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uxfiHwo do I change the username of Ubuntu server?02:47
uxfiTo change username (it is probably best to do this without being logged in):02:47
uxfiHwo do I do that if I am logged in?02:47
sarnoldchanging usernames is hard02:48
sarnoldfar easier is to create a new user with the name, group memberships, etc., that you want02:48
uxfiI get this message02:58
uxfiusermod: user mitraj is currently used by process 186102:58
uxfiwhat do I do?03:00
bigjazzsounduxfi: the user will have to not have any processes running to change the name03:00
uxfibigjazzsound how do I do that?03:01
bigjazzsounduxfi: you can do something like `ps aux | grep username`. Check the processes that are running under that user. The do `kill processid` to kill them off.03:03
bigjazzsounduxfi: some of the processes might be inadvisable to kill, which is why sarnold suggested to make a new user instead with the same permissions, groups, etc03:03
uxfilike SSH03:03
uxfiso I should make a new user i guess?03:04
uxfibigjazzsound  well actaully if I can change the name without needing to make a new user is htat possible?03:04
sarnoldthe thing is it's more than just changing /etc/shadow /etc/passwd and their home directory -- you may need to modify mail spool names, crontab names, maybe atd names, etc03:05
bigjazzsounduxfi: then you run into the issue with processes running under that user, no?03:05
sarnoldif you've set up any per-user access controls on databases then those too03:06
uxfibigjazzsound  which isnt many03:06
uxfijsut ZNC03:06
uxfiand systemd03:06
uxfibigjazzsound  ill make a new user03:08
bigjazzsoundSorry I could not be of much help here03:09
uxfiits ok bigjazzsound03:10
uxfii dont want ot lsoe ZNC settings but I can rengegerate them03:11
sarnoldyou can of course move the data by hand..03:11
bigjazzsoundcreating a new user and moving the stuff you need might not be a huge deal03:12
uxfiI forget where it is stored hmm03:13
keithzgWell, I must admit to being very confused. Migrated a very old conf to a new server, and I have postfix-pcre installed, but I'm still getting "warning: pcre:/etc/postfix/header_checks is unavailable. unsupported dictionary type: pcre"03:21
sarnoldkeithzg: check output of dpkg -l '*pcre*' and make usre it makes sense03:22
keithzgsarnold: only installed packages look to be libpcre3 and postfix-pcre03:23
uxfiok nwo i gave the temeproary account sudo access can I delete  the origianl one?03:25
sarnoldkeithzg: then i'm out of ideas..03:25
uxfiok now i gave the temeproary account sudo access can I delete  the origianl one???03:25
sarnolduxfi: (a) test the new account first (b) make sure you copied over -everything- from the original that you want to keep. if youv'e done that then go ahead.03:25
uxfiI did sarnold  I think03:26
uxfiI tested sudo su03:26
uxfiI tested sudo apt-get update03:26
uxfiseems to work03:26
uxfiI dont have anything in the user folder sarnold the only important thign I ahve is ZNC settings03:26
uxfisarnold also myw ebsite stuff for some reason its not letting me access /var/www? is there a reason?03:26
uxfiand also will I lose mysql install?03:26
sarnolduxfi: what permissions did you set on /var/www? if you changed owner or set acls you may need to do that again03:29
sarnolduxfi: and probably not lose mysql but if your useraccount had privileges within the mysql database that other users didn't have you may need to redo that too03:29
uxfiI forget what permissions03:29
uxfisarnold but I made a copy of my /var/www anwyays03:29
uxfibash: cd: /var/www/: Permission denied03:30
sarnoldcheck with something like find /var/www -ls03:30
uxfibash: /var/www/: Is a directory03:31
uxfigot any ideas?03:31
sarnolduxfi: namei -l /var/www/htdocs03:31
uxfimitraj owns that sarnold  the root user03:32
uxfithe account im trying to delete03:32
uxfisarnold https://i.imgur.com/QoHJ4ln.png03:33
sarnolduxfi: aha, then you'll want to chown /var/www and subdirs to the new user03:33
uxfia1berto so log into the old account?03:34
uxfisarnold  chown what? chown 770 or?03:35
sarnoldchown -R newmitraj /var/www03:35
sarnoldtime ot make dinner :) have fun uxfi03:36
uxfiwhat is newmitraj vaishali ?03:37
uxfisarnold ?03:37
keithzgsarnold: honestly the header checks are the smallest part of my postfix conf so I've just disabled that for now, heh. Frankly a bit astonished that this config, which was set up on a *Trustix* server until today, is even working! :D03:39
uxfiam I doing this right?03:42
uxfiwhat od I do to take contro of my directory when I make a new account?03:42
uxfiah nvm03:43
uxfigot it03:43
uxfiQuestion when I delete a account from  Ubuntu (the original admin account) and make a new account will I still get the default ifnormation when I log in (Packages need to be updateD) ?03:44
uxfiQuestion when I delete a account from  Ubuntu (the original admin account) and make a new account will I still get the default ifnormation when I log in (Packages need to be updateD) ?03:57
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uxfihere we go05:28
cpaelzergood morning05:28
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jamespagemwhahaha: I've pushed 4.1.1 to updates, but I think that magnum problem might be related to the newer sqlalchemy07:46
jamespagethis is a bit of a problem for projects which are not following the main release cadence for Openstack07:46
bluekingdpkg: feil: dpkg-statusdatabase is locked by another process. / N: Fila «50unattended-upgrades.ucf-dist» in map «/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/» are ignored, because of not guilty file end. / E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)07:46
bluekingwhat I do ?07:46
cpaelzerblueking: it seems your message is shortened08:00
bluekingit was in norwegian had to translate08:01
cpaelzerblueking: the message "not guilty file end" reads odd - but in general anything that is not .list in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d is ignored08:01
cpaelzerah fine then blueking08:01
cpaelzerso the message tells you that this file is ignored - the ending "ucf-dist" suggests on which upgrade it was disabled08:02
cpaelzeras upgrades usually invalidate old PPA/apt.conf setups they renae them08:02
cpaelzerThe other message about dpdk DB being locked is usually another process installing/updating something at the same time08:03
bluekingdpkg: fail/error: dpkg-statusdatabase is locked by another process08:03
cpaelzerso if you in a console wrestled with packages, but the auto-updater triggered that might occur (not sure if it has collision detection in unattaneded upgrades)08:03
bluekingI did 14.04 -> 16.04 distro upgrade.. a few apt upgrades later, the last two I have had this dpkg error08:04
cpaelzerso your real issue is the locking then, just to close the ucd-dist here a reference if you want more on that https://askubuntu.com/questions/829370/n-ignoring-file-50unattended-upgrades-ucf-dist-in-directory-etc-apt-apt-con08:05
cpaelzerblueking: I think one can check and force to unlock - let me look if I find what I think I remember :-)08:05
bluekingI'll look into that :)  TY :)08:05
cpaelzerblueking: for the locked dpkg it could be an aborted upgrade (aborted harder than ususal to cause this)08:07
cpaelzerblueking: please follow this https://askubuntu.com/questions/219545/dpkg-error-dpkg-status-database-is-locked-by-another-process08:07
cpaelzerblueking: and let us know if it helps08:07
bluekinghmm lock file empty ?08:09
bluekingok I deleted lock file and that part gone08:11
bluekingabout dpkg locked by another process08:11
bluekingok error gone  deleted 50unattended-upgrades-ucf-dist08:13
cpaelzerblueking: did you check if there was a process still holding it?08:14
bluekingyes was none process08:16
bluekingchecked with lsof08:16
cpaelzerok good08:16
bluekinglock file was empty08:16
cpaelzerblueking: now does a new update work now?08:16
bluekinggood to have zero errors :)08:16
bluekingnorwegian ?08:17
cpaelzerno trying to go intercultural with google translate, but I'd have got the meaning of "flott" in german as well :-)08:17
bluekingah I see :)08:20
blueking'flott' not youth language :P08:20
cpaelzerrbasak: if you are on SRUs today could you take a look on the reasoning why trusty isn't through unapproved on bug 1690730?09:33
ubottubug 1690730 in postgresql-9.6 (Ubuntu) "New upstream microreleases 9.3.17, 9.5.7 and 9.6.3" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/169073009:33
rbasakcpaelzer: probably worth checking with bdmurray (not here right now).09:35
rbasakcpaelzer: FWIW, in the SRU procedure as a deviation from the norm we mark "in unapproved" as In Progress and only Fix Committed once accepted.09:36
rbasakcpaelzer: from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#Procedure09:36
rbasakcpaelzer: so perhaps he missed it for that reason?09:36
lordievader[m]Good morning09:52
cpaelzerrbasak: thanks I'll sned him a mail to avoid forgetting it09:55
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tewardmy apologies for not being at the meeting yesterday13:41
tewardrbasak: nacc: thoughts?  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NGINX/ReleaseNotes/Artful  (this is the 'current working draft'13:42
tewardand i'm tired heh... *sips coffee*)13:42
rbasakteward: looks good. Thanks!14:15
ahasenackI have a systemd question, and it boils down to "how to disable a service from a package maintainer script (postinst)", considering that in debian/ubuntu by default if you install a service it will be started14:18
ahasenackand here is the current example: samba's samba.postinst: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/24644329/14:18
ahasenackthe service in question is samba-ad-dc.service14:18
ahasenackit does a "ln -s /dev/null /etc/systemd/system/samba-ad-dc.service"14:19
ahasenackand via echo asks the user/admin to ignore an error that will show later on14:19
ahasenackis that the only way?14:19
ahasenackthe error you get is just on screen, exit status is zero: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/24644378/14:21
UssatSo....anyone here have experiance setting up 802.1x port secrity on a wired network ?14:39
tewardrbasak: you're welcome.  I wanted to write it *somewhere* so I just stuck it two levels underneath the NGINX page.  If we need to revise it, let me know, but if not we can use *that* as the release notes for Artful.14:41
tewardfor the nginx subsection.14:41
tewardthe full list of changes was *long* so I only grabbed a few of the pertinent points from the nginx blog post :P14:41
jgehey all, I have a network share mounted to an NFS mount point in Ubuntu but when I try to rsync files within that share I get permission denied15:17
jgeeven when I do sudo or use root user on the system15:18
jgewould that be an indication of how that network share is being mounted15:18
naccteward: will review today15:19
arunpyasi_Hi all15:20
arunpyasi_Can an ethernet connection be disconnected due to file download ?15:20
tewardarunpyasi_: if the router or a proxy sends a connection termination signal, possibly.15:45
TafThorneIf the download uses all of the available capacity on any part of the end-to-end link a network device might have to drop it.15:46
TafThorneAs in it has to get a quart into a pint pot and your Ethernet connection might be part of the spillage.15:47
TafThornejge: You get a permssions result for some odd cases in network shares and exports.  Do you have permission to write within the export at all on both ends of the link?15:49
arunpyasi_Hmm OK thanks !15:56
naccjamespage: around?16:07
jamespage nacc: yup16:07
naccjamespage: coreycb mentioned syncing up with you to see if you had a chance to test openstack with the django in my PPA for LP: #1605278 (1.11 based)16:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1605278 in python-django (Ubuntu Artful) "Merge python-django 1:1.11-1 from Debian unstable" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160527816:08
jamespagenacc: I have not - but lemme check in horizon (which would be the main impact point)16:08
naccjamespage: thanks!16:08
jamespagenacc: Django<1.9,>=1.8 # BSD16:09
naccjamespage: hrm, prior test was with 1.10.3 and worked (per c#12 in the above bug)16:09
jamespagenacc: I'll take a look and see16:12
jamespagenacc: the whole of openstack pike b1 is backed up in proposed atm which makes things tricker16:12
naccjamespage: understood16:13
naccjamespage: if you can put it on your probably already busy plate, i'd appreciate it :)16:14
jamespagenacc: gah - artful ain't to happy under lxd today...16:15
tewardjamespage: it's not?  was working decently for me yesterday.  *spins a new container*16:44
redvicforgive me for asking this here since it might be off topic but can anybody recommend a web based open source accounting software for business that runs on ubuntu server or at least where i can find such info except google16:52
tewardjamespage: seems to work fine for me under an LXD container, what're you testing?16:54
teward(under 'pure' LXD command line made by me)16:54
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redvic forgive me for asking this here since it might be off topic but can anybody recommend a web based open source accounting software for business that runs on ubuntu server or at least where i can find such info except google17:40
ahasenackredvic: sorry, have no idea17:42
sarnoldkeithzg: _wow_, that's stability :) trustix all the way through to modern. impressive work from postfix team and your management efforts :D17:54
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paxatron4034Anyone here with corosync knowledge? I have questions on using postgresql with corosync/pacemaker.19:38
sarnoldpaxatron4034: you may get better results with a 'concrete' question19:41
masonsarnold: Did you know that concrete was used as far back as ancient Rome?19:42
masonFWIW: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_concrete19:42
sarnoldmason: crazy. I guess it makes sense that our accomplishments are built onthe knowledge and experience of previous generations but you just sort of assume that olden times were insanely primitive, right?19:43
paxatron4034@sarnold well. I am running postgresql as a resource in corosync. and there is a monitor process that kicks off every few seconds to see if postgresql is alive (it runs a select now). My immediate conserning is that it is generating alot of logs in auth.log, and I am wondering of this is normal behavior https://pastebin.com/UnR3tBdi19:44
sarnoldpaxatron4034: eww, i'm surprised they don't re-use a single long-lived process19:45
sarnoldpaxatron4034: quite often 'large' deployments will shuttle logs to a centralized log server, reducing the impact of logging on disk IO on the individual servers19:45
paxatron4034\r sarnold okay, but is this normal behavior for postgresql corosync resource?19:48
sarnoldpaxatron4034: probably19:49
paxatron4034sarnold: thanks19:54
sarnoldpaxatron4034: itm ight be worth a report to the project to let them know the logspam is annoying :) maybe they'd be willing to re-do the test..19:55
sarnoldor maybe that's just the way their tests work out.19:55
henk717Hello everyone, i updated the packages on my Ubunu Server 14.04 yesterday and now i am experiencing some of my cron.d jobs no longer running. Can someone help me diagnose this issue?20:10
nacchenk717: are you able to determine which packages were updated?20:34
naccsmoser: ping20:36
masonnacc, henk717: Does 14.04 have /var/log/apt/history.log ?20:36
masonThat might help.20:36
naccmason: yeah, i believe it should20:37
masonAh, looks like it should be.20:37
naccmason: if not the dpkg log would20:37
henk717It was a huge list, the server was quite behind on updates20:37
henk717Another server of mine runs on 16.04 with slightly newer packages and has no issues20:38
henk717The cron jobs can run if i run them by hand20:38
henk717They do not get automatically executed20:38
nacchenk717: do you have an example cron entry that fails?20:38
nacchenk717: also, do you get an e-mail about any errors20:39
henk717Yes, i do it seems to be one entire file. No errors are present in the logs as far as i have seen.20:39
nacchenk717: well, it often won't be logged, but if there was an error, I believe root (or the configured user for cron mails) will receive one locally20:39
nacchenk717: but it soudns like, it's not failing, it's just not even running?20:39
nacchenk717: which file?20:40
henk717It looks like it is not even running indeed, cron runs though and some other cron jobs did ran20:41
henk717File is /etc/cron.d/overwatch which contents i am currently posting on pastebin for you to see20:41
naccum, i don't think you can have users in the crontab like that20:43
henk717It always worked20:43
henk717The same file runs perfectly on a 16.04 machine20:44
nacconly /etc/crontab (I believe) supports that format (per `man 5 crontab`20:44
henk717It would be quite specific if the lower version handles this fine and the higher version handles it fine20:45
smosernacc, here.20:45
tewardnacc: the system /etc/crontab can have user definitions20:45
tewarduser level crontabs can't20:45
tewardand user level crontabs are *usually* how you do things20:45
naccsmoser: hey, wanted to bounce something off you about the git tooling, if you have a minute for a HO?20:46
naccteward: right, what i said -- but is /etc/cron.d/* a 'system' crontab?20:46
henk717In my experience it has been20:46
tewardnacc: yes.20:46
nacchenk717: ah ok, it is considered the same, sorry20:47
henk717nacc: No problem, i apprechiate you thinking along20:47
henk717Fact remains its a proven cron setup prior to the update which runs on a newer cron version as well20:47
tewardnacc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24647476/ <- example, from mdadm's automatic crontab it installs20:47
naccteward: yep, i'm seeing that now20:47
henk717What makes the issue more difficult is that there is no error anywhere to be seen, and i can run any of the scripts manually without any failure20:50
nacchenk717: i'm not sure how to debug it. I would start with adding a new crontab at the same level, with a test cronjob and see if it triggers. Then start adding lines from the non-working to the test one and see when/if it breaks21:21
henk717nacc: Currently planning to upgrade to 16.04 if there isn't to much risk involved21:25
naccsmoser: re: LP: #1569925, I think one of the two iscsi services is supposed to kill all sessions on shutdown21:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1569925 in systemd (Ubuntu) "Shutdown hang on 16.04 with iscsi targets" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/156992521:26
naccsmoser: so if that's not happening, probably that's what needs debugging21:26
keithzgsarnold: Yeah, Trustix to Ubuntu 16.04; I'm even more impressed now with the Postfix folks than I already was!22:04
henk717Got good news and i got bad news, the upgrade to 16.04 was succesfull. Bad news is cron is still doing the same thing.22:38
nacchenk717: seems highlgy likely , if there is an identically configured server somewhere else at the same rev, that something else is going on :)22:39
henk717Got more good news22:40
henk71716.04's cron dumps errors22:40
henk717The newer versions didn't like the fact the reboot line had no user specified22:40
henk717Its all fixed now :D22:40
nacchenk717: probably that was required on 14.04 too22:40
henk717On the new cron, yes totally22:41
henk717But it threw no error22:41
henk717On the old cron the line likely just got ignored22:41
naccright, i'm saying that there is probably an improvement to be made to the error handling, but that might be why they weren't running22:41
naccthe crontab failed to parse22:41
henk717The improvement is already made apparently, its just not in the 14.04 version since its out of support22:49
nacchenk717: hrm? 14.04 is still supported22:53
nacchenk717: perhaps file a bug, or see if one already exist22:53
keithzgHmm, trying to set up a UEFI-capable PXE boot largely via https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UEFI/PXE-netboot-install, but on the (very new and high end!) PC I'm trying it on I'm getting the Intel Boot Agent throwing a fit, complaining "PXE-E79: NBP is too big to fit in free base memory" before it can even load the Grub menu.23:45
keithzgAny easy way to chainload into Grub for that?23:46

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