IntelCoreis there a way toM? re install PA00:02
IntelCorert, PAM?00:02
gde33not sure how to word it, it seems the response time in firefox for mouse and keyboard events is declining slowly. Some stuff works just fine but typing in the firefox search box or form fields may be supper slow all of a sudden. Pausing html5 videos is the worse part, it registers the click but can easily take 10 seconds.00:31
mas0Hi! I'm having no luck in having ufw start on boot using Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS. ufw works but I have to start it manually after every reboot. Can someone help me troubleshoot this please?00:32
gde33clicking the skip this add button on youtube takes longer than the add00:32
psychoticwarrioryea i have the same problem sometimes. youtube can be a bitch00:33
gde33I wrote an infinite scroll javascript a few years ago, at first I had it insert 1 line when a scroll event triggered00:34
Loshkigde33: as someone patiently pointed out to me, the first thing to try is a different browser.00:34
gde33Loshki: to see if the problem is there also?00:35
Loshkigde33: exactly.00:35
gde33chrome has this anoying keyring popup00:36
AntumDI just broke my installation. The system was installing updates & was hard reset in the process....00:36
AntumDNow it starts in "emergency mode" & I can't get networking to work.00:37
psychoticwarriorgrub-install <device>00:37
psychoticwarriorupdate-initramfs -u00:37
gde33chrome has this anoying keyring popup that I have to cancle 8 times00:37
psychoticwarriorif you cant boot00:37
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gde33on chrome yt respondes instantly00:38
gde33on mozilla irc the response is usually to install the version from the website rather than using the one that comes with ubuntu.00:39
LangleyHello, running Ubuntu Gnome 16.04, my second monitor is above my primary, and full screen programs open on the secondary.... how can I change that?00:40
AntumDOkay psychoticwarrior, I've already tried "grub-install", but I will try the others.00:40
Bashing-omAntumD: Can you boot to grub's boot menu -> recovery kernel -> enable networking ?00:41
AntumDActually psychoticwarrior, I think I've done all of that.00:41
psychoticwarrioryea thats true00:41
psychoticwarriorAntumD you cant get networking too work00:42
AntumDYes Bashing-om, I can boot into recovery. But I can't start networking.00:42
luis30for some reason all of a sudden im getting on error about saving information on a certain folder..how can i change the permissions back to where it should be to be able to download and save00:42
Bashing-omAntumD: from the enable networking option in the recovery menu ?00:43
* bitch hugs psychoticwarrior00:43
AntumDNot sure if it's important, but I am using Ubuntu-derived (yakkety) Linux Mint.00:44
tgm4883AntumD: which isn't supported here00:44
AntumDI'm booting into recovery now, I'll check messages.00:44
Bashing-omAntumD: Then ya need to talk with the mint folks ;00:44
Bashing-om!mint | AntumD00:44
ubottuAntumD: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)00:44
psychoticwarrior*bitch did you get it to work00:46
naccpsychoticwarrior: that is inappropriate for this channel00:46
AntumDYou mean, you would have helped me had I not said I was on Linux Mint :'(. Okay, I'll go over to Mint channel.00:46
psychoticwarriormy bad thats his nick00:47
* bitch waves to nacc00:47
naccpsychoticwarrior: ah i see, sorry00:47
luis30how you reset persmissions back to defult in #ubuntu folder00:48
Bashing-omAntumD: Not true . We would offer help of you were booting 'buntu . Many things different in mint we are not aware of .00:48
naccluis30: you cannot generally 'reset' permissions -- there is no default value00:48
naccluis30: also what is "#ubuntu folder"?00:49
luis30download...okay then what is the settings for a fresh install00:49
kenrinsettings for what luis30.  Each directory is going to have different ones00:49
luis30kenrin, when you first create a folder or if its already created the first settins00:50
naccluis30: depends on the umask00:50
kenrinThat would depend on the users umask00:50
naccluis30: your question has no meaning in Linux, on its own00:50
Langleyluis30, for the "Downloads" folder the permissions is probably drwxr-xr-x00:50
luis30how do i set that to that00:51
LangleyIf you open a terminal and write "ls -l" you can see it00:51
luis30what is the terminal command to define that for a folder...00:51
psychoticwarriorgo to files and then locate the folder and right click then properties00:51
Langleyshould be chmod but I can't remember what numbers to use...00:52
luis30anyone know the chmod command00:52
psychoticwarriorya it is chmod00:52
kenrin1 = x,  2 = w,  4 = r00:52
psychoticwarriorchmod 755 <>00:52
luis30cmmod 755 Downloads ?00:53
psychoticwarrioridk maybe i cant really remember00:53
LangleyShould be that00:53
kenrinYou don't typically want to give execute on files.  644 is what I would consider "default" for those.00:54
luis30its still not wanting to save00:55
psychoticwarriorsu -00:55
psychoticwarriorlog into root00:55
naccluis30: ok, so rather than asking any of these things, tell us the actual problem00:55
luis30how do i chnage the permissions of a folder called Downloads00:55
Langleyluis30, what is the output of "ls -l" ?00:55
naccpsychoticwarrior: we don't recommend being root generally, in ubuntu00:55
psychoticwarrioryea i agree00:55
naccpsychoticwarrior: careful sudo usage is appropriate00:55
psychoticwarriorit may help thoighh00:55
luis30i want to download something in a folder called download it saying i dont have permission00:55
psychoticwarriori use sudo00:55
luis30all of a sudden for no reason it changed00:55
psychoticwarriordid u get it to work00:56
luis30no one here knows how to change the permissions of a folder download to be able to save?00:56
naccluis30: Langley's question still stands -- and/or show us in a pastebin the command you ran and the output00:56
naccluis30: we all do, but that's not what you're actually hitting, most likely00:57
kenrinTry using the full path to the folder00:57
naccluis30: and setting folders to world writable so that you can download to them is wrong00:57
kenrinex.  /home/luis30/Downloads00:57
naccluis30: and 'download' and 'Downloads' are totally different directories00:58
naccluis30: finally, what is 'it'? a browser? the terminal?00:58
Bashing-omluis30: " sysop@x1604:~$ ls -ld Downloads >> sysop@x1604:~$ ls -ld Downloads00:58
Bashing-omdrwxr-xr-x 2 sysop sysop 4096 Apr 29 12:06 Downloads00:58
luis30drwxr-xr-x 62 root root00:59
LangleyThere's the problem, root is owning the folder01:00
luis30how i change that ...not even sure how it switched01:00
LangleyChange it with "chown luis30:luis30 Downloads"01:00
Langleyor whatever your user is called01:00
naccluis30: you probably ran something (e.g., nautilus) as root or with gksudo or something01:00
naccluis30: permissions don't randomly change01:01
luis30looks its working now...maybe it was bleackbit that did it01:03
Bashing-omluis30: See: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo for the likely reason .01:06
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fadavihello. please help me to solve these errors: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24732313/01:33
pseudopadHello. I have a mobile broadband card in my laptop, and even if it's set to disabled, ubuntu keeps nagging me to input the pin for it. Is there a way to stop this from happening?01:55
pseudopadWithout disabling it in the uefi, that is. I like having the option available to me without restarting01:55
kenrinCould probably just rfkill block it on boot01:58
IntelCorepseudopad - does ubuntu want the device - on or off line?02:01
IntelCorepsuedopad - when i click on connections, i can edit them02:03
IntelCoreso it is disabled in connections? psuedopad?02:04
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:05
IntelCorepseudopad, ??02:06
IntelCoreok.. next02:07
pseudopadhexchat started crashing over and over again02:24
pseudopadyes, mobile broadband is disabled02:24
pseudopadin the network settings02:24
IntelCorepseudopad,  ah, ok.. so ubuntu see it02:26
IntelCorepseudopad, u might give it pin then disable02:26
pseudopaddisable pin? i don't really want that02:26
IntelCorepseudopad,  u have a wifi?  did u selcet it?02:27
pseudopadi have wifi, i also have mobile broadband02:27
pseudopadthe first is on, the second is off02:27
IntelCorewell if you want to disable an internal card..device02:28
pseudopadbut ubuntu still prompts me for pin, both at the login prompt before i even log in, and then again after i log in02:28
pseudopadand after resuming from sleep02:28
IntelCorepseudopad,  u have a cablendem?02:28
pseudopadcable modem? no, i have fios.02:28
IntelCoreah, pseudopad , then it not keeping that02:28
IntelCorepa u deleted the mobile in system config?02:30
pseudopadNo, i want to have it available when i leave my house02:30
pseudopadi want it disabled, not removed02:30
avatardwe faked the moon landings02:30
avatardand the name of the airforce base where it was filmed/faked is in the movie "sneakers"02:30
bazhangavatard, not topical here02:30
IntelCorewell the card may want a pin on boot, or after suspend02:30
avatardalso, eye-tracking is now in all theatres in the USA02:31
bazhangavatard, take the chatter elsewhere02:31
avatardand tinfoil is a red-herring. mind control is audible, not electromagnetic02:31
pseudopadYes, but does that mean ubuntu is forced to activate it every time?02:31
IntelCorepseudopad,  giving an isp pin02:31
draxdeveloperhello, i am trying to configure a google drive folder. I can access the folder from nautilus, but i don't have permission to write02:32
draxdeveloperi even have tried this: sudo chmod 777 /run/user/1000/gvfs/google-drive:host=gmail.com,user=siviaf.into02:32
draxdeveloperbut it's says that i don't have permission, even with the sudo command02:33
pseudopadi'm sort of trying to determine if this is a bug in the mobile network manager, or if there is a way to turn it off02:35
pseudopadi feel like asking for the pin on a turned off device is kinda weird02:35
IntelCorepseudopad,  if return from suspend it might be normal02:36
IntelCorepseudopad, is win on this pc?02:37
pseudopadwhat about popping up before a user is even logged in?02:37
pseudopadthis is a laptop with ubuntu only02:37
kenrinDid you read the bug report pseudopad ?02:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 704123 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "Network Manager asks for the PIN even if it is memorized" [Medium,Triaged]02:38
pseudopadi looked for one, but i didn't find any entries for this exact issue02:38
pseudopadmaybe i didn't look hard enough02:38
kenrinLooks like it has been open more than five years and devs will not fix.  You could try the workaround in the comments02:38
pseudopadthis looks like it could be a related bug, but not exactly the same as mine02:39
=== r0Oter is now known as r00ter
kenrinSounds the same,  pin keeps popping up for no reason02:40
pseudopadmine is that the pin prompt pops up all the time,e ven if the device is supposed to be disabled02:40
pseudopadyeah it seems like it could come from the same underlying issue02:40
pseudopadthanks for finding that for me02:41
IntelCorepseudopad, https://askubuntu.com/questions/137815/how-to-enable-disable-mobile-broadband-from-terminal02:41
IntelCorethis a script to see02:41
draxdeveloperalso, when i go to a folder inside the drive i can't see it's name. Just random numbers and letters02:42
pseudopadi used to have mint on this laptop. i can't remember if i had the same issue there02:42
pseudopadi could reinstall and check i guess02:42
IntelCorepseudopad,  update network manager02:42
pseudopadit had a very similar mobile broadband manager02:42
draxdeveloperwith make me think that the app don't have any permission on this folder. If i open the folder propriets it's says that the permission can't be determined02:42
IntelCoreon goog drive?02:43
draxdeveloperIntelCore yep02:43
pseudopadupdate network manager to what?02:43
draxdeveloperi am using the gnome config solution, so it's have a google drive folder in the same way that i have a network folder (but i don't have sure if it's uses samba)02:45
IntelCore If you share Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Forms, you can control whether they can edit, comment on, or only view the file.02:45
IntelCoreteam must be set for write02:45
draxdeveloperhum... let me see02:45
IntelCoreyour goog drive?02:46
draxdeveloperIntelCore, the folder is the owner folder02:48
draxdeveloperhere is the location: siviaf.into@gmail.com02:48
draxdeveloperbut when i look the permissions it's says that it can't be determinated02:49
Makalakhi, so as of late everytime i try to boot into ubuntu, i'm suck on /dev/sdb3 clean... blahblah, forced to go to ttyX window and fsck the main os partition, reboot to boot into OS02:50
Makalakjust now, i was forced into emergency mode? having to use the same workaround to boot into the OS02:51
IntelCoredraxdeveloper, it you as owner?02:51
MakalakI'm running Ubuntu 17.04 from USB 3.0 on my mac air....02:51
draxdeveloperyep, i configured ubuntu to this02:51
IntelCoredraxdeveloper,  but you set perm on goog02:52
draxdeveloperIntelCore, i don't get it. The folder is the onwer folder02:52
IntelCoregoog drive share02:52
psychoticwarriordrip drop drip drop02:53
draxdeveloperso, like i said it's connect with the onwer using gnome config online accounts02:53
bazhangIntelCore, please use complete sentences here02:53
IntelCorei dont think it your file permission, but googl drive settin02:53
bazhangpsychoticwarrior, no nonsense, we have asked you many times to keep the silliness out of here02:53
draxdeveloperIntelCore, it's the onwer, it's have all permissions02:53
psychoticwarriordrippy droppy02:54
psychoticwarriormy bad02:54
aeon-ltdpsychoticwarrior: damn you here everyday?02:54
draxdeveloperbut it's a shared folder anyway02:54
IntelCoredraxdeveloper, just trying to help, it's not u.02:55
draxdeveloperIntelCore, i know. But like i said i can't change anything else in my google drive02:55
IntelCoredraxdeveloper,  and you set file permission for write02:56
draxdeveloperyep, it's shared with permission for write02:56
IntelCoredraxdeveloper,  and goog drive setting you allow to edit02:56
draxdeveloperbut where is this setting?02:56
IntelCoreon ggole02:57
IntelCoreI could not modify a doc, I found that I was not on the team02:57
IntelCorewhen the person told me to edit the file02:58
draxdeveloperIntelCore, but it's like i said. I am the owner. I don't need permission to my folder.02:58
IntelCoreI could not02:58
draxdeveloper(and it's listed anyway, as onwer)02:58
IntelCorehmm can't be determined02:59
draxdeveloperyes, that is the weird part, even the root can change this02:59
draxdeveloperhum... maybe this method (using gnome config) it's just in the file manager03:00
draxdeveloperin other words, anything besids this will not have any permission03:01
IntelCoredraxdeveloper,  docs & sheets require an app from google to edit files03:01
draxdeveloperi am not using a doc from google03:01
draxdeveloperbut it's seems that even the terminal don't have access to this03:02
draxdeveloperso i think that the gnome config is giving access just to the nautilus03:02
draxdeveloperi will try to create this folder using command line, maybe this will give permission to other applications. I think what happens is that others apps are not connect to the folder (sae thig that can happen with a network folder)03:03
draxdeveloperIntelCore, ty03:03
IntelCore install the GNOME Control Center and the GNOME Online Accounts packages03:04
IntelCoredraxdeveloper,  what desktop now?03:05
draxdeveloperIntelCore, i don't uderstand your question.03:06
IntelCoreist it gnome, mint?03:06
luis30is there silent install commands in linux like in windows...for installing a program with no user intereaction03:07
IntelCorek, hmm.. gnome 3.1803:07
IntelCoredraxdeveloper,  after install, you will get a gnome - auth logon panel button top near where ener password, click it to choose03:09
draxdeveloperIntelCore, but there is no risk of creating conflits?03:09
IntelCoreunity and gnome work03:10
Speed_im trying to install OBS and it just says "fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/kirillshkrogalev/ffmpeg-next/ubuntu/dists/xenial/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found"03:10
aeon-ltdluis30: i think at some point there needs to be some interaction, what are you looking to do?03:10
IntelCoredraxdeveloper,  it will change your desktop environment, but features still there03:10
Speed_and then it just stops03:11
luis30inmport on a virtualbox program03:11
draxdeveloperIntelCore, so i will have to use gnome to work in the drive?03:11
aeon-ltdluis30: import a vm into virtualbox?03:13
luis30-silent a valid command03:14
aeon-ltdluis30: there is a vbox channel on freenode i think they may know better than i, sorry i couldn't be of further help03:15
luis30im asking for general silent install commands03:15
luis30windows has them does linux have them?03:15
IntelCoredraxdeveloper,  it is cas of drive and unity03:15
IntelCoredraxdeveloper,  webupd8.org/2016/03/use-gnome-318-google-drive-integration.html03:16
draxdeveloperIntelCore, ok03:16
IntelCorethat should fix draxdeveloper03:16
aeon-ltdluis30: i found something on google https://askubuntu.com/questions/448358/automating-apt-get-install-with-assume-yes03:17
aeon-ltdSpeed_: jsut ask and wait for a reply03:17
luis30thanks aeon-ltd03:18
genioI've been looking, and I can't find anything that tells me how to fix the DNS lookup issue in 17.04  I can't find local network names at all, even though in the GUI it shows my router as the first place. /etc/resolv.conf shows for the nameserver03:18
genioI don't want to have to manually edit /etc/resolv.conf all the time and deal with other changes when I'm elsewhere03:19
Speed_im having troubble installing OBS03:19
genioThat's a bit vague03:20
aeon-ltdSpeed_: open broadcaster software?03:21
genioThere are several walkthroughs that are pretty simple seeming from googling obs ubuntu03:22
geniowhat problem are you having?03:22
Speed_this is the output of the install03:23
genioBut seriously, what the hell is going on with /etc/resolv.conf?!?03:24
Jordan_Ugenio: is the systemd-resolved stub resolver. It is not an indication of what non-local dns server you're using.03:28
genioit's broken03:29
geniono local name resolution can happen this way.03:29
geniohow do I fix the systemd-resolved stub resolver?03:30
genioWhen DHCP requests are made here, the router should be the current nameserver. it shows it as such when I look at network settings in the gui settings area. yet, in the command line, nothing is reachable unless I _manually_ add   nameserver my_routers_ip03:32
geniothen, obviously, that's broken if I happen to move to another network or restart the machine for any reason03:32
genioso, how do I fix the broken behavior?03:33
Jordan_Ugenio: You're adding "nameserver ..." to /etc/resolv.conf ?03:34
genioin order to get local lookups to actually work. yes03:35
geniowhich is not the appropriate answer03:35
Ojitosim new in this chat03:36
Jordan_Ugenio: Please pastebin the output of "nmcli connection show --active".03:36
geniothat just gives my wireless sid and device03:37
Bashing-omOjitos: You have found ubuntu support :)03:37
Jordan_Ugenio: Which tells me the network name so that you can then pastebin the output of "nmcli connection show NETWORK_NAME_HERE".03:39
Ojitosim tryied some time the gnome cube efects but never runs03:40
Ojitosi have the latest version of ubuntu03:40
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genioIP4.DNS[1]:  is correct, yet ipv4.dns: is blank03:49
YankDownUnderOjitos, Assuming you've activated the desktop effects...?04:04
Ojitosi dont know how to do that04:07
Ojitosalso i have diffrent graphic surround for example im using now cinnamon04:08
YankDownUnderOjitos, Fair enough. I gave up on Cinnamon - have to get into the Cinnamon forums/channels for assistance on that.04:09
geniohttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd/+bug/1624320   *UGH*04:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1624320 in systemd (Ubuntu) "systemd-resolved appends to resolv.conf alongside existing entries" [Low,Confirmed]04:10
* genio hates 04:10
OjitosYankDownUnder: so i need to activate the desktop efects from gnome ?04:12
YankDownUnderOjitos, If you're running the Cinnamon desktop, you'll have to dig into that. If you're using the Gnome-shell/Gnome 3.22 desktop, you're going to have to read-up on how compiz integrates with Gnome 3.22, matey...but it's compiz that is the "engine" that accomplishes all the "cube" and other desktop effects...04:16
Ojitoslet me check if i can run the effects in cinnamon desktop04:18
YankDownUnderOjitos, For me, I ended up having "issues" with effects in Cinnamon. FOR ME. Others might not...but it didn't suit my requirements and I just ditched it. (Lack of maturity in the project code + support, etc.)04:20
Ojitosi will check04:33
Ojitosi got to go to sleep04:33
Ojitoshave a great night04:33
Kexonihi, I made record in /etc/fstab and it crashed Ubuntu04:35
Kexoniis there any way I can edit this file or repair?04:36
krytarikKexoni: Using a Live medium for this would be one way.04:38
wyseguyI have a dell inspiron 15-7559 and looking to install ubuntu on it. I see people are having a lot of issues with the new versions of ubuntu04:40
wyseguyI found this though... thoughts? https://certification.ubuntu.com/hardware/201508-19027/04:41
wyseguybut when i look on dell's website, I dont see any pre installed os download options for ubuntu04:42
YankDownUnderQuestions to ask oneself prior to installation: * Is my graphics card supported well? * Are my devices supported well? * Is my wifi/network card supported well? * Should I install an LTS version or an interim version?04:42
YankDownUnderTest the machine with an LTS liveUSB - make sure everything works. If so, then move towards installation. If you're game - and don't mind headaches and troubleshooting, you can always try the "latest and greatest" - LTS, however, is probably the best option...04:44
wyseguyYankDownUnder: thanks, but should i look for the os download from dell? cant seem to find it04:44
wyseguydid find this too: https://connorkuehl.github.io/dell-inspiron-7559-linux-guide/index.html04:45
YankDownUnderwyseguy, Since Dell fired me for cannibalising my co-workers, I can't rightly say... ;)04:45
wyseguyseems like an unlikely reason to be fired, you should go on strike04:47
YankDownUnderwyseguy, They did tell me to "enjoy" my co-workers...heheheheh....JOKING...meanwhile, if there isn't an "official" Dell ISO, again, you can always give it a shot with like the LTS liveUSB to see if all yer bits and bobs work...ya know...graphics, network/wifi, internal hardward...side mirrors...transmission...brakes...04:48
wyseguyYankDownUnder: ya, i hear ya, i just figured dell would have an iso as it says pre-installed by manufacturer04:49
InteeHey guys, is it possible to run a script (Python in this case) that requires user input on run but then push it back to another shell?04:50
YankDownUnderwyseguy, In all actuality, they probably DO - but they either bury it somewhere on the site far from public eyes, or make it only available to OEM's...04:50
InteeI have tried "& python script.py" and "(python script.py &)"04:50
InteeSecond one actually runs the script but obv doesn't allow for user input.04:51
InteeSomeone did suggest nohup but unsure about that.04:51
lotuspsychje!python | Intee04:51
ubottuIntee: python is a popular Object Oriented scripting language included in Ubuntu. For more on Python please see http://www.python.org/ or #python04:51
InteeWould this be a python question though? :\04:52
InteeWouldn't the same thing happen if I tried doing it with a .sh that require used input?04:52
wyseguyYankDownUnder: wonder if there is some easier way to find it from them04:52
lotuspsychjeIntee: im just widening your options mate, cant harm to try the #python channel aswell04:53
InteeRoger that :)04:53
InteeThanks lotuspsychje :)04:53
krytarik..Or in #bash04:53
InteeYeah, going to try bash next :P04:53
jushurIntee: tmux04:53
InteeSomeone said nohup or tmux yeah :P04:53
krytarikwyseguy: Why not just get it directly from  https://www.ubuntu.com/download ?04:54
YankDownUnderwyseguy, Is it safe to assume that you've very nicely crafted an email to the Dell support folks asking?04:58
wyseguyYankDownUnder: nope, they are all dead or half eaten04:59
wyseguyill email, then 10 mins later i figure it out, then my email is on a list and spam starts04:59
YankDownUnderwyseguy, Ah...yeah...forgot about that bit...05:00
YankDownUnderwyseguy, Closest thing I've found... => https://certification.ubuntu.com/hardware/201605-22331/05:02
=== andyhuzhill1 is now known as andyhuzhill
wyseguyya, i found that too, plus i see that the dell 7559 is in the list twice, but it doesent say 15-7559, just 7559...05:04
wyseguybut same hardware that is in this laptop05:04
wyseguyYankDownUnder: http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/04/SLN301761/how-to-use-the-dell-hosted-recovery-image-of-linux?lang=EN05:05
wyseguyfound that but no dl link05:05
YankDownUnderwyseguy, Email might resolve that...(nicely worded, with lots of "please" and "thank you" added)05:06
wyseguyill find it :)05:07
wyseguyYankDownUnder: i have a skylake cpu. 14.04 does not work with skylake05:15
wyseguyso a dell inspiron 7559 and 15-7559 must be different05:15
jushurwyseguy: that is actually not entirely true, it just needs a new kernel05:15
wyseguybut on ubuntu's site, it says pre-installed by maunfacturer.. weird05:15
wyseguyjushur: hey05:15
Mr_Panwyseguy: Update to 16.04 is a good idea05:16
wyseguyMr_Pan: looking for the dell provided iso of ubuntu05:16
Mr_Panwyseguy: http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/software-os/f/3525/t/1970303505:18
Mr_PanU dont wait a dell ISO...05:18
Mr_PanDell laptop are Linux compliano05:19
wyseguyokay, so i found this this then Mr_Pan05:19
wyseguyMr_Pan: https://connorkuehl.github.io/dell-inspiron-7559-linux-guide/index.html05:20
wyseguylooks like some issues are there but most things seem to work05:20
wyseguyMr_Pan: what do you think..05:24
Mr_Panwyseguy:  mi officemate have a Dell precisione with no Dell kubuntu 16.04 Installation. He have Dell repos Asses only05:24
wyseguyMr_Pan: i would like a dell xps 13 or 15 dev edition05:24
wyseguywould be nice :)05:24
wyseguyyeah, that's what i have seen, just repos have been added05:24
Mr_PanXps 13 super mobility laptop05:25
KexoniI solved /etc/fstab in recovery mode, no need for live version :)05:25
wyseguyMr_Pan: ya I am an it guy, in the field and data center a lot, but work with vmware a lot, so 2 things.. screen size might be an issue as vcenter like a lot of space on the screen to see everything, but with that high res it might be okay.. and no eth port :/05:26
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wyseguyhm, the dell xps 13 and 15 dev editions get mixed reviews05:31
wyseguylooking for a solid laptop, not huge, eth port, linux pre-installed or fully functional with all hardware for linux, high res, 14 or 15"05:32
Mr_Panwyseguy: dell precision05:35
wyseguyMr_Pan: not pocket breaking lol05:35
Mr_PanOther thinkpad x1 or L Series05:36
Mr_PanOther thinkpad T Series05:36
lotuspsychjewyseguy: any laptop can run ubuntu just fine, why do you want it preinstalled?05:37
Mr_PanI use fujitsu s936 at this Moment with xubuntu 17.04 + win 10 vom05:38
wyseguylotuspsychje: does not have to be preinstalled, but need it to work 100% without hardware issues, like where it wont sleep, touchpad issues, and so on05:38
lotuspsychjewyseguy: all depends on the chipsets/model of laptop05:39
wyseguylotuspsychje: right, looking for one :)05:40
Mr_PanDell thinkpad  and fujitsu Works 100% with linux (ubuntu). Direct expierence05:41
Mr_Panjhijkl: test05:41
lotuspsychjeMr_Pan: thats dangerous to generalize, every machine is different05:42
jhijklI'm on another channel and can't send anything05:42
jhijklWas just checking to see it wasn't universal05:42
pravinhello, I have kubuntu-desktop on ubuntu 17.04, how do I switch between display managers05:42
Mr_Panlotuspsychje: ok... i User Linux in 3 differenti thinkpad Model ...05:43
EriC^^pravin: which display manager do you want to use05:43
Mr_Panlotuspsychje: sorry Handy Keyboard...05:43
EriC^^pravin: sudo dpkg-reconfigure <display manager>05:44
wyseguyMr_Pan: do you have issues with your palms hitting the extra mouse buttons when typing?05:44
pravinEriC^^ i currnty on default display manager in ubuntu 17.0405:44
EriC^^pravin: ubuntu or kubuntu?05:44
EriC^^oh nevermind05:44
EriC^^you want the kubuntu one?05:44
Mr_Panwyseguy: no..05:44
EriC^^pravin: sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm05:45
pravinI installed kubuntu-desktop with "apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"05:45
Mr_Panwyseguy: i Wrote from mi Handy with Herman Keyboard and italian t905:45
wyseguyMr_Pan: do you have a fav thinkpad model that is fast and semi current gen?05:45
wyseguyits for IT use, but i like snappy-ness05:46
pravinEriC^^: sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm is not working05:46
lotuspsychjewyseguy: perhaps use the #ubuntu-discuss channel for that05:46
EriC^^pravin: what's it saying?05:46
wyseguyMr_Pan: what are your few reasons for those models? just curious05:48
pravinEriC^^: https://pastebin.com/FhDKVWsH05:48
wyseguyMr_Pan: also, neither are full hd.. 1920/108005:49
psychoticwarriorhey ladies and gentlemen05:55
Speed_i tried following these instructions05:59
Speed_and i dont know how to run it05:59
Speed_idk if i installed it correctly06:00
Speed_because i dont see it06:00
Speed_is there a way i can list all installed packages and see if its there?06:01
kenrinsudo dpkg -l06:02
Speed_seams like OBS-Studio isnt installed even tho i thought i just installed it06:03
Speed_wwhy must it be so anoying!06:04
Speed_install output06:04
kenrinWhy are you not using the PPA?06:05
Speed_because its not in the instructions?06:05
Speed_im just following the instructions06:06
kenrinhttps://launchpad.net/~obsproject/+archive/ubuntu/obs-studio     Don't have to build anything06:06
pravinhello, I have kubuntu-desktop on ubuntu 17.04, how do I switch between display managers06:07
Kyrosthere is a selector on the login screen06:08
hateballpravin: did you set sddm as login manager when you installed kubuntu-desktop?06:08
pravini guess06:09
pravinthere was a selection option at the time of installation06:09
Speed_@kenrin 40406:09
pravinI thought it could be changed later so I didn't check06:10
akikpravin: sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm or sudo dpkg-reconfigure sddm06:10
pravinakik: I tried now, but selecting either is not taking me to kdm06:12
ZombieI have a question.06:12
lotuspsychje!ask | Zombie06:12
ubottuZombie: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:12
pravinakik: Is there any way to do the selection at the login screen06:14
ZombieI have an internal organization level CA. I need to have that CA Trusted by FireFox, Thunderbird, OwnCloud client and Pidgin.06:14
akikpravin: you can selet the desktop environment at the login screen06:14
kenrinSpeed_ :  I think you need to install ffmpeg first,  the next isn't included past ubuntu 1406:14
akikpravin: i think kubuntu uses lightdm06:15
pravinakik: its not there06:15
akikpravin: maybe you need to install kdm separately06:15
Speed_i thought i did install it06:15
Speed_ill try again then06:15
hateballakik: It does not06:16
hateballakik, pravin: Kubuntu uses SDDM06:16
akikoh ok it has changed then from 14.04 when kubuntu still uses lightdm06:17
pravinhateball: selecting sddm or lightdm has no difference06:17
hateballakik: Yep, it's sddm since Plasma 5.x06:17
pravinah, life was so simple when there were just gdm and kdm06:18
hateballwell you *can* use others, but sddm is designed for it06:18
pravinhateball: how do I switch to kde06:18
akikpravin: you can selet the desktop environment at the login screen06:23
ZombieI have an internal organization level CA. I need to have that CA Trusted by FireFox, Thunderbird, OwnCloud client and Pidgin.06:59
IntelCorea LAN07:01
IntelCoreZombie, is it on a lan?07:02
ZombieI can get Yes.07:02
Speed_same thing is happening07:05
IntelCoreZombie, CA on Lan is a set-up07:07
IntelCoreZombie, Cisco has wireless Locally Significant Certificate feature.07:10
IntelCoresets you up CA via wireless07:10
IntelCoreZombie,  - read ubuntu - https://askubuntu.com/questions/102326/how-install-ca-certificate-for-a-wireless-network07:13
ZombieI'm not talking about FreeRadius07:14
IntelCorek, no points not wireless..?07:16
IntelCoreZombie, you use Openssl my 2nd link a try07:18
IntelCoreSpeed -- get ffmpeg from ffmpeg site07:20
IntelCorethe files for a/v stuff was in restricted extras, but you have to get a few more files off the websites07:21
IntelCorei think tha link at launchpad is not correct07:25
IntelCorei dont like a person from russia put a ppa on launchpad - for a package - you can find cleanly on source (with help)07:28
IntelCoreYou can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding07:31
IntelCorehowever you risk07:31
IntelCoreffmpeg.org - i think07:31
tamj0rd2I've been having a problem with ubuntu for a few months now. When I try to type into certain input boxes/fields, it doesn't work. Can anyone help/has anyone had this problem before?08:04
tamj0rd2e.g when I try to search for a file in nautilus, it will only let me search for 1 letter. If I type another letter, it'll replace the first letter08:04
tamj0rd2The problem seems to behave different in each application08:04
tamj0rd2I'm using version 16.0408:05
YankDownUndertamj0rd2, Something to try - disable bluetooth, reboot, try again.08:14
MaximBhello, sorry for the question, but is anyone managed to Install Powershell on Ubuntu17.04? I see no package for this version, only the "run" file, but not install.08:35
MaximBI need it for Azure08:35
akikMaximB: the deb is at https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell08:45
akikMaximB: there's no 17.04 version but the older version probably works, try it08:45
MaximBakik: yes i know, but the old versions don't work. they compalin about missing package libicu55 which is not even in 7.04 repos08:47
akikMaximB: did you run "sudo apt-get -f install" after installing it?08:47
akikMaximB: oh i see08:47
MaximBi can try ingoring the deps, but not sure it's best practice08:48
akik!info libicu55 zesty08:48
ubottuPackage libicu55 does not exist in zesty08:48
MaximByes i know :(08:48
MaximBbut is there anything that replaces it?08:48
akikMaximB: askubuntu says that there's an appimage for powershell08:49
MaximByes i know that too, but it's not an instalation. it's a "run" file08:50
MaximBand I need to install addidional packages from powershell08:50
akikMaximB: you can't use it?08:50
akikwell damn :(08:50
MaximBit runs ok, but it won't install any modules08:50
akik!info libicu zesty08:51
ubottuPackage libicu does not exist in zesty08:51
akik!info libicu57 zesty08:51
ubottulibicu57 (source: icu): International Components for Unicode. In component main, is standard. Version 57.1-5ubuntu0.1 (zesty), package size 7650 kB, installed size 30192 kB08:51
akikmaybe that?08:51
MaximBthanks, I'll try08:52
akikbut the dependency won't be fulfilled, i don't know08:52
rizhashi all08:54
rizhasneed some help :)08:54
rizhasis some alive?08:55
YankDownUnderAsk the question.08:56
rizhashave some problem, after an update nvidia drivers bricsCAD stops opening, I see the program starting screen but after I chose open a file or just new, bricsCAD crashes... i belive its after nvidia update because yesterday every thing works perfectly09:00
YankDownUnderrizhas, Isn't there a configuration change that needs to happen with BricsCAD in order to work properly with the system graphics driver? I seem to recall that this was an issue on OS/X after an update...so I'm assuming it would be the same for linux...09:02
rizhasso what can i do to run BricsCAD ?09:03
YankDownUnderFirstly, read exactly what I wrote.09:03
YankDownUnderrizhas, Secondly read this: https://forum.bricsys.com/discussion/25166/ubuntu-update-breaks-bricscad-licensing09:05
rizhaswill try09:08
ubuntuloveHi I have set up to allow FTP in my UFW but when i try to connect with filezilla it wont let me? Any tips appreciated09:13
YankDownUnderubuntulove, port 2109:15
aienais there a way to increase history in the main ubuntu shell the one you get on ubuntu servers for example where you use alt + page up to scroll09:18
hateballaiena: Edit ~/.bashrc and change HISTSIZE09:20
hateballaiena: Set to -1 if you want unlimited (as per the man-page)09:20
aienawhat the difference between HISTSIZE and HISTFILEZISE ?09:23
jinkaiena: "man bash" will tell you.09:25
jinkaiena: SIZE is number of commands, FILESIZE is size of the file.09:26
aienawill look into it in a bit09:26
jinkLots of other stuff to see there. :)09:26
aienaI am guessing that 2000 is in bits so its like 2mb09:26
soeehi, when executing ls -sh how can i sort items by szie ?09:26
hateballThat's not it, no09:26
hateballaiena: histsize is for ongoing session, filesize is for all sessions09:26
aienayeah jink usually the only thing I tinker with is adding 'set -o vi' at the end09:27
jinksoee: -S09:27
aienai dont touch anything else and usually in gui terminals the terminal emulator keeps the buffer09:27
aienabut here there is no term emulator09:27
jinkBuffer and history aren't the same thing.09:28
hateballjink: histfilesize is how much is saved after you close the session, it's not in bytes09:28
jinkBuffer is how far you can scroll back, history is what commands you used.09:28
hateballso you can have a histsize of 50, and a histfilesize of 10, so only the last 10 commands you ran in the session will be saved for next time09:28
jinkhateball: Ah, right. :)09:28
jinkI set both to a million, here.09:29
jinkAnd erasedups is on. :')09:29
hateballcould just set to -1 for unlimited :p09:29
jinkAnyway, like I said, it's in the manual.09:29
aienajink:  So then I need th increase the buffer not hist09:29
aienai want to scroll back up to see more stdin /stderr strings09:30
YankDownUndermillion is too small, a trillion a bit too large.09:30
jinkhateball: Yes, but you know how that goes.  When you least expect it, the disk is full when you exit.09:30
soeejink: thanks09:30
YankDownUnderSimplify all network sysadmin tasks by sending all stdin/stderr > /dev/null => Wow! No errors! Great job! (sarcasm)09:31
aienalol good one09:32
aienaor pipe it to a file and then parse that file with your brain09:33
aienaadd sufficient volume so it explodes with buzzing electricity09:33
YankDownUnderBOFH administration tactics.09:33
aienaBOFH ?09:34
aienaand read it with less09:34
aienabecause less is more but more is less09:34
YankDownUnder"Bast*d Operator From Hell" - old term for sysops/netadmins/sysadmins/sysops09:34
aienabut more is also not less and less is also not more09:35
aienaBOFH for sure09:35
aienaand both are true09:35
aienathough contradictory09:36
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vltHello. Where can I find out what HP LaseJet printers/scanners work on Ubuntu? Is hplipopensource.com down for anyone else?10:08
hateballvlt: Seems down indeed10:09
hateballAnd that's your best bet10:09
hateballBut usually the answer is "all of them"10:09
vlthateball: Ok, thanks!10:10
hateballvlt: a rare few models need you to grab firmware for them using hp-firmware10:11
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nazarewkhow do i create my own service in ubuntu?10:23
nazarewki've generated /etc/init.d/<script> from https://github.com/fhd/init-script-template10:23
nazarewkbut ubuntu still doesn't see it in `service <script> status`10:23
hateball!systemd | nazarewk10:24
ubottunazarewk: systemd is the default init system for Ubuntu 15.04 onwards. For information on transitioning from upstart to systemd, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers For a guide to basic service management with systemd, see https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-systemctl-to-manage-systemd-services-and-units10:24
nazarewkoh, i'm on 14.0410:25
nazarewkthats where confusion comes from10:25
nazarewki'm using systemd since like always on my own PC, but never figured out what is it that ubuntu uses10:26
hateballnazarewk: did you chmod +x your script?10:26
troulouliou_devhi any dea why cinnamon intercept all FN keys ? i can't use the in vbox anymore10:28
larrynimorning all10:32
larryniI'm running a Ubuntu 14.04 LTSP server and recently had to replace the mobo. this messed up networking as it renamed the ethernet ports. I managed to sort it out and get them back to the way they were before.10:33
larryniIt's a 2 NIC setup, I can connect to the router through the browser, but I can't access the Internet anymore. I can also ping local addresses, but no outside addresses/urls.10:34
larryniI guess I must have messed something up whilst tinkering after mobo replacement10:35
larryniThe Interent definitely works as I have my laptop connected and listening to online radio on it.10:35
larryniThe LTSP side looks to be ok as well as my thin clients boot successfully10:37
cfhowlett!server | larryni, perhaps the server channel?10:38
ubottularryni, perhaps the server channel?: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Xenial (Xenial Xerus 16.04.1) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server10:38
larryniI have a static IP set on eth0 to connect to router, and router also lists it in the connected devices list10:38
larryniIt's a desktop setup, not server10:38
cfhowlettyes but LTSP IS a server ...10:38
larryniit just happens to run on a Proliant server ;o)10:38
larryniI was chatting with the LTSP dev on their channel and he thinks it's a networking issue10:39
cfhowlettwell there is the #networking channel10:39
larryniok, I'll check it out. thanks.10:40
alesanhow do I flash the ubuntu to a memori stick?10:45
cfhowlett!usb | alesan10:45
ubottualesan: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent10:45
alesanideally from the command line with dd10:45
hateballdd if=iso of=/dev/sdX10:46
hateballat its simplest10:46
alesanhateball, so to the device, not the partition?10:46
alesansdb, not sdb1 ?10:46
akikalesan: yes10:47
akikalesan: add bs=1024k to make it faster10:47
akikalesan: run sync after the dd command to flush the buffers10:48
hateballalesan: Yep10:48
hateballalesan: usually I do like so: dd status=progress bs=8M if=iso of=/dev/sdX10:49
hateballalesan: it needs to be to the device because it writes mbr10:49
Poirottihi. using a zenbook laptop. 'acpi' command is showing always 'Battery 0: Discharging, 84%, 10:05:04 remaining' no matter if plugged or not. in other words acpi thinks that the battery state doesn't change. i think it's something related to either pm-suspend or pm-hibernate which i have been trying a little bit. is this something common? any ideas how to fix it (other than draining the battery and re-calibrating it that way)?10:51
Poirotti'trying' the pm-suspend/hibernate means that i've used them a couple of times without any other problem than this :)10:52
Newbs123can anyone give a tip on a best way to do raid 10 on ubuntu 16.04 lts server?10:53
cfhowlett!raid | Newbs123 check this out?10:54
ubottuNewbs123 check this out?: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto10:54
HaydzI'm having issues with phpmyadmin on ubuntu 16.04 PHP7, my regular PHP scripts load fine, but phpmyadmin is shown in plain text, any ideas?11:03
ubuntuloveHi I have set up to allow FTP/Port 21 in my UFW but when i try to connect with filezilla it wont let me? Any tips appreciated11:13
YankDownUnderubuntulove, http://developernote.com/2013/08/configuring-firewall-to-enable-ftp-ssh-and-http-on-ubuntu/11:16
ubuntuloveYankDownUnder: Ok il try that immidetaly11:17
ubuntuloveWell nvm that is exactly what I have done already :P11:18
ikoniaubuntulove: can you connect to the port11:20
Poirottiso no ideas what to do when battery state (showed by acpi) seems to have stuck to the same value no matter if plugged or not?11:22
Poirottialso 'upower -i /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT0' shows it like that11:22
ubuntuloveNot sure how to check ikonia ? My filezilla says could not connect to server11:26
ikoniaubuntulove: is an ftp server actually listing on port 21 ?11:27
ikoniaif so, use a tool (telnet or nc) to just connect to the port and see if it responds at all11:27
ubuntuloveThanks I will test, it says it allows it in iptables\ufw but il try with telnet11:28
ikoniaiptables does not mean there is a service listening on that port11:28
ubuntuloveikonia: connection refused on that to11:30
ikoniaok - so either a.) there is nothing listening on that application port b.) the firewall is not open c.) there is another firewall that you are not aware of blocking it11:30
HaydzI'm having issues with phpmyadmin on ubuntu 16.04 PHP7, my regular PHP scripts load fine, but phpmyadmin is shown in plain text, any ideas?11:32
ikoniaHaydz: probably an addtype handler missing in apache11:33
Haydz@ikonia, what would you recommend I google :)?11:34
ubuntuloveOk thanks ikonia, I think it cannot be another firewall because when I blocked SSH on the UFW i lost my VPS previously, so I will try to make FTP listen then11:38
HaydzI GOT IT WORKING :):) thank you so much @ikonia11:42
HaydzAdded SetHandler application/x-httpd-php to the conf file11:42
ubuntuloveWell done bloke11:42
ubuntuloveikonia: im retarded11:45
ikoniaubuntulove: there is no need for that11:45
ubuntuloveNo offense or anything i mean im facepalming11:45
ubuntuloveI had not installed a FTP service L O L11:45
ikoniawell, you're working now11:45
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ws2k3fallentree ur around?11:49
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BluesKajHiyas all11:52
fallentreews2k3: yup11:52
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ubuntuloveHmm need some more tips, using filezilla but it wont transfer my file due to no access even though i put chmod 777 on the folder11:55
vimarIs anybod12:05
vimarIs anybody using ICQ?  Not sure what application I could use.12:05
kristhianquestion, is there a way to downgrade my version of ubuntu?12:06
SwedeMikekristhian: downgrades are not supported.12:06
kristhiani see, ok12:07
kristhiani am currently having issues with npm, and i couldnt get support in the channel12:07
bumblefuzzhey, so, I just installed ubuntu on my new computer and I can't get my bluetooth to work12:08
bumblefuzzit let's me enable and disable it12:09
appno_mattHey all - having some weirdness with apt-mark on 16.04. 'apt-mark hold <pkg>' works fine, but issuing another hold command overwrites the existing list. Is this by design?12:09
bumblefuzzbut it says there are no adapters and I can't add a bluetooth device12:09
fission6how do PID ids work, i have a uwsgi process that restarts workings after 100 requests, each time my PID ids increment as expected but this can't happen indefinitely do they reset and start at a lower number at some point?12:10
akikfission6: they are re-used12:13
appno_matt@fission6 standard POSIX behavior is that they rollover / reset IIRC: the PID value is required to be unique12:13
bumblefuzzI can't set up a new bluetooth device because ubuntu says there are no adapters found12:13
appno_mattbumblefuzz: what version of Ubuntu are you using?12:14
akikfission6: see /proc/sys/kernel/pid_max12:14
appno_matt( 'cat /etc/issue' in terminal)12:15
bumblefuzzubuntu mate 16.04.212:15
FleuvHello, I have a problem with my sound driver or the software managing my sound output device. Strangely sometimes it is working, and sometimes it doesn't work and then I just can't get it working propperly again. This is what happens: the software doesn't detect my headphone from being plugged in, initially no output device produces any sound. However after changing INput device, the integrated speaker on my laptop is able to produce s12:15
FleuvSome information http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=fbf1f7515a49816c3ba3bc84b20540cd52e41aae12:15
bumblefuzzappno_matt: 16.04.212:17
Fleuv*My goal is to have my headphones work probably as well12:17
fission6appno_matt thanks!12:18
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appno_mattbumblefuzz: Got it, cheers :] have a look at this, specifically the second answer, editing the bluetooth conf file, then try to restart the service (sudo service bluetooth restart): https://askubuntu.com/questions/787023/bluetooth-not-working-on-ubuntu-16-04-lts/808114#80811412:19
appno_mattfission6: akik beat me to it ;]12:19
appno_mattConfirmed strange behaviour in apt-mark when holding: new hold commands zero existing held package info. This seems... off.12:22
appno_matt(16.04 LTS)12:23
fission6appno_matt ok so i shouldn't be concerned if i have something restarting and creating new PIDs (application server after 100 requests per worker)12:27
appno_mattfission6: not unless you've gone crazy and only allocated 99 PIDs for your system ;] default config should be fine. No need to worry.12:28
fission6ya i think we are good too12:28
fission6thanks appno_matt12:28
bumblefuzzhi, I can't connect my bluetooth mouse to my computer12:29
bumblefuzzubuntu says there are no bluetooth adapters12:29
appno_mattbumblefuzz: I replied to you earlier, did you get that message before you disconnected?12:29
bumblefuzzappno_matt: yep, I did that12:30
bumblefuzzit didn't work12:30
appno_matt:[ I'll see if I can come up with anything else, having a 'mare of my own at the mo too. Will let you know if I dig anything up12:31
FleuvPlease help me solve this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/921073/generally-no-sound-output-over-headphone-jack12:35
whoami1is ubuntu is releasing its next version in default gnome env?12:48
bumblefuzzcan anyone help with my bluetooth issues?12:48
bumblefuzzit says I have no adapters12:48
whoami1your ubuntu is not supporting your bluetooth12:49
whoami1am facing the same issue12:49
ikoniawhoami1: the next LTS version will be based on the gnome12:49
whoami1when I install ubuntu 14.04 LTS the bluetooth gets enable...12:50
ikoniathe next non-lts version will help that transition (I'm unsure if it will include any unity components, I'd expect it to contain full unity env)12:50
whoami1which one ?12:51
whoami1ikonia: 17 ?12:51
bumblefuzzwhy ubuntu, why?12:54
bumblefuzzwhy you no bluetooth?12:54
whoami1I don't know the exact reason but am facing the same problem12:55
aienabumblefuzz: proably you need to install some bluetooth package like bluez12:55
aienabumblefuzz:  also maybe you need a kernel driver for that specific chipset12:55
aienayou need to look at what hardware it is12:56
annihilatorin 17.04 how do i add flash player?  i can only find info on y1412:56
whoami1but how is working on 14.04 lTS12:56
aienasometimes you may just need to tweak a udev rule to get the device supported12:56
aienaannihilator:  to add a flash player download an install official chrome from google repositories (not chromium)12:56
ikoniawhoami1: 18.04 will be the next long term release I believe12:56
aienato get support for proprietary technology use proprietary browsers12:57
aienaalso chrome bundles the other stuff too like encryption services etc that some sites need to operate12:57
whoami1aiena: in store Bluetooth Adapter name package is working12:57
aienathese cannot be included in a distribution because of licensing and other issues12:58
aienawhoami1:  are you bumblefuzz12:58
whoami1i was facing same issue12:58
aienahmm could be many reasons12:59
aienadifferent kernel newer packages device not in udev12:59
aienapackages missing hich were there by default in ubuntu 1413:00
aienawhoami1:  did you try installing bluez ?13:00
aienasometimes even the DE mask things13:00
tamj0rd2YankDownUnder it looks like bluetooth is already turned off. I don't have an adapter plugged in13:00
whoami1aiena: nope13:00
aienaok try installing that package13:00
whoami1aiena:I have installed bluetooth adapter next of that bluez13:00
aienatry this blueman app too13:01
aienasee if it shows your adapter13:01
aienadoes your adapter list in lsusb ?13:02
whoami1nope its not listed13:02
bumblefuzzaiena: so, what's the bluetooth fix?13:03
whoami1bluez is the fix13:03
bumblefuzzsudo apt install bluez13:03
whoami1goto the store13:03
whoami1and search of bluez13:03
aienayay atleast that worked for you13:03
aienaotherwise I was going to suggest you do some more deeper digging e.g. I written this article a while ago http://linulicious.blogspot.in/2014/11/adding-rules-for-mtp-and-getting-your.html13:04
aienaits for opensuse but it is more deeper udev messing13:04
aienadont do it unless you absolutely need to13:05
bumblefuzzmine says it's already installde13:05
aienaalso its for KDE not unity13:05
aienabumblefuzz:  on your system it may be a different reason all together you need to do some digging13:05
bumblefuzzsuch as?13:05
aienawhat is your adapter model ?13:05
aienawhat is lsusb output13:05
aienado you know the adapter chipset inside13:05
bumblefuzzI have a lenovo x27013:06
bumblefuzzbluetooth 4.113:06
aienaso its an internal bluetooth tihng13:07
aienanot a dongle13:07
bumblefuzzlsusb output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24737324/13:07
aienathen show me output of lspci13:07
aienanot promising I can help will try though13:08
aienasometimes in linux the headless chicken needs to run in the dark untill it finds its head13:08
bumblefuzzaiena http://paste.ubuntu.com/24737326/13:09
aienabumblefuzz:  its not listed there is there a hardware bluetooth switch ?13:09
aienaon your laptop is it on13:09
bumblefuzznot that I'm aware of13:10
aienaor you need to turn on/off bluetooth with function keys ?13:10
aienaE.g. fn + something13:10
bumblefuzzoh there is one13:10
bumblefuzzone sec13:10
bumblefuzzit doesn't seem to do anything13:11
aienabumblefuzz:  show me the lspci output after you toggle it13:11
bumblefuzzor, if it does, I can't tell13:11
aienalook for differences13:11
aienacan you show me output of 'less  /etc/bluetooth/main.conf'13:13
bumblefuzzaiena: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24737371/13:13
whoami1aiena: I think bumblefuzz should run hciconfig13:14
aienabumblefuzz:  can you uncomment the last line '#AutoEnable=true' should be made 'AutoEnable=true'13:14
aienathen reboot and get back here13:14
=== dreamon_ is now known as dreamon
aienawhoami1:  possibly too13:15
bumblefuzzaiena: back13:18
aienaand lspci o/p13:18
=== monk is now known as MustaKrakisk
aienahmm doesnt seem to make a difference13:21
aienacan you see your bluetooth device now13:21
whoami1no he can't13:22
whoami1because he is in lapi13:22
bumblefuzzwhat's lapi?13:22
aienalet whoami1 guide you13:22
whoami1laptop = lapi13:22
aienaI dont know what is going on13:22
aienaplease recomment what i told you to comment for now13:23
aienasince that didnt really solve it13:23
bumblefuzzwhoami1: what's going on?13:23
whoami1did you try hciconfig?13:24
aienabumblefuzz:  can you run 'dmesg | grep Blue' as root and see if any line with the workd "Bluetooth" show13:24
bumblefuzzaiena: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24737484/13:25
bumblefuzzand whoami1 what do you want me to input?13:25
whoami1enter hciconfig if its shows hci0 then you can use bluetooth13:26
bumblefuzzwhoami1: yeah it shows hci013:27
whoami1then "hciconfig hci0 up"13:27
aienabumblefuzz:  then try all the stuff from here https://askubuntu.com/questions/787023/bluetooth-not-working-on-ubuntu-16-04-lts13:27
whoami1get a blank prmt?13:28
bumblefuzzummm...all the stuff??13:28
whoami1what you get?13:30
bumblefuzzI have no idea what to do13:31
whoami1did you try hciconfig hci0 up?13:31
whoami1bumblefuzz: how you send highlight message13:36
whoami1help -l13:39
bumblefuzzwhat do you mean highlight message?13:39
whoami1like you send me a text of green color and mentioned my name13:40
bumblefuzzjust autotab the name of the message recipient13:42
bumblefuzzI g2g13:42
bumblefuzzI'll be on later to figure this out13:42
BluesKajwhoami1,usually highlighting  it's a setting in your irc client notification options13:42
whoami1but how to do it?13:43
whoami1and you mention my alies?13:43
BluesKajwhich irc client?13:43
whoami1you mention my alies in your first text13:44
BluesKajnot aliases13:44
whoami1how you done that?13:44
whoami1whats it?13:45
whoami1hey high anbz13:52
whoami1high am5513:53
BluesKajwhoami1, not me, i did not mention aliases13:54
Rob_JonesHey guys not a ubuntu specific question but im looking for a new development machine for my web coding and wanting to wipe windows and put ubuntu on it, as far as the specs go what do you reckon for the price?13:55
BluesKajanyway that's immaterial , hexchat surely has a highlight setting , you should google it or look thru settings and/or options13:56
whoami1what are the parameter that needed to set in the settings13:56
BluesKajI don't use hexchat. so I'm not sure13:57
whoami1then what you use?13:57
BluesKajRob_Jones, specs are more than enough for ubuntu13:59
BluesKajwhoami1, I use kde/plasma DE which includes irc client Konversation14:00
Rob_Jonesonly thing i was worried about Kaj was the storage but if it comes to it i have a 2tb external hard drive14:01
Southern_GentlemRob_Jones, most linux distros have a live iso that you can try before you install to see if your hardware is supported out of the box14:02
BluesKajRob_Jones, assume you're familiar with some linux distros ?14:03
Rob_Jonesyep I was planning on using ubuntu with a gnome desktop environment14:04
Rob_Jonesit seems to make sense as we use kubuntu in university14:04
Rob_Jonestried linux mint before but it just wasn't for me14:04
Southern_Gentlemwhoami1, settings preferences alerts nicknames to always highlight14:05
whoami1but what to right in that field?14:06
Southern_Gentlemyour nick14:06
Southern_Gentlemor any nicks you want highlighted14:07
whoami1ok get it14:07
Southern_Gentlemalso see the hexchat documentation14:07
whoami1Southern_Gentlem thanks14:07
whoami1but its not working14:07
Southern_Gentlemit will the next time you run the program14:08
BluesKajgnome desktop is quite different than kde/plasma (Kubuntu) , Rob_Jones14:09
Rob_Jonesi know14:09
whoami1<BluesKaj> i phone it would works14:09
Rob_Jonesi use gnome atm14:09
Rob_Jonesfor me its just cleaner14:10
Rob_Jonesless cluttered14:10
Southern_Gentlemdifferent strokes for different folks14:10
BluesKajone can make the kde/plasma DEclean and as uncluttered as one wants , that the great thing about kde, it's so flexible14:16
=== downtime is now known as uptime
musician_proomg anyone here?15:00
musician_proI make a BIG mistake15:00
musician_proi tap this comand on terminal15:00
musician_prosudo mv /* /home/name/folder15:01
musician_pronow I have all the system folder in to another folder15:01
musician_proI can't open a terminal!15:01
BluesKajmusician_pro, please state your issue on one line without using the enter key every 5 words15:01
musician_proomg......I don't know what happen now! Sorry...I really scared! What I did? What happen if I reboot?15:02
BluesKajmusician_pro, ctl+alt+f2 login then use the command to move it back15:03
musician_prowhat is the command?15:03
naccmusician_pro: was anything else in that folder before?15:03
BluesKajthen ctl+alt+F7 to get back to the desktop15:04
naccBluesKaj: depending on their answer, there may not be a trivial command to move things back15:04
karvasHello, I am trying to unwrap my ecryptfs-passphrase from inside a live cd (using ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase) but it fails. My homefolder is on a seperate partition. Any idea what might be wrong? I'm sure that I enter the correct user password15:04
musician_probut nothing very important15:04
BluesKajnacc, looks like he moved all folders from / (root) to his /home dir15:05
musician_prook maybe I understand......I press ctrl+alt+f2 and than I can use terminal? I can remove folders on the root?15:05
naccBluesKaj: i read it as some directory under ~15:05
naccmusician_pro: directly under /home/user or under /home/user/anotherdir ?15:05
musician_pronacc, anotherdir15:06
musician_proin fact some folders from root stay on root15:06
musician_pronot all the folder are moved!15:06
naccmusician_pro: and did anotherdir have any other contents before the mv?15:06
BluesKajnacc, sudo mv /* /home/name/folder15:07
ppfis there a way to ssh from remote directly into a docker container?15:07
naccmusician_pro: ok, do you know what was in anotherdir before hand?15:07
naccmusician_pro: ok, then mv all those items in anotherdir beforehand to somewhere else (backing them up). Then run `sudo mv /home/user/anotherdir/* /` I think15:08
musician_proI can't open terminal!15:08
BluesKajnacc, think we're talking about the same thing :-)15:09
naccmusician_pro: oh, actually, you might need to boot into a recovery system -- you probably mv'd /usr and /bin15:09
musician_proBluesKaj, if I press ctl+alt+f2 what append?15:09
BluesKajbut I defer ..since I'm a bit shakey on the / root  requirments15:10
naccBluesKaj: yeah :)15:10
naccBluesKaj: i was just thinking they don't want to blind mv back, since what was in anotherdir will now be in /15:10
LordChaosmusician_pro, you probably need a bootable USB stick to recover your system15:10
naccBluesKaj: but also, they've messed with PATH (indirectly)15:10
BluesKajnacc, right , think I understand15:11
musician_prowhere is the terminale in the system folders?15:12
falgrais there any reason 10 6 * * 0 [ "$(date '+\%a')" = "Sun" ] && root python /opt/run-apt-security-updates.py > /dev/null 2>&115:12
BluesKajmusician_pro, I'd like to why you did that..what id you think that would accomplish?15:12
falgrawould throw a bad username error15:12
LordChaosfalgra, 'root python' ?15:13
falgrapython is the interpreter15:14
musician_proI need to mv all files in subfolders to one folders15:14
BluesKajfrom root?15:14
musician_prono I equivoce15:14
falgrayes it's a cron.d15:14
LordChaosfalgra, I am aware of that. What's the root command?15:15
naccfalgra: because that is syntactically incorrect15:15
naccfalgra: you can't specify a user after &&15:15
musician_prowhere I can find a terminal on the systems folder?15:15
naccfalgra: re-read the manpage15:15
naccmusician_pro: your question doesn't make sense15:16
falgraso if I move the user before && it would be correct?15:16
musician_prook nacc is terminal a file?15:16
naccmusician_pro: just drop to a login prompt as BluesKaj told you15:16
naccmusician_pro: as you've moved critical files, most programs won't work15:16
naccmusician_pro: your best bet to fix it, is to use a recovery usb15:17
musician_prook I'm scared :(((15:17
cfhowlettget past that.  this is entirely fixable.15:17
naccfalgra: why are you manually checking for sunday?15:17
naccfalgra: it's part of the crontab syntax to check for day15:17
LordChaosmusician_pro, you need to reboot with a USB stick, mount your partitions manually and fix your environment15:18
falgranacc: because I want to ensure that it runs only on Sunday's15:19
musician_prook if I click ctrl alt F2 I can't write anything :/15:20
BluesKajyes after you login and enter your ped15:20
tgm4883falgra: then tell crontab to only run it on sunday15:20
LordChaosfalgra, 10 6 * * 0 is always on a Sunday?15:21
falgratgm4883, it didn't work simply by doing 10 6 * * 015:21
cfhowlettmusician_pro, because we are past that now.  1. find a USB  2.  download the ubuntu .iso.  3. create an ubuntu boot USB.   4.  boot you computer from the USB. 5.  mount your partitions.  6.  fix your environment.15:21
falgrait ran every day15:21
bozeI formatted and upgraded to 16.04 and windows 10. Windows 10 doesn't show up in grub any more though. What does that likly indicate? I messed up the windows install?15:21
musician_prothank you cfhowlett15:21
cfhowlettboze, did you install windows after installing ubuntu?15:22
cfhowletthappy2help! musician_pro15:22
musician_prothank you everybody :(15:22
karvasCan anyone help me with ecryptfs please? "Unwrapping passphrase failed [-5]"15:22
BluesKajboze, sudo os-prober then sudo update-grub15:22
tgm4883falgra: I'd be surprised if that was broken since cron is a well used item, but I'd need to see some logging and testing to see what was going on15:22
ppfkarvas: anything in /var/log/syslog about this?15:23
falgratgm4883 it was interpreting run every day AND Sunday, not only Sunday, so I changed it to this, and now recently it stopped working with that error in the logs15:24
bozecfhowlett, I can't quite remember which one I installed first. It was a few months ago. I remember I was able to boot into windows through the bios, but that doesn't seem to work any more.15:24
karvasppf: yes, it says incorrect wrapping key15:24
cfhowlettboze, as suggested by BluesKaj:  sudo os-prober && sudo update-grub15:24
ppfkarvas: can you paste?15:25
ppfwhat ubuntu is this?15:25
bozeBluesKaj, I ran those and see several linux images found when updating grub. I don't see any mentions of windows though. Would it show up there?15:25
ppfkarvas: and of course the default question, what did you do?15:25
tgm4883falgra: I find that interesting, but back to your issue, why are you specifying root as the username? That surely won't work or isn't needed15:26
ppfkarvas: also: ls -alhF /home/.ecryptfs/$USER/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphase15:26
BluesKajboze, I think it should if grub is installed in the uefi boot ..or am I mistaken, I'm uefi guru15:26
BluesKajno uefi15:26
ppffalgra: the username is the first entry after the time15:27
karvasppf: this is on a second laptop with no network connection, i need some time to paste it here15:27
pfifoHi I cant seem to unzip the latest files from amd... https://paste.ubuntu.com/24738445/ does anyone know whats going on here? I think my xz-utils are working properly, but it such an uncommon format i cant say for sure15:27
ppfin your case "[", which is kinda wrong15:27
falgratgm4883: because before it wouldn't run without it15:27
karvasppf: I startet a live cd because the system does not boot anymore - and I mounted the filesystem to unwrap the mount password (which I lost)15:28
falgrathis is in a cron.d file15:28
ppfkarvas: you don't know your login password anymore?15:28
ppffalgra: yeah. check the manpage for a full spec. the username goes first15:29
musician_procfhowlett, LordChaos BluesKaj I see just now that the mv command duplicate some folders....I think I can't mv the folders in to the root merging with the same directory like first...this is right? ;(15:29
tgm4883falgra: what version of ubuntu is this15:29
pfifomaybe i should boot into windows, thy prolly made that file with winrar or something and its doing something unsupported15:29
ppftgm4883: it's a cron.d, not a users crontab15:29
karvasppf: I know the login password, but I lost the 128-bit random decryption key for ecrypt (which is wrapped in wrapped_passphrase)15:30
musician_promaybe the terminal can't move every files so he duplicate folders to move the files he can move15:30
falgratgm4882: 14.0415:30
karvasppf: If I try to unwrap it (using the command ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase) it says wrong key. Maybe it is using the wrong salt or anything? or it depends on the user logged in - i tried it with root from the liveCD and I tried to create a user with the same name I used on the system15:31
BluesKajmusician_pro, I'm not sure , can't answer that15:31
BugeyeDhi all. what exactly is required for docker to be run inside lxc (managed by lxd)? i'm failing on ubuntu 1704 ...15:35
BugeyeDlooking for a howto if available, assuming i'm just missing the appropriate documentation somehow. no love so far in #lxcontainers so i'm back here.15:36
akikBugeyeD: i don't know why you would do that but you could get some pointers from the docker in docker project15:37
akikthe lxc is already a container15:37
BugeyeDakik: better insulation to prevent polluting host os. ubuntu appears to applaud nesting these things, and i got the idea from the ubuntu reps at the latest openstack convention15:39
ducasseBugeyeD: have you also asked in #ubuntu-server?15:39
BugeyeDducasse: i have not - wasn't aware of that channel. thanks for pointing that out!15:39
naccBugeyeD: you are already *not* in the host OS once you are using lxc/lxd15:39
naccBugeyeD: so the 'insulation' argument seems non-sensical15:40
BugeyeDnacc: except that docker stuff would be in the host os filesystem ... running docker inside lxc/lxd would keep docker stuff separated a bit15:41
musician_provery good...15:42
BugeyeDnacc: i get what you're saying though. just trying to run through and test the options, see where i land15:42
musician_proI can't reboot to15:42
akikBugeyeD: http://andrea.corbellini.name/2016/04/13/docker-swarm-inside-lxc/15:42
musician_proI will go...hope to hear you SOON and stay another time in this channel. Thank you all15:42
BugeyeDakik: this is probably all i was missing: Before starting the LXC container, open the file /var/lib/lxc/swarm-manager/config on the host and add the following configuration to the bottom of the file ...15:45
BugeyeDthe different howtos i'd found previously pointed me to different locations, so i was likely just missing the step without realizing it15:45
schahermacherhow to change calendar settings that appears right next to clock in the right upper part of the screen to  little-endian (day, month, year), e.g. 22.04.96 or 22/04/96 or 22 April 1996?15:50
akikBugeyeD: with that setup, when you open a port from the docker to the host, the host is actually the lxc container?15:51
BugeyeDakik: yes, i suppose so15:52
BugeyeDi'm new to docker; my primary virt platform is smartos, where lxc is akin to solaris zones - and basically nothing is done in the global zone (host os)15:54
BugeyeDjust trying to feel my way around15:54
cwreis there a better way to restart networking without actually using the networking.service.16:01
BluesKajcwre, there used to be a command, sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart , dunno if it's still supported by systemd16:05
cwrePretty sure it just does the same as networking.service.16:06
cwreI'm wondering if there is something that doesn't use a deprecated utility like ifup ifdown.16:06
BluesKajcwre,  well it seemed to work here , but i don't use NM16:06
tgm4883cwre: what problem are you trying to fix16:07
akikcwre: ifup/ifdown is not deprecated16:07
cwreone second16:07
bozeI'm trying to get windows 10 to show up in grub. I tried os-prober, now I'm trying boot-repair. It says to make a boot partition, but don't I already have one? http://imgur.com/a/s5tRe16:08
bozeI remember bricking my system several times messing with this in the past16:08
BluesKajboze, you don't have a windows/ntfs partition there16:11
=== juboxi__ is now known as jubo2
bozeBluesKaj, I think windows is on this HD http://imgur.com/a/qVB8116:13
musician_proHi everyone! I adjust my computer problem!16:13
musician_prothank you firends!16:13
musician_pro<3 <3 <316:13
bozeBluesKaj, boot-repair is saying make one >1MB, unformatted filesystem, bios_grub flag. Think it matters what HD I put it on as long as I flag it?16:14
BluesKajboze, afaik the uefi boot partition is supposed have grub installed to it ., but I'm not familiar with the procesdure to do that. maybe someone else with that expertise can help , nacc , tgm4883, akik ?16:16
kailiHello. I copied thousands of files and folders from a Mac OS partition to my ubuntu partition. Many files have irregulars characters (terminal shows ? but it's characters like ▒ which are block elements of various kind) and it's a mess16:18
kailiMost of them seems to be characters with accents éèàâê, etc16:18
kailiAny simple but safe command I can use to solve that issue please ?16:19
BluesKajboot repair seems not work very well witn more than one drive in the mix, boze ..i had a problem with it the last time I tried it16:19
ppfcompiling something with g++ gives me  "c++: error trying to exec 'cc1plus': execvp: No such file or directory"16:20
akikboze: do you have a mbr setup or uefi setup? in my only machine with uefi, grub finds the win10 installation without problems16:20
DarkPsydeLordkaili, install all the unicodes?16:20
ppfwhat am i doing wrong?16:21
dabbaI had an issue with grub finding a windows partition with uefi, but I believe it was more related to the fact the disks in the machine were in raid16:21
BluesKajdabba, yeah, that's probly it16:22
kailiDarkPsydeLord: install what package ?16:22
bozeakik, uefi rings a bell and I know that's preferable. Do you know how to check? I looked through the bios and didn't see anything there. I see EFI on my ubuntu hard drive and it boots fine to 16.04 and grub comes up.16:22
bozeakik, http://imgur.com/a/s5tRe16:22
akikboze: if you have a /boot/efi with files then it's uefi16:23
bozeya, definitely have that16:23
bozeI tried sudo grub-install /dev/sdc1 too16:23
=== beaver_ is now known as beaver
akikboze: you ask why grub doesn't find your win10? i don't see a windows partition. is it on another disk?16:24
kailiI think I need a command to replace all charactesr with accents by charactesr without accent16:24
dabbaboze: that looks like a NTFS partition but usually windows 10 has a boot partition also16:24
bozeakik, Yes, I have 5 HD's i think it's this one http://imgur.com/a/qVB8116:24
thesebHow Configure Suspend/Sleep?  (I want to use pm-suspend when Suspend is selected with MOUSE)16:25
BluesKajboze, did you sudoi grub install /dev/sdb1 ?16:25
bore00hello guys im having issues with LAMP , and it seems i cant remove it properly because the problems persist even after reinstalling it. I did reinstall it few times already16:26
BluesKajcorrection sudo grub-install /dev/sdb1 bore0016:26
BluesKajboze,rather ^16:26
dabbaboze: if this is a fresh install of ubuntu, i'm betting it stepped on the windows boot partition when finalizing install, if it didn't see windows during the install. you should have a windows efi boot partition in addition to NTFS I believe16:26
BluesKajtoo many bo's in here16:26
DarkPsydeLordkaili, try with ttf-ancient-fonts16:27
DarkPsydeLord or fonts-symbola16:27
bozedabba, hm, so I need a windows boot partition and one for grub?16:29
dabbapretty much, not room for both on the one efi partition16:29
akik/boot/efi can be used for both windows and linux16:30
BluesKajgriub should see both drives16:30
dabbaif your windows disk doesn't have the efi partition, and ubuntu didn't recognize that windows was there in the install, it'll use the existing efi for grub16:30
kailiDarkPsydeLord: just went for install ttf* :p16:31
=== beaver_ is now known as beaver
DarkPsydeLordkaili, o well that will fix the missing áé stuff16:33
bozeI'm fine with blowing away the windows install, but I really need ubuntu as it is for work. Think I can get windows to dual boot without bricking ubuntu as it is now?16:33
akikboze: when you installed that windows, did it then use uefi?16:33
bozeakik, I believe so, but like y'all said I probably forced the issue some how to get ubuntu to boot16:33
BluesKajboze, sudo os-prober /dev/sdc16:34
bozeBluesKaj, thanks. There's no output when I run that though16:34
dabbaboze: out of curiosity, is that partition flagged for boot?16:34
akikthere's an option to use /etc/grub.d/40_custom when you know how to manually boot a disk16:35
vltHello. How can I lock the screen when my Ubuntu desktop (16.04) is running inside a vnc session initiated by xrdp's session manager?16:35
BluesKajboze, maybe df -h shows the windows partition as a different /dev/sdX16:35
bozedabba, nope :( sdc http://imgur.com/a/qVB81    sdb http://imgur.com/a/s5tRe16:35
kailiDarkPsydeLord: not working16:37
bozeBluesKaj, does that command give an output when its found something? http://imgur.com/a/KcbXO16:38
dabbaboze: if you have separate disks, you may want to disable your ubuntu disk (in bios or whatever means), install windows fresh, boot back into ubuntu and then use os-prober16:39
dabbafor sure windows install will not play nice with the existing ubuntu, so I'd prevent that by temporarily disabling the hdd ubuntu is on16:39
r3muxdIs there a DE that allows you to disable and lock down some parts of it? I'm trying to set up Ubuntu for a family member who's not very knowledgeable about computers.16:40
bozedabba, not sure I can disable it. I'll try unplugging it :)16:40
r3muxd(The reason I want to setup Ubuntu is because Windows keeps getting messed up.)16:40
dabbalol thats the easy way, boze :)16:40
dabbain bios you can tell the machine which disk to boot from first, after windows is on the 2nd disk make sure its pointed at ubuntu's disk and you should be able to update grub to see both OS's16:41
BluesKajboze,  perhaps setting up the boot sequnce in the uefi/bios , seems windows has a bootloader altho it's probly legacy mode , you mightry making it first in the boot order16:42
kailiAny idea what is causing that : http://i.imgur.com/bWqy2Fj.jpg16:43
kailiAnd how to solve it ? :/16:43
kailifile copied from mac os to ext4 ubuntu partition16:44
bozeBluesKaj, I tried booting off that HD directly in bios. I think I may have borked the boot partition like y'all said.16:44
raynoldahh it's a wonderful day16:44
bozeI'm going to unplug ubuntu and try and redo windows. I really really really hope I don't brick it. wish me luck!16:45
bozetyvm BluesKaj, akik, and dabba!16:45
BluesKajboze, good luck:-)16:45
dabbagood luck, let us know how it works out :)16:45
kailiI even have filenames with dozens of space like : "[5space]Association 14 Assas[4space]"16:49
ash_workzcan you the size on print `du -BG` without the suffix?16:53
ash_workzor would I have to use `bc`?16:54
akikash_workz: ask once again, with a bit more clarity16:54
ash_workz`du -s -BG /san/postgresql/pg_xlog/` yields: 15G/san/postgresql/pg_xlog/ -- is there a way to just print 15 (or at least 15 as the first field?)16:55
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vltkaili: You plugged an ext4 formatted device into a Mac OS machine and copied the files? What has happened? What should it look like?16:56
akikash_workz: don't use the -B option?16:56
ash_workzakik: that'll print bytes though16:56
kailivlt: no I copied the files to a fat32 external hard disk, then back to the ext4 partition16:57
akikash_workz: if you use "du -k" it'll print kilobytes16:57
kailimac can't read ext416:57
ash_workzakik: yeah and -m will do mega, but I was still hoping for giga16:58
aroonianyone here using calendar-indicator?  on 16.04 i can see the events from my google calendar but the times are wrong16:58
ash_workzObrienDave: not supported16:58
ash_workzoddly, the man says "-m     like --block-size=1M" yet sub the command for that does not yield the same numeric result16:59
ObrienDavebecause HDs and suck report multiples of 1000 not 102417:00
thesebHow change what happens when you select "Suspend" from GUI?17:00
akikash_workz: i'm not sure if this is what you want :) du -s --block-size=107374182417:01
vltkaili: Do the file names (shown by Ubuntu) on the fat32 file system differ from those shown on the ext4 system?17:01
ash_workzakik: yes! awesome. thanks17:02
kailivlt: no idea, it's been a long time. Now I only have the file on the ext4 partition17:02
kailiLooking at : for i in $(find .); do echo "mv $i $(echo $i | tr "àçéèêëîïôöùüÂÇÉÈÊËÎÏÔÖÙÜ" "aceeeeiioouuACEEEEIIOOUU")"; done17:04
kailiBut the results are weird17:04
kailiDon't feel safe to run it17:04
OneM_Number2So. I have a Genius Tablet Mousepen 8x6 that I'm trying to get working on ubuntu 16.10. Anyone have any suggestions?17:12
thesebHow change what happens when you select "Suspend" from GUI?17:12
NaddiseoCould someone help me find a work around for https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1692437 ?17:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1692437 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "Monitors on second GPU not working after upgrade to zesty" [Undecided,New]17:15
NaddiseoI haven't messed around with xorg config for a number of years, now I can't get it to work17:16
kailiOkay, I think my problem is here17:17
kailiFilename charset=binary17:17
kaili"application/octet-stream; charset=binary"17:17
kailiI think file command doesn't even regognize the format17:19
kailiI think it seriously fucked, all files shows binary17:21
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=== dickface is now known as foddo
ws2k3fallentree is irqbalance default installed on 16.04?17:34
bumblefuzzI'm unable to connect anything to my bluetooth17:35
bumblefuzzubuntu actually tells me that I have no bluetooth adapter17:35
bumblefuzzI'm a bit of a noob17:36
bumblefuzzbut I know how to pastebin stuff17:36
sayan_still you are messing bluetooth?17:36
bumblefuzzsayan_: yes17:37
sayan_last time you got a lot of fix17:38
bumblefuzzany help17:38
bumblefuzzmmm...no, I didn't17:38
dlamis there a way to set the default permissions of some log files?  i have a django webapp and it writes its application logs to /srv/logs/ ...and i wanna default them to 666 perms17:38
johnfghi folks17:38
johnfgI'm running a new installation of server 16.04 and am going to install awesome wm.17:39
sayan_dlam, try "sudo visudo " in terminal17:39
johnfgIn the article I'm reading about it, it recommends installing the ppa for it, to get the latest.  Is that a good idea?17:39
sayan_dlam, and register your user as root and i hope it will work17:39
sayan_bumblefuzz, which one you are using?17:40
bekksdlam: for default permissions, younee to configure your django application properly.17:41
aroonii set up my google account with online accounts and yet i cant see my calendar entries in the calendar app.. ideas?  thanks17:41
bekksdlam: Ubuntu just sets the permissions which the django application tells to set.17:41
johnfgOr, any recommendations for reading how to best to install and configure awesome wm?17:42
fallentreews2k3: afaik yes, it's part of ubuntu-standard package recommended additions17:42
thesebHow change what happens when you select "Suspend" from GUI?17:42
bumblefuzzsayan_: which what am I using17:42
fallentreews2k3: not strictly needed, but it's recommended on smp systems and doesn't hurt on non-smp ones17:42
ws2k3fallentree im running into an issue. im sending around 200 k pps to my ubuntu 16.04 vm. and ksoftirqd immidiatly jumps to 100 % and the machine gets realy slow what can this be?17:45
sayan_bumblefuzz, which version of ubuntu you are using?17:47
fallentreews2k3: 200k pps is not a small feat. as the rule of thumb is cca 1Hz per 1bit of network traffic to handle tcp stack, that's 200 kHz of CPU required if each packet had 1 bit, but it doesn't, it has a minimum of 40-ish bytes, so do the math :)17:51
bumblefuzzsayan 16.04.217:52
ppfhow can i nicely persist an xinput setting?17:52
fallentreews2k3: in comparison, many budget hosting providers would ask you to leave if you had that much pps per IP as it messes up their routing designs and 200k may trigger DDoS detection systems.17:54
ws2k3fallentree yeah i know. but its internal traffic. not over the internet17:56
fallentreews2k3: it still takes noticeable amount of cpu time to process, especially if you have iptable filters that have to process each packet.17:57
codepython777does anyone know of a docking station for intel nuc Nuc5i7RYH using thunderbolt that will work with ubuntu?17:57
ws2k3fallentree i dont have any iptable rules17:57
fallentreews2k3: also it's a VM so there's no network card hardware to offload, say, checksum calculations, so the impact is even more visible17:58
fallentreews2k3: how much MBps does that traffic yield? if you'd only shuffle tcp headers that'd be around 8MB/s. With a payload of 10 bytes, that's 80MB/s, quite a lot to process.18:01
fallentree100 bytes I mean18:01
daumhi guys - i'm upgrading a server from ubuntu 14 to 16 and it seems my /boot ran out of space during the upgrade.  I haven't rebooted and at the final part of the upgrade where it shows https://pastebin.com/qE5h9nYC what is the best next steps clear out the boot and make sure the images/kernsl get generated properly18:02
popeydaum: apt-get autoremove18:04
popeydaum: or, if you want to do it manually. dpkg -l "linux-image-*", and then remove a couple of the oldest ones with "apt-get remove --purge linux-image-generic...." whatever the version is18:05
daumok thanks - just found out that somehow the main partition to is dead...this will be a cluster18:07
jvelasquezI have some process that modifies my file,  /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libm-2.24.so, changing it from a 1+MB binary into a 186byte text file.  and afterward many programs complain during dlopen about an invalid ELF in the libm.so file.   Any ideas what would be doing this?18:07
naccjvelasquez: nothing ubuntu ships would do anything like that18:08
jvelasquezhappens about 2 minutes after boot18:08
naccjvelasquez: so when you first boot libm is fine?18:09
fallentreejvelasquez: put a chattr +i on it and watch what will crash or complain :)18:09
jvelasquezI copy a backup into it's location, and reboot, and after 2 min, it's back to a text file.18:09
jvelasquezfallentree, thanks. I'll look into that.18:10
jvelasqueznacc,  https://github.com/node-ffi/node-ffi/pull/518:10
fallentreejvelasquez: did you check the contents of it, if it's a text file?18:10
jvelasqueznacc,  my libm will look like theres.18:10
jvelasquezfallentree, yes.  it looks like,  https://github.com/node-ffi/node-ffi/pull/518:10
jvelasquezI was going to setup a syscall firewall to filter for syscall's that modify that file, and then write a plugin to pause the offending process.18:12
pravinhello there, how do I edit a .conf file. All I get is this error https://paste.ubuntu.com/24739791/18:12
fallentreejvelasquez: a syscall firewall?18:14
bumblefuzzcan someone help me figure out why my bluetooth says there's no adapter18:14
jvelasquezfallentree,  https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/prctl/seccomp_filter.txt18:14
lotuspsychje!bluetooth | bumblefuzz18:14
ubottubumblefuzz: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup18:14
lotuspsychje!info blueman | bumblefuzz try also this18:15
ubottubumblefuzz try also this: blueman (source: blueman): Graphical bluetooth manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.4-1ubuntu2 (zesty), package size 1635 kB, installed size 4830 kB18:15
lotuspsychjesomeone_: welcome, how can we help you?18:15
fallentreepravin: those are just warnings from gedit, output on stdout. does running it as sudo otherwise work? it opens the file and can save it?18:16
someone_I have problem with network in JWM , I'm using KUbuntu 16.0418:16
fallentreejvelasquez: I know what seccomp is, but how do you set up a general "syscall firewall"? seccomp rules are set by individual binaries for their own process, or by systemd for something it starts18:17
lotuspsychjesomeone_: ask your issue in channel, are you up to date to 16.04.2?18:17
pravinfallentree: its happening while saving the changes.18:17
someone_lotuspsychje yes18:17
pravinfallentree: also changes aren't being saved18:17
fallentreepravin: I wouldn't worry about it. if you run GUI stuff from command line, you'll always see some complaining and logging on stdout18:17
pravinfallentree: i don't know how to use vim18:18
fallentreepravin: well, I don't know about running gedit as sudo. but you can always use nano from the command line. exit with Ctrl-X and it will ask whether to save the file, hit yes.18:18
someone_the problem in JWM , It does not connect to the Internet18:18
fallentreepravin: then try nano18:18
pravinfallentree: i'll try nano18:18
lotuspsychjepravin: for GUI packages use gksu instead of sudo18:19
pravinlotuspsychje ok18:19
lotuspsychjepravin: perhaps tell us your real issue also? your editing the conf file why?18:21
someone_How I can connect to the internet in Jeo windows manager  (JWM)?18:21
pravinlotuspsychje: I am trying to run canon scanner in ubuntu, saw a tutorial and I am trying to follow that18:23
fallentreesomeone_: I have no idea what JWM is, but if it's a window manager, then I suppose you do it as with any other WM, using a network manager or some other tool.18:23
fallentreesomeone_: s/a network manager/the NetworkManager/18:23
someone_fallentree this is #JWM18:24
fallentreepravin: did you first try running "Simple Scan" program, maybe it all autodetects?18:24
senaahello help me please18:24
lotuspsychje!ask | senaa18:24
ubottusenaa: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:24
senaawhy i can not installation ubuntu18:24
fallentreesomeone_: I don't know what that means, sorry18:24
senaamy ubuntu stack18:24
pravinfallentree: autodetect didnt work18:25
senaastack on logo ubuntu18:25
lotuspsychjepravin: i think 17.04 has new printer recognize system now18:25
someone_ Ok , thanks18:25
pravinlotuspsychje: printer is working alright, just not the scanner18:26
senaathis is my problem installation http://prntscr.com/ferq1w18:26
fallentreepravin: did you see this?  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SANE%20-%20Installing%20a%20scanner%20that%20isn%27t%20auto-detected18:27
senaaand then http://prntscr.com/ferqex18:27
pravinfallentree: this is for usb scanner, what I have is a network scanner18:28
fallentreesenaa: what hardware are you installing ubuntu on?18:29
senaa@fallentree my laptop hp-15ba004ax amd a10  vga amd r518:29
fallentreepravin: oh. well, from what I'm reading here, you "just" need to add the scanner IP to /etc/sane.d/net.conf: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo#Sharing_a_Scanner_Over_a_Network18:30
fallentreepravin: oh wait, that's for saned server18:30
=== iczero is now known as [iczero]
fallentreesenaa: try temporarily disabling ACPI:   https://askubuntu.com/questions/160036/how-do-i-disable-acpi-when-booting18:31
pravinis there a way to find if my printer/scanner is supported in ubuntu18:32
senaafallentree thank you for reference18:32
pravinits a canin iR323018:33
theseb How change what happens when you select "Suspend" from GUI? (I want to only use pm-suspend)18:33
fallentreepravin: maybe ask google?  https://www.google.com/search?q=Ubuntu+scanner+canon+iR32318:35
fallentreesenaa: so if that fixes it and you can boot, you can maybe make it permanent, by adding acpi=off into the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="" string in /etc/default/grub (edit it with sudo nano /etc/default, and then run `sudo update-grub`), or maybe try that Boot repair on that page (I don't know what that is).18:36
pravinfallentree:I came here after unsuccessful search on google18:36
fallentreesenaa: but then I don't know what effect it'll have to disable ACPI except maybe loss of power management and related things18:36
lotuspsychjefallentree: lets not suggest google here18:36
fallentreepravin: well, I'm sorry, usb scanners are the limit of my knowledge about using (x)sane :)18:37
senaafallentree before I tried set nouveau.modest=018:37
pravinfallentree:thanks all the same18:37
fallentreesenaa: modest or modeset? did you typo here or in the kernel command line too?18:38
fallentreesenaa: should be nouveau.modeset18:39
fallentreestill, not sure if that'd fix it, those were ACPI errors18:39
fallentreeacpi is known to have bad apples :)18:39
senaafallentree modeset18:40
akikrather than disabling acpi, it could be more beneficial to get the value for acpi_osi for that machine18:40
senaasorry typo18:40
senaaif this works, Should I change as early ?18:42
johnfgIf I install awesome wm on server 16.04, will that pull in X or do I have to specifically install it?18:55
johnfgActually, it looks like it will pull in x, but no a dm.18:58
mikeymopi understand you can use DD to do a bit by bit copy to a .img file in another location18:59
mikeymopconsider this, I have a bootable usb drive to install an operating system. I dd the contents to a .img on my computer, could I simply name it .iso so that rufus.exe would recognize it?19:00
mikeymopadditionally, could I skip rufus? I figure i could DD it back to the drive by doing the reverse19:00
mikeymopif I did the reverse from an 8gib drive to a 16gib drive, how would I handle that?19:01
senaafallentree: hi19:03
vltmikeymop: The larger drive will work just fine.19:03
vltmikeymop: If you want you can increase the partition size(s) after dd’ing.19:03
senaawhat next ? https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/HJVn3Wo2/S70602-020417.jpg19:03
fallentreesenaa: I don't know, what are you trying to do? the acpi=off setting is on the kernel line of your installed ubuntu, where you said you set nouvau.nomodeset19:08
senaa@fallentree: yes acpi off19:08
senaafallentree: i want to try set acpi=off19:09
auser_hello guys, i accidently ran sudo rm -rf and all my server got wiped19:13
auser_is that a way to backup the data ?19:13
lotuspsychje!info testdisk | auser_ photorec19:14
ubottuauser_ photorec: testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool, and PhotoRec file recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 7.0-3 (zesty), package size 355 kB, installed size 1404 kB19:14
lotuspsychjeauser_: if photorec cant recover, data is gone19:15
mikeymopvlt: and if the partition on the larger drive was the full size of the drive?19:15
mikeymopi might be over thinking, but I would guess that if I dd'd the contents of the 8gb to the 16 i would lose the other half of the drive19:15
IntelCoremsn.com - open poll.. 53% oppose pulling away from Paris19:17
lotuspsychjeIntelCore: not here19:17
vltmikeymop: I covered that in my previous sentence :-D19:17
IntelCoreooppp wrong chan19:17
fallentreesenaa: so you don't need the installer for that, just press and hold shift while your installed ubuntu is booting, that will get you to the grub menu19:17
mikeymopvlt: awe, so i would have to repartition19:17
mikeymopok thank you19:17
mikeymophave you dont this before? I am also wondering about the boot flags? Id experiment, but when I do this, it's going to be a one chance situation19:18
senaafallentree: i'm sorry , my problem is when i installing ubuntu.. after i click ubuntu19:19
vltmikeymop: I’ve done that many times with different images: ubuntu, debian, grml.org ...19:19
senaastack https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/RfmUn0hK/S70602-243821%281%29.jpg19:20
senaai've tried all iso linux19:20
fallentreesenaa: same thing, hold down the shift key while the usb installer is booting (at least I think that should work)19:22
arooniis there anyway to get my google calendar events in my dropdown for calendar appontments ?19:22
aroonii.e. the date& time indicator19:23
senaafallentree: I've tried but cannot show19:24
fallentreesenaa: do you get a purple screen asking to select language when you boot the USB iso?19:26
senaafallentree: just up here after click install ubuntu via dvd rw19:28
fallentreesenaa: on that menu where it says "Install Ubuntu", select that entry with the arrow keys then hit the e key to edit the grub menu entry, you can add acpi=off to the kernel line and boot that with F1019:30
fallentreesenaa: so that boots the installer with acpi=off19:30
senaaok i will try19:30
fallentreesenaa: and when this screen appears, the Ubuntu logo with 5 progress dots, you can hit ESC to see the booting output19:31
senaajust like this ? https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/Zm86D7JL/P70602-023337.jpg19:32
fallentreesenaa: no, move the cursor to the line that starts with "linux /casper/vmlinuz.efi" and add acpi=off to the end of it (the end key will throw the cursor to the end of the line)19:33
senaausing space ?19:36
fallentreesenaa: yes after splash add acpi=off (remove those ---), so it reads    quiet splash acpi=off19:37
senaaoh no i forgot remove splash ok ok i will try it19:38
senaaremoe ---19:38
transhumanHi! using Ubuntu 16.04 getting this error http://paste.debian.net/959008/ I think wx... is too new anyone have a fix?19:38
fallentreesenaa: if you remove "quiet splash" then it won't show that purple screen with ubuntu logo, but straight the kernel booting log output, so you can see if there are any other errors19:39
fallentreesenaa: or hit ESC like I said, does the same thing19:39
senaa oh no zzz https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/5ggkcqIj/irccloudcapture1404717643.jpg19:43
fallentreesenaa: ata errors, that sounds like failed hard drive19:44
senaamy drive sshd19:45
lotuspsychjetranshuman: perhaps tell to the channel what you tryed to do exactly?19:45
fallentreesenaa: ssd can fail too :)19:45
fallentreesenaa: it could also be a disloged sata cable19:45
lotuspsychjesenaa: wich ssd? singleboot or dualboot?19:46
senaaprevios I finish install win 1019:46
lotuspsychjesenaa: you have fastboot and secureboot disabled?19:46
transhumantrying to compile lsnes which is an emulator19:46
senaalotuspsychje: secureboot disabled19:47
lotuspsychjetranshuman: what kind of emulator you looking for? perhaps something in the repos you can use?19:47
transhumanits for Mari0 (AI)19:48
senaaI have this laptop previously install windows 10 smoothly19:48
YankDownUnder"ATA" + "failed to identify" sounds very much like one should check the cable firstly...the BIOS configuration secondly, the actual drive(s) health after that...doesn't smell good.19:48
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senaathis is my bios https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/zxqp3BkW/P70530-123742.jpg19:49
=== blipz-afk is now known as blipz
geniitranshuman: Those are all source code for Windows19:49
genii!info zsnes19:50
ubottuzsnes (source: zsnes): Emulator of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.510+bz2-8build2 (zesty), package size 667 kB, installed size 4021 kB (Only available for any-i386)19:50
transhumansupposedly it runs in Linux19:50
transhumanthanks I will look at that but the package comes with the warning not to use any other emulator19:51
YankDownUndersenaa, Do you get the same errors when booting with a liveUSB?19:51
lotuspsychjetranshuman: what kind of package would that be?19:51
senaayes same error usb and dvd19:52
senaaall iso linux19:52
lotuspsychjesenaa: if you can install windows, it must work on ubuntu also19:52
lotuspsychjesenaa: <hat brand of ssd is this?19:53
senaabut i tried install linux on virtual smoothly19:53
lotuspsychjesenaa: and wich ubuntu versions did you try?19:53
fallentreelotuspsychje: unles the load of installing windows has brought up hardware issues that are manifesting now. seen it happen.19:53
senaaelementary os , ubuntu 16.04 , ubuntu 17.0419:53
lotuspsychjefallentree: i never seen a box yet, where i could not install ubuntu yet19:54
transhumanlotuspsychje, http://paste.debian.net/959016/19:54
senaathis laptop already installed win 1019:54
fallentreelotuspsychje: then you haven't been looking at old enough hardware yet :)19:54
senaai will try reinstall win 10 again19:54
YankDownUnder...it's an HP machine...have one here now...had to replace the RAM in it...was getting massive "disk" issues...was the RAM in the end...which is always something to consider - as MS Win is not as stringent on RAM addressing...19:55
senaadid i get same the error19:55
lotuspsychjesenaa: you sure you got both fastboot & secureboot off?19:55
lotuspsychje!uefi | senaa19:56
ubottusenaa: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:56
transhumanlotuspsychje, so I am pretty sure the changes to the code of the emulator wont match up (even if they are close emulators) to get this code working19:56
transhumanso my only option then is to build an install with Ubuntu 12.04 or something unless I can back date this wx... package19:57
senaalotuspsychje: my bios secure boot disabled19:57
senaalotuspsychje: how to check fastboot ?19:58
lotuspsychjesenaa: http://i.imgur.com/JAj5SxA.jpg19:59
senaalotuspsychje: page not found20:00
lotuspsychjesenaa: doublecheck all your bios lines, some systems also have an intel block for new Os also20:00
lotuspsychjetranshuman: whats the packagename of that image you want to load in emulator?20:01
senaalotuspsychje: send pict again your link not found20:01
lotuspsychjesenaa: works here20:01
senaanot work here20:02
senaalotuspsychje:  bios https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/iIxt1dBl/P70530-123742.jpg20:04
senaamy win 10 smoothly  https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/Yit4fpOs/P70602-030609.jpg20:05
lotuspsychjesenaa: is there an intel smart response technology line in your bios?20:07
senaalotuspsychje: nothing .. my hardware proci amd a10 gpu amd r520:09
senaa@lotuspsychje: ram 820:09
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pakcjohello, is there a simple program that generates graphics or images to test xorg fbdev driver?20:09
senaa i want to learn linux but....😪20:10
lotuspsychjesenaa: what kind of ssd brand?20:10
senaalotuspsychje: https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/hp-15-ba000-notebook-pc-series/10862317/document/c0520145820:11
senaanot ssd20:11
bluewhitewhi all :)20:15
lotuspsychjesenaa: found a thread like yours: https://forums.techguy.org/threads/not-able-to-install-ubuntu-on-my-hp-15-notebook-pc.1171366/20:16
senaalotuspsychje: ok thank you for help20:17
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FleuvHey, how do I completely reinstall my sound card with an installation on uefi secure boot?20:40
auser_sudo rm -rf .bash* .config/ .profile cd /home/20:42
auser_so i ran this command by mistake and it wiped everything of my server...20:42
naccauser_: who are you suggesting that to?20:42
naccauser_: where did you run it? and why20:42
auser_i was trying to delete .bash .config .profile of some user20:43
auser_some user i have in my system20:43
naccauser_: if that was the exact command you ran, it won't have deleted "everything"20:44
auser_i checked bash_history20:44
auser_and that was the last command used i guess20:44
auser_cd /home/ayo/20:45
auser_sudo rm -rf .bash* .config/ .profile20:45
auser_sudo rm -rf .bash* .config/ .profile cd /home/20:45
naccauser_: um, did you actually run the line two above?20:46
naccauser_: 'sudo rm -rf .bash* .config/ .profile cd /home/'20:46
auser_is there some tool i can use to backup the files the same exact way they were ?20:46
naccauser_: you just deleted all of /home20:46
naccauser_: no, those files are gone now.20:46
auser_so photorec won't help?20:47
naccauser_: well, you can try20:47
naccauser_: but that's about it, if the disk has sync'd, depending on the disk, they may be gone20:47
auser_will it ever recover them the way they were as the exact folder and everything?20:47
auser_i tried it and it started recovering stuff but they all named some random letters20:48
auser_is there a tool you would recommend to use ?20:50
naccauser_: no, i would consider it unrecoverable20:52
auser_hmmm wow20:52
auser_so what command should i use next time when deleting something?20:52
naccauser_: not sudo, unless you need it, not -f, certainly20:53
naccauser_: if you are using sudo, you *must* know exactly what command you are running, why, and how to undo if you care20:53
naccauser_: you understand why the command you pasted above was 100% wrong, right?20:53
auser_i typed /home/ at the end..20:54
auser_but then cd shouldn't have given me an error maybe?20:54
auser_like sudo rm -rf .bash cd /home/ .. is that even a command ?20:55
naccauser_: no, so you don't understand20:55
naccauser_: everything after 'rm' was passed *to* rm20:55
naccauser_: and since you passed -f, you told it to ignore errors and not be interactive20:55
naccauser_: so you told it to `rm -rf .bash`, `rm -rf cd, `rm -rf /home/` all with root privilege20:56
auser_wow, thanks for the explanation ..20:56
naccauser_: you should *never* have run that command, it makes no sense and would never have ben suggested by anyone20:56
auser_so what is the command that i should use to remove something ?20:56
auser_sudo rm -r ?20:57
naccauser_: you probably ignored a ';' in a tutorial, or combined two lines from a tutorial?20:57
auser_which tutorial ?20:57
auser_oh there was no tutorial..20:57
auser_i was just in a rush...20:57
naccauser_: i don't know? i don't know why you would think the above would be the right command20:57
naccauser_: never a good idea to rush as root20:57
naccauser_: rm -r will, if you were root, still have deleted /home, afaict20:59
auser_so rm -r /home/21:00
auser_would delete it without asking me if I'm sure i want to delete it ?21:00
naccauser_: if you are root, yes, it will (i think)21:01
naccauser_: if you are really unsure about your own commands, you can use -i to force interactive21:01
naccauser_: or -I21:01
naccauser_: or, and this makes far more sense, switch to the user and delete files from their home directory21:02
naccauser_: i have no idea why, as admin, you did it as root21:02
w9qbjnacc: auser_:  I'd suggest an alias  "alias rm='rm -i'"  of course rm -f overrides -i21:02
naccw9qbj: that's another idea, yes21:03
IntelCoreSome directories (files) in Ubuntu, dont remove21:03
auser_so rm -i xxx/21:03
IntelCoreEven with Sudo, it says I dont have that power21:03
auser_i tried this and it gives me an error21:04
naccIntelCore: I don't konw what you are referring to21:04
naccauser_: use a pastebin and show what you mean21:04
IntelCorenacc - ubuntu is not exactly like /root -- and I can't access my own root21:05
naccIntelCore: 'ubuntu' is not like /root??21:05
naccIntelCore: i really don't know what you are saying21:05
IntelCoreI can access my usr21:05
auser_ok thanks a lot21:06
IntelCoreI can't do certain things to system /root21:06
naccIntelCore: 'your usr' means nothing to me21:07
naccIntelCore: you would need to be root to manipulate /root21:07
IntelCoreI have home.  I have a white x on my /root21:07
auser_are you sure no recovery tool would help in recovering those data nacc ?21:08
naccIntelCore: you are using some gui?21:08
naccIntelCore: no context for your comments, I have no idea what you're talking about21:08
IntelCoreI have 16.04 unity, bnome desktops21:08
naccauser_: i am not sure. using your system makes it much less likely21:08
naccIntelCore: the shell, which is what we have been talking about, doesn't show any 'white x'. You are using some GUI to do filesysystem manipulations?21:10
IntelCore in /root. I click it and get this..You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of “root”.21:10
naccIntelCore: ... so?21:10
naccIntelCore: you don't have permission to view /root unless you are root.21:10
geniiBesides which it's normally empty21:11
naccgenii: indeed21:11
IntelCoreIt should ask me to sudo up.?21:11
IntelCoreInstead, it says this directory cannot be displayed21:11
\9well it's right. it cannot be displayed21:12
\9not as the user it runs as21:12
\9if you want to mess with system folders with gui programs (and you don't want to do that), the gui program needs to be run as root21:12
IntelCoreclick the file system icon..21:13
naccIntelCore: no, it shouldn't ask you to sudo, I believe, as manipulating the fs with a GUI program as root is never a good idea21:13
\9IntelCore: just leave /root be. it's empty anyway21:14
auronandaceIntelCore: perhaps you should describe what you are trying to accomplish and (more importantly) why21:14
IntelCoreauronandace, I used a file system gui to access /root. But, it wont let me21:15
DaemonFCDoes anyone know if there are plans to support Widevine in Ubuntu's Chromium package?21:15
\9IntelCore: the system isn't letting you21:15
\9don't blame the gui21:15
auronandaceIntelCore: that answers the what, how about the why21:16
IntelCoreWell, the gui does not provide a way to Sudo/Super21:16
auser_is there a way to see what did that last command wiped exactly ?21:16
\9and we alread figured that it shouldn't21:16
auser_like the folders it wiped so i see if i can recover them from somewhere else ?21:16
IntelCoreauronandace,  I just wanna see it.. wanna know what on pc, and wanna know to learn21:16
ppfhow can i sensibly persist an xinput setting?21:16
\9IntelCore: if you want to learn to explore the system, learn to use the command line. gui tools only get you so far (not far at all)21:17
IntelCoreauser, do you have a filesystem icon?21:17
naccauser_: you can look at the command itself, but otherwise, no21:17
auronandaceIntelCore: if you are happy to learn then you should be happyto read, otherwise it would be safer to set up a vm and have fun braking things inside it without affecting the rest of your system21:17
naccIntelCore: you've been told, if you want to GUI navigate an entire filesystem, use gksudo. But it's not recommended.21:18
naccIntelCore: instead, learn to use the terminal and commands21:18
auronandace!fhs | IntelCore21:18
ubottuIntelCore: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier21:18
IntelCoregksudo?  I will look21:18
IntelCorety dudes/dudettes21:18
naccIntelCore: also, it appears you can install `nautilus-admin` to add an extension to open thing as the administrator21:18
\9IntelCore: using gui tools with gksudo is a bad idea. you've been warned21:19
IntelCoreYah, I dont have nautilus21:19
naccIntelCore: you said you had gnome earlier21:19
IntelCoreIDK why.. it's not21:19
IntelCoreIn fact, there is no way for me to identify the gui for the filesystem, not labled21:20
IntelCoresays "Files Access and organize Files"21:21
auronandaceIntelCore: nautilus is the default file manager for unity and gnome21:21
IntelCorehmm.. what to find Nautilus.  ?21:21
auronandaceIntelCore: you can check the about section of your file manager to see what you are running21:22
IntelCoreauronandace,  not there21:22
auronandaceIntelCore: about is normally under the help menu21:22
IntelCoreauronandace, I click icon for files.. I got top right to see options.. no About "  is there21:24
IntelCoreI guess it's gnome desktop file viewer then.  Or, Unity?21:26
IntelCoreNo Name Nautilus on my Main menu21:27
naccIntelCore: at least under gnome, it (the menu) comes from the panel. I don't have unity here to compare.21:27
\9what if you just press alt+f2 and launch nautilus?21:27
auronandaceIntelCore: if you are using unity then when you have the file manager selected move your cursor over the top bar, you should see file, help, etc of the currently selected application21:27
IntelCoreShow list of applications (no Nautilus)21:28
naccIntelCore: but all of this is secondary -- GUI tools are not appropriate for system examination21:28
nacc*system file/directory examination21:29
IntelCorecopy, move, simple fs21:30
naccIntelCore: if you want your gui to prompt you for sudo for accessing it, you were told one way to do it, but there's a reason it's not installed by default21:30
naccIntelCore: who are you talking to!?21:30
naccIntelCore: i've told you this every day for several days21:30
IntelCorenacc, , sorry I dont understand.. how it works21:31
krypto_ok, who's the wiseguy that added an ellipsis with no way to resize the calculator window in 17.04? :)21:31
\9IntelCore: the gui tool is for everyday tasks. exploring the system is not one of them21:31
\9IntelCore: so no, the gui should not try to be run as admin21:31
\9IntelCore: if you want to explore the system, learn. to use. the command line.21:32
\9IntelCore: if you want to minimize your risk of wrecking your system in the process, install a virtual machine and play all you want with that21:32
krypto_other than that, the upgrade from 16.04 -> 16.10 -> 17.04 went smooth as butta21:33
jtty/who #ubuntu21:34
Bashing-omIntelCore: ^ OR - as I did - 3rd time I borkked ny system I initiated dual booting . Keep my working system working . and the alternate installs(s) to learn on :)21:36
kristhianany suggestion on how to fix this?21:52
kristhianmodprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'vboxdrv': Required key not available21:53
kristhianthis is happening on my virtualbox install, which i have to enable modprobe vboxdrv21:53
kristhian16.04.2 xenial is my current OS21:53
YankDownUnderkristhian, Did you get a window saying to run : sudo /sbin/rcvboxdrv ---> ?21:54
kristhianYankDownUnder: none21:55
YankDownUnderkristhian, Did you install Virtualbox through apt, or directly from the site?21:56
kristhianYankDownUnder: got my reference here22:00
kristhianyep, from the site22:00
kristhiani mean apt22:00
YankDownUnderkristhian, So all the dependencies have been met, and after the installation, you've done an update/upgrade and a reboot just to make sure all is well, yes?22:01
kristhiani didn't upgrade and rebooted yet22:01
kristhianwell should i do that?22:03
kristhiani mean is it necessary?22:03
YankDownUnderkristhian, It's best practice.22:03
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kristhianill just wait on my last install, then ill do an upgrade and reboot22:12
YankDownUnderkristhian, Coolbeans.22:14
DaemonFCHey, does anyone know what could be going on here? My "PowerA" XBOX 360 wireless controller shows up as an unknown USB device in lsusb, but jstest-gtk recognizes it as "Generic Xbox pad" and all of the buttons work fine there, but Steam won't use it.22:18
kristhianyep, i still have a problem on virtualbox22:19
kristhianit is still not recognizing22:19
kristhian'modprobe vboxdrv'22:19
kristhianand issuing a command "sudo modprob vboxdrv" returns me this22:20
kristhianmodprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'vboxdrv': Required key not available22:20
DaemonFChmmm, on further inspection, it looks like the game Shank 2 can use it, but Borderlands 2 doesn't.22:20
DaemonFCOn Windows 10, this controller worked with Borderlands 2. Maybe it's just a porting issue?22:21
kenrinDid you install the driver daemonFC ?22:26
DaemonFCI'm just using xpad, I think22:27
kenrinI think you need the xboxdrv driver instead22:27
DaemonFCI tried xboxdrv, but it said that no xbox controllers were found.22:28
DaemonFCBus 001 Device 008: ID 24c6:530a22:29
kenrinDid you use the repo one ?22:29
DaemonFCThat's the controller as lsusb says.22:29
kenrinI see it listed as 0.8.5 and is very old,  don't think it supports powera22:30
DaemonFCThe one included with Ubuntu is old then?22:30
kenrinubuntu is stable packages unless you are running the latest version and not a LTS22:30
kenrinMight be worth trying to install the PPA for updated22:30
keepOwn:D What is wrong on LTS22:30
DaemonFCI am using 17.04.22:31
keepOwnmine is 16.0422:31
keepOwnand it is awesome22:31
DaemonFCI don't know that I could use anything older if I wanted to. Skylake is still pretty new and older kernels have well known problems with it.22:31
nacckeepOwn: please minimize the chitchat in the channel22:32
nacckeepOwn: i'm not sure why what version of ubunt you are running is relevant, you also didn't direct it at anyone.22:33
DaemonFCxboxdrv reports that it is version
naccDaemonFC: that's accurate for 17.0422:33
keepOwn:D funny guy22:34
keepOwnok , bye22:34
kristhianok, i got it fixed by disabling secure boot22:34
DaemonFCAccording to the developer's website, xboxdrv 0.8.8 has support for PowerA Pro Ex, which is the controller I'm tryiing to use with it.22:35
kristhiananyways, can i ask for a previous version of ubuntu?22:35
nacckristhian: ask who?22:35
kristhianwhere can i download previous release of ubuntu OS22:35
nacckristhian: http://releases.ubuntu.com/22:35
kristhianthanks nacc22:35
kristhiannacc: can you give me a link to ubuntu 16.04.1 release instead?22:39
kristhianthank you22:39
nacckristhian: why do you want to install that release?22:39
nacckristhian: 16.04.1 (updated) = 16.04.2 with a different kernel22:39
nacckristhian: if you want the 16.04.1 kernel and X install 16.04.2 and install the old packages (I think).22:39
kristhiani got issues on npm with 16.04.222:40
nacckristhian: all packages except the kernel and X are the same between 16.04.1 (fully updated) and 16.04.222:41
oerhekseasy to find, no ?22:41
nacckristhian: what issue, the npm package?22:41
naccoerheks: yes, it is also listed as linked to from the page i already sent kristhian22:41
kristhianon python.js22:42
oerhekstorrent 6969 skipped those versions due to unlogically sorted, 16.04.1 on top of 16.04.222:42
nacckristhian: i don't know what you mean22:43
kristhiannacc: i am having issue install that npm on ubuntu 16.04.222:44
nacckristhian: what npm?22:44
kristhiani wanted to test it out, on 16.04.122:44
nacckristhian: i think you are misundersatnding what 16.04.1 and 16.04.2 are22:44
keepOwnНякой , който не пише на маймунски :)22:44
DaemonFCokay, I might have gotten somewhere with xboxdrv using device by id and telling it which device to use and as an xbox360 controller.22:44
DaemonFCTime to go test it out.22:44
nacc!ru | keepOwn22:44
ubottukeepOwn: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.22:44
keepOwnче тези ми втръснаха22:44
keepOwnНе съм Руснак :)22:45
DaemonFCIf it works, I'll just blacklist xpad and load xboxdrv on boot instead.22:45
kristhiannacc: i just wanted to test if it will work on 16.04.122:45
kristhianbut if not, then i will ask the owner/creator of that package22:45
nacckristhian: so you're going to install an insecure and old OS, put a package on it?22:45
kristhianyes, sort of like taht22:46
keepOwnnacc, don't mess with me :) I don't like you22:46
DaemonFCNope, at least not with Borderlands 2.22:46
nacckristhian: you understand that you should talk to the owner/creator of the package anyways?22:46
nacckristhian: the minute you update your 16.04.1, as you should immediately, it will break if it's broken with 16.04.222:46
kristhiannacc: then ok, ill just try to wait for the package owner i guess22:47
kristhianthank you22:47
nacckristhian: but as oerheks said, you can do what you want -- i just don't think it makes sense22:47
kristhianok, ill just wait with the owner, i changed my mind22:48
kristhianmaybe it is pointless anyway, to check if it will work on 16.04.122:48
oerhekskristhian, go test it, so you can file a proper bugreport22:49
kristhianoerheks: thanks for the link btw22:49
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DaemonFCI may just buy an official Microsoft controller. I understand that people are having problems with the off brand ones on Linux.22:54
DaemonFCAt least, according to the chatter, the only problems I've seen with Steam and XBOX 360 controllers are the knock off brands.22:55
IntelCorenacc, i think i understand.. these are gnome applications with desktop environment.23:01
IntelCorenacc, so why nautilus not with gnome-flashback?  Or, is it?23:02
naccIntelCore: I don't know what you're referring to? Yes, there are gnome applications on desktop environments. I don't know what 'gnome-flashback' is23:26
krytarikIntelCore: Nautilus is in fact a dependency of it: https://packages.ubuntu.com/zesty/gnome-session-flashback23:36
thepeopleskneeHey, I just tried installing Ubuntu 16.04 on my Dell XPS 13 9360 and there's no sound on the onboard speakers. Audio output works fine with headphones but the internal speakers are not outputting anything other than slight crackles. Any help?23:38
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