pankajI want to setup ftp server on ubuntu server but when I type "ifconfig" I get two interfaces enpls0 and lo. Where is eth0 or how do I congigure for my ftp server for an IP?04:32
andolpankaj: The short answer is that enpls0 likely is what you think of as eth0.04:35
andolpankaj: The long answer can be found at https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/04:35
andolAlso, http://mywiki.wooledge.org/FtpMustDie04:36
pankajandol: Are both same? But, how can I get the IP address so that I can use for my local ftp services.04:37
cpaelzergood morning04:43
cpaelzerpankaj: it is just a different name than eth004:45
cpaelzerpankaj: the link andol listed is good, it explains the backgrounds - but TL;DR where you'd had set eth0 (e.g. a grep or so) use the new name04:45
pankajcpaelzer: You mean to look in 'interfaces' file and change enpls0 to eth0?04:47
cpaelzerpankaj: no I really not mean this04:50
cpaelzerpankaj: you had something in mind when you thought it would still be eth004:50
cpaelzerlike grepping for the interface name or callinth ethtool or whatever04:50
cpaelzerthere, use the new name04:50
cpaelzerAfter the initial pain of adapting the new naming really is better IMHO04:51
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Jtremback[m]hey, does ubuntu have any kind of declarative system config format16:52
Jtremback[m]I've been using LEDE and it's UCI system is really great16:52
naccJtremback[m]: no, I don't believe it does16:53
sarnoldJtremback[m]: many things can be configured via debconf -- see debconf(7) -- but certainly not as many things as e.g. suse's yast can configure17:56
Jtremback[m]sarnold: thanks!18:03
naccsarnold: but even debconf isn't quite so imperative -- it's at the package level, I assume. Rather than say 'service' level like UCI?18:04
sarnoldnacc: no idea what uci is, but I'm going to go with 'yes' :)18:04
naccsarnold: yeah, i did a cursory google based upon Jtremback[m]'s question -- it's the config manager for LEDE (I think)18:06
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hehehe :)20:29
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