andrewlsdmorning. I've just started looking at Hugo and Jekyll for static site generation. So I was interested in the website from Git, and Nikola discussion. Thanks all.05:21
superflymorning andrewlsd05:26
superflyandrewlsd: there's also Pelican, which I've used. But Nikola was by far my favourite of the lot.05:26
Kilosmorning everyone and inetpro 08:05
theblazehenHi all08:15
Kiloshi theblazehen 08:15
theblazehenandrewlsd: /me uses Nikola for my site, quite like it08:15
Kilosubuntu-za and ubuntu-africa are nikola08:16
theblazehenUsing reStructuredText, but it supports Markdown as well08:16
theblazehenKilos-: nice08:17
Kilosthe fly is clever08:17
inetprogood mornings10:59
Kiloslo pro11:00
inetprohow you feeling today Kilos?11:00
Kilosbietjie erger as enigiets maar ek dooi nie11:00
Kiloskwaai griep die11:01
chesedohi all15:29
chesedotheblazehen: you did good last night ty15:30
superflyhi chesedo16:29
Kilos-hi chesedo yes he did16:29
Kilos-hi superfly 16:29
Kilos-just very fast16:30
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
chesedohi superfly16:30
paddatrapperHi everyone17:02
paddatrapperKilos: I'm not involved in the education project with KMF 17:03
Kilosmaybe it was chesedo 17:04
Kilosi cant remember everything you know. hehe17:04
Kilosare you well lad?17:04
paddatrapperKilos: Hehe. Surviving. Between Google Summer of Code and varsity I'm going a tad crazy, but nothing too bad 17:07
paddatrapperHi superfly, chesedo17:07
paddatrapperHi tumbleweed, won't get to that ibid stuff any time soon :p17:09
tumbleweedI know how it goes17:10
tumbleweedpaddatrapper: it's a terribly minor thing, should probably just land it anyway17:11
tumbleweedI wanted to suggest a better style for the future17:11
paddatrapperYeah your way is a much better style 17:12
* paddatrapper barely touches python currently...17:13
tumbleweedthat code is all fairly bleh anyway17:13
inetprogood mornings17:52
Kilossome things never change17:52
inetprooops, sorry oom Kilos, you are here?17:53
inetprothat was meant for the fly17:53
Kiloshaha yeah17:53
Kiloswont be long then either connection will drop or i will sleep17:54
Kilosyou guys be good tonight17:54
Kilos-night guys. sleep tight18:53

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