punk3rhi, anyone knows how change the blue default color in the Adwaita theme ?13:45
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jbichayay, we can finally close LP: #1559576 today18:34
ubot5Launchpad bug 1559576 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu GNOME boots to black screen when using proprietary Nvidia drivers" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155957618:34
DaemonFCHey, I've just set up my computer with Ubuntu GNOME, but I'm having a couple of odd issues. The first is trying to connect to my Bluetooth soundbar. I ended up having to follow a guide to kill Pulseaudio, restart the Bluetooth service, and then use Blueman to connect to the device as an audio sink. Then it appears in the sound devices, but only until I reboot.20:28
DaemonFCThe other is that my display backlight setting is not remembered by GNOME. It sets the brightness to about 70% on each boot, even though I prefer 50%.20:29
DaemonFCI was wondering if those are known issues and if there was a more appropriate fix.20:29
msev-https://github.com/Maestroschan/appfolders-manager-gnome-extension how do i find here in the code the minimum required gnome version?20:30
msev-nevermind found it20:31
jbichaDaemonFC: what Ubuntu version are you using20:31
DaemonFCKDE seems to be able to connect to my Bluetooth speaker and remember and control my backlight setting.20:32
DaemonFCjbicha, 17.0420:32
DaemonFC(Although with KDE, the backlight issue might be that it works correctly because it sends a command to manually change them depending on whether I'm plugged in or not. GNOME might be expecting GDM to do this, and I think Ubuntu loads LightDM, so that could mess it up?)20:33
jbichafor the audio problem I suggest starting with ubuntu-bug audio20:33
jbichathe backlight problem might be a kernel bug so that's more difficult to get fixed20:33
DaemonFCSo, I could do nothing and then one day I get a kernel update and the problem disappears.20:34
jbichayou could try asking GNOME directly about it since I'm not sure there are people here that know in depth how that's supposed to work20:34
DaemonFCI see on some forums and such that people have been having backlight issues with Ubuntu GNOME and hacking around them by messing with system setting files.20:35
DaemonFCThat *works* because the kernel then accepts the new backlight setting on each boot, but it doesn't fix the problem that GNOME won't remember what you want.20:36
jbichayou could try filing a bug against gnome-settings-daemon in GNOME20:37
DaemonFCI suspected that it might have been my PowerTop "system service" that automatically optimizes power usage on each boot, but I disabled this and still both problems happen.20:37
DaemonFCI set that up because I noted that Ubuntu was averaging about 2-3 watts more discharge on the battery with default settings than with powertop's optimizations.20:38
DaemonFCThat adds up to hours of runtime on battery.20:38
DaemonFCBut obviously, the display backlight settings have one of the biggest impacts on power use.20:38
DaemonFCWithout PowerTop's optimized settings, Ubuntu burns through the battery ~30% faster than Windows 10. With the optimizations, it's roughly the same runtime as Windows. I'm sure that some of the settings are off for a reason, but ouch. That's a large runtime price to pay for whatever bugs the default settings are trying to avoid.20:40
DaemonFCAnyway, out to lunch. I'll get cracking on those bug reports when I get back.20:41
DaemonFCThe Bluetooth one is definitely the most obnoxious of the two, and it seems that using A2DP has been hit or miss for years now.20:41
DaemonFCjbicha, It wants me to report the bug for bluetooth audio under alsa-driver.20:53
DaemonFCIs that the right package, or should I try Pulseaudio or Bluez or something?20:54

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