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rick_hcmaloney: lol erica just texted me "OMG morpace called me, about participating in research for my pacifica hybrid"16:37
cmaloneyTell them to piss off. :)16:48
rick_hcmaloney: heh, she wants to do it16:58
rick_hcmaloney: but so funny16:58
cmaloneyYeah, totally17:03
cmaloneyinteresting that they announced that it was Morpace.17:03
shakes808cmaloney: with you on that.18:25
cmaloneyHonestly I think surveys are a pretty silly way of getting feedback18:27
cmaloneyeveryone games them18:27
cmaloneyand you can say "they're scientific" all you want; you're not getting true opinions if the expectations are set at "we want you so satisfied you put down 5s"18:28
cmaloneyThat and 25 questions about my experience (10 of which are tangentially related) is numbing18:29
cmaloneyor in the case of car surveys, 200 questions18:29
cmaloneythere are better ways to get feedback from folks18:29
cmaloneyone idea I had was to hire a bunch of extroverted, talkative grandparents18:30
cmaloneyand have people talk to them18:30
cmaloneyyou can learn more from conversation than from a questionaire18:30
cmaloneythe other was the two-question survey18:30
cmaloney"Were you satisfied" [Y/N] "Why not?"18:30
cmaloneytext field with machine learning18:31
_stink_1. N; 2. <blank> submit18:31
cmaloneyThat's fine too18:31
cmaloney_stink_: If not and it's blank then there's nothing to discuss18:31
cmaloneymost of the time if it's N then people will write you a goddamn novel18:31
cmaloneybut the underlying issues I noticed could have all bee solved on the front enf18:32
cmaloneyThe reason people were pissed off was because they felt like they weren't treated fairly18:33
cmaloneyor they were brushed off18:33
cmaloneythey weren't handled as important18:33
cmaloneytrue: some folks are assholes18:33
cmaloneybut I'm sure one of the ways that $customer could have handled things better was by having a loaner program18:34
cmaloneybut that costs money, and doing damage control at the back-end makes more money18:34
cmaloneyand that's why $customer is shrinking and doing the CompUSA "throw anything into the store and see what sticks"18:35
cmaloneybut hey, what do I know? I'm not a business consultant; I'm just s dirty FLOSS hippie. ;)18:36
cmaloneyYou don't need machine learning and big data to solve these problems. You just need to listen to people and empower employees to act in the moment18:43
cmaloneybut there's no money to be made in solving the problem and plenty to be made in reporting on it18:44

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