hiruhello. I'm trying booting from the installation disc but instead of the installer a GNU Grub 2 terminal appears. what to do?10:17
darkxstjbicha, hopefully libgweather update I just upload will hope with most libgweather crashes that were taking down gnome-shell10:31
darkxstlet me know if you see any more related crashes10:59
jbichadarkxst: thanks11:50
jbichaapport now tells 16.04 users that the GNOME3 PPAs for 16.04 are EOL so you're welcome to start closing those ubuntu-gnome bugs now, LP: #168909311:52
ubot5Launchpad bug 1689093 in apport (Ubuntu Xenial) "modify ubuntu-gnome hook to set UnreportableReason for 14.04 and 16.04" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/168909311:52
freakyyhi all. what is the default email program for ubuntu-gnome 17.04?15:23
KTradnot sure if there is one. I installed thunderbird15:31
freakyyis there any other than thunderbird?15:34
KTradthat lists a few15:36
jbichafreakyy: Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 does not install one by default since different people like different apps and I think most people just use their web browser19:00
freakyyHm ok thx19:06
jbichafreakyy: I tried telling that to the Ubuntu Desktop team and they weren't really convinced so Ubuntu 17.10 still includes thunderbird by default :|19:11
hiruif I choose gnome classic, how can I go back non-classic after that?19:22
jbichahiru: what Ubuntu version are you using?19:24
hiruubuntu gnome19:24
jbichawhat number?19:25
hirushould I simply disable auto login in /etc/gdm3/custom.conf ?19:27
hiruI noticed it is enabled (only for daemon tho)19:27
jbichahiru: could you file a bug against gnome-shell about that problem?19:30
hirusure thing19:31
tony1hiru: you should be able to logout and at the login screen choose another environment19:38
tony1when you log in there is a cog wheel to change the desktop environment19:40

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