brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:27
diddledanwhat has everyone got their fathers for tomorrow?13:14
brobostigonsome of his favorite beer, :)13:19
diddledanfavorite beer is a good choice13:21
popeydiddledan: memories only, sadly.13:38
* diddledan cuddles popey 13:44
DJonesdiddledan: A card so far (given that he's in Majorca until next weekend)14:53
DJonesok, somebody turn the heat down https://goo.gl/ccioTT guage is in full sun15:41
gooloydmoonhello excuse me but i can't register don't know why16:09
gooloydmooni registered myself but when i try to access international channel i keep being redirected to unregged channel16:10
gooloydmooni copy paste my really really easy question16:10
gooloydmooncause i'm a lazy guy.16:11
gooloydmoonHello. Running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS . I noticed now firefox 54.0 does not support flash player anymore. i can't watch anymore streaming movies because audio is ok but video is so slow!!! please just help me to solve this situation.16:11
gooloydmoonwell i tryied to use vlc for that purpose..i'm not a linux fan but that's the computer i have at the moment.16:12
gooloydmoonno luck at all.16:13

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