more info on using curtain21:23
xygnalroaxsoax: for that purpose21:24
xygnalusing block-meta?21:26
roaksoaxxygnal: so IIRC< curtin will pick up the first device it finds in the list21:29
mupBug #1693358 opened: VLAN name mismatch between web UI and API <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1693358>21:29
roaksoaxxygnal: and on the OS' where we dont configure the underlying store, like centos, we dont pass along any storage config because that could actually break the deployment of things21:30
xygnaldo i neee to pre-label it so it knows to pick it up?21:31
xygnallabel=root or such?21:31
roaksoaxxygnal: i need to step out right now. I'll try to come back later, but otherwise we can pick that up tomorrow21:32
xygnalwhere does my curtin_userdata_custom need to be, region or rack server?22:00
mupBug # changed: 1687420, 1688060, 1689288, 1689838, 169014423:29

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