migs_hi does anyone know how to add an icon to a top pannel in a unity ubuntu environment00:00
p3rrorFed51, I don't have a service this is a shell script00:00
p3rrorI presume that I have to append it to /etc/rc.local00:00
p3rrorI did this echo "/usr/sbin/harp -d&" >> /etc/rc.local00:00
p3rrorbut that does not start at boot at all00:00
user___does anyone have a nice dark theme for xubuntu?00:01
Mrhttp://www.owndrives.com/qe4s78neqbf8/Alien_Covenant_2017_720p_HDCAM_ENG_x264-Mr.BADASS.mkv.html    enjoy00:01
YankDownUnderuser___, https://www.xfce-look.org/browse/ord/latest/00:01
migs_yeah does anyone know of a good dark theme for ubuntu00:02
bonsairootuser___, Arc-Dark theme is nice00:02
YankDownUndermigs_, https://www.xfce-look.org/browse/ord/latest/ => there are heaps of different themes. Merely choose one that fits YOUR mood.00:03
migs_YankDownUnder, THANKSA00:03
migs_sorry didnt mean caps00:03
YankDownUndermigs_, All good. I'm used to being screamed at.00:04
ericfarmerI am using Mate desktop and the Adapta theme.00:04
user___i prefer XFCE ,00:05
uxfiI love you all00:05
migs_yeah so how do you customize the xfce4 bar00:06
ericfarmerXfc looks nice. I just chose this as it is what worked first when I tried it.00:07
kostkonmigs_, so are you using unity or xfce?00:07
YankDownUndermigs_, You can customise all the panels/bars...there are desktop settings for that, panel settings AND window manager settings...three different places to adjust the overall decorations...00:07
migs_kostkon, i am using unity i think00:08
energizerbonsairoot: thanks. i've never used nextcloud  - is it good?00:09
kostkonmigs_, how were you able to connect to your wifi network?00:12
bonsairootenergizer, I've only tested it briefly. Plan to migrate my dropbox to nextcloud on my vps though. It's probably overkill if you need only the functionality that you described.00:15
migs_YankDownUnder, sorry but how do you install these tarballs?00:15
migs_the thems00:15
energizerbonsairoot: i see. what would be a simpler way to do file request links?00:16
jadedskySo I'm looking to use my Linux drive to check a stick I suspect may be infected and / or recover data from it, suggestions/advixe00:16
energizerjadedsky: raspi with airgap?00:17
energizerjadedsky: if you have an infected drive, i wouldnt plug it into any computer i intend to use again...but thats just me00:18
YankDownUndermigs_, You unzip them (you can do it through the terminal with "tar -xvzf blah.tar.gz" - or let Nautilus (or Thunar) do it...and you generally place them in a directory called ~/.themes => if it's not already there, create it. Stick the themes in there...you may have to restart the window manager/desktop, but generally not...just to let you know.00:18
YankDownUnderjadedsky, The "infection" is most likely NOT a *nix varient - so you can plug in the drive, examine the contents - preferably through the terminal...and if you require cleaning of that drive/partition, you can install "clamav" and utilise that to clean the crap off the "infected" media.00:20
migs_YankDownUnder, thanks00:20
bonsairootenergizer, I don't know sorry. You can serve php scripts that do that I think but then you have to implement security measures if it's publicly available.00:20
energizerbonsairoot: alright thanks00:21
jadedskyI intend to test the drive on a comp I intend to format anyways, as there are other possibilities (why go through more trouble if you don't have to)00:22
jadedskyI miss the days when I had a dedicated AV comp00:23
jadedskyParents think I'm their tech support >_>00:24
uxfihi jadedsky00:25
migs_YankDownUnder, for the life of me i can't install the themes. where do i go in unity tweak tool00:42
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CuChulaindIs there a way to repair a distro with a live usb?00:56
CuChulaindIt is a mint install, but I have run out of help there. i can boot into the machine to the gui login, enter the password, then get a blank screen00:57
CuChulaindliveUSB will boot00:57
bazhangCuChulaind, mint has their own support forums00:58
bazhang!mintsupport | CuChulaind00:58
ubottuCuChulaind: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)00:58
CuChulaindthat's where I was00:59
bazhangCuChulaind, thats where to get help, we dont support MINT here00:59
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ericfarmerI have used Linux Mint before but I would not be sure what is wrong.01:06
CuChulaindIn ubuntu is there a way to fix an installed distro from a live usb?01:06
Ben64you'd have to ask the support for the distro, in your case, mint01:07
bazhangCuChulaind, what version of ubuntu are you on01:07
bazhang!version | CuChulaind01:07
ubottuCuChulaind: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »01:07
Guest13233hi evre on01:07
CuChulaindI am using Mint, however I'm not getting help in the mint room. Just wondering if I were using ubuntu 16.04 can I do it?01:08
bazhangCuChulaind, we have said repeatedly not to ask here for MINT support01:08
Guest13233DDos attak01:08
Ben64yes, if you had a problem with ubuntu we could probably help you here. since you are using mint and not ubuntu, this isn't the right place. there is a ##linux channel for general linux support01:08
Guest13233DDos attak01:09
Ben64Guest13233: do you have an ubuntu support question?01:09
bazhangGuest13233, care to elaborate01:09
bazhangGuest13233, here is ubuntu support only01:10
Guest13233i need help01:10
bazhangGuest13233, this channel is NOT for random postings and chit chat01:10
RochvellonBen64: he wants to DDos this channel ;)01:10
bazhangGuest13233, you need help with what01:11
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dfmdoes anyone have experience with displaylink dual monitors?01:35
minimecdfm: I do...01:41
dfmminimec: http://displaylink.org/forum/showthread.php?t=6533201:43
dfmminimec: this is the problem I am running into01:43
minimecdfm: Unfortunately I cannot help you. Not only is my setup completely different (I only have a additional Lenovo USB screen), but I would also have to register to the Displaylink forum, and I don't want that...01:50
dfmminimec: no worries, thanks for checking01:51
minimecdfm: No problem ;)01:51
stranglerfishhey there. i am having a fairly serious problem atm01:57
stranglerfishall of a sudden, whenever i try to open my terminal, it launches and immediately closes01:57
stranglerfishif i try ctrl+alt+f1 or f2, and login, it immediately logs me out01:58
stranglerfishI have no idea how i can browse things like bashrc or anything to try and figure out how to fix this01:58
EriC^^!recovery | stranglerfish01:59
ubottustranglerfish: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode01:59
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exxxithello everyone I have a ubuntustudio machine but I cant get sound from the speakers nor headphones can I get any info here on where to look for help solving this issue? thanks02:02
xadad2x21eXhello, I'm looking for a automatic wallpaper changer for Xubuntu 17.04. Thanks.02:08
kostkonxadad2x21eX, variety, wallch, etc. etc.02:09
xadad2x21eXkostkon: thank you kostkon :)02:11
kostkonxadad2x21eX, np02:11
exxxitthis has been going on for a while02:12
exxxitI have non sound on my machine02:13
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uxfiHow do change username on Ubuntu from user@host.com to joe@user.com?02:15
uxfiif there is only one user02:15
stranglerfishanyone have any idea how to fix?02:17
rajwhich .ini files are commented with ;? I thought they are mostly all commented with #?02:17
uxfihi raj02:19
Bashing-omstranglerfish: What was the result of attempting to boot via recovery mode ?02:20
exxxitany helpplease?02:20
Bashing-om!sound | exxxit Seen the tutorial ?02:21
ubottuexxxit Seen the tutorial ?: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.02:21
exxxitdid it all already02:21
exxxitor wouldnt be here02:21
TechnicusHello I am having a problem with dolphin. I am experiencing this bug: < https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-runtime/+bug/1450085 >.  I have tried: `ssh-keygen -f "$HOME/.ssh/known_hosts" -R server` and `ssh -o HostKeyAlgorithms=ssh-rsa user@server`, but the bug persists.  How can I fix this? The bug report is for Ubuntu, however I am on an Arch build.  I also asked the question on #kde and #archlinux.02:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1450085 in kde-runtime (Ubuntu) "kio_sftp can't connect to hosts after OpenSSH 6 has cached their ECDSA key" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:22
stranglerfishnevermind i fixed it02:28
Bashing-omstranglerfish: Tell all please .02:29
platzmy SSD drive is doing some wierd 20 second pauses, what is going on ? https://gist.github.com/jonschoning/305d0d006b35e3956f17a1de88bbe6da02:32
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Bashing-omplatz: AHCI enabled in bios ? Bad connection on the sata cable ? Bad sata cable ? fsck run clean ?02:36
kostkonplatz, first thing they recommend on the forums is to make sure that the drive mode in your bios is set to ahci instead of ide02:36
kostkonplatz, ssd, errors about trim... could be that it's set in ide mode02:37
platzah, ok will check bios, thanks02:40
mintold computer crapped out, got a new system. I want to do a fresh install, how do I migrate the user folder from the old to the new?02:40
cfhowlettmint copy/paste to a usb.02:40
mintcfhowlett: What do I need to do on a new install to make sure it can be accessed?02:42
cfhowlettpaste it to your new /home.02:43
mintOk. on install simply create the same username password?02:43
uxfiCan I change the user name  if Im the only user and how would I do that safely?02:43
mintcfhowlett: would it behoove me this time to put home on a separate partition?02:44
cfhowlettmint, your machine, your choice.  IMHO, yes.02:44
cfhowlettuxfi, https://askubuntu.com/questions/659454/how-to-safely-change-username-and-hostname02:44
uxficfhowlett yes I am in that page, when it says "To change username (it is probably best to do this without being logged in):02:45
uxfiwhat do i do if I am logged in?02:45
cfhowlettuxfi, boot from an ubuntu live USB02:46
cfhowlettthe chroot to the session02:46
uxficfhowlett  this is Ubuntu server02:46
cfhowlettuxfi, ahhh.  I'm not worthy to advise.  ask #ubuntu-server02:46
tgm4883uxfi: create a tmp user, login as that user, do the rename, login as your regular user, delete tmp user02:47
tgm4883uxfi: or create new user, copy your stuff over, fix ownership and delete old user02:47
uxfiToAruShiroiNeko  I jsut want ot change user name02:48
tgm4883uxfi: ok, and you have instructions on how to do that02:48
uxfitgm4883 but if i do it when I am lgoged in is that a bad risk?02:49
stranglerfishBashing-om, it was just a script i'd added to a folder02:49
tgm4883uxfi: IDK, that's why I said make a tmp user02:49
stranglerfishwhen my terminal runs it does source *.sh to that folder02:49
stranglerfishi removed the script02:49
uxfiok tp I made a temp user02:52
uxfinwow what?02:52
uxfitgm4883 *02:53
uxfinow what do I do?02:53
uxfitoIm logged in to bob account tgm4883  and the user name i want to change is the other account so what od i do?02:53
uxfiif I am logged into bob account02:53
Bashing-omstranglerfish: :) ,, Glad ya fingered it out .02:58
uxfitgm4883 usermod: user mitraj is currently used by process 186102:58
uxfiwhat od I do?03:00
uxfiI cant change my user name03:00
uxfiok now i gave the temeproary account sudo access can I delete  the origianl one???03:25
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mintcfhowlett: I have finished the install with a separate partition, and the same user name as the old hdd. You are saying that now I simply copy all the files from the old drives user home dir to the new>03:39
cfhowlettyep.  that will carry over your data and configs.  then logout/login to test03:40
mintIs that because the username / password is stored in the system to unlock the users files?03:41
uxfiQuestion when I delete a account from  Ubuntu (the original admin account) and make a new account will I still get the default ifnormation when I log in (Packages need to be updateD) ?03:44
uxfiQuestion when I delete a account from  Ubuntu (the original admin account) and make a new account will I still get the default ifnormation when I log in (Packages need to be updateD) ???03:57
cfhowlettaccounts and repos not connected.03:58
uxficfhowlett  also how would I transfer my ZNC configuration?03:59
uxfifrom my old to new account03:59
cfhowlettno idea.  never heard of ZNC03:59
uxfiits an IRC protocol for bouncers/aka clients to connect04:00
uxfiin a snese its a mini IRCp rocess that keeps you logged in04:00
cfhowlettsounds like copy/paste should do04:00
uxficfhowlett  hm btu what direcotry? also will var/ww be affected?04:00
uxfias I run a website too04:00
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mintcfhowlett: I am now copying files from old hdd to new, The old shows the owner as user #1000, the new permission shows as root. I have yet to reboot into the new OS04:08
cfhowlettmint, permissions is your issue04:09
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions04:09
mintcfhowlett: Still copying files over, I should then be able to reboot, and once logged in change file ownerships?04:18
cfhowlettmint, you might need to address file ownerships.  I experienced that when I reformatted.  once I identified the issue, it was a simple CLI fix04:20
cfhowlettbtw: how many users do you have?04:22
mintcfhowlett: I can presumably still boot from my old hdd (it connected via a usb cradle), and then from there change the permissions of the new hdd user home?04:25
cfhowlettoh, yes, the reboot should be painless.  only issue is ***possibly*** file permissions04:26
cfhowletteasily correctable04:26
mintok, will reboot and be back in a bit I hope04:26
cfhowlettfingers crossed04:28
tom_cfhowlett: It's mint, booted but with errors, and no icons in tray04:30
cfhowlettsame ubuntu versions, right?04:31
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cfhowlettI use xubuntu, not unity so I'm unfamiliar with the behavior.  You might need to manually populate the tray, but ask the channel in general04:32
Haakon59Hello! My first time using this chat app!04:37
cfhowlettHaakon59, ubuntu support here.  ask your support question04:37
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Haakon59I was just wanting to try out this chat app.04:38
uxfiCna osmeone help me? I jsut made a new user and no hoem direcoty was created and I have root acess04:38
uxfiwhat do i do?04:38
blkadderuxfi How did you make the user?04:39
Haakon59are there different channels? Topics for chat? etc.04:39
uxfiblkadder  sudo useradd04:39
uxfithen i gave the user sudo privldeges04:39
uxfibecause I want to change my hostname04:39
cfhowlettHaakon59, this is not the chat channel.  perhaps join #ubuntu off-topic04:39
cfhowlett!ot | Haakon5904:39
cfhowlettuxfi, wait, what?  no home directory???04:39
ubottuHaakon59: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:39
uxficfhowlett  at least I dont think zo04:40
uxfiI cant even make a znc config04:40
uxfiit gives me a error Please specify an alternate location (or "stdout" for displaying the config) [.znc/configs/znc.conf]:04:40
uxfioh wait04:40
Haakon59Tnanks for the tips. I will try to learn. Thank you.04:41
cfhowlettHaakon59, happy2help!04:41
uxfiI see cfhowlett well I see the other user that i thought I deleted and their settings04:41
uxfiwhat do I do?04:41
Haakon59OK, not the chat channel. I will look to find. Thanks04:41
cfhowlettuxfi, can you login to the new user?04:41
cfhowlettuxfi, so "no home directory" means ... ?04:42
uxfiI dont see .. any04:42
uxfihow do. Icheck/04:42
cfhowlettuxfi, ls -h04:43
uxfiactually cfhowlett  home... when I do /home "cd /home"04:43
uxfiI see the otehr 2 users I thought I deleted04:43
uxfiwhat do I do? delete those 2?04:43
cfhowlettdelete nothing!!04:43
blkadderuxfi Did you use deluser to remove the other 2?04:44
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blkadderBecause by default it doesn't remove the home directories if you delete a user.04:44
uxfiI think so blkadder04:45
blkadderOut of an abundance of caution. :-)04:45
cfhowlettuntil you have this sorted.04:45
uxfibc when I log in it tells me udpates are avlaiabele etc04:45
blkadderDid you use useradd or adduser?04:46
blkadderThey are different.04:46
uxfiuser add blkadder  I think04:47
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uxfiOr add user04:48
blkaddercat /etc/passwd | grep username04:48
uxfino /etcc blkadder04:48
blkadderDoes the directory in the result exist?04:48
blkadderSo it created the directory then.04:49
blkadderOr you are using one that already exists...04:49
uxfiblkadder  I get this jay:x:1001:1001:Joe Dianiels ,,,:/home/jay:/bin/bash04:49
blkadderSo /home/jay exists correct?04:50
blkadderSo you have tried logging in as user jay?04:51
uxfiit works04:51
uxfishould I delete the other 2 users?04:52
blkadderuxfi What other 2 users?04:53
uxfier 1 user04:53
uxfithe old user...04:53
uxfithe original admin suer I wanted to change my ostname so I made a new user account04:53
uxfiactually blkadder04:54
uxfilet me try something04:54
uxfiblkadder  can I copy my old user direcotry /home to the new account?04:54
uxfiand use that direcotry with all my old settings i nit/04:54
blkadderPossibly, but the specifics matter.04:55
blkadderWhy did you create a new user in order to change the hostname?04:55
blkadderThat doesn't seem to make a lot of sense.04:55
blkadderBut I may be missing something.04:56
uxfisorry blkadder  username04:56
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uxfianyways what should I do?04:56
blkadderWhat is it that you are trying to accomplish?04:56
blkadderI don't have a good understanding of that...04:57
uxfiblkadder  I want to transfer my old home direcotry to the new account where im the admin...04:57
uxfiits all emssed up04:57
uxfihoem has 2 things blkadder04:57
uxfijay and the old user04:58
uxfiwhat should I do?04:58
blkadderSo you need to make sure to check your spelling on these things because you could end up in a bad place if you aren't careful.04:58
blkadderSo I think you mean /home, correct?04:59
uxfijay has a home04:59
uxfisince I cd /hoem04:59
blkadderWhat is the home directory of the old user?04:59
uxfiblkadder old stuff irssi configs znc etc but nothing really05:01
uxfinothign I need05:01
blkadderuxfi ls -al /home05:01
uxficfhowlett https://i.imgur.com/U9KSWVm.png05:02
blkadderSo mitraj is the old account?05:02
blkadderAnd /home/mitraj contains all of the files that you want to move?05:03
uxfiI already made copeis of them earlier05:03
uxfiI dont need anything in home/mitraj05:03
uxfiso now what cfhowlett ?05:04
uxfidelete the old user?05:05
uxfier the folder05:05
cfhowlettuxfi, work with blkadder - he seems to have skillz05:06
nrubin29I've been trying to make a service (which would start at boot) that spawns a screen, but I get an error from `screen`: "Must be connected to a terminal."05:06
uxfiblkadder any ideas/05:06
jnewti can't start firefox when connected to my desktop remotely (segmentation fault).  someone suggested i run it with strace.  I did, there is a huge output.  what do i do with this?05:06
blkadderuxfi,  So can you login as user jay and are the files that you need and want in /home/jay?05:07
uxfiI think so05:07
blkadderBecause earlier you said you needed to transfer files but it sounds like you already did.05:07
blkadderSo if you are confident all the files have been transferred to the new account/directory then yes you can delete the old user.05:08
uxfionly thing I need to do blkadder  is regenereate ssh keys05:08
uxfianwyays what should I do delete the old folder blkadder ?05:08
nrubin29Anyone here know how to deal with services and screens?05:08
blkadderuxfi Do you want to delete the old account as well or just their files?05:09
uxfiblkadder  just the fiels I already deleted the account05:09
blkadderuxfi What's the directory name?05:10
uxfi  /home/mitraj05:10
mojtabaI am having difficulty moving photos from iOS 10.3.2 to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. (I could do that with iOS 9) Does anybody know what should I do?05:11
blkaddercd /home; rm -rf ./mitraj05:11
cfhowlettuxfi, carefully.  VERY carefully ...05:11
victorqueirozAnyway I can have Ubuntu rendering font on Debian?05:11
victorqueirozFont rendering on Debian s*cks05:11
cfhowlettvictorqueiroz, question for #debian not for #ubuntu05:11
uxfiwith sudo cfhowlett ?05:12
jnewthere's the strace output: https://paste.ubuntu.com/24640795/  can anyone here make sense of that?05:12
uxfier blkadder05:12
blkadderuxfi If you aren't root then yes.05:12
uxfiah right I forgot to root up05:13
uxfiok done05:13
uxfinow what?05:13
blkadderWhat was "done"?05:13
uxfiI deleted the folder for the old user05:14
uxfibut now for example whe n ido znc --makeconf I get this error05:14
uxfilease specify an alternate location (or "stdout" for displaying the con05:14
blkadderWell then you should be done. If you are having znc issues that's a separate topic I imagine...05:15
blkadderIf you just copied things over and the old directory was in your znc config then you would need to adjust to reflect the new directory05:16
blkadderBecause you just deleted the old one.05:17
mojtabaI am having difficulty moving photos from iOS 10.3.2 to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. (I could do that with iOS 9) Does anybody know what should I do?05:17
tom_cfhowlett: I got it all to work, at least from what I can tell, thanks!05:19
strknmcli show eth0 # shows me IP4.ADDRESS[1] and IP4.ADDRESS[2], where are them fetched from ?05:24
strkI'm trying to debug why dhclient is not getting the reserved address I instructed the router to assign05:24
LucuuuHello guys, i have one question, what is default communicator in Ubuntu 14.04 ?05:26
LucuuuI know it starts with e05:26
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geirhaLucuuu: Communicator? ... Evolution?05:33
LucuuuI just found it, its empathy :-)05:34
* blkadder was voting for Emacs05:36
uxfiNow hwo do I make ssh key?05:36
uxfiI dont have a ssh folder05:36
uxfier ssh keys added blkadder  how do I make a new one/05:36
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for its homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)05:37
uxfithe keys arent working05:41
blkadderuxfi You have been a bit all over the map with your issues/questions. Did you fix the ownership and permissions issues on the directory we were PM'ing about?05:42
uxfiI fixed that05:43
uxficheck the Pm blkadder05:43
blkadderOk, so what precisely is the ssh issue?05:44
blkadderWhat are you trying to do and how?05:45
uxfiblkadder  I already amde a ssh key on the VPS but i want to log in wit htaht key so I placed the key in authrozied key on my host OS and its not logging in05:46
blkadderWhat are the permissions on ~/.ssh and ~/.ssh/authorized_keys?05:48
v00d00* marquezini2 has quit (Remote host closed the connection)06:00
v00d00drwxr-xr-x 60 user grp  4096 May 24 00:50 ../06:00
v00d00-rw-------  1 user grp  7460 Apr 24 22:02 authorized_keys06:00
v00d00-rw-------  1 user grp  1679 Oct 14  2016 id_rsa06:00
v00d00-rw-r--r--  1 user grp   393 Oct 14  2016 id_rsa.pub06:00
v00d00-rw-------  1 user grp 20200 May 18 07:09 known_hosts06:00
cfhowlettv00d00, use paste and give a context for your issue06:00
v00d00response to previous request blkadder06:01
blkadderv00d00, My request was of someone else, sorry.06:03
v00d00No problem06:04
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_01101011_2 gpu's a screen pluged into each gpu bolth screens work but only the first gpu gets utilized,foss amd drivers, xorg,, any idea's06:20
archpcis it weird that I run Ubuntu server on bare metal with Windows in a VM with PCI passthru and sometimes run VMs ontop of Windows06:20
cfhowlettarchpc, does it work for you? then no06:21
_01101011_archpc: nested vm it's called06:21
archpc_01101011_, I wasn't sure of the term, thank you :D06:21
juliocan anybody help me with remmina?06:33
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
hateball!details | julio06:36
ubottujulio: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.06:36
juliohateball i have bitvise in a windows machine and i want to use that profile in bitvise to configure remmina06:37
julioubottu i have bitvise in a windows machine and i want to use that profile in bitvise to configure remmina06:38
ubottujulio: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:38
=== anonymous is now known as Guest87935
Guest87935can u help me to install goldeneye on ubundu?06:42
Guest87935i m using backbox06:42
KennyQis it a .exe?06:42
ducasse!backbox | Guest8793506:42
ubottuGuest87935: Backbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.06:42
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=== guna is now known as Guest12001
Guest12001launcher searcch icon is missing, anyway to get it back?06:47
_01101011_I installed ubuntu and my CPU temp says 121C is that ok ?06:47
julioi have bitvise in a windows machine and i want to use that profile in bitvise to configure remmina06:49
ducasse_01101011_: if it's really that high, i'm surprised your system hasn't shut down06:49
_01101011_ducasse: was jest joking aroud, board... :/06:50
cfhowlett_01101011_, do not do that here.  !ubuntu-offtopic for chitchat/jibberjabber06:51
midlergitiangood day, i seem to encounter a strange error. i use ubuntu 16.04 with default gnome desktop, at login screen i get prompted for default keyring password (i have fde) and i know it wants password for vpn connection which is set to be default with my wired conn, and it starts even before i enter my user account credentials, this is all okay, BUT the problem is that it doesnt accept the password i enter, says password is incorrect... though when i06:51
midlergitianclick cancel a few times, i enter my pw for vpn manually and then login to my user session, go to password and keys, and there it is , my login keychain i can accesss and lock/unlock using the SAME password it wouldnt accept before... any ideas how can i solve this? i tried changing password several times, i did remove keychain and created new one, but it seems to not be working, i still get prompted for some "default-keychain" which is which? :/06:51
Guest12001launcher search icon is missing, anyway to get it back?06:52
freddy_I keep getting "Error: Fontconfig warning: ignoring UTF-8: not a valid region tag" on Ubuntu server. I tried all the solution mentioned here https://github.com/ariya/phantomjs/issues/13433 and other places but no luck06:53
FuraiHey, do I have to be in the input group to be able to use controllers?06:53
freddy_Do anyone have any idea about it06:54
guna_launcher search icon is missing, anyway to get it back?06:55
guna_ HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 4.8.0-52-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "xenial" 16.04 ** CPU: 4 x AMD A8-6410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics (AuthenticAMD) @ 1.80GHz ** RAM: Physical: 3.3GiB, 54.3% free ** Disk: Total: 30.0GiB, 75.0% free ** VGA: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Mullins [Radeon R4/R5 Graphics] ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA ATI HDMI1: HDA-Intel - HD-Audio Generic ** Ethernet: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.06:56
guna_RTL8101/2/6E PCI Express Fast/Gigabit Ethernet controller ** Uptime: 15m 9s **06:56
ducasseguna_: don't do that06:56
guna_im new to this06:57
guna_launcher search icon is missing, and its just annoying me06:57
guna_anyone here to guide?06:59
ducasseguna_: just be patient, and someone will answer. it's still early morning in europe, so not too many active people atm.07:00
midlergitianits 10am, that is early? :)07:00
cfhowlettmidlergitian, strangely enough, it's not 10 am all over the ubuntu user world07:00
guna_okay, its already noon here07:02
midlergitiancfhowlett, ducasse said that its early morning in europe, i just pointed out that it is not early morning in europe.07:02
ducassemidlergitian: cet is 9, which is early enough07:03
midlergitianyou said it like it was 5 am and everyone is sleeping07:03
ducassemidlergitian: is this necessary? i didn't say people were sleeping, i said they weren't active yet.07:04
cfhowlettI think it's safe to say ... time to move on!07:06
mrji cant to sleep07:07
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guna_launcher search icon is missing, anyway to get it back?07:20
beilabsTrying to install libmagickwand-dev on ubuntu 16.04; everything is updated and upgrade.  I'm getting libmagickwand-dev : Depends: libmagickwand-6.q16-dev but it is not going to be installed07:20
beilabsNot sure where to go to from here with it ^^07:21
ducassebeilabs: first try just adding libmagickwand-6.q16-dev to the apt install line07:24
beilabsducasse, dependency hell... libmagickwand-6.q16-dev : Depends: libmagickcore-6.q16-dev (= 8: but it is not going to be installed07:24
beilabsit goes like that all the way up the stack.07:24
ducassebeilabs: have you added any ppas?07:25
beilabsI did; i removed them from sources list and regenerated the sources....07:26
beilabssame problem07:26
beilabsthough this version is standard in 16.04 i would have though07:26
ducassebeilabs: it wouldn't help to just remove the entries if you don't also remove installed packages. there's most likely a conflict between something installed from a ppa and these repo packages07:27
hateballyou'd want to use ppa-purge to remove the packages and not just the entries in sources07:28
hateballalso you can use apt-cache policy <package> to show where it's coming from07:29
FuraiHey, do I have to be in the input group to be able to use gamepad controllers?07:29
beilabshateball, easy way to list all ppa sources?07:30
beilabsfrom the terminal07:30
beilabsbtw; both packages are straight from the ubuntu archive directly07:31
ducassebeilabs: yes, but some dependency isn't, preventing these packages from installing07:32
ducasse!cn | one80807:35
ubottuone808: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw07:35
ducasseFurai: i think they're just seen much the same way as mice, as far as x11 goes07:37
beilabsducasse, hmmm; there is a heap of old kernels on this system, might have been using an older one by default...possible impact?07:39
Furaiducasse, yeah, that's what I think as well.07:40
ducassebeilabs: not very likely07:40
beilabsnope; not the issue.  There are now only 5 repos being pulled; all ubuntu archive ones...still the same issue / dependency problem07:42
ducasseFurai: have you tried checking if x can see it with 'xinput list'? you could also just read the x logs.07:42
ducassebeilabs: did you purge any ppa packages?07:43
beilabsbesides removing the source list07:43
ducassebeilabs: i already told you that isn't enough.07:43
beilabstrying to list all the current ppas.07:43
=== guna is now known as Guest70748
ducasse!ppa-purge | beilabs07:43
ubottubeilabs: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html07:43
Furaiducasse, yeah, I don't see one controller with xinput list.07:46
ducasseFurai: is the module for it loaded?07:47
FuraiI had xpad blocked long time ago for xboxdrv but the Razer Raiju Controller worked anyway.07:49
FuraiI'm not really sure what's going on here.07:49
FuraiIn 16.04 it was working, after upgrade to 17.04 I think it stopped.07:49
ducasseFurai: try rmmod'ing the module then loading it again, see what is said in dmesg.07:50
FuraiRight now it sits blacklisted.07:51
FuraiCan I add it back on the go?07:51
ducasseFurai: yes, with insmod or modprobe07:51
Furaiducasse, thanks, will try it now.07:52
ducasseFurai: i have no idea which module your controller needs, i was hoping you did :)07:52
FuraiNo idea either and dunno how to check.07:52
ducasseFurai: what kind of gamepad? a generic one?07:53
FuraiRazer Raiju for PS407:53
ducassei would _guess_ that either is seen as a 'real' ps4 controller, or uses a generic driver.07:54
ducasseFurai: maybe try asking in #gamingonlinux? they probably know tons more about gamepads than i do.07:55
FuraiI blocked xpad because it wasn't giving me a way to define deadzones.07:58
hateballa DS4 (PS4 controller) should work ootb on a default Ubuntu install, I dont recall the module it uses tho07:59
hateballeven bluetooth should work07:59
FuraiOk, enabled xpad and xbox gamepads controllers worked out of box with steam/08:00
FuraiBut raiju still fails.08:00
FuraiI know it's added to all /dev/input08:00
FuraiAnd I can cat output there.08:00
hateballFurai: depending on the game you may need https://github.com/chrippa/ds4drv08:00
FuraiNah, I don't think I need that.08:01
FuraiThat's for bluetooth.08:01
hateballFurai: oh you're wired?08:01
FuraiOr maybe not, anyway, I'm telling you that it was working. I think Valve just broke something and that's all.08:01
hateballFurai: are you using ubuntus steam package, or from valve?08:02
FuraiOpened issue with them and I'll see what can be done.08:02
Furaihateball, wired08:02
FuraiAnyway, I should get to work now. Thanks guys for help.08:02
hateballFurai: well, have a look here https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/4689#issuecomment-27586339808:03
hateballFurai: if you use ubuntus package, it should come with udev rules, I am not sure if valves packaging does that08:03
hateballotherwise you'll need to add the rules manually08:03
Furaiudev rules seem to work fine08:04
FuraiBecause the gamepad looks to be named correctly in08:04
techbrunchjoin /framasoft08:18
golden_ticketHow do I update openssl from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2?08:26
sirru5hHowdy everyone08:31
golden_tickethey everyone! I'm Woody!08:32
golden_tickethowdy howdy howdy08:32
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bigjazzsoundgolden_ticket: what version of ubuntu are you on?08:42
golden_ticketbigjazzsound, one moment plz08:44
golden_ticketJust ran a command08:44
golden_ticketStill waiting for something to finish building08:44
golden_ticketbigjazzsound, got it myself. Thanks for the help08:49
golden_ticketsirru5h, I hope you find Andy08:49
bigjazzsoundgolden_ticket: no problem, I guess :)08:49
sirru5hwho is andy?08:51
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=== rvvate is now known as rvgate
bigjazzsoundHe is making a Toy Story joke08:55
sirru5hahh okay bigjazzsound08:56
b3zijoin #duckpro08:57
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Dualitymy boot hangs on something till a timeout is reached, how do i figure out what that is ?09:02
bigjazzsoundDuality: try `systemd-analyze blame`09:03
sirru5hcheck dmesg also09:04
pragomerhi. I installed ubuntu 16.04 as 2nd os on my macbook pro. I now want to add a grub2 menu entry for osx. how do I do that? I installed grub to mbr!09:05
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Dualitybigjazzsound: nice now i now what service is to blame :D09:05
=== newmdbk is now known as mdbk
hexorhey guys09:10
hexorthat's cool09:10
hexori never been here09:10
aplusphilcHelp in mounting external storage09:18
freakynlaplusphilc: unfortunately I'm not blessed with psychic powers. It might help if you describe your issue a bit more09:20
aplusphilcI managed to mount a drive and it all works fine where I can write and read files from the disk, then I changed mysql data directory to that disk but when I start importing data the disk sudenly become read only09:20
freakynlaplusphilc: check the output from 'dmesg'09:21
aplusphilcI managed to mount a drive and it all works fine where I can write and read files from the disk, then I changed mysql data directory to that disk but when I start importing data the disk sudenly become read only09:21
aplusphilcTried to format the disk but still behaves the same09:21
freakynlrunning databases on usb storage probably isn't too cool performance wise btw09:21
aplusphilcthis is what I see in dmesg09:23
aplusphilcso we have a server with pretty much small storage space and we requested for additional storage, so how to you configure this09:28
freakynlaplusphilc: ok, well 1) your disk has issues, see the EXT4-fs error. You might want to check it for badblocks, run 'smartctl -t long /dev/sdb', will take several hours to complete, check progress on / test results with 'smartctl -a /dev/sdb' and 2) apparmor might be in the way, but fix 1 first09:29
=== andyhuzhill1 is now known as andyhuzhill
freakynlaplusphilc: smart test aborts if you reboot, powercycle, etc. computer/drive. It will run on the disk itself (as in your prompt is returned immediately, but the test should remain running on the disk internally)09:31
tobeornottobeif i format my laptop using gparted, will it remove ubuntu itself?09:35
freakynltobeornottobe: possibly, depending on where it's installed and what you are going to do09:40
tobeornottobefreakynl:  here"s a screenshot http://i.imgur.com/TKxn8U2.png ..i'm thinking of formatting the ext4 one09:44
Dualitybigjazzsound: thanks, that helped me figure it out, and fast too :D didn't where to start, your a hero ! :D09:50
Dualitydidn't know*09:50
bigjazzsoundDuality: you are very welcome!09:51
beshoi need install any exe09:59
beshoi have 15.1009:59
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brunch875besho: it's hard to understand what you want. Is your question “how to run windows applications”? You can use wine for that10:01
bazhanghe left10:01
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dhulqarnaindo any one know the meaning of life10:14
bazhangdhulqarnain, thats not topical here10:15
dhulqarnainplease i am having existential crisis10:15
dhulqarnaini believe you guise are smart10:15
bazhangdhulqarnain, this is ubuntu support only10:15
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rockyhIf I use sssd for authentication with LDAP, but local (and local sudo) authentication should still be possible10:18
rockyhcan I disable nscd?10:18
rockyhI run Ubuntu 16.0410:18
rockyhso with systemd10:18
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ChanakyaBTCI have installed Ubuntu a few times before but for the past two days I have had problems with getting it running10:21
=== anug is now known as guna13
fallentreeChanakyaBTC: what kind of problems?10:23
ChanakyaBTCI have a specific machine where the live image did not work, and so I tried the netinstaller image which worked and sucessfully installed Ubuntu. However, I had to recently reset that machine with a package on Github called Resetter. It worked but it actually generated a random password to login with. I noted this password incorrectly and lost access. I went ahead to do a clean installation10:24
ChanakyaBTCand have tried everything I could've but its not working10:24
=== guna13 is now known as anug
fallentreeChanakyaBTC: please define "not working"10:25
ChanakyaBTCfallentree: Okay so I tried doing a clean installation via the Live image and the NetInstaller image. The Live Image ends up freezing on the Ubuntu logo and the NetInstaller image often comes with either a kernel panic error or another error10:26
fallentreeChanakyaBTC: sounds like faulty or unsupported hardware. can you pastebin or screenshot the error?10:27
BluesKaj'Morning folks10:29
ChanakyaBTCfallentree: The last one I tried was the live image which ended in Kernel Panic Fatal Exception in Interrupt10:30
fallentreeChanakyaBTC: yeah, faulty or unsupported hardware, sorry no idea how to debug further.10:33
hateballChanakyaBTC: Have you ran a memtest?10:38
hateballChanakyaBTC: have you checked your HDD (assuming thats what you have) with smartctl?10:38
hateballChanakyaBTC: What type of GPU do you have? Sometimes you need to boot with !nomodeset for the live (and installed) version to show you a picture until you can install restricted drivers10:39
cloudbudi want to enable a service at boot but im getting chkconfig command not found10:46
=== lu is now known as Guest83140
fallentreecloudbud: it's update-rc.d on pre-systemd debian based systems, or `systemctl enable` on 15.04 and newer (systemd)10:48
cloudbudits 1410:48
fallentreealso note that services are enabled automatically on installation. you should really only do it manually if you're writing a custom service.10:49
cloudbudfallentree : its ubuntu1410:49
fallentreecloudbud: so that's pre-systemd then. there's also upstart.10:49
cloudbudfallentree how to use that10:55
hiruhello I'm having a error on ubuntu-gnome that occurred on normal ubuntu too http://i.imgur.com/V2KIAbJ.png10:57
hiruwhat is it?10:57
hiruI just installed everything10:57
fallentreecloudbud: are you developing a custom service? all packages that have runnable services enable them automatically on installation.10:57
cloudbudi have installed elastic serach using tar.gz10:58
yocs0000is it possible to upgrade directly from kubuntu to ubuntu?10:58
BluesKajupgrade? heh  tha's funny10:59
yocs0000(from kubuntu 16.10 to ubuntu 17.04)10:59
ChillidownAnyone use GNOME?10:59
hiruI installed ubuntu gnome11:00
fallentreecloudbud: I'm assuming you mean this, there's ubuntu package available (probably with all services set up), so perhaps use that:  https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/install-elasticsearch.html#install-elasticsearch11:00
yocs0000BluesKaj: from kubuntu 16.10 to ubuntu 17.0411:01
BluesKajyocs0000, do you have separate / and /home partitions ?11:03
yocs0000BluesKaj: yes11:05
eversonHi I've installed openssh-server on my one server but I can't ssh into it with its root user despite PermitRootLogin being set to yes (and root user enabled directly on the server itself)11:06
fallentreeeverson: and root having a password and having unlocked account? also, if you really must log in as root (not recommended), never use passwords, but keys.11:07
BluesKajyocs0000, then just install ubntu to / and set the mountpoint for /home in the manual partitioning phase without fornatting it. You'll have some work to do afterwards however , desktop wise etc11:07
eversonfallentree, yup noted regarding risks - it's just for a local lan box11:07
eversonfallentree, so we've enabled the root account afaik - best way to test this on the server?11:08
eversonfallentree, for example, I can switch to root with sudo su, but not sure if there's something else?11:08
yocs0000BluesKaj: yes, of course .... I could do that. My question is slightly different: is it possible to upgrade directly from kubuntu 16.10 to ubuntu 17.04?11:08
fallentreeeverson: the account must have a password, must be unlocked (passwd -u), PasswordAuthentication must be yes, UsePAM must be yes11:09
fallentreeeverson: sudo su uses your non-root credentials. check if root has a password.11:09
eversonfallentree, thanks will check that apprecaite the tips11:11
BluesKajyocs0000, not sure, unless you do-release-upgrade first then remove kde/plasma and install whatever DE you want afterwards11:13
latemuscanonical is funded by government, right?11:15
BluesKajyocs0000, make sure you update and upgrade your existing packages before upgrading the OS11:15
latemuscan buntu run androit kernel tho?11:16
latemusi want to update my shell11:16
latemusto android11:16
latemuscan ubuntu run android kernel11:17
BluesKajlatemus,  think not11:17
latemuswhich question are you answering11:18
latemusgovernment one/11:18
BluesKajthe kast one11:18
latemustoo bad. if ubuntu runs android kernel, i think more people would buy it.11:19
latemusthen no government funding would be as necessary11:19
latemusfor canonical11:19
BluesKajnobody buys ubuntu unless it's already installed on the device11:19
latemusis that really so11:20
fallentreeBluesKaj: I do, I pay on each dowload of new version ISO :)11:20
latemusthen you shold call the ploice for arrest stealing ubuntu people11:20
fallentreenow, shall we dispense with troll feeding and get on with support? :)11:21
latemusbut i didnt troll11:21
BluesKajfallentree, show us where you get your isos11:21
fallentreeBluesKaj: https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/contribute?version=16.04.2&architecture=amd6411:22
latemusby sister wanted to get ubuntu, but all the torrent links were broken11:22
BluesKajor pay for them, fallentree11:22
latemusso i said you have to pay for it and she couldnt11:22
fallentreeBluesKaj: you have a problem with me donating on each ISO download?11:22
latemuswhy are torrent links broken from ubuntu server if ubuntu is free11:22
akiklatemus: can you paste the link so i can test?11:23
eversonfallentree, thanks for the help earlier, it did the trick (basically just had to create a password for root user). Cheers :)11:23
akiklatemus: you don't have to use the torrent download option though11:23
fallentreeeverson: you're welcome :)11:23
latemusi forgot link but i dont have paste. it was for lubuntu torrent11:23
BluesKajDalekSec, well, canonical isn't charging you...that's voluntary on yur part11:23
BluesKajoops  fallentree^11:23
fallentreeBluesKaj: yup, it is :) I was just addressing the "nobody" part of your earlier statement ;)11:24
latemusBluesKaj: DalekSec but Canonical sells your data, thats why the cant charge you11:24
BluesKajscuse the misteken nick1234 DalekSec11:24
latemusreally you pay in privacies rather than moneycoints11:24
BluesKajoh lord.....11:25
latemusakik: the lubuntu docs beg you to use the torrents instead of direc donwlode11:25
BluesKajfallentree, blah blah '....11:25
akiklatemus: it's your choice how you want to download11:25
latemusno but the doc tells you to save money by not using dinec11:26
latemusall that government funding and still canonicla wasnt consitent11:26
latemusi rate it inlopy maybe, a C grade on my blog11:26
BluesKajlatemus, enough11:27
latemusC- or maybe.11:27
latemusBluesKaj: ?11:27
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:27
latemushow do i remove the commerciol data collection code from ubuntu11:27
latemuspls advise steps to remove11:28
Fuchslatemus: drop it11:28
BluesKajdon't use unity11:28
dooniehey, I have expanded my disk from 3 to 10gb, but cant use resize2fs cant do the expanding? https://cl.ly/kcFj/Image%202017-05-24%20at%201.29.00%20PM.png11:29
latemusFuchs: bro you run ubuntu?11:29
fallentreedoonie: is that a VM? you expanded the disk image on the host?11:29
Fuchslatemus: I don't11:29
doonieyes aws ec211:29
fallentreedoonie: you then have to expand the partition first, then the filesystem in that partition11:30
dooniecurrently running zfs on it11:30
latemusFuchs: whats your distro bro11:30
doonieyes xvdf is 10gb, but can't really get it to expand on the f111:30
Fuchslatemus: this here is a support channel, as people told you. Please stop with the off-topic.11:30
dooniefallentree: check this https://cl.ly/kbPB/Image%202017-05-24%20at%201.30.57%20PM.png11:31
fallentreedoonie: no idea what that means. anyway, resize2fs is not for zfs. for zfs you need to "online" the pool with a flag (which I forgot at the moment) that expands it all available size (determined by the container partition)11:32
doonieyeah I did that too, the autoexpand=on11:33
fallentreedoonie: zpool online -e  (see the manpage for more details)11:33
fallentreedoonie: btw, you using multiple "disks" for that zfs?11:34
doonieno just this 111:34
fallentreeisn't zfs a bit of an overkill then?11:34
doonieusing the dedup functionality11:34
fallentreedoonie: really? how big a dataset and how much ram?11:35
doonieas tiny as possible ;)11:35
fallentreezfs dedup requires gobs of RAM, recommended minimum 10GB and then 5-10 for each TB of space11:35
dooniewe use it as our staging server, 90% of files will be same, except changes, so no point to have a 50gb when it can dedup all files11:35
fallentreedoonie: I wonder what kind of use case is that with 90% of same files :)11:36
dooniephp development, loads of vendor files11:36
billydazHi all11:36
fallentreedoonie: like multiple sites, each having the same files?11:36
doonieright now using '6gb' of a 3gb disk11:36
doonieno just 1 project11:36
doonie1 branch for each new feature11:37
billydazPlease how do i run two different web applications on apache11:37
doonieanyhow need to fix this as we're offline with some things ;D11:37
golden_tickethow do I update murmur?11:37
doonielets see what I havn't tried11:37
fallentreedoonie: well, good luck with that. dedup is a very hungry and straining feature of zfs11:37
dooniefallentree: I still think the fdisk is the core of the problem, as it starts there with the expansion11:38
dooniededup is ok for use on a staging server and nothing else11:38
fallentreedoonie: if you can use datasets for each branch, rather use that and clone. cloned datasets do just what you described: only use space on changed blocks11:38
fallentreedoonie: fdisk... try parted, I think fdisk doesn't do gpt11:38
fallentreedoonie: I guess that'll do11:39
fallentreethere are so many of them. I mainly use parted for all my mbr and gpt partitioning needs :)11:40
doonienever used it :/11:40
fallentreebillydaz: that depends on a gazillion of factors, like what applications to begin with.11:42
billydazfallentree: I already have openvas running11:44
billydaznow i need ossec11:44
fallentreebillydaz: those run via apache? which language? php? python?11:45
nazarewkhow do i discover what configuration are packages built with?11:45
billydazfallentree: I dont get your question11:47
dooniefallentree: nice parted -l autofixed it, half way there now ;D11:47
billydazthe ossec is php11:47
fallentreebillydaz: well you asked how to run multiple applications "on apache", and then proceeded to name two. are those two running "on apache"?11:48
fallentreedoonie: nice! :)11:48
=== ayan is now known as Guest99187
LynkCan I install Xen in EFI mode?11:48
billydazfallentree: yes both are running on apache11:49
LynkI've tried that several times, but it stops at the ramdisk init11:49
fallentreebillydaz: and so my question is, as what? apache is a web server, not application server. it has the ability to pass on requested files to application servers, embedded like mod_php, mod_uwsgi, or via fastcgi, sgci, cgi, to an external application server.11:49
fallentreebillydaz: in which case you "just" need to properly configure each, following their documentation on how to integrate with apache web server.11:50
billydazfallentree: o ok11:50
billydazI am actually looking to publish the applications using apcahe web service11:51
fallentreebillydaz: sounds like off topic for this channel :)11:51
fallentreebillydaz: if you need specific help on how to use apache on ubuntu, might wanna ask in #ubuntu-server, but for specific application usages like those two, this is not the right place.11:52
billydazfallentree: ok thanks11:52
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest3090
dooniehmm still no autogrow gdarniiit11:55
fallentreedoonie: pastebin zpool status11:56
=== led2 is now known as led1
doonieany preffered pastebin without ads?11:59
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:59
fallentreedoonie: looks like you're using xvdf disk entirely, not individual partitions12:00
doonieonly part that cant grow is the xvfd1, rest seems to be ok, also set the autoexpand from on/off to on again12:00
dooniecorrect, whole disk is made by zfs12:01
doonieso it autocreated those 2 partitions12:01
doonieas far as I know12:01
fallentreedoonie: so you can't have partitions on it12:01
fallentreedoonie: if you made partitions on the vdev provider you probably nuked the zfs metadta12:01
doonieyea I didn't make them, everything is still working now12:02
fallentreedoonie: it's broken though, even if it's apparently "working", as zfs has backup superblocks12:02
fallentreedoonie: so nuke those paritions, reinstall the zpool on the xvdf provider, and use zfs datasets to "partition" it12:04
fallentreezfs is pooled, you don't need traditional (gpt) partitions with it12:04
fallentreedoonie: in fact, now that error makes sense. gpt has backup metadata at the end, so fdisk probably saw corrupt gpt tables because zfs overwrote them. you still "see" different partitions because of the backup gpt metadata at the end, so it's all apparently working, but it isn't12:06
fallentreereally, just use the entire xvdf for the pool, no partitions on it12:06
doonieok deleted pool12:07
dooniesure i dont need to do anything to xvdf now?12:07
dooniehmm how do i nuke xvdf12:07
fallentreedoonie: you need to erase gpt metadata. I'd advice clean it up with dd12:07
fallentreedoonie: you might need to reboot before you set up zfs, I don't know how to clear up the partition information the kernel already has.12:09
doonieyeah will do12:09
doonieah now I know why I had those partitions12:11
fallentreekeep in mind zfs is a "kitchen sink included" fs + volume manager + raid, all in one. so you create a pool with `zpool`, then you create datasets (analogous to partitions) with `zfs`, they all automount on /<pool-name>/<dataset>/.../..., but I suppose you know all that and how to change mount points if needed.12:11
dooniewhen trying to create pool12:11
doonie./dev/xvdf does not contain an EFI label but it may contain partition12:11
fallentreedoonie: is that a message you get when you `zpool create web-pool /dev/xvdf` ?12:12
doonieI had this last time, thats why I added the GTP table12:13
fallentreedoonie: you nuked xvdf with dd?12:13
doonieaccording to stackoverflow ;D12:13
dooniedd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/xvdf bs=512 count=112:13
fallentreeno, that nuked only the first 512 bytes. nuke all of it as gpt has backup blocks at the end, and zfs has in the middle, etc... so just wipe it clean.12:13
doonieah thats why it was so fast, only 1 count heh12:14
fallentreewithout erasing the entire drive you'd have to use zpool labelclear to clear the old pool metadata, then parted or something to erase gpt, then partprobe, and who knows what else, so it's easier to just wipe out it's only 10GB12:16
=== the_ant1 is now known as the_ant
dooniealso might need to use -f https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/ZFS#Does_not_contain_an_EFI_label12:16
fallentreethat wiki is a bit wrong, -f is for `zpool create` not `zfs create`12:18
fallentreeand it's possible you need it, yes, ZFS on Linux has its quirks12:18
doonie=) you are rirhgt12:18
doonieright even12:18
doonieok same error, but with -f it goes through12:19
dooniestill created the xvdf1 and 9 ;D but not at 10gb at least12:20
fallentreewhat created that?12:20
dooniezpool create12:20
=== Ekho- is now known as Ekho
fallentreedoonie: first time I see this12:21
fallentreethen again I exclusively work with encrypted datasets so all my vdev providers are LUKS containers12:22
fallentreedoonie: it's possible ZOL is creating that, like I said it has it's quirks, when you use entire disk with no partitions. In which case I wouldn't know how to resize such a set up.12:25
doonieyea as it is blocked by the 9 partition12:26
fallentreedoonie: in that case maybe it'd be better if you first created at least one partition and then used the partition for the vdev, not entire disk12:26
dooniebut others have this and succeeded too12:26
fallentreethen at least you'd have control over the partition and its size in the futre12:26
rojoI have the infinite login-loop issue. I can't even access the virtual terminal though.12:38
rojoShould I boot using the recovery mode kernel?12:38
BluesKajrojo,  it's worth a try12:38
rojoOkay. I think it is because I installed Nvidia drivers.12:39
rojoMaybe I'll purge them too.12:39
dooniethat's probably it :D12:39
=== mrJack1 is now known as mrJack
BluesKajrojo,  you might try nomodeset in grub in front of or in place of "quiet splash" if you can get to a vt/tty12:41
BluesKajdamn, he'was too quick for my typing spped12:42
BluesKajand spelling ;-)12:43
hatesecis it possible to teach myself the ccna12:43
=== thinkt4n_ is now known as thinktn4k
anugtar -xjvf command not found, any help?12:53
midlergitiananug, try tar xvzf and btw you dont need - with tar anymore i think12:56
BluesKajtar -zxvf yourfile.tar.gz, or,  tar xvfj file.tar.bz212:57
BluesKajdepends on the file extn12:58
BluesKajanug, ^12:58
anugokay, will be little hard to remember12:58
midlergitianso, x for .gz j for .bz2 ?12:59
FinalXeXtract, Verbosely, the following File12:59
FinalXno, z for gzip, j for bzip212:59
midlergitianye sry12:59
midlergitiani see now12:59
FinalXyou don't need the v, either, it just shows what it does12:59
midlergitianyep v is just for verbose12:59
midlergitiandont remember when i used bzip2 though13:00
* BluesKaj shrugs13:00
FinalXI actually use pigz for gzipping a lot13:00
anugowh, short form13:00
BluesKajas long as it works13:00
FinalXyeah but pigz is multithreaded and sometimes hundreds of times faster :)13:00
midlergitianyou can always check man tar :)13:01
BluesKajcorrection trolls ....maybe?13:01
FinalXcorrection trolls?13:02
BluesKajtoo much info can confuse the anwer13:03
anughow to setup toolchain13:03
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
BluesKajtoolchain for?13:04
anugcompiling android kernel13:05
anugi have the source, and trying to compile the kernel13:06
compdocsounds like a lot of work13:06
BluesKajofftopic for this chat anug13:06
anugyes it does13:06
anugleave it13:06
anugi just wanted to know how to setup toolchain13:07
anugsuggest any other channel for this?13:07
golden_ticketanug, ^13:08
anugyes golder_ticket13:09
golden_ticketinvite you to channel13:10
anugwhats there?13:11
BluesKajtoolchains are usually early in the release/testing phase of most OSs, if you can find an image even13:12
golden_ticketBluesKaj, I got him covered13:13
BluesKajgolden_ticket,  how?13:13
golden_ticketinvited him to #RosieOdonnellFans13:13
golden_ticketturns out he isn't a real fan. he got kb13:14
anugokay BluesKaj13:14
BluesKajwho is13:14
anugi dont know what the means13:15
BluesKajI meant in general13:15
PiciLets move on..13:15
anugthought golden_ticket was going to help13:15
BluesKajPici,  the voice of reason13:15
golden_ticketYou aren't a real Rosie fan. You can't receive my help13:15
derpesHey, has anyone here ever used nilfs for anything?13:16
anugokay golden_ticket, im not dependent13:19
FleuvHello, how do I replace the /etc/hosts file with dnsmasq (in ubuntu)? Im trying to setup a local domain (e.g. wordpress.local) what also manages subdomains (e.g. alpha.wordpress.local, beta.wordpress.local). This is my current /etc/dnsmasq.conf: https://pastebin.com/8S3HpUE713:25
fallentreeFleuv: I don't have any experience with dnsmasq, but why replace? Why not use /etc/hosts if it all resolves to
Fleuvfallentree: because I don't want to add the new wordpress domain everytime.13:31
fallentreeFleuv: quick googling suggests you need to prefix the domain with a dot, so eg. /.wordpress.local/13:33
fallentreeFleuv: the address= entry, that is.13:33
Fleuvfallentree: i tried that, but it doesn't matter if you use . or not.13:34
fallentreeFleuv: I'm sorry, I don't know then. But if it were me, I'd just use (ISC) Bind. You can set up wildcard RRs with it.13:35
saliakI’m trying to setup a linux box as a router (it was actually my router for many years, but has been out of use for the last 3).  i updated/upgraded the release, etc. but now it doesn’t seem to be working.  when i try to start isc-dhcp-server, it says “Job Failed to STart”, but I can’t find any log messages.  any ideas?13:35
Akumahello, I'm trying to join a samba domain, however I am experiencing an issue after following this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/sssd-ad.html - I'm getting this message when doing the "sudo net ads join -k" command: "Additional pre-authentication required"13:36
AkumaI've reviewed all the files and everything is according with the guide, my windows and mac computers connect to that AD fine13:36
Akumaany help would be appreciated13:36
ssureshotby installing ubuntu-desktop on a server OS, does that essentially make it the same dekstop as installing from desktop image13:37
leftyfbsaliak: tried looking in /var/log/sysog?13:37
leftyfbssureshot: pretty close.13:37
ssureshotgreat thanks13:38
saliakleftyfb: you know, it’s weird, all my log files (message, syslog, etc.) are empty..  what would be broken that would cause that?13:39
leftyfbsaliak: out of disk space?13:39
=== miguel is now known as Guest74388
saliakleftyfb: nope, 77G left13:40
leftyfbsaliak: filesystem read-only?13:40
leftyfbSnowboarder: can we help you with something?13:40
saliakleftyfb: nope, can write13:40
Guest74388not open firefox13:40
saliakleftyfb: is there some service that would have been turned off?13:40
saliakor could have been?13:40
leftyfbsaliak: rsyslogd running?13:40
saliakleftyfb: yeah13:41
leftyfbsaliak: look in dmesg to see if there are any disk or I/O errors13:41
leftyfbsaliak: type: dmesg13:41
saliakleftyfb: ah, there it is! isc-dhcp-server pre-start process (17757) terminated with status 1, whatever that means or how to solve :(13:46
leftyfbsaliak: if you're running ubuntu 16.04, try running journalctl -xe13:46
saliakleftyfb: says no journal files found13:47
leftyfbsaliak: you could try using strace to start and weed through the messages to find the issue13:47
leftyfbbut I'd be more concerned with why your logs are all empt13:47
leftyfbtry restarting rsyslogd13:48
saliakyeah, i agree.  that’s really bizzare13:48
leftyfbsaliak: have you not rebooted in a while?13:48
saliakno.  i think i’m going to do that now13:48
saliakgive it a fresh start13:48
alparslan2004selamün aleyküm14:01
alparslan2004host name14:02
alparslan2004selamün aleyküm14:02
alparslan2004selamün aleyküm kardeşim14:02
alparslan2004selamün aleyküm kardeşim14:02
leftyfbalparslan2004: please leave14:02
leftyfbalparslan2004: do you need help with something?14:03
alparslan2004host name14:03
leftyfbalparslan2004: you're going to need to articulate your question better than that14:04
alparslan2004thanks leftyfb14:04
=== czesmir_ is now known as czesmir
UNIcodeX_I have a hung process. kill -9 is not working on it... I'd rather not reboot the machine. advice?14:10
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest31586
BluesKajUNIcodeX_, does your DE incude a system monitor app that you can use to find the process and kill or terminate it14:12
UNIcodeX_headless. ssh. htop won't kill it either.14:12
mekhamii just upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04 on my desktop and now i'm stuck in a login loop. this has happened to me before and i don't remember how i fixed it14:13
thejmanHow the heck do I install spotify on linux?14:20
thejmanWHen I follow their instructions I get "Failed to fetch http://repository.spotify.com/dists/stable/InRelease  Clearsigned file isn't valid, got 'NOSPLIT' (does the network require authentication?)"14:21
thejmanFollowed by "Unable to locate package spotify-client"14:21
thejmanHaha I figured it out nevermind14:21
thejmanIts blocked by my network admin14:22
hiruI have a issue with ubuntu and the latest security update. after the install there is no grub on boot and I can't access the BIOS, again. I tried grub-repair and everything is successfull but at the end it tells me that boot ant boot/efi partitions are not at the beginning of the drive so bios might ignore them. someone told me to ignore those alerts because my drives are small enough I should not worry about14:22
hiruthis issue. anyway I lost my bios splash screen again. I solved this by unplugging everything (ram, vga and power cable) and resetting cmos yesterday. should I do the same or report this problem as a bug?14:22
sorvinHey. Anyone tried deploying 16.04 workstations with cobbler?14:25
Jack_Sparrow__hiru, I would not call it a bug until I looked at your sources list14:25
leftyfbhiru: I'm not that great at debugging EFI issues, but I can tell you that ubuntu updates will have absolutely zero affect on your BIOS splash screen or your ability to get into the BIOS config. That's not how computers work.14:25
Jack_Sparrow__leftyfb, agreed14:26
leftyfbsorvin: are you conducting a survey?14:26
sorvinleftyfb: no14:26
hiru:°D aah ok. maybe I should flash the bios and see what happens14:27
freakyyhi all. i have windows 10 latest update. and since some update of windows, my windows keeps overriding mbr on /dev/sda from grub to windows bootloader. how can i prevent that?14:27
Jack_Sparrow__hiru, NO14:27
hiruo7 okok14:28
leftyfbfreakyy: that is a Windows question14:28
hirujust an idea. someone told me it is probably a firmware issue14:28
Jack_Sparrow__hiru, Open a Terminal:   inxi -Fxxrzc0 | pastebinit     Provide link  -  So We can see what you are working with14:28
sorvinfreakyy, no real way of preventing that. just install linux after windows. unless you have some weird bios setting to lock the mbr (in which case windows will probably yell anyways)14:29
leftyfbJack_Sparrow__: inxi isn't installed by default14:29
freakyysorvin: no, windows will override the mbr14:29
freakyywhen i boto it14:29
freakyyi know how to get into grub14:29
sorvinfreakyy, oh, every time?14:30
sorvinfreakyy, odd. sorry haven't stumbled onto this14:30
hiruhere's the paste: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24644430/14:30
Jack_Sparrow__leftyfb, I need to make one od these for us..  read, https://git.io/v1qUo  & share the link output here.14:31
=== Zren_ is now known as Zren
freakyyook thanks14:33
leftyfbJack_Sparrow__: got a couple typo's and should tell how to install inxi14:33
Jack_Sparrow__hiru, This line scares me..  Active apt sources in file: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/yannubuntu-ubuntu-boot-repair-zesty.list14:33
Jack_Sparrow__leftyfb, agreed, will work on that later today14:34
hiruwhat do you mean?14:34
hiruI mean, why does it scare you?14:34
Jack_Sparrow__hiru, What kind of problems did you have to add that repo14:34
hiruthat's probably a rep for grub right? I only pasted what I found on the ubuntu wiki for repo14:35
Jack_Sparrow__adding ppas you find in a wiki and running scripts you dont understuand will lead to problem after problemwill14:38
hiruI just trusted the wiki. I'm not that good with linux14:39
hiruI'll login from the phone as hiru2 and try resettings CMOS like yesterday14:40
hiruthat fixed the issue14:40
Jack_Sparrow__Hello and welcome to Ubuntu14:41
Jack_Sparrow__!find c++15:00
ubottuFound: a11y-profile-manager-doc, a11y-profile-manager-indicator, account-plugin-facebook, account-plugin-flickr, account-plugin-google, accounts-qml-module-doc, accountsservice, accountsservice-ubuntu-schemas, accountsservice-ubuntu-touch-schemas, acct (and 28912 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=c%2B%2B&searchon=names&suite=zesty&section=all15:00
hiru2ok I'm back in the bios15:07
hiru2what should I have as first boot option?15:07
hiru2ubuntu, windows boot manager or ubuntu (again..?)15:07
=== geirha1 is now known as geirha
paqcitoI did one of the dumbest thing I can in my life.15:13
paqcitoI was reading on internet how to speed up rsync, and found this command "rsync -aHAXxv --numeric-ids --delete --progress -e  user@<source>:<source_dir> <dest_dir>"15:14
paqcitoWhich I typed and it show A LOT OF FILES, my FILES from my local machine and it said,15:14
paqcitosent 823,028 bytes  received 2,197,318 bytes  2,013,564.00 bytes/sec total size is 84,545,699,690  speedup is 27,992.0615:14
paqcitoWhat did I f... did?15:14
paqcitoWhat did I f.. do?*15:14
paqcitoI'm nervous leftyfb15:14
paqcitonacc: I thought I understood what I was doing, but I realized I didn't.15:15
leftyfbpaqcito: depending on what directory you pointed it to, it mirrored the remote directly, including deleting any local files that weren't on the remote directory you specified15:16
paqcitoleftyfb: Whatttttttttt?15:17
leftyfbpaqcito: good thing you have backups15:17
dionhow are you15:18
paqcitoleftyfb: It seems like I've still got my files on my local machine15:18
leftyfbdion: can we help you with something?15:18
paqcitoI copied from here https://gist.github.com/KartikTalwar/439311615:19
paqcitorsync -aHAXxv --numeric-ids --delete --progress -e  nameserver@ipserver:/home/user/archiveiwanttotransfer.sql /home/mylocaluser leftyfb15:20
dionIs there any indonesian language15:20
fallentreepaqcito: well, nothing beats firts hand education on how to not use random commands without understanding what they do. :)  Meanwhile, that affected only files under <destdir>/ . Hope that wasn't / and you didn't sudo :)15:20
paqcitoleftyfb: Actually I typed exactly like that one I sent here15:20
leftyfbpaqcito: that will definitely delete anything in /hom/mylocaluser that isn't called archiveiwanttotransfer.sql15:21
leftyfbdion: /join #ubuntu-indonedia15:21
leftyfbdion: /join #ubuntu-indonesia15:22
leftyfbfallentree: firts? :)15:22
fallentreewell, I paqcito won't go into #firts and find no-one there :)15:23
paqcitofallentree: You're so right!15:23
leftyfbpaqcito: good thing you have backups15:23
paqcitoleftyfb: Yes. Actually, I haven't backup this because it's my personal computer which I don't use that much.15:23
dionAsk for the channel15:24
leftyfbpaqcito: ah, good. Then you didn't lose anything important then15:24
paqcitoBut since I started work with Ubuntu here, I definetely gotta do it!15:24
leftyfbdion: /join #ubuntu-indonesia15:24
paqcitoleftyfb: My question is, I still see all my files like it deleted nothing from my computer. Why?15:25
dionthanks all15:25
leftyfbpaqcito: it should have deleted some, if you killed it. If you didn't kill it before it finished, then it should have deleted everything ... think15:25
leftyfbpaqcito: there's always testing15:25
leftyfbpaqcito: you should test it15:25
dumbhallo guys i have a question15:27
akikdumb: hi, we have answers. fire away15:28
akikoh wow that was unexpected15:28
leftyfbdumb: the answer is /part15:28
leftyfboh, he figured it out without my help15:29
paqcitoleftyfb: I didnt have time to kill it. It was faster than anything.15:30
paqcitoMaybe because I didnt type sudo?15:30
leftyfbnope, should have deleted everything. again, test it15:30
hiruhello, how can hide partitions from 'on this computer' window?15:31
leftyfbhiru: hide? what for?15:32
hiruas you can see the /boot/efi partition isn't there. why is /boot/ there?15:32
leftyfbhiru: what purpose would hiding anything there serve?15:32
hirudo I need a reason?15:33
naccleftyfb: well played15:37
naccleftyfb: sounds like they didn't want to mount /boot :)15:37
paqcitoleftyfb: I think anything was deleted, because this       --delete      This tells rsync to delete extraneous files from the receiving side (ones that aren’t on the sending side), but only for the directories that are being synchronized. You must have asked rsync to send the whole directory (e.g. "dir" or "dir/") without using a wildcard for the directory’s contents (e.g. "dir/*") since the wildcard is expanded by the shell and15:39
paqcitoWhat do you think about?15:39
leftyfbpaqcito: maybe because you specified a file15:40
leftyfbpaqcito: TEST IT15:40
paqcitoleftyfb: Dont get mad at me, I dont know how to test it. /shrug15:40
paqcitoI'd like to know or learn how to do it15:41
leftyfbpaqcito: create a local directory, put some files in it ... run the same command on the full path of that directory you just created15:41
paqcitoleftyfb: gonna do it15:41
leftyfbpaqcito: also, man rsync. There's a switch to tell it to only SHOW what it's going to do, instead of do it15:42
leftyfblike a trial run15:42
paqcitoleftyfb: i'm reading that. thanks15:47
paqcitoalso is there a way to filter info on a man page? like cat man rsync | grep debug15:47
eampaqcito: man rsync|grep debug15:48
paqcitoeam: thanks15:48
leftyfbpaqcito: better off opening the man page and searching by hitting / and the search query and enter.15:49
leftyfbpaqcito: if there's multiple results it finds, you can keep hitting / and ENTER to keep searching15:49
billydazI recently installed virtualbox on ubuntu server15:50
billydazhow can I assess the virtual box console15:50
cristian_cafter I've placed cpu, I've installed 17.04. Unfortunaterly, lm-sensors returns incorrect values for a10-780015:50
billydazas i am in a remote location15:50
cristian_cI've loaded the it87 module, but I don't know what are exactly cpu and gpu temperatures15:51
leftyfbbillydaz: what do you mean by "virtualbox console"?15:51
atralheavenHi, Can Ubuntu be installed on a logical (not a primary) partition?15:51
billydazThe virtualbox gui15:51
leftyfbatralheaven: yes15:51
saliakleftyfb: ok, took forever to check filesystem, but finally back up.  not sure what changed but useful error messages started showing up.  fixed some bugs in the dhcpd.conf and seems to work now!15:51
atralheavenleftyfb: thanks15:52
billydazI dont want to work with headless15:52
nacc!enter | billydaz15:52
ubottubillydaz: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.15:52
leftyfbbillydaz: so you want to access a GUI application on your Ubuntu desktop remotely? Something like VNC or teamviewer maybe?15:52
billydazubottu: sorry15:52
ubottuIt's ok, I am only a bot so I cannot stay mad at you. For apologising to humans though, take a read of https://web.archive.org/web/20170201184826/http://mdzlog.alcor.net/2009/07/20/on-apologies/15:52
cristian_cfor example, using 'sensors' command I can read:15:52
cristian_cAdapter: PCI adapter15:53
cristian_ctemp1:        +12.2°C  (high = +70.0°C)15:53
billydazleftyfb: yes. except it is ubuntu server15:53
leftyfbbillydaz: not if it's running a desktop environment ;)15:53
leftyfbnot in my book anyway15:53
akikbillydaz: you could install x2go on the server to access the remote desktop securely (it goes over ssh)15:53
cristian_cand: radeon-pci-000815:53
cristian_cAdapter: PCI adapter15:53
cristian_ctemp1:        +12.0°C  (crit = +120.0°C, hyst = +90.0°C)15:53
leftyfbbillydaz: why not use libvirt or lxc for virtualization as opposed to an outdated and stagnant project like virtualbox?15:54
billydazakik: Thanks15:54
leftyfbcristian_c: please use pastebin15:54
billydazleftyfb: I have not worked on them before but i could look at them and compare15:54
leftyfbbillydaz: you are better off if the goal is to run this efficiently on a "server"15:55
leftyfbbillydaz: Virtualbox requires a desktop environment. A desktop environment is a waste of resources on a server and some consider a security risk15:56
arunpyasi_HI guys, I have an issue, why does my wifi gets disconnected time and again15:56
leftyfbbillydaz: also, AFAIK, virtualbox isn't really meant to be an enterprise application15:56
cristian_cbut if I look at it87 super i/o section of the output I can read values as 41 °C for temp1 and 25 °C for temp3 about it8728-isa-0228 isa adapter15:56
compdocbillydaz, which desktop did you install?15:57
rbansal1Hi All,15:57
billydazcompdoc: when you say desktop, I am guessing you mean environment. I am on ubuntu server all just terminal15:58
rbansal1Is there a reason a Windows machine ignrore router advertisement packets.15:58
naccrbansal1: isn't that a question for windows?15:58
cristian_care there either incorrect values or do I spot not related values in the output? Any ideas?15:58
compdocbillydaz, x2go and vnc and the others are for desktops. use ssh for terminal15:59
rbansal1Not its  a question on radvd behavior for Windows.15:59
cristian_cleftyfb: what vakues have I to pastebin, exactly?15:59
leftyfbrbansal1: that is a #windows problem15:59
akikbillydaz: if your remote server is already a vm, virtualbox would not be a solution for you15:59
leftyfbcristian_c: outputs of commands beyond 1 or 2 lines15:59
naccrbansal1: me: "is it a question for windows?", you: "no, it's a question ... for windows"15:59
cristian_cleftyfb: ok, but what commands exactly?16:00
leftyfbcristian_c: any16:00
leftyfb!pastebin cristian_c16:00
leftyfb!paste cristian_c16:00
nacc!paste | cristian_c16:00
ubottucristian_c: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:00
akikx2go is used to access a remote desktop16:00
nacccristian_c: the point was to not paste them into the channel.16:00
* cristian_c asks himself what commands leftyfb has asked to himself16:00
billydazakik: my remote server is a physical ubuntu server16:01
leftyfbbillydaz: you should be using something like kvm/libvirt or containers(if the guest os is a supported linux distro)16:01
cristian_cnacc: anyway, I don't know what command outputs are needed16:01
cristian_cHas anyone any ideas about the issue?16:04
DreskUgh, I just can't do it anymore, upgrading, so much stuff breaks, the old rule of never upgrade an OS, fresh install, I must return to this.  Enough ranting - I just upgraded to 17.04 and 2 problems : 1) Every time my display powers off for energy saving, when it comes back on PulseAudio re-enables HDMI audio and messes everything up.  2) My mouse accel / speed sliders have no effect.16:12
leftyfbDresk: thanks for informing us of your decision?16:15
Dreskleftyfb: I do have questions on the end though!16:15
Wizard_Hey everybody. I've got some kind of funny problem. I have 2 laptops running Ubuntu 16.04, lets call them a and b. Laptop a have had Ubuntu for some time now but it's a old machine, laptop b is a newer machine and i JUST installed ubuntu on it, like 5min ago. I then have a "Renkforce rf-docking-07" device (Its a HDD docking station for USB).  Now for the problem, I have a HDD used mostly in IOS machines so i guess its formatted with H16:15
leftyfbDresk: not a single question detected in your post16:15
naccDresk: probably the 1) is rediscovery of your display ... i'm sure there is a way to configure pulse to consistently order audio sinks16:15
Dreskleftyfb: I do have 2 questions on the tail end16:16
naccDresk: for 2), it's possible you have some overrides in ~/ that maybe you did a while ago in a prior release? packages don't know about those16:16
paqcitoleftyfb: thanks, also -n didnt work, but I tested in the other way.16:16
Wizard_On laptop a it runs without any problems and show me the files right when pluged, but laptop b wont see anything16:16
naccDresk: you could try creating a new dummy userand test if they expereince the same thing16:16
Wizard_I've tried lsblk but it only shows me my intern drive16:17
paqcitoleftyfb: I did the test and it didn't delete anything, but this time since there are less files, it let me see what it did, it said at the beggining, "sending incremental file list", showed the files into the /testfolder and the same message at the end "sent 2,065 bytes  received 5,509 bytes  15,148.00 bytes/sec total size is 2,294,886,515  speedup is 302,995.31"16:19
paqcitoWe already know it didnt delete anything, but still curious about what it exactly did.16:19
SanshuHello everyone16:20
SanshuM using ubuntu 16.04 Lts and my wifi shows connected but its doesn't work. I have to turn off the wireless network option and then again connect to network and wifi starts working. This is occuring very frequently16:20
SanshuAnyone else facing this or knows a workaround16:20
SanshuM a new ubuntu user any help is appreciated16:21
wafflejockSanshu, you can pop up a terminal and we can get some more info that might help find an answer but don't know off hand16:23
Sanshu(wafflejock) can u tell me what commands i need to enter to get info16:25
wafflejockSanshu, write up here does a good job explaining journalctl the tool for looking at the system logs https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-journalctl-to-view-and-manipulate-systemd-logs  aside from that can check, lspci -k, to see a listing of your pci devices including kernel modules loaded16:25
wafflejockSanshu, with lspci -k, would be good to find the ethernet/wifi adapter and see what kernel module is loaded, with journalctl or journalctl --dmesg might be better you would possibly see some errors in the logs around when the wifi drops that may be related16:26
wafflejockbasically knowing 1 wifi chipset, 2 kernel module loaded, and 3 Ubuntu version can usually google to find related problems/fixes too16:27
SanshuOk thanks for giving a start.. Currently m connected so i assume the logs wont produce anything16:27
wafflejockSanshu, yeah good to take a look beforehand anyhow too just to get a feel for what is "normally" in there16:28
wafflejockbut probably won't see the problem then16:28
arunpyasi_has the VLC security fix been released to xenial ?16:28
arunpyasi_has the VLC security fix been released to xenial16:40
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wafflejockarunpyasi_, which issue?16:45
=== hamnstar is now known as bonzibuddy
wafflejockarunpyasi_, http://www.videolan.org/security/sa1601.html is hte latest I can find looks like a problem in the quicktime decoder allows a buffer overflow and possible arbitrary code execution https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2016/CVE-2016-5108.html appears to be in "triage" you need to be more specific if that's not what you're looking for though16:46
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arunpyasi_wafflejock, the subtitle one16:47
goiddoes ubuntu have power saving modes like windows16:50
wafflejockarunpyasi_, if it's not a security issue then typically small version bumps or minor fix releases don't get incorporated into the LTS repos from what I've seen usually if you need the latest you have to get it yourself if you are on LTS and then need to deal with any issues that come from that (ideally I get things from the source and build myself if need be, but is a pain when you need to upgrade)16:51
makrgoid something like this maybe? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PowerManagement/ReducedPower16:51
wafflejockgoid, yeah depends on your DE how you would access that in Gnome 3 I have a cpu indicator in my panel16:51
goidwafflejock: DE?16:54
makrFollowing problem: My server is 2x3TB in Raid0, want to change this to Raid1 without losing anything/setting everything up again, im using about 200gig right now. My idea would be to make a system-image from the current sys and then format, change to raid1 and restore from the image. is that correct or what would be the easiest?16:54
wafflejockgoid, sorry desktop environment, just the "shell" you're presented with, if you installed plain Ubuntu your DE is called Unity gives you the panel of application launcher stuff along the edge of the screen16:54
atralheavenI can't create logical partition on ubuntu, I already have two partitions which are for windows, I want one big partition for my data, and 3 partitions for linux (swap, home, root) so I have to use extended partitions, but I get error when I want to create it16:56
wafflejockgoid, Ubuntu has relatively recently decided to drop Unity in favor of Gnome 3, you can install multiple desktop environments and switch between them but typical to just find one you like and stick with it (Ubuntu has "flavors" or other releases with particular default DE, like Gnome, KDE, XFCE, LXQt, and other desktop environments)16:56
goidwafflejock: yeah, i have left sidebar16:56
goidI don't know about multiple deskptops, just want a UI to enable power saving for longer battery life16:57
goidI just to do basic browsing16:58
Bashing-omatralheaven: From a live environment pastebin ' sudo parted -l ' / So we see what we are working with .16:59
wafflejockgoid yeah gotcha, not sure in Unity about a UI for that though17:00
goidg3 has it?17:00
wafflejockgoid, yeah I have some extension for it on gnome 3 can check what it is here17:00
ducassegoid: the packages you want are probably indicator-cpufreq and indicator-power, but i've no idea how you actually enable them in the gui.17:01
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goidducasse: you mean under unity17:01
ducassegoid: yes, i assume that's what you use?17:02
goidim sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop17:02
goidim sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop17:02
goidyes, i'll dl g317:02
ducassegoid: you're switching desktop to get power management control panel? sounds like a overreaction...17:04
atralheavenBashing-om: https://hastebin.com/atehaweqam.sql17:04
goidducasse: I'm new to linux, have no preference17:04
goidstill getting used to this one17:04
wafflejockducasse, Unity is going away anyhow17:05
goidducasse: do you know of another way17:05
wafflejocker maybe not "going away" but not going to be the default17:05
arunpyasi_wafflejock, https://fossbytes.com/subtitle-hack-affects-millions-device-vlc-kodi-fix-released/17:05
airkingDoes anyone know how to get the java 8 SDK on ubuntu?  I can't seem to find the right package17:06
st_ironairking: there is a ppa for this17:06
airkingst_iron: Do you know where I can find it?17:07
st_ironairking: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-java-with-apt-get-on-ubuntu-16-0417:07
ducassewafflejock: sure, but it will still be supported for years to come. i don't really care, though :)17:07
wafflejockarunpyasi_,  interesting hadn't heard about this yet but seeing as how it seems to have just been published about I'd guess if you need the patch immediately you'll need to get it manually can search CVE numbers here https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/17:10
Bashing-omatralheaven: I do not see the faulr here with parted .. as this is "msdis" partitioning let's look at it with a different tool. show ' sudo fdisk -lu ' and ' mount ' .17:11
skinuxI need help with some Steam launch errors https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/29514d28dfc18adac7acf19a989fe67b17:14
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akikatralheaven: your partitions 5, 6 and 7 already occupy the total size of your extended partition 417:16
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goidwhy does my battery life keep changing up and dpown17:20
Random832because measuring battery capacity is not an exact science17:24
Random832and also your actual/predicted power usage rate is probably not a constant.17:24
goidRandom832: it doesn't happen on my android. is google cheating17:25
Random832my phone doesn't actually give a "battery life" (in the sense of how much time is left, vs what percentage)17:25
Random832i assumed you were talking about a time readout like "4 hours left" or whatever, rather than the percentage17:25
goidyeas time left17:26
goidand %17:26
goidit shows both17:26
goidthe actual % doesn't change17:26
goidonly time left17:26
goidwas 3h now 4:3017:26
vpackets_Hey Guys ! Got an issue installing supervisor/gunicorn package on ubuntu 16.04 . here is my output .. do anyone got an idea how could I fix it please ? https://pastebin.com/0FBC7GXz17:26
Random832battery life is also a lot longer on a phone than a laptop, so they can average out a longer usage period to get a reasonable answer17:26
goidthat makes sense17:27
Random832like, if you watch a video or play a game on your phone, it's not going to assume you're going to keep doing that until your battery dies unless it's already pretty low, whereas spending an hour doing that on a PC can make a huge dent in battery life.17:27
goidtrue, but my time left changes without my usage changing17:28
Random832so the time can go up if you *stop* doing something intensive on a PC17:28
goidso maybe something's broken17:28
goidis there a way to know how long it averages17:28
Random832it's also possible your PC's power manage circuitry just isn't as good as for a phone17:28
goidthinkpad x24017:29
Bashing-omvpackets_: Any joy ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade ; sudo apt -f install ; sudo dpkg --configure -a ' ?17:30
paqcitoleftyfb: I'm here again. Sorry, did you say something? I'm from web and I logged out for a while.17:30
paqcitoDid you see what happened?17:30
paqcitowhen running the test17:30
Random832i don't know, the power statistics screen might tell you something, i haven't really worked with that17:32
wafflejockyeah power statistics can give you some graphs that give you a rough idea of what the system is seeing but it just fluctuates a lot depending on CPU load17:33
vpackets_Bashing-om: Testing17:33
wafflejockthink intel P-states probably just have a large affect, can also get the graph on my Android to change rate by changing brightness or playing video and the like too though it's the same across devices from what I've seen more CPU/GPU/Screen = less battery17:33
wafflejocker more drain on the same battery to be more clear17:35
FunkSt8ri have a snap that won't start on boot but if I restart apparmor I can start the snap just fine17:40
FunkSt8rany ideas why apparmor would be different on restarting the service vs loading at boot time?17:42
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vpackets_Bashing-om: still the same : https://pastebin.com/zJDtQXah17:48
skinuxCould I please get some help with these startup errors? https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/29514d28dfc18adac7acf19a989fe67b17:49
Bashing-omvpackets_: We go looking : ' apt policy python-pkg-resources ' shows what ?17:49
vfwskinux: Show us.17:50
vfwskinux: (What startup errors?)17:50
skinuxI posted the gist which has them.17:52
minimecskinux: There is a forum thread on the arch forum about your problem... https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=19380217:53
Jack_Sparrow__skinux, How did you install steam17:53
vfw!linuxming | skinux17:53
Jack_Sparrow__minimec, tx reading it now17:53
skinuxWhy send me to an Arch Linux page, I'm using Ubuntu (Linux Mint technically)17:54
skinuxI installed Steam by clicking the install button on their site.17:54
akikskinux: now i'm sending you to mint support17:54
ubottuThe Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)17:54
minimecskinux: Because other distros often face the same or similar problems... ;)17:55
vpackets_Bashing-om: https://pastebin.com/BsCB9rUa17:56
skinuxOkay. I came in here because other than branding, I haven't found anything different from Ubuntu except that it uses a different DE by default.17:58
vfwskinux: Did you read the post from ubottu?18:01
Jack_Sparrow__skinux, You need to take it to the Mint Room on spotchat18:02
vfwskinux:  There are differences and so many of the probelms you encounter will be different from the problems ubuntu users encounter, (some linux-mint problems do not exist for ubuntu users).18:03
Bashing-omvpackets_: Correct version is installed . try ' sudo dpkg-reconfigure python-pkg-resources ' .18:04
OS-28203Has anyone succeeded connecting an exchange email to any client ?18:06
OS-28203except using commercial plugins18:06
vpackets_Bashing-om: /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: python-pkg-resources is broken or not fully installed :(18:06
ThiagoCMCHey guys, I'm seeing that Linux 4.10 is available on Xenial, however, the comman: "apt install linux-generic-hwe-16.04" only brigs Linux 4.8...18:07
vpackets_Bashing-om: Any clue :( This is messay18:09
ThiagoCMCSo, which meta-packae brings Linux 4.10 to LTS?18:09
leftyfbThiagoCMC: 4.10 is not yet available to Ubuntu 16.1018:09
ThiagoCMCLTS man18:09
leftyfbThiagoCMC: sorry, 4.10 is not yet available to Ubuntu 16.0418:09
ThiagoCMCit is!18:09
leftyfbThiagoCMC: where do you see this?18:10
ThiagoCMCapt-cache search linux 4.1018:10
ThiagoCMCon my Xenial18:10
leftyfbThiagoCMC: incorrect search structure18:10
leftyfbThiagoCMC: apt-cache search linux|grep 4.1018:10
leftyfbThiagoCMC: or just apt-cache search 4.1018:11
leftyfbit is not available18:11
Bashing-omvpackets_: Not at all sure of what is going on " 500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial/main i386 Packages" try ' sudo apt install --reinstall python-pkg-resources ' . See what the package manager advises now .18:11
tomreynThiagoCMC: it'S the -edge package18:11
ThiagoCMCSo, it is available.. Got it18:11
ThiagoCMCHmmm... Nice!18:12
tomreynas in 'on the edge'18:12
ThiagoCMCThat's the way I like it!   =P18:12
ThiagoCMCI just saw that MaaS IS deploying nodes with 4.10!18:12
ThiagoCMCEven if I just choose HWE18:12
tomreyni would not recommend it unless oyu actually need it.18:13
leftyfbthe cloud images do not follow the same release cycle as the desktop18:13
vpackets_Bashing-om: E: Internal Error, No file name for python-pkg-resources:amd6418:17
Bashing-omvpackets_: Ouch ! That ^ is a new one on me as I have : sysop@x1604:~$ apt list python-pkg-resources >> python-pkg-resources/xenial,xenial 20.7.0-1 all " . We do some more digging.18:19
Bashing-om!info python-pkg-resources xenial18:20
ubottupython-pkg-resources (source: python-setuptools): Package Discovery and Resource Access using pkg_resources. In component main, is optional. Version 20.7.0-1 (xenial), package size 105 kB, installed size 441 kB18:20
vpackets_should I reinstall from scratch ? Just trying to install netbox from github which has dependencies18:20
vpackets_Bashing-om: I can see the info main menu18:20
Bashing-omvpackets_: Not determined to this time where the issue is . The version is in the main repo maybe a conflict with netbox libs ? is the github version compatable with 16.04 release ?18:22
vpackets_yeah it looks like18:23
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ppfis there a way to get a clear text password out of gnome keyring?18:26
ppfpreferably from a terminal :)18:27
goiddoes unity have split window snap like win 1018:27
eelstrebordoes w_scan really do a blind scan? when i run it, it mentions using a channel list (i.e. scan type SATELLITE, channellist 116)18:28
ZhunterCanytime i try to download any app i get a "Failed to download repository information" error, i'm super brand ass new to ubuntu18:28
goidfound it18:29
Bashing-omvpackets_: This link ? https://netbox.readthedocs.io/en/stable/installation/netbox/   Is what you have followed ?18:29
immui cannot login on Gnome Wayland session on 17.0418:33
immui cannot login on Gnome Wayland session on 17.04 @Bashing-om18:37
madasarunany one know python here???18:41
ppfof course not18:41
ppfbut folks in #python might18:41
madasarunthanx ppf18:42
airkingIf there are any Ubuntu devs in here, I've got to say, the Linux subsystem thing in Win 10 is amazing18:44
compdoc I need to try that18:44
oerheksairking, maybe in the dedicated channel18:44
ubottuCanonical and Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 will be able to run Ubuntu programs without needing porting/recompilation. This functionality is still in beta and is not supported in #ubuntu. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows.18:44
ducasse!ubuwin | airking18:44
ubottuairking: please see above18:44
compdocubottu is smart for a bot18:45
ubottucompdoc: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:45
parapanHello I have an install of ubuntu 16.04 server; I want to do automatic backup of full HDD and incremental backups with network storage or cloud; where should I look ?18:45
Bashing-omimmu: How far do you get in the boot process ? Be aware I have no wayland experience !18:45
oerheksparapan, cronjob, ssh and rsync18:45
parapanoerheks: ok, but that sounds verry commans line oriented ..are there any friendly options ?18:46
compdocparapan, I used to use Back in Time. its in the ubuntu app store18:47
parapanoerheks: is there a tutorial for this suite cron-ssh-rsync ?18:47
oerheksparapan, cronjobs for the timetable, ssh for security and for rsync there are tons of manuals too18:48
oerheksor something like bacula + bacula-web ( interface)18:49
parapancompdoc: you're correct but that software is using GUI so I do not want to install on the server  . .. .18:49
compdocparapan, ah. I always install Mate on my servers, so I can remote in18:49
parapancompdoc: nice tip ...for the Mate ---i'll look into it ....18:50
compdocparapan, you can install a bare minimum mate desktop, so no unwanted services or apps taking up space18:51
parapancompdoc: I'm not that advanced yet :D18:53
parapanoerheks: can I ask some more ?18:53
paqcitoleftyfb: Someone told me what really happended, and what happened was -e flag became the path into local path, and it was just like a "ls"18:53
parapanoerheks: the way I used to do is creating a full image of HDD at some point in time; and after a while doing another image ....do that cron+ssh+rsync is mirroring all files on the server to a network location ?18:55
oerheksparapan, sure, but your 1st Q: you want a snapshot of a live server??18:56
oerheksi would take an other filesystem for thath , like BTRFS18:56
oerheksor ZFS18:57
parapanoerheks: I want to have the server backed once in a while ...18:58
parapanoerheks: but there are some issues . . .for ex I had experienced some issues with the error log files of apache ....which in a matter of hours were going from several Mb to 70 Gb ..filling the full space of the server'18:59
oerheksif downtime is no problem, you can do that with a simple live iso + gparted too18:59
parapanoerheks: so I do not want to mirror / baCKUPthis kind of files ..18:59
parapanoerheks: I don't have a problem with downtime; I can shutdown any time I want ...only I'd like to run 1 or 2 commands and make it happen ...:D19:00
parapanoerheks: for the HDD image and so on I used backzilla with good results but it takes time ...staying closed to PC and hitting enter and selecting options ...19:02
Kulus919I am having problems with 5.1 surround sound in 16.0419:02
Kulus919can anyone walk me though a possible fix?19:03
ducasseparapan: if your logs grow like that you have one or more problems that should be fixed19:04
Kulus919I have a brand new computer with a GeForce GTX 1060 3GB/PCIe/SSE219:04
parapanoerheks: for the file mirroring with cron+ssh+rsync I have a rough idea about what is going to happen; however I am not sure in case of restoring what is to be done ; just copying the complete backup back to original drive ?19:04
parapanducasse: tell me about it ...! but I wasn't able to figure it out so far ...19:05
Kulus919I tried a bunch of fixes online to no avail19:06
Kulus919Has anyone else experienced problems with surround sound in Ubuntu 16.04?19:07
Kulus919Works fine in Windows 1019:08
Kulus919I dual boot19:08
psychoticwarriorhey whats up pp19:26
immuBashing-om, system boots fine right upto login and when i select wayland with gnome, its fall back to the login prompt again19:28
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fakename1sup cl1ft19:29
=== keeb is now known as Guest1411
fakename1so does anyone wanna discuss the virtues of non-free software?19:30
somerandomteenHi all, so bit of an interesting problem. Trying to dualboot Ubuntu with Windows on a Samsung laptop. Works fine, all but for the backlight of the keyboard. Keyboard backlight works in CSM boot mode, but not in UEFI mode. Windows is installed as UEFI. My BIOS supports UEFI and CSM simultaneously, but whenever I install Ubuntu, it installs to UEFI m19:30
somerandomteenode unless I force CSM only in my BIOS, in which case it just drops to GRUB Rescue. Can anyone help?19:30
ioriaimmu, gnome wayland it's experimental .. are you using opensource driver ?19:30
Bashing-omimmu: At the login screen - ctl+alt+F1 -> console , login here . What shows for a graphic's drvier ' inxi -GCS ' ?19:31
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metronomicon_1are there any other themes for 16.04 besides the ones in Noobslab?19:42
metronomicon_1im using Unity so I think its gtk,srt kinda new19:43
Bashing-om!themes | metronomicon_119:44
ubottumetronomicon_1: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy19:44
metronomicon_1thank you!19:44
bobomahello. is it possible to build vlc 2.2.6 on ubuntu zesty? It complains about a libavutil newer then 5519:49
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jnewtwhen i try to run chrome from clicking the icon, nothing happens.  when i use the command line, with either google-chrome or google-chrome-stable (not sure why I have both), i get "Created new window in existing browser session.", but no browser.19:59
jnewtps aux | grep chrome returns several running instances of opt/google/chrome/chrome, but I don't see any of them in my de20:00
YankDownUnderjnewt, Kill all the instances of "chrome" that are running. Open a terminal and try: "google-chrome" => observe any output20:01
Piciboboma: It looks like both the Ubuntu and Debian teams are working on getting that patched in, fwiw.20:02
bobomaPici, what's the source of your statement?20:03
henk717Hello everyone, i updated the packages on my Ubunu Server 14.04 yesterday and now i am experiencing some of my cron jobs no longer running. Can someone help me diagnose this issue?20:04
Piciboboma: https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2017/CVE-2017-8313.html20:04
YankDownUnderhenk717, After the update did you have to reboot the server - or *can* you reboot the server? Just wondering...and BTW, there is also the #ubuntu-server channel...20:05
henk717I did not have to but i did reboot the server20:05
YankDownUnderhenk717, And you've looked specifically at the cron jobs in the log to find out WHAT exactly is not running...?20:06
henk717This is what i am having trouble with, the jobs are not mentioned in the logs i am checking20:07
henk717Which is sudo grep CRON /var/log/syslog20:07
Zaplohello. Does ubuntu ship amdgpu-pro in livecd? i need to test if some shaders work with it20:09
henk717Priopriatary drivers are not part of the regular livecd's20:10
oerheksZaplo, no, the pro driver is from their website20:10
oerheksopen amdgpu is available20:10
Zaploi'm using it in open one in Arch but iirc pro needs older kernel20:11
YankDownUnderhenk717, So you've looked through /etc/cron.* and inspected the actual cron tasks...?20:11
YankDownUnderhenk717, I suppose what I'm getting at is WHAT is not running/failing to run?20:11
bobomaPici, thx20:11
henk717The most obvious line that is not working is in a the file /etc/cron.d/overwatch : * * * * * bouncyball /home/bouncyball/scripts/overwatch20:12
henk717It should execute every minute but nothing is being ran, the script works if i manually start it20:13
YankDownUnderhenk717, And when you manually run the jobs...?20:13
YankDownUnderhenk717, Here's something to look at, too... https://askubuntu.com/questions/624701/where-are-cron-logs-stored-on-ubuntu-14-0420:13
henk717I am looking in syslog yes20:14
henk717May 24 21:17:01 coop CRON[2257]: (root) CMD (   cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly)20:14
henk717This is ran every hour, even though i do not make use of it20:15
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henk717My other cron jobs are not running, except for one specific file that runs on reboot20:15
YankDownUnderhenk717, Well, the starting point is to look at each and every job and determine why they're not running. Possibly during an update some libs or some-such was upgraded that prevents jobs from running. BTW, 14.04 has reached EOL...have you considered upgrading the server to 16.04? Just wondering.20:20
psychoticwarriorhey guys and galls20:20
henk717Its a production machine with a very difficult to replicate configuration, i do not dare do a full upgrade at this time20:20
henk717Like i mentioned before, all the jobs are running if i start them manually without failure. Its cron that does not trigger them to start20:22
pagioshello, i would like to display news  in a small window whhile working, some kind of widget that keeps updating with latest cybersecurity news, i am using ubnutu what is the best way to do so?20:33
kenrinThat would depend on your DE honestly,  just google for a good RSS reader that works for you20:34
naccYankDownUnder: 14.04 is *not* EOL.20:35
pagioskenrin: rss readers are alive?20:35
naccYankDownUnder: 2019 sometime20:35
pagioswhat is the best way t o get news nowadays20:35
kenrinwhat else would you call a widget displaying news ?20:35
pagioswhat is etter?20:35
kenrinI use the RSS Feed in gnome shell extensions.  So if you want twitter or other social media widgets I have no idea20:38
rt0555does anybody know how to take out the hard drive encryption on ubuntu 16.0420:38
LeBronse_for your home directory or the entire hard drive?20:38
rt0555well when i boot it says i have to put the encryption key and i have to put the password to20:40
rt0555so yeah full hard drive20:40
kenrinYou'd have to make new partitions and move all your data over then delete the LUKS ones20:41
LeBronse_Hmm... off the top of my head I can only think of basically just cloning your hard drive when it's decrypted20:42
naccrt0555: no, you can't 'remove' whole disk encryption20:42
saliakshorewall isn’t starting automatically, even though I have “STARTUP_ENABLED=YES” in my shorewall.conf.  what else could be going on?  /etc/init.d/shorewall exists.20:42
naccrt0555: what kenrin and LeBronse_ are suggesting is basically the same, but you have to copy the contents/disk unencrypted somewhere else, then rebuild the disk without encryption20:42
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grim_22:36] <grim_> i got a problem with my new keybord20:44
grim_[22:37] <grim_> at the loginscreen kubuntu doesnt accept any keystrokes of it20:44
grim_[22:37] <grim_> or if i use a sudo command20:44
grim_[22:37] <grim_> any1 knows that problem?20:44
grim_[22:38] <grim_> my old keybord works20:44
rt0555nacc, that sounds complicated20:45
StR1kaQuick question?20:45
math-alphahi grim_20:45
mikeymopgrim_: when typing a password there is no cursor20:45
naccrt0555: yes, it is a bit20:45
ikoniagrim_: how are you typing sudo if you can't type any keyboard input20:45
grim_i think the problem could be that the keybord got an usb paththrough for sticks etc20:46
rt0555nacc, i just installed ubuntu 17.04 cant i just reinstall?20:46
ikoniagrim_: how are you typing sudo if you can't type any keyboard input20:46
grim_if i plugg in my old keybord it works20:46
naccrt0555: sure, you can also reinstall20:46
ikoniagrim_: how are you typing sudo if you can't type any keyboard input20:46
naccrt0555: but you can't 'take it out' of an already insatlled ubuntu20:46
StR1kaQuestion about ubuntu server?20:46
ikoniaStR1ka: thats not a question20:47
ikoniaStR1ka: if you have a question ask it20:47
math-alphagrim_ i think that is rather a hardware issue20:47
StR1kaOk, installed ubuntu server successfully, after restart all i get is a black screen20:47
ikoniaStR1ka: you'll need to provide more details than that20:47
math-alphaand i would add you are not the only one :) https://askubuntu.com/questions/838613/keyboard-not-working-properly-in-kde-after-upgrade-to-kubuntu-16-1020:48
kyuwonhey guys20:48
math-alphakyuwon hi :)20:48
StR1kaI managed to get it going by holding the right shift20:49
kyuwonI was trying to install Ubuntu Desktop environment on Ubuntu Server but am stuck at the login screen20:49
StR1kaAnd loading grub20:49
kyuwonI ran "sudo apt-get install -y ubuntu-desktop", but after rebooting, I don't see an account I want to log in20:50
StR1kaThen the resoltuion resized on its own20:50
StR1kaI did a restart on the server20:50
StR1kaBut doing the same thing20:50
math-alphakyuwon which version is that?20:50
kyuwon@math-apha it's 16.1020:50
kyuwonmath-alpha: it's 16.1020:50
StR1kaBlack screen, i tried holding right shift during the boot sequence but this time no luck20:51
math-alphahmmm well do you have a previou version installed20:51
grim_str1ka edit your grub settings20:51
grim_let me take a look20:51
math-alphafrom what are  you installing (flash,cd)20:51
kyuwonnope. it's a fresh install of ubuntu 16.10 server, with account name vagrant20:51
StR1kaHow do i edit grub settings?20:52
kyuwoni'm installing it through Vagrant20:52
ikoniavagrant is not normally an interactive account20:52
ikonia"installing it through vagrant" ?20:52
kyuwonYup. Using provision commands20:52
ikoniayou don't install packages via vargrant20:52
grim_use the the live cd20:52
ikoniayou provision a host20:52
grim_than boot it up20:53
ikoniawhat ?20:53
kyuwonI think I might need to add a few more steps to enable my user on the GUI20:53
grim_and go in via root directory mounting alle needed devices20:53
grim_and edit /etc/default/grub20:53
kyuwonThe command "sudo apt-get install -y ubuntu-desktop" succeeded, but think it's not enough20:53
ikoniakyuwon: what's the actual problem20:53
grim_GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="noquiet nosplash nomodeset"20:53
grim_and it should work20:53
ikoniakyuwon: that will install the unity desktop and associated package dependencies20:54
kyuwonikonia: cannot see user 'vagrant' at the log in screen20:54
ikoniakyuwon: because it's not an interactive user20:54
kyuwonikonia: can I make it interactive?20:54
kyuwonikonia: or how can I add an interactive user?20:54
ikoniakyuwon: you don't20:54
ikoniathats not how vagrant works20:54
kyuwonikonia: okay. then I want to add an interactive user additionally. any way to do that?20:55
ikoniakyuwon: createthe user account20:55
kyuwonikonia: would it be interactive user account without any further settings?20:56
ikoniakyuwon: no20:56
ikoniakyuwon: just create a new user, it will be an interactive user20:56
qswzis it possible to install an aur package on ubuntu?20:57
metronomiconHello,altho I'm setting text scaling factor to 1,00 in Unity Tweak tool it somehow switches back to 0,88 .Is there a way to save this setting?20:57
ikoniaqswz: nope20:57
qswzhmm ok thanks20:57
qswzhttps://www.pgadmin.org/download/ they didn't really care about debian20:59
kyuwonikonia: thanks! am trying it21:00
grim_heeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllppppppp i got a problem with my new keybord. At the login screen kubuntu doesnt accept any keystroke of the new keybord. Only the old one works21:00
grim_if im logged in everything is fine...21:01
grim_any1 got an idea?21:01
math-alphagrim_  hmm :)21:01
kyuwonikonia: think it works! thanks a lot21:01
ikoniagrim_: you'll get better responses from people not doing things like "heeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllpppppppppp"21:02
grim_the difference could be, the new one have 2nd usb connect for a usb paththrough device21:02
jvelasquezhow come sfdisk in Ubuntu has no documented --delete feature?21:02
ChaiTRexqswz: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RPM/AlienHowto for how to convert a .rpm file to a .deb file.21:03
ikoniaChaiTRex: how does that help him with an arch package21:03
aLeSDhi all21:03
qswzsorry just left,21:03
ikoniaChaiTRex: and that process will not work for non-arch-independent package21:03
qswzback I didn't see21:04
ikoniaeg only no-arch packages21:04
aLeSDI just installed ubuntu on a usb-storage. When I use anothrer usb port it can't boot : it can't find root partition. Any idea ?21:04
ChaiTRexikonia: The file mentioned is an .rpm file "for various Redhat and derivative distributions" (see https://www.pgadmin.org/download/pgadmin-4-rpm/), not for Arch.21:06
ChaiTRexikonia: There's also a source package.21:07
ikoniaChaiTRex: no, he asked for https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/pgadmin4/21:07
ikoniaChaiTRex: and again, converting an rpm to a deb will not work unless it's arch independant21:07
AlexPortableI want to add a bash script to the right mouse button menu (-> open with, bash script). What would be the best way to do this? My goal is to make a rename script that will put the current date in the filename + something else21:10
sebsebsebAlexPortable: hi21:13
mistawrighthi guys i am using pureftpd with mysql for the authentication. i'm running into an issue where a user is said to exist but trying to remove it with pure-pw deluser user results in an error has anyone had this issue?21:13
ikonia"results in an error" - not really going to help is it21:14
ChaiTRexAlexPortable: If you're using Nautilus (the standard Ubuntu file manager), see https://askubuntu.com/a/21956/61645121:14
ikoniathe right mouse button isn't controlled by the file manager21:15
ikoniait's controlled by the shell21:15
ikonia(gnome-shell, unity, etc)21:15
ikonia(not shell as in bash)21:15
sanchkeDoes anyone know of a lightweight piece of software that's only job is to track bugs in software?21:24
sanchkeI'm not looking for anything fancy, I'm looking for something minimal.21:25
sebsebsebsanchke: nope21:25
sebsebsebsanchke: and may not be anything or as such21:26
sanchkesebsebseb, This is disappointing, time to make my own I suppose.21:26
sebsebsebsanchke: might be something, but how would software know what a bug is anyway ?21:26
sebsebsebin code21:26
naccsanchke: you mean like your own bugzilla?21:27
naccsebsebseb: i think you went too meta in their query :)21:27
sanchkenacc, Does bugzilla have a minimal CLI? I know of it's php front-end, but is that the only option?21:27
kk4ewtsanchke,  bug tracking just for you or public21:28
sanchkekk4ewt, in-between, Internal use for a small team of devs.21:29
naccsanchke: there are lots of tools that talk bz21:29
nacc!info bugz21:29
ubottubugz (source: bugz): command-line interface to Bugzilla. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10.1-3 (zesty), package size 20 kB, installed size 140 kB21:29
naccsanchke: and there are python and other language bindings, i think21:29
sanchkenacc, Thanks!21:30
kk4ewtso you need a database and a frontend you might as well go for bugzilla21:30
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sicc_siccWhy not use github with issues?21:30
naccsanchke: there also appears to be 'bugzilla-cli'21:30
sanchkesicc_sicc, I hate github. Might as well outsource my entire department why don't I? JK but seriously I hate cloud hosting of any sort21:31
sicc_siccsanchke: you could then check in a txtfile in the project root :-)21:32
sanchkesicc_sicc, indeed I could. I was hoping to be *a little* more advanced than that.21:33
vltHello. I want to un-distort an image of a rectangle. Maybe by specifying points that "should be" a straight line. Any idea what software that runs on Ubuntu I’m looking for?21:36
naccvlt: not that i know how, but i'm sure gimp can do that21:37
sicc_siccgimp +121:37
DarkPsydeLordmore likely inkscape21:37
sicc_siccisn't inkscape for vector graphics?21:37
vltDarkPsydeLord: Inkscape?21:37
math-alphaDarkPsydeLord : yup i agree21:37
DarkPsydeLordits vector graphics21:37
math-alphabut you can you can also use it to edit pics21:38
naccDarkPsydeLord: i'm not sure why more likely? beyond inkscape may be easier to use21:38
DarkPsydeLordmaybe we need a lil bit more info since we dont really know what the image is21:38
DarkPsydeLordand for21:39
naccDarkPsydeLord: good point :)21:39
math-alphavlt what file format is it?21:39
vltmath-alpha: Any raster image.21:39
math-alphavlt so you can use inkscape21:40
sicc_siccwhatever raster image means... What does it mean21:41
vltHow? I’d draw a path on top of the imported image. And then?21:41
DarkPsydeLordthen gimp or inkscape should work if you only wanna draw something on the image21:41
math-alphavlt do you maen how to draw or what to draw with?21:41
vltmath-alpha: How to distort the image after having drawn the path that should later become a straight line (or several of them a rectangle).21:43
sicc_siccWith gimp you can just rotate the image freely until horizontal lines are straight.21:44
* vlt googles the face palm emoticon21:44
naccvlt: tbh, i think you want to ask your question in a channel specific the tool you want to use21:46
naccvlt: e.g., gimp or inkscape21:46
vltnacc: I think neither of them will do the job.21:46
naccvlt: tbh, i have not heard of anything that gimp *can't* do with sufficient knowledge21:47
naccvlt: but if nothing will do what you want, then so be it, write some code that will21:47
sicc_sicctake a look here https://docs.gimp.org/en/filters-distort.html21:47
vltsicc_sicc: Thank you.21:47
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AlexPortablesebsebseb: are you dutch21:54
AlexPortableChaiTRex: well will that only put it for certain filetypes or for all?21:55
sebsebsebAlexPortable: no why21:55
psychoticwarriorhows it going21:55
ChaiTRexAlexPortable: It will show up when you right click on any file or folder.21:56
AlexPortablei dont want that21:56
hiruI was having a look at screenfetch and I noticed there are themese for windows managers. is it possible to change WM theme? just curious21:58
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sire_adminIs Drone` an actual drone?22:10
tomreynno, it's a bot, not a drone.22:12
tomreynoh, you succeeded to respond in time, i failed.22:12
sourceslayerWhat package is Qt5 QML on Ubuntu?22:35
sebsebsebsourceslayer: for what?22:35
sebsebsebsourceslayer: and would be in some KDE or plasma package I guess22:35
sourceslayerFor the Qt-quick development packages22:35
nacc!info libqt5qml522:36
ubottulibqt5qml5 (source: qtdeclarative-opensource-src): Qt 5 QML module. In component main, is optional. Version 5.7.1-1ubuntu1~7 (zesty), package size 1334 kB, installed size 4852 kB22:36
naccthat ?22:36
naccsourceslayer: --^22:36
sourceslayerYes, I guess so22:36
sourceslayerFor some reason it's not working for Qmake22:37
naccsourceslayer: i'm not a qt developer, i'd suggest looking through `apt search <search string>`22:37
naccsourceslayer: or asking the kde developers22:37
sourceslayerI will try, thank you22:37
bray90820Maybe someone can help me fix a few error I am having with sudo apt-get upgrade22:42
sourceslayerI think I don't need to try, apparently I needed qtdeclarative5-dev, which wasn't installed but qtdeclarative5-dev-tool was22:45
tomreynbray90820that link redirects me to https://pastebin.com/index22:47
tomreynbray90820: ^22:47
bray90820tomreyn: Try this one22:48
bray90820Actually don't worry about it I ended up fixing it but thanks anyways22:50
tomreynbray90820: works. what you have there are upstart -> systemd migration issues due to what i guess are 3rd party packages.22:50
bray90820tomreyn: Thanks anyways but I removed the affected files from /etc/init.d/ and it all works noe22:51
tomreyneither that, or just 3rd party software which fails on being systemd compatble.22:52
bray90820tomreyn: Again thanks but it's fixed22:53
Jack_Sparrow__ that I can use the USB Formatter, give it my asmin password and not end up with a USB drive that I can use without going and setting permissions22:57
tomreynJack_Sparrow__: what you just wrote looks like an incomplete statement or question - the one line you posted starts with " that I can use the USB formatter,"23:00
Jack_Sparrow__Yep, was half way through when the ubuntu channel got my password and opened up and brought me here in the middle of typing23:07
Jack_Sparrow__It was intended for mint...  the fix was to not use nemo and use nautilus23:07
psychoticwarriorback in ubuntu23:22
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ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx23:33
psychoticwarrioryou may need to do make23:33
psychoticwarriormake install23:33
dmtdHi All! I need to use lsyncd to watch and sync two different source folders locally to two different remote folders, respectively. I also want to do this with rsyncd over a custom daemon. Doesn't seem like anyone has done this. Any ideas?23:34
dmtdby custom daemon I mean a custom port running rsync:// protocol connecting to rsyncd on remote23:36
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dmtdidzireit: are you saying that is off topic? It runs on ubuntu and involves a kernel module so I'm not exactly sure it is off topic exactly23:39
Jack_Sparrow__dmtd, Has nothing to do with Ubuntu Support23:40
naccdmtd: what kernel modules does it involve?23:40
idzireitdmtd no I was trying the example from the irc guidelines.  when i type just the backslash and topic it gives me error23:40
dmtdnacc: inotify or inode notify23:41
naccdmtd: so you already know what to use ...23:41
naccdmtd: this channel isn't for helping you write your software, is what Jack_Sparrow__ was saying23:41
Jordan_Uidzireit: What error message did it give? In almost all IRC clients typing "/topic" without the quotes should print the topic of the channel you're currently in.23:42
dmtdnacc: haha yes but I've received help on rsync related topics in the past here. I'm not writing software, I'm configuring existing software that was written to run on ubuntu systems. My apologies if I'm breaking some rules! No harm intended23:42
idzireit#ubuntu :You're not a channel operator23:42
naccidzireit: nothing trailing it. you can't set the topic23:42
naccidzireit: just /topic (nothing after the c in topic)23:43
idzireitI am typing in /topic23:43
Jack_Sparrow__no space in front23:43
Jack_Sparrow__no quotes23:43
Jordan_Uidzireit: What IRC client are you using?23:43
idzireitxchat-GNOME IRC Chat23:44
Jordan_Uidzireit: That is quite odd then.23:44
naccidzireit: the above message (afaict) occurs when you try to run '/topic <something after /topic>'23:44
idzireitis not a big deal (yet) until i run into something else that I need a command line info about but I am typing it exactly as I have shown no spaces nothing added23:45
idzireit6 total characters23:46
naccdmtd: the first part seems like what lsyncd already does -- but you mean you're not actually running rsyncd on the remote and so need to do something else?23:47
dmtdnacc: sorry, maybe a mad explanation. No I'm running lsyncd on client, and I need basically two sets of syncs. local1/folder1 -> remote1/folder1 and local1/folder2 -> remote1/folder223:48
naccdmtd: that's what lsyncd does, yes.23:49
naccdmtd: based upon the manpages, i mean23:49
dmtdnacc: current documentation lists ability to do local1/folder1 -> remote1/folder1 or local1/folder1 -> remote1/folder1 and remote 2/folder123:49
dmtdnacc: right but I need to watch two source folders23:49
naccdmtd: run it twice?23:49
dmtdwell it is a daemon. Idea is that it is running 24/7 and would be watching both23:50
naccdmtd: afaict it's a daemon that can be run multiple times, though, right?23:50
naccdmtd: it doesn't sit on a port locally afaict23:50
dmtdnacc: true I can just assign two separate pid files or something23:50
naccdmtd: or use a config file23:52
naccdmtd: https://axkibe.github.io/lsyncd/manual/config/layer4/23:52
naccdmtd: it seems like you can just have multiple sync{} stanzas23:52
dmtdnacc: oh! if having multiple sync{} stanzas is the answer then my problem is solved! let me test that! good idea23:52
dmtdnacc: they don't explicitly say that though23:53
naccdmtd: never used any of it, just my reading of the documentation (that page, the 3rd paragraph23:53
naccdmtd: "You can add multiple syncs that way. The source directories may be identical or differ without problems."23:53
naccdmtd: i'm not sure how much more explicit you want them to be?23:53
dmtdnacc: I missed that. They are golden. You are golden. Thank you! :)23:54
naccdmtd: also, why would the configuration be so limited that you cannot specify more than one sync{} ? that seems like it would be so broken so as to already be a dead project :)23:54
naccdmtd: yw :)23:54
naccdmtd: hopefully it works23:54
dmtdnacc: Yeah! I'll report back. Appreciate you taking the time to talk it out with me! :)23:54

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