studio-user008hello i am really disturbed because it just don`t give any sound from my computer since I installed ubuntu. Please help...00:53
exxxithello everyone I have a ubuntustudio machine but I cant get sound from the speakers nor headphones can I get any info here on where to look for help solving this issue? thanks01:44
elkyexxxit: there's not many people here and i'm not using ubuntustudio so i can't help, but you could ask on askubuntu.com maybe02:12
exxxitthanks elky02:13
tedthetrumpetquick question: how do I prevent windows from maximizing when near the top edge? this is on 17.04. tia15:02
tedthetrumpetok, there's no-one here I guess. I'll try somewhere else, tx15:05
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studio-user732hello, i was wondering if anyone knew how to get hbogo to work21:58
YoJimmyOpinions desired: What's the best FOSS midi piano for Linux one can get? Is there a stageworthy soundfont for FluidSynth out there?23:45

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