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lordievader[m]Good morning05:07
txtechnowgood morning lordievader[m]05:16
lordievader[m]Hey txtechnow05:17
ducassegood morning06:24
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lordievader[m]Hey ducasse08:14
ducassemorning lordievader[m], how's life? all quiet here, much too hot :)09:41
lordievader[m]I'm doing okay. Trying to get rid of some troubles.09:53
lordievader[m]Display suddenly started throwing artifacts.09:53
lordievader[m]Seemed like it triggered a kernel panic too.09:53
* lordievader[m] fingers crossed09:53
lordievader[m]seems like disabeling HT helped09:53
lordievader[m]How are you doing, ducasse?09:54
ducasselordievader[m]: i'm good thanks. display artifacts - what kind of gpu?10:21
lordievader[m]Mobile amd10:22
ducassenever had problems with ht before, but i guess everything's possible ;)10:22
ducasseradeon driver?10:22
lordievader[m]Never had any problems with it myself.10:26
lordievader[m]Honestly I'm starting to think the hardware is dying.10:26
lordievader[m]Windows had the same symptoms.10:27
ducassethat's possible. it could also be a heating issue?10:28
BluesKaj'Morning folks10:29
ducassegood morning BluesKaj10:29
BluesKajhey ducasse, how goes it ?10:30
ducasseBluesKaj: all well and quiet here, really hot today. how are you doing?10:33
lordievader[m]ducasse: it ain't hotter than usual10:34
ducasselordievader[m]: it is here :)10:34
BluesKajfine here, raining again, so my outdoor projects are on hold for the next day or 210:34
ducassesounds like a great excuse to relax in front of the computer.10:38
BluesKajbut I have to clean up all my old electronics junk shelves and send a lot of stuff to the recycling center10:38
BluesKajso I think I might tackle that today10:40
ducassethat's also a worthwhile effort :) i've gotten rid of most of mine, now i just save the stuff i think someone might be able to use.10:40
BluesKajyeah i have a couple of old 160GB IDE HDDs that still work .10:45
ducasselordievader[m]: display artifacts do sound like it could be a hardware issues if it's not just a driver or compositor bug... *shrug*10:46
BluesKajkeeping the old drives for another yr, but the rest of the stuff has to go10:52
lordievader[m]Indeed :(10:52
ducassebest of luck trying to figure it out, hope it's just software gone wonky...10:55
BluesKajhey lordievader[m], what's up?10:57
lordievader[m]Having some issues with my laptop, but other than that, fine.11:13
lordievader[m]How are you?11:13
BluesKajI'm ok thanks11:13
BluesKajI see we have another new pedantic know it all over at ubuntu ... he's assuredly knowledgeable,  but insufferable just the same11:43
BluesKajoj, bbl11:46
ducasseBluesKaj: thought you got fed up, there :)11:50
BluesKajnope, just switched back to kubuntu11:51
ducasseokidoke. you use konversation, right? how do you like it?11:52
BluesKajmy last post was just a comment, I'm used to those who suffer from mopre advanced symptoms of geekitis11:53
BluesKajbeen using konverstaion for 12 yrs, i must like it :-)11:54
BluesKajkonversation even :-011:54
BluesKajguess I'm used to the format/layout tied most of the popular clients, but I aleways found konversation the most logical in terms of setup and configuring11:58
ducassei'm quite happy with weechat, myself, cli software has it's benefits.11:58
BluesKajyeah , i;ve run irssi in emergencies, but I prefer the gui11:59
ducassesomething like quassel might be nice, but i've never actually tested it. or i could just set up a bouncer, i guess...12:02
ducasseok, bbl. duty calls...12:03
lordievader[m]Regarding my issue, I'm starting to think it might be the ram. There are a lot of spelling errors in the boot screen....12:36
lordievader[m]Even on a live usb.12:36
ducasselordievader[m]: sounds like that machine might not be in the best of health  :-/13:28
ducassehave you got some other ram sticks you can try?13:28
lordievader[m]Nope, it has become a zombie13:29
ducassetoo bad :(13:31
BluesKajlordievader[m],  unfortunate , must be something else13:31
BluesKajcmos, bios ?13:32
lordievader[m]There are four ram sticks in there, doesn't matter wich one I leave in.13:32
lordievader[m]Already resetted that.13:32
ducassemight be the cpu itself13:33
lordievader[m]Indeed, I'm currenty looking at a new one.13:54
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immui cannot login on Gnome Wayland session on 17.04 @Bashing-om  ducasse EriC^^ ????18:41
ducasseimmu: wait for an answer in #ubuntu18:42
immucan i tag you over there?  :)18:45
ducasseask your question, then wait for someone to answer. don't just highlight people on random...18:50

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