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Zichi here, all my kubernetes-worker are showed as "failed" in juju status since this morning, but everything is fine in practice... I ran a "juju debug-log" and saw a lot of "too many open files" of this kind : http://paste.ubuntu.com/25324995/10:37
Zicso I tried to modify the file.fs-max sysctl value & limits.conf, but nothing change10:37
Zicdo you have clues ? :(10:37
Ting_hi there, I am deploying a application (postgresql in this case) on maas, it gets stuck at waiting for machine. Tried with print out log with "juju debug-log", but got no respond from that, anyone have idea about why juju debug-log doesn't work? How could this be fixed?11:32
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rick_hTing_: hmm, try the deploy with --debug in the command "juju deploy postgresql --debug" and see if that has some info11:42
Ting_yes, i deployed it with --debug, it showed some info and said command finished at the end.11:44
rick_hTing_: ok, is there a machine in juju status with a number?11:46
rick_hTing_: if so, try to do "juju show machine X" and see if there's any output about why it couldn't get the machine11:46
Ting_ok, i'll try it11:47
Ting_it shows some infor like juju-status: pending, machine-status:allocating11:49
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Ting_rick_h: from maas gui, i can see the machine is deploying which takes very long time than expected.11:54
rick_hTing_: ah ok. Assumed there was an error. Go Maas go!11:56
Ting_rick_h: sure, thanks!12:13
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stormmoreo/ juju world17:08
rick_hreminder juju show in 30 woot woot17:32
rick_hawesome 2.3 early feature demo coming17:32
rick_hwell, future feature (probably not 2.3)17:33
rick_hJuju Show linkages: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/n4gmxnhlgrhkpibqzdn3gf7c2qe for joining in the conversation (tvansteenburgh, hml, kwmonroe, arosales, bdx, and anyone else)17:53
rick_hand for watching check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUx6kYE60Mc17:53
arosalesrick_h: thanks, I'll be in read only mode today18:05
tvansteenburghi'm on TV!18:05
tvansteenburghi'm famous!18:05
sfeolei'm putting together some updates to a charm I use.  I'm curious , I have a function that I only want to run once, however I need it to wait until a specific condition is met. so can I stack 2 decorators like this: @when('condition_met') \n @only_once  \n def do_this_action()19:41
blizzow1So I have 3 decent servers that I used maas to wipe and put a default installation of ubuntu on them. I'd like to test openstack or kubernetes using these three servers and was contemplating using juju to do it. I keep running into issues with conjure-up. All the pages I see about deploying openstack or kubernetes suggest starting with maas+conjure-up+juju to get things up and running. Do I need conjure-up?20:04
stokachuDepends, is the problem conjure-up or your maas setup20:09
blizzow1stokachu: I don't think my maas is busted? but who knows.20:15
blizzow1wtf, why do I need lxd and zfsutils to run juju?20:15
blizzow1Why in the hell do I use snap? What happened to using apt??20:16
stokachuWell that's where most applications are heading coming from us20:17
blizzow1argh. yet another f'ing packaging/installation system.20:17
blizzow1what was the matter with apt? who knoooows?20:18
stokachuAnd I don't know what problems you are having as you haven't provided any additional information20:18
stokachuThere is also a #maas channel20:19
blizzow1well, I'm over using conjure-up+snap to do stuff because it's always failing. So I'm trying to install juju on it's own VM and add the maas cloud. Then I'll get started on testing whatever I want...I see this page which seems to be how to install juju... https://jujucharms.com/docs/2.2/reference-install.  Where do I go from that page?20:20
stokachuFair enough20:21
stokachuif you get bored and actually want to debug your maas+conjure-up then let me know20:24
blizzow1I guess my question was whether or not I even need to use conjure-up got get juju running? I'd prefer not to use lxd containers in a VM to provision bare metal that can provision more VMs. can I run a juju controller without LXD and adding some bridging to a VM that's already bridging?20:28
stokachuyou dont need conjure-up to get juju running20:29
stokachuif you have maas you can just use this https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/clouds-maas20:29
stokachuand juju deploy canonical-kubernetes20:29
blizzow1stokachu: thanks.20:30
stokachublizzow1: you just want to make sure that maas is able to auto power on/off your nodes20:35
stokachuwithout you having to do anything20:35
stokachublizzow1: also i usually create a VM on the maas server and register that as a node20:36
stokachuand do juju bootstrap --to vmhost.maas20:36
stokachuso you aren't using a whole machine for the bootstrap node20:36
blizzow1stokachu: maas is able to power up and power off these servers at will. I'm trying not to use a whole server to run maas or juju. I'm trying to use these servers to run openstack or kubernetes as a proof of concept, so my maas and juju servers are VMs on separate hypervisors.20:39
blizzow1So from my juju VM. I did an add-credential maas-cloud.  Then when I try an do a bootstrap, I get an error about failing because of constraints.20:41
blizzow1ERROR failed to bootstrap model: cannot start bootstrap instance: cannot run instances: cannot run instance: No available machine matches constraints: [('agent_name', ['cf1fbc63-9ad1-4556-8159-43a2f4f7aa32']), ('mem', ['3584']), ('name', ['maas01.mydomain.com'])] (resolved to "mem=3584.0 name=maas01.mydomain.com")20:42
blizzow1So if I already have a maas server running, how do I register that instead of bootstrapping another with juju?22:34
thumperblizzow1: so using maas with juju?23:08

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