jenni[ Chapter 53. Deprecated Functionality ] - https://bit.ly/2vCNL3z01:57
thafreak"Red Hat will not be moving Btrfs to a fully supported feature and it will be removed in a future major release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux."01:57
Unit193So I saw, odd.02:06
dzhoso, a couple of things might be going on there.02:36
dzhosome of the scuttlebut from hacker news and linux weekly news is just that Redhat doesn't have and can't get the personnel to commit to it long term.02:36
dzhoone point of reference is that they are deep into XFS and XFS has grown a lot of features to keep it compelling.02:37
dzhoeg, snapshots are on the way.02:37
dzhoone also wonders whether Redhat will buy into the Eben Moglen/Canonical view on the question of the compatibility of ZFS and Linux.02:38
dzhoThe FSF and SFLC say there is a license conflict that keeps them from being shipped in binary form together. Moglen/Canonical say that's the letter of the licenses, but the spirit of the licenses is such that it's ok.02:39
Unit193Yeah someone I was talking to uses XFS at work, and was telling me of some of the nice features.02:39
dzhoXFS is also old, which is a nice thing in an FS.02:39
dzhoIn Jan/Feb of last year, the ZFS+Ubuntu stuff came out. There was some fur that flew. 02:40
dzhoIt *may* just be incidental that Moglen left as FSF counsel last fall.02:41
dzhoparallel to this you've got Linux lambasting SFLC for doing GPL compliance stuff (eg, the VMWare stuff).02:42
jennidzho meant to say: parallel to this you've got Linus lambasting SFLC for doing GPL compliance stuff (eg, the VMWare stuff).02:50

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