cmaloneyGood morning13:10
cmaloneyrick_h: Looking forward to tomorrow?13:36
rick_hyes and no13:36
cmaloneyYeah, I can relate13:36
rick_hyes because I want to move forward, but I've been really good about not getting the nervous stuff going but it's started this week13:36
cmaloneyCompletely understandable13:37
rick_hbrousch: yea, ACL rebuild is tomorrow13:57
brouschI'm sure it will go fine. I've had 3 family members go through it in the last 6 years13:58
rick_hyea, my brain knows it's ok. Had shoulder work done a few years ago that went well13:59
rick_hbut still have mental issues with it13:59
rick_hI guess that doesn't make sense brain == mental...heart issues?13:59
cmaloneybrains sometimes have trouble braining ligically14:01
brouschDo they put you under for it?14:13
jrwrenyay rick_h!  GL HF. you will be all better soon!14:14
rick_hYea go under14:15
jrwrenhumans aren't logical, nor should we be. that is lessons of star trek and spock14:15
cmaloneyand yet Spock got more fan mail than Kirk14:16
cmaloneygo figure14:16
jrwrenanyone know where openssh bugtracker is?19:35

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