floridagram<AdamOutler> I'm making eggs01:30
floridagram<KMyers> Ha, that's what I made as well.. but mine look much better01:30
floridagram<AdamOutler> I am domesticly challenged.  My wife is impressed!01:32
floridagram<ahoneybun> https://www.reddup.co/02:07
floridagram<ahoneybun> stupid stupid: http://gadgets.ndtv.com/mobiles/news/oneplus-5-fingerprint-sensor-front-panel-ceo-pete-lau-169733902:08
floridagram<KMyers> I like it on the back and feel that it makes more sense but others disagree with me on that (Apple and older Samsung phones for example)02:09
floridagram<ahoneybun> it makes sense to me to be on the back02:10
floridagram<ahoneybun> as well02:10
floridagram<SivaMachina> decided to stop being lazy & irresponsible and use a password manager over the browser03:01
floridagram<KMyers> @SivaMachina, I do still use browser autofill for a few sites03:02
floridagram<SivaMachina> Might still keep a few for Google Smartlock. But for the most part I will be using pass03:03
floridagram<SivaMachina> But Ido think the Android client for Pass has autofill capabilities03:05
floridagram<SivaMachina> Not sure how how well it works03:06
floridagram<KMyers> I know my password manager autofill works well (enpass)03:09
floridagram<SivaMachina> Yeah. Decided to go with a more Open source option. That and if Pass stops being a thing I should be able to just use gpg to decrypt my passwords03:19
floridagram<ahoneybun> "auto-confirm@amazon.com <auto-confirm@amazoncelebes.com>"03:20
floridagram<ahoneybun> that's new03:20
floridagram<KMyers> ?03:20
floridagram<ahoneybun> it's a fake address03:21
floridagram<ahoneybun> I go tho my spam every so ofter just for fun03:21
floridagram<KMyers> @SivaMachina, Enpass is not open source but there are a few mitigating factors that ensure I can access my stuff if they go under. The password bank is self hosted.03:22
floridagram<ahoneybun> https://www.xfinity.com/mobile/plan03:27
floridagram<AdamOutler> I plan to switch to keep ass once Android o comes out03:34
floridagram<AdamOutler> Keepass..  stupid voice recognition03:34
floridagram<KMyers> @ahoneybun, I will pass03:35
floridagram<KMyers> @AdamOutler, Sure....03:36
floridagram<AdamOutler> I'm super cereal. It translated it to what was written.03:37
floridagram<AdamOutler> But keepass is open source and once Android has auto fill API, I think it's a good time to switch.03:38
floridagram<SivaMachina> @AdamOutler03:57
floridagram<KMyers> @SivaMachina, Android O has deeper integration. The current autofill that some password managers use are essentially a hack03:58
floridagram<SivaMachina> Ah03:59
floridagram<KMyers> @SivaMachina, The current ones use the Android Accessibility API. Technically this could be abused and cause password leakage. The O implementation actually uses a much more secure method04:00
floridagram<SivaMachina> So it's a thing kind of. But crappy and prone to being insecure04:19
floridagram<KMyers> @SivaMachina, For the record, I am not aware of any actual attacks, just theoritical attacks04:22
floridagram<SivaMachina> Probably not something out want risk with passwords04:24
floridagram<ahoneybun> and I don't have service on my phone anymore10:51
floridagram<ahoneybun> The heck11:18
maxolasersquadThe O integration with password maangers is one of my favorite new features. I use KeePass for all my credentials. Streamlining and securing that pipeline is a big win.12:53
floridagram<KMyers> I completely agree. Although I do not use keepass12:56
floridagram<KMyers> Damn, Google actually got "keepass" correct... that was using Voice to Text on my Android Auto while driving to work.13:45
floridagram<KMyers> Now @AdamOutler has some explaining to do13:45
floridagram<AdamOutler> Its my Accent13:45
floridagram<AdamOutler> Sometimes I ask Google something and he just say que13:48
floridagram<KMyers> Have I ever said how much I love "screen"15:00
floridagram<Abrerr> Aren't there mux wars like vim vs emacs but for screen, tmux byobu, etc?15:02
floridagram<Ivoriesablaze> Wow, you all love to talk15:02
floridagram<KMyers> Curse you @Abrerr15:02
floridagram<KMyers> @Ivoriesablaze - sometimes15:02
floridagram<Abrerr> I know I missed out on that tmux talk @ Fossetcon15:03
floridagram<Abrerr> kekekeke15:03
floridagram<Abrerr> Whatcha love about "screen", @KMyers ?15:04
floridagram<KMyers> The fact that it just works15:04
floridagram<Abrerr> can confirm, screen /dev/ttyUSB0 just works15:05
floridagram<KMyers> Not doing that, just have a long running script on a server15:15
floridagram<KMyers> (Re-indexing my NextCloud filesystem)15:15
floridagram<Abrerr> I just like I don't have to specify baud rate, etc if I'm consoling into a device.15:35
floridagram<Abrerr> :D15:35
mlsquadI use Byobu, which is wrapper for both tmux and screen. It makes using either much easier.15:36
mlsquadAnd apparently my power went out at 11:01 today, since that's the time my usual handle disconnected. :(15:37
floridagram<Abrerr> dun dun dunnn15:41
mlsquadAnd FWIW, I use my maxolasersquad handle through byobu on my home server.15:42
floridagram<Abrerr> I have a small reference guide to screen because it's on some boxes @ work.15:42
floridagram<Abrerr> otherwise it's tmux @ home when needed15:42
floridagram<Abrerr> Byobu looks like.15:43
floridagram<Abrerr> nice*15:43
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floridagram5<ahoneybun> Yas20:35
floridagram5<ahoneybun> Almost 100 days up20:43
floridagram5<AdamOutler> Pix or it didn't happen.20:47
floridagram5<ahoneybun> There is the pic20:48
floridagram5<ahoneybun> 98d21h20:48
floridagram5<AdamOutler> Oh, there it is!  It has officially happened.20:49
floridagram5<AdamOutler> I reboot my closet server often.  Thanks to control.adamoutler.com, it's an easy way to reset inbound connections.20:50
floridagram5<AdamOutler> Its a raspi hooked to a pigtail controlled by this.  https://github.com/adamoutler/RaspberryPiGPIOControl/blob/master/README.md.  I should get pix up.20:52
floridagram5<AdamOutler> I have three power outlets hooked to a raspi web interface.20:52
floridagram5<ahoneybun> Lovely twitter22:49
floridagram5<KMyers> @ahoneybun, That's nothing22:52
floridagram5<ahoneybun> well yea22:53
floridagram5<ahoneybun> damnnn22:56
floridagram5<KMyers> That one has the highest uptime22:57
floridagram5<ahoneybun> @KMyers23:24
floridagram5<ahoneybun> any idea what's with this?23:24
floridagram5<AdamOutler> What app?23:25
floridagram5<ahoneybun> no app23:25
floridagram5<ahoneybun> it's just the whole thing23:25
floridagram5<KMyers> I honestly disabled that check on mine23:25
floridagram5<AdamOutler> That is a web app or something.23:25
floridagram5<AdamOutler> Is that nextcloud?23:25
floridagram5<ahoneybun> where is that?23:25
floridagram5<ahoneybun> yea @AdamOutler23:26
floridagram5<AdamOutler> Package maintainers screwed up.23:26
floridagram5<AdamOutler> You can search the logs for more info.23:26
floridagram5<ahoneybun> https://aaron.rack1.net/index.php/settings/integrity/failed23:28
floridagram5<ahoneybun> ahhh23:29
floridagram5<ahoneybun> I'm stuck on 12.0.0 RC223:30
floridagram5<ahoneybun> can't update23:30
floridagram5<AdamOutler> I can't see that error without login.23:33
floridagram5<ahoneybun> fixed it23:33
floridagram5<ahoneybun> was direct men23:33
floridagram5<ahoneybun> which I don't need with 12 anymore23:33
floridagram5<AdamOutler> Direct men?23:33
floridagram5<ahoneybun> *direct menu23:34
floridagram5<AdamOutler> Ok.  I saw that once with a Ubuntu package.  I guess that one slipped by @mhall11923:34
floridagram5<AdamOutler> That was OC9 and it was a package maintainer sticking his credits into the folder.23:35
floridagram5<ahoneybun> To login you need to provide the unhashed value of "updater.secret" in your config file.23:40
floridagram5<ahoneybun> I got the secret but it's not taking it23:40
floridagram5<ahoneybun> and did it with the CLI23:44

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