jaggzYou guys still need people with the frozen step: "[-] Run configure hook of "core" snap if present" ?01:11
jaggzmine's doing it..01:11
jaggzfresh install in Debian-stretch of snapd, snap install meshlab (not sure how to install my meshlab-201612.snap file directly yet) and it installed core and is sitting there on the rotating progress of that line01:13
zyga-ubuntujaggz: hey08:39
zyga-ubuntujaggz: which version of snapd is that? (on that fresh install)08:39
jaggzzyga-ubuntu, 2.21-2+b108:54
zyga-ubuntujaggz: and can you run "snap version" now please08:55
jaggzsnap    2.21-2+b108:56
jaggzsnapd   2.2408:56
jaggzseries  1608:56
jaggzdebian  908:56
zyga-ubuntujaggz: interesting08:57
zyga-ubuntujaggz: is the configure hook still running?08:57
jaggzMm. I think i eventually killed it08:58
zyga-ubuntujaggz: you can continue if you kill "snapctl" process that you may have08:58
zyga-ubuntujaggz: right, what does "snap list" say about core now?08:58
jaggzIt's my first time using snap btw.. first day seeing it! :)08:59
zyga-ubuntuI'm sorry for the bumpy experience08:59
jaggzNo snaps installed, it says08:59
jaggzAw, thanks. :)08:59
zyga-ubuntuyeah, it reverted when the configure hook failed09:00
* zyga-ubuntu thinks09:00
zyga-ubuntunot sure really09:02
zyga-ubuntuyou can perhaps try this09:02
zyga-ubuntusudo snap install core --beta09:02
zyga-ubuntuI mean this bug was fixed but releases to debian are harder so the version in the distribution is older09:02
jaggzIt's working on it :)09:04
jaggzIt went in..09:07
jaggzI didn't try the original non-beta twice, btw09:07
zyga-susejaggz: so once you have the core installed09:09
zyga-susejaggz: you can try installing other things09:09
jaggzYeah installing meshlab now09:09
jaggzNot from the .snap i think though.. just did snap install meshlab09:10
jaggzNow to learn where snap puts these things09:11
zyga-susejaggz: what do you want to know specifically?09:13
zyga-susejaggz: where it stores your data? the code?09:13
jaggzFound the path.. /snap/09:13
jaggzThe snap is a binary distribution, not source, right? I didn't notice a compilation, and the .snap download file i found on the web was amd6409:15
zyga-susejaggz: we are working on adding meta-data so that snaps that are FOSS can declare where the source is and how to build it09:21
jaggzIt's an awesome project09:23
jaggzAbout time too09:24
zyga-suseThank you for using Debian09:27
* zyga-suse uses fedora, suse and ubuntu all the time but I don't have a debian machine to get the real experience09:28
jaggzStrictly Debian for years now for me09:40
jaggzExcept one Ubuntu server09:41
* zyga-suse cannot wait for debian 10 when we'll finally have snap confinement in place09:47
jaggzGuess I should read up on it more09:56
jaggzTo know what your talking about :)09:57
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
* zyga-suse returns to packing his life into boxes10:28
Chipacajdstrand: “snap install --edge test-snapd-service-notify” for your consideration13:13

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