krytarikOvenWerks: Given how the discussion on HTTPS (by default) on the website unfolded so far, you do know that it's available but is just not forced on the visitors yet, right?02:34
krytarikSo yeah, one would have to file a ticket to make it so - Xubuntu did this just recently too.02:36
OvenWerkskrytarik: to be honest I have paid very little attention to our website.02:40
OvenWerksI am trying to spend what little time I have getting -controls finished... or at least the audio part of it.02:41
krytarikJust making sure the discussion doesn't go in an awkward direction where people think HTTPS has to be enabled first. :P02:43
OvenWerksThe tone so far has been reasonably relaxed. Considering Ubuntu owns the server, I am sure they have https already there for it.02:49
OvenWerks:P wrong window..02:50
krytarikYes! :D02:50
mchelenkrytarik: yup i saw that https is available, which is why i'm hoping all thats needed is a redirect22:30
mchelenkrytarik: i would have made a ticket but wasn't sure where?22:31
krytarikmchelen: https://rt.ubuntu.com/ - but any such request would have to made by a trusted member of the team anyway.23:07

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