shpandyHey foss20:57
shpandyCan you help me?20:58
fossfreedomsure - will try - depends on the question20:59
shpandyI am trying to get firefox on the app list in the top left, currently it only opens when I type firefox in to a terminal20:59
shpandywhen it does open it does so with a grey box20:59
shpandyrather than logo20:59
fossfreedomhow did you install firefox?20:59
shpandyDownloaded from the website, extracted the file and sent it to /usr/bin21:00
fossfreedomk - that is your issue.21:00
fossfreedomwhy did you download and install directly rather than from the repos?21:01
shpandyI followed the first link after I googled 'how to install firefox' :D21:01
fossfreedomsudo apt install firefox21:01
shpandysee... that would have been my first guess21:02
shpandybut I wansn't confident it would work21:02
shpandyand now I have shamed my family for six generation21:02
shpandyany tips on how to remove my previous download? or do I just go in and scoop it out with rm firefox when in usr/bin21:03
fossfreedomnot really sure - I've never installed directly21:04
shpandymy add-ons are still there21:04
shpandywhen I open using the new link21:05
fossfreedomaddons would be stored in your local firefox profile - not system wide21:05
shpandywhen I open firefox in the terminal now it comes with the logo21:06
shpandyhas it maybe just improved the direct download I had started?21:06
fossfreedomfirefox from the repos is correctly patched to display stuff like logos correctly.21:07
shpandySo it probably deleted all the old files ?21:08
shpandythe ones I had previously installed21:08
fossfreedompossibly - as I said I've never installed directly so I've no idea how the installer scatters the files around.21:10
shpandy :D okaay, it seems to be working fine so I will leave it alone21:11

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