c_smithhey there, MarkDude01:44
c_smithchannel usually is somewhat quiet...01:44
MarkDudeHello c_smith03:37
MarkDudeIt can be. Im in Cali now, gonna be in Portland soon03:38
MarkDudeGotta plan local events. Maybe we can do a Geeknic when Im up03:57
MarkDudeWhat part of Orygun are ya in?03:57
c_smithMarkDude, Salem,04:10
c_smiththere's a twice-monthly Ubuntu Hour here held at a coffee shop that I started back in 2012 if memory serves04:11
MarkDudeCool peeps in Corvalis\04:11
c_smithyep, such as wxl, kinda wish more peeps were able to make it to LFNW, it was fun.04:12
c_smithaaanyway, I'd better get to sleep, got work in the morning04:12
wxljeez people start talking and i miss it :(16:41
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