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Trevinhomuktupavels: this should do the trick https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/ubuntu-themes/appmenu-theming-shape-fix/+merge/32451705:10
TrevinhoI'm unsure if it would be better instead to keep that in the button mode tho05:10
Trevinhobut I don't like it much05:10
dufluTrevinho, any thoughts on a non-black top bar?05:19
dufluI'm not sure if grey could work better05:19
dufluBut it would distinguish Ubuntu better in appearance05:19
Trevinhomuktupavels: this would work though https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/24640862/05:26
Trevinhoduflu: you mean GS bar?05:26
Trevinhoduflu: yeah, well... I think I'll consider the GS theming once we know what's the best way to do this, as Jeremy was mentioning that using a gnome-shell css is discouraged, but we can't really avoid I guess05:27
oSoMoNgood Wednesday duflu, Trevinho05:44
Trevinhohi oSoMoN05:44
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dufluHi oSoMoN06:22
dufluTrevinho, I don't understand... are you just saying shell theming != toolkit theming and we'lll do them separately? The former obviously has no work done yet06:25
Trevinhoduflu: yeah, shell theming is different from toolkit one06:30
dufluYeah fair enough06:31
Trevinhoduflu: it's still using css, but it uses different classes06:31
Trevinhoit's not gtk afterall06:31
dufluWhich is both a feature and an inconsistency06:31
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jbichaTrevinho: it's the user-themes extension that is discouraged, we already customize the gnome-shell css to use the Ubuntu font07:07
jbichait's weird that it's discouraged since it's included in "gnome-shell-extensions" with support in gnome-tweak-tool…07:08
andyrockgoood mooorning07:38
willcookemorning all08:01
Laneywhat's up08:03
seb128good morning desktopers08:04
seb128hey willcooke Laney08:04
didrockshey andyrock, willcooke, Laney, seb128, duflu08:06
dufluSalut didrocks08:07
Laneyhey seb128 didrocks duflu08:10
Laneyyou good?08:10
didrocksyeah, first time we skipped the 10:30PM dinner for Matin!08:10
didrockswas a success, he slept from 9PM to 7:45AM :)08:11
* duflu assumes Martin is a small person08:11
didrocksyeah :)08:11
didrocksand you guys? how are you?08:11
dufluYeah good thanks Laney, didrocks.08:12
willcookedidrocks, \o/08:13
* Laney wants a nightly 10:30 feed08:13
didrockswillcooke: well, first time, let's see if it was a flaky success or will be reproducible builds :)08:14
* duflu suggests a different verb08:15
dufluBuilding takes a long time08:15
seb128didrocks, he had dinner at 9pm and 10:30pm before? or you shifted the feeding schedule completely for that?08:15
seb128in any case well done!08:16
didrocksseb128: 7:30pm/8pm, but you don't put him to sleep right away :)08:17
didrocksduflu: correct :p08:17
seb128ah, right08:17
willcookeWhat do you think about making gedit the default file handler for xml instead of firefox?08:55
didrocksmaking sense, I think if people want to "view" a structured xml file with easy click on nodes and such, they can do it manually in the browser, so edit as default handler makes sense to me08:57
willcookeI find that 9 times out of 10 Firefox just complains that the XML file isn't valid and so I don't see anything at all08:58
willcookewhereas with gedit at least I can view the content08:58
didrocksyou don't pick the correct XML files, that's why :p but yeah, it's another valid argument for this change :)08:59
oSoMoNbut gedit won’t apply XSL stylesheets with which an XML document might be rendered as HTML08:59
oSoMoN(not a use case I really care about though)08:59
didrockslast time I personnaly had to use XSL stylesheets (that I was creating, a long headache and sad story) for XML is in 2003 personally09:00
willcookemy usecases are probably not the same as most actual developers, but I find that Firefox fails to display anything the vast majority of the time, so not applying XSL in gedit is probably preferable than getting just an error message in Firefox09:01
oSoMoNpeople working a lot with XML files probably use a separate viewer/IDE anyway09:05
didrocksyeah, most of IDEs have viewer or extensions for this09:05
didrockslike vsc09:05
seb128I don't think I ever open xml files so no real opinion on that09:10
didrockseven not a .glade file? :)09:11
seb128those have their own mimetype and open in glade :p09:12
didrockstrue :)09:13
xnoxTrevinho, i have had requests for light-themes to be made available in Debian09:26
Trevinhojbicha: oh, I see... Well, what's the solution tho? As I guess we want to tune the shell09:27
TrevinhoHi Europe, btw :)09:27
Trevinhoxnox: oh, cool...09:27
muktupavelsTrevinho: https://paste.ubuntu.com/24642283/09:27
muktupavelscan I push that?09:28
TrevinhoThat package includes now also some unity8 stuff that we might delete tho...09:28
TrevinhoWhile I'd love to do some SURUization of a gtk theme too when i've time... what do you think willcooke ?09:28
willcookeTrevinho, put it on the back log :)09:30
andyrockanyone experienced with libsoup09:31
andyrockwith the python binding09:31
Trevinhoandyrock: I did just few calls with that, so I won't call me an expert09:33
andyrockI'm having troubles with Soup.message.set_request09:33
andyrockthe last parameters is expecting a list of numbers (so I guess a buffer of char)09:34
andyrockbut body.encode('utf8') does not work09:34
seb128hey Trevinho09:35
Trevinhothat's a string...09:36
Trevinhohi seb12809:36
muktupavelsTrevinho: can I push that patch?09:36
andyrockideally the python binding should just get a string :D09:36
andyrocki guess I can use a python native library09:37
andyrockbut then I lose the glib main-loop integration09:37
Trevinhomuktupavels: sorry, I forgot to reply :)09:37
Trevinhomuktupavels: yes, ok09:38
Trevinhoandyrock: did you see https://lazka.github.io/pgi-docs/#Soup-2.4/classes/Message.html#Soup.Message.set_request ?09:38
Trevinhoandyrock: in python3 you've to use bytes...09:38
muktupavelsTrevinho: ok, pushed. Do you plan to make 3.24.0 release?09:39
muktupavelsTrevinho: and did you try to add hover effect for appmenu?09:39
TrevinhoMh, yeah... I will09:40
andyrockreturns bytes09:40
andyrocki'll check with wireshark09:40
andyrockmaybe the problems is somewhere else09:40
Trevinhomuktupavels: which one you'd suggest? But I wouldn't touch hover...09:40
Trevinhomuktupavels: ideally I would apply a "shine" to the icon, but that's a little annying to do here..09:41
TrevinhoWell not too hard, but I didn't try09:41
Laneyandyrock: SoupLogger is useful09:41
muktupavelsTrevinho: no idea, but it feels that there must be something... Anyway, thanks for fix.09:41
andyrockLaney: cool thanks09:41
Trevinhomuktupavels: feel free to experiment and write in review, I'd prefer not to spend too much in that :)09:42
muktupavelsTrevinho: I have no time to experiment. :(09:43
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Laneyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QW85kfakJc <- this is our song for folk club tonight11:38
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jbichaTrevinho: I don't know how we'll package it yet, but don't let that stop you from working on gnome-shell theming if you want12:07
jbichaTrevinho: you can ask fmuellner how he recommends handling that12:08
willcookeright, going to attempt to work outside... let's see how long I last12:37
didrockswillcooke: enjoy!12:38
Laneyoh some of that did make it through14:04
Laneythe library's wifi is so crap this afternoon that I paid for tethering on my mobile14:04
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oSoMoNLaney, my daughter used to love that song, her first contact with English :)14:31
LaneyoSoMoN: \o/14:31
Laneyit's got some weird words in there14:31
Laneyinamorata or something14:33
oSoMoNah that one escaped me, let me listen to it again :)14:34
* Laney printed the words out :P14:35
Laneylooks like it's italian (or derived from an italian word)14:35
oSoMoNTrevinho and andyrock to the rescue!14:36
andyrockinnamorata maybe14:36
oSoMoNlooks similar to spanish’s "enamorada" == in love14:37
andyrockyeah same mining14:37
* Laney snuggles andyrock14:37
Laneymia innamorata14:37
andyrocke.g. Trevinho is "un eterno innamorato"14:38
TrevinhoFor ever...14:39
TrevinhoAnd of everything14:40
Laneyg r e a t15:23
didrocks + 1 + 115:27
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willcookenight all.  reminder that I'm out tomorrow morning, be back after lunch18:45
oSoMoNgood night all19:20

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