brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:06
MooDoohowdy all07:07
brobostigonmorning MooDoo07:09
MooDoohow are you brobostigon ?07:13
brobostigonaverage really, and you?07:13
MooDoonot to bad really, thinking of a reason to learn docker lol07:13
SuperMattmorning all07:21
SuperMattGotta admit to being very impressed with the latest version of solus07:21
diploMorning all07:35
diploMooDoo: https://solus-project.com/07:36
diploI run it on my Gem at work too SuperMatt07:36
diploSorry NUC*07:36
MooDoois this another elemental?07:48
diploNope, written from the ground up by a bloke called Ikey07:52
diploFast, up to date, changes alot underneath though07:52
MooDoodiplo: not based on another distro?  see it has support for ubuntu snaps07:54
diploNope, well the base was clear linux project I think, ikey used to work for Intel till recently, but now gone full time on Solus07:54
MooDoocool, looking at the site now07:55
diploHe wrote support in for snaps in a couple of days, the guy is a machine07:55
* diplo will try installing diddledan's Corebird I guess, but I think it's already newest version in solus repos07:57
MooDoodiplo: downloading the iso now :)07:58
diploIt's nice, needed to wait till now as needed certain packages for work08:00
davmor2Morning all08:05
foobarryhttp://imgur.com/a/lkUrO woops08:13
foobarryneed to close a few tabs08:13
diplojeesh foobarry08:14
foobarrymy tab use increased after bookmark functionality decreased08:15
knightwisemorning !08:15
MooDoodiplo: it's certainly very pretty08:19
diploIt is and quick I find08:27
diploThunderbird can't attach from Samba shares created via nautilus it appears08:27
diploWhat is the correct way of mounting samba shares via cli now ? cifs is all the tutorials are mentioning, just want to confirm it is still that as I thought it was gvfs or something now ?08:28
MooDoodiplo: I'm just running the live version from USB, but that's quick, took me a few mins to realise it's eopkg :)08:28
MooDoodiplo: i've always done it mount -t cifs etc etc08:28
diploYup, syntax has taken me a bit longer, alias apt to eopkg :P08:28
diploah ok, will install cifs-utils then ta08:28
MooDoodiplo: might replace my ubuntu partition with it, but we'll see live version is ok for today08:29
MooDoodiplo: even from usb, it really is fast isn't it08:32
diploI've been using Ubuntu Budgie for quite a while, but wanted to move over08:34
knightwisemorning guys08:45
knightwisehow are you doing08:45
diplomorning knightwise, exhausted after taking my kids away for a 5 day break :D08:46
diploSo bug 378425 on Thunderbird, can't attach files from smb share - opened 11 years ago!08:47
MooDoodiplo: something for the weekend for you to look at? ;)08:47
diplogod no! I'll use the workaround for now thanks08:48
diploI'll be sleeping all weekend08:48
knightwisediplo: had a bit of a break too :) couple of days in the north of france :)08:49
diplooooh lovely08:51
MooDooI'm off at the end of the month, bank hol weekend, taking the kids to legoland for a couple of days. :)08:53
diploOh nice, my youngest really wants to go back08:56
MooDoodiplo: was going to drive down then go straight into the park, but just seen a travel lodge 20 mins from the park, might go down the day before now :D09:00
knightwiseoooh legoland09:03
knightwisetake me take me09:03
MooDooknightwise: if you can fit in the kids rucksack and they won't notice, then deal :) lol09:04
diploI was going to camp down there MooDoo, but decided against it, it's only a 1 1/2 for me, but was going to do 2 days09:14
MooDoowe're there wed/thursday but i think i might be tired driving down there early wed morning09:17
diploYou're in Nottingham still aren't you ?09:18
MooDoodiplo: yes just looking at google maps now09:18
MooDoodiplo: yeah 3 hours is09:19
diploThat's fairly quick, takes me 4+ from Bath to Notts09:26
diploDo you hardcode creds for a samba share in fstab ever? load from a text file etc ?09:27
foobarryis ff55 faster or the same old disappointment?09:32
foobarrydown to 24 tabs!09:33
diploI've seen a significant increase!09:33
diploRunning on Windows and Linux, running 64bit version on both09:34
foobarrythey never deliver09:34
foobarryupgrading now brb09:34
diploheh, they have this time09:35
foobarrywill test with redmine, which it seems to be 5x slower than chrome09:35
diploI've heard 57 is faster still09:37
MooDoodoesn't 57 use the new rendering engine?09:38
foobarryawesome bar is broken :(09:38
foobarryah working now09:38
MooDooit's quite fast using the i3 window manager too :)09:40
diploKeep thinking about trying i3, watched a vid of it09:41
diploBeen years since I distro hopped, now on my third in a few months :D09:41
MooDoodiplo: I love it :) then again i'm a terminal junkie.09:41
MooDoodiplo: I'm using ubuntu, just installed i3 :)09:41
diploMay try it in a vm full screen one day09:44
davmor2works fine here on neon09:45
davmor2although I am only using it in home activity work is on chrome09:46
MooDooI prefer chrome myself09:46
diploI found it got heavier and heavier on my system, also had loads of caching issues09:54
diploSo moved to FF for a bit, haven't moved back yet :D09:54
SuperMattFF 57 is amazing. I've moved my personal profile over to it and I hope to track it back to stable.09:59
foobarrywhere's 57? beta?10:04
foobarrythe quit button is a bit abrupt10:04
foobarryno questions just POOF10:05
foobarryredmine still more sluggish than chrome10:10
knightwiseok, Rasberry PI setup :) running Calibre server and ssh endpoint. Thank god for the 128 gig microsd10:52
foobarryubuntu/linux support forthcoming12:51
daftykinsthe text on that page is so bad XD12:55
diddledandear God it's teeny weeny!12:56
foobarryi fell for that trick with eee pc70112:59
foobarryi'm not buying more shiny12:59
daftykinsglad to hear :P looks like the kind of cheap tat that'll get abandoned quick12:59
foobarryi have footage of a UFO taking off13:01
diddledanhahaha. I love that13:05
SuperMattstill can't install Solus to existing logical volumes13:19
daftykinswhere can you? non-LVM?13:20
SuperMattI can install it, but it would mean a lot of faffing to back up my stuff13:22
daftykinsdoes it have to be bare metal?13:23
diploAsked in #solus - ikey is quite active there as well as others in the channel13:24
popeyi saw some video review of the gpd thing a week or so ago where he tried kde13:25
popeyit mostly worked, but screen orientation was off13:27
zmoylan-pithere's a revered gif version for the aliens landing...13:28
popeyI can't fathom why they have the Del key next to P on the GPD and backspace next to 0, odd layout13:28
popeyseems early versions were the other way around and they changed based on feedback13:29
zmoylan-pii do wonder if people who change the layout of keys are touch typists...13:30
popeywith tiny hands13:30
AzelphurHi folks, I'm looking at /proc/<pid>/fd and it has a lot of files which link to sockets, is there any way to find out more info about what those sockets are?13:30
Azelphureg "socket:[36745917]" isn't a particularly useful piece of info13:30
popeyAzelphur: what type of application?13:32
Azelphurpopey: stuff I wrote, aiohttp handling websocket connections.13:32
popeywon't they match open connections, like what you see in netstat?13:34
Azelphurpopey: they don't, no13:35
daftykinslsof any use in that scenario?13:36
Azelphurdaftykins: actually much, dunno why I didn't think of that13:37
Azelphurand now I know that my app is leaking connections to redis, woo. I'm a good programmer \o/13:39
daftykinsyay i knew a thing!13:41
* zmoylan-pi gives daftykins a peanut...13:54
* daftykins looks at it...13:55
daftykinserr, where's that been?13:55
daftykinsthat was amusing, i just called up the travelinn i'm staying at outside of Stansted airport tomorrow evening, guy didn't really know how to get to them from the airport without blowing £20 on a taxi, oof13:55
zmoylan-pipeople still ask for directions?!13:58
daftykinsi'm an island bumpkin in a strange and foreign land :(14:00
daftykinstbh my research did already point out a better answer than he offered, just no price14:00
daftykins(local buses)14:00
zmoylan-pitake out your string and tie off at starting point and trail it out behind you as you go... :-P14:00
daftykinsexcellent, but what's this i hear of horseless carriages?14:06
zmoylan-piputting hardworking horses out of work... and people with shovels..14:07
daftykinson Sark they have bins mounted on the wall sides you're meant to clean up after your own horse, with14:08
zmoylan-pisome places now require horses to wear diapers14:08
zmoylan-pijust need tescos to step up and provide changing tables... :-P14:11
foobarrypopey: http://daniel-lnx.blogspot.co.uk/ fixed the rotation issue14:32
popeyi think flexiondotorg has one of those GPD things on the way14:32
foobarrytbh even a full size laptop is an annoyance for me14:33
foobarrykeyboard and desktop PC ftw14:33
foobarryand moar monitors14:33
daftykins+1 to that14:34
foobarryand a big desk with all my gonks on14:34
daftykinshmm gonk was new on me!15:22
diddledanwhat's that, skip, you wanna play with me didgerydoo?!15:41
Azelphurlol, got one of those SMS's pretending to be my bank asking me to fill in my account details, looked at the domain and it was owned by a self-employed PC repair guy, so I phoned him and let him know15:57
* Azelphur is useful15:57
Seeker`"You do know you're scamming people, right?"15:59
Azelphurhaha, was obviously a malicious user got control of his server16:00
Azelphurand he just emailed me and let me know that he took it down, that probably saved a few peoples bank accounts16:02
Azelphurgood deed for the day \o/16:02
Seeker`"oh, good catch, I'll *definitely* stop scamming people"16:02
popeyYou should listen to the ReplyAll podcast, the guy gets friendly with one of those Windows scammers, and even goes to visit them in India. It's quite fun16:08
popeyhttps://gimletmedia.com/reply-all/ - episode 102 and 10316:08
Azelphurthat sounds fun16:09
AzelphurIdea of the day: Friend is making me a SATA cable that takes the 5v line and puts it out into a female USB port, gonna buy a crappy GPS tracker off aliexpress for £5.60, and put it inside an unused drive bay in my laptop17:27
ali1234Azelphur: three has a payg sim that gives you 200MB free per month if you top up £2 every six months20:03
ali1234but you will need to get a tracker with 3G or they will kick you off because they don't support 2G20:03
Azelphurali1234: nice20:03
ali1234also i odnt recommend using the drive bay that's the first place anyone wold look...20:04
ali1234although if you can fit it all inside a case from a broken ssd that could work20:10
zmoylan-piaren't there software options for loading into firmware that will phone home if laptop is connected to internet?20:27
ali1234yeah, computrace20:28
zmoylan-pii wonder how good the bt trackers are you see advertised around21:00
diddledanthis lookee funky: https://www.frontrow.com/21:27
zmoylan-piso another 'life trcaker'...21:30
diddledanseems so21:30
zmoylan-pii'd love one that was small enough for a cat to wear with a wireless charging mat that i could slip into cats box that autouploaded pics to cloud21:31
zmoylan-piyou could check what your murderfloof was up to when you weren't around21:43
diddledanis google down?22:09
zmoylan-pipanic \o/ ::goes to check::22:09
diddledanI'm searching "you're awesome" and it's not returning22:10
zmoylan-picame up for me22:10
zmoylan-pihaven't fired up google page in months... worked ok22:10
zmoylan-pivivaldi on linux mint22:11
diddledanI wonder what voodoo is ocurring then22:11
zmoylan-pihave you sacrificed chickens to the gods of wifi?22:11
diddledanneither chrome nor firefox are loading it22:11
zmoylan-piand on your mobile device?22:11
diddledanok chrome finally loaded something22:12
zmoylan-pibut you didn't type google into google? #justchecking22:14
diddledandamn. that'ld do it22:14
diddledangoogle is working fine now23:07
diddledanI wonder what I did to break it23:07
daftykinsmust be the stuff you type into it, making it blush23:08
daftykinsmy wealthy client has discovered Three's partner in France has issues today, no network association this lunch!23:08
daftykinser since lunch, i meant23:08
zmoylan-pidid you cast wiggle network cable? :-P23:19
daftykinsmaybe ;D23:19
daftykinsstill got him with an O2 service in his laptop for mobile data, so he's not entirely in holiday mode due to the service outage...23:19
zmoylan-piwhen i first got an iphone many moons ago the service was taken out for most of a day by rain... rain in ireland, who knew... :-)23:20
daftykinsdid that become a regular thing when it rained?23:21
daftykinsmy my23:23
zmoylan-pinah, they had moved a bunch of servers into a basement i found out later, without checking for flood protection23:23
daftykinsi should've asked you to translate for me when i had an Irish lass from EE during a call the other day23:26
daftykinsi swear i get the first 60% of sentences then they seem to allow all the words to hold hands by the end of the sentence23:26
daftykins"Yes calling Guernsey from England will be 50p perminuteahoohaharemeraldisle"23:27
zmoylan-pione of my favourite films is i went down which provides a great example of inserting swear words into the middle of words when the sentence isn't long enough :-)23:28
zmoylan-piwow, 20 years old now... :-) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0126344/23:31
daftykinsmy my23:32
daftykinswhat kind of a name is Git!23:32
zmoylan-pigive it a watch, you will laugh out loud23:32
zmoylan-piin ireland a nickname can be more important than any other name23:33
daftykinsthat's fair :>23:33
daftykinsnow relaxing to some Cranberries23:33
daftykinsnever did get to see them live, they cancelled23:34
zmoylan-pibut it's a safe bet, anything with brendan gleason in it is pretty good23:34
zmoylan-pithe guard, the general, in bruge23:35
daftykinslooks familiar, let's see23:37
zmoylan-piyou will have seen in bruge23:37
zmoylan-pimaybe not the other 223:38
daftykinshmm nah not heard of any23:38
daftykinspopped in the ol' unsorted bookmarks folder for a chaos storage rediscovery, anywho :D23:42

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