pragomerhow can I beste scale my xubuntu 16.04 desktop with macbooks hidpi display? setting font to e.g. 192 dpi lets look the font ok.. but window border, panel, whiskermenu is still not usable07:55
pragomerwhat to do?07:55
knomepragomer, you can switch to a (x)hdpi theme and panel can be configured to be bigger etc.08:08
pragomerwhat is a hidpi theme for example?08:22
pragomerby the way: the icons are too small too08:23
knomeyou can change icon size too...08:23
pragomerok.. Ill try that :-)08:23
pragomerand last: whiskermenu?08:23
knomethe short answer is that there isn't a single button that fixes this all, you'll have to go through some hurdles to get it all working08:23
pragomerlooks really ugly... compressed08:23
knomei don't use it enough to know how it supports hidpi08:24
knome(disclaimer: i don't use hdpi either)08:24
pragomerhm.. can I change the size of icons somehow or do I have to find icons that are for hidpi?08:24
knomedepends where08:24
knomeif you mean the desktop, just go to the desktop settings08:24
knomeif you mean thunar, go to view -> ...08:25
pragomerits desktop and thunar for example08:25
pragomerok I see.. everything is not set ok... except the whiskermenu08:26
gdi2kOn 17.04 using bundled Libreoffice, the lireoffice window completely freezes during scrolling. It's driving me crazy. It redraws only once scrolling has finished. Using nvidia graphics. Any ideas why this would be? It's unusable10:46
gdi2khappens in calc and writer (haven't tried the others, but assume it's the same)10:46
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barteks2xI'm trying to install xubuntu 16.04.2 on my old laptop, but the installation and licecd (I use it from pendrive) seems very unstable. NetworkManager and uniquity keep crashing20:02
barteks2xwhat can I do? I remember this laptop always had problem with linux livecds20:03
barteks2xanyone? why would uniquity keep crashing?20:20
barteks2xit doesn20:20
barteks2xt matter if I boot into livecd or select install20:20
barteks2xuniquity always crashes, and if I somehow manage to keep going then networkmanager will crash20:21
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