viewer|35910Help i am trying to install Kubuntu and it told me fatal error in installing grub201:25
viewer|35910I am using my phone to chat.01:25
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somnath I freshly installed ubuntu 17.04 and now i am strugglling to use my wifi. The options are not showing at all. I tried going through multiple post and using that to fix but no use. Plese he06:30
somnath*Please help.06:30
valorieubuntu, or kubuntu?06:32
valorieyou need #ubuntu then06:32
valoriebest of luck!06:32
sigma_hi guys. im trying to use kubuntu 17.04 on a touchscreen laptop. looking for a virtual keyboard which I can use - i see that kvkkd (something like that) does not exist anymore so what are my kde options?07:02
sigma_oh and ive updated to plasma 5.10. i tried installing the "ubuntu-keyboard" package but that did not seem to do anything when i clicked on text fields afterwards07:03
valoriehmmm, there is some options07:05
valoriemaybe ask in #plasma during euro-work hours?07:05
valorieor search the kde store07:05
valoriewhich discover will do07:05
valoriesorry, just going offline07:06
sigma_thanks I will use onboard for now. hope the built in plasma keyboard goes mainstream soon07:32
BigFatchebonjour à tous, je cherche une aide pour l'installation d'un jeu qui me causse probleme a mon niveau de debutant08:50
BluesKaj!fr | BigFatche08:51
ubottuBigFatche: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.08:51
BluesKajHiyas all08:54
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johnaptHello there, I'm using the latest KDE from Kubuntu backports ppa and I'm having an issue with locales. I want to have American English as my preferred display language and Greek for "formats" but when I set Greek, KDE overrides the LANG env var and set it to Greek, unlike other DE, as a result software that relies on this var, doesn’t have the right display language, in this case should be English. For example when you ru10:52
johnaptn software as root, such as apt, when asks you for confirmation should display [Y/n] but now is [N/o] and kde’s authentication popup is in Greek. Is it a bug or something am I missing here?10:52
oerheksJACK why those multiple inlogs ??12:11
oerheksyou have been banned before12:11
thyriaenwhere can i configure that i want my menu bar with the clock etc on my other ( main monitor ? )12:13
viewer|22775hi Guys12:36
viewer|22775hope all good12:36
viewer|22775i am facing an issue to share some files/folders with a mac os, i am getting access right error message even if all the rights are ok12:37
viewer|22775any advice please ?12:37
viewer|22775(all is on a local network, and all ports are openned)12:38
BluesKajviewer|22775, I missed your question, just arrived12:43
viewer|22775Hi BluesKaj12:45
viewer|22775i am facing an issue to share some files/folders with a mac os, i am getting access right error message even if all the rights are ok12:45
BluesKajssh? samba? smb?12:46
viewer|22775i can access to the folders, but cannot get the content (an error message is displayed, no enought rights)12:47
BluesKaji used to share files with an Imac using ssh. I presume the mac shares are enabled12:48
viewer|22775yes it is12:49
BluesKajasume you had acces to these files previously12:51
BluesKajiirc mac has different permission levels for other user access12:53
BluesKajiles owned by root vs files owned by the user12:56
ZetFuryHi, I have an issue with ubuntu/kde, after a few days the panel starts to glitch, especially task mananger. The only thing that solves it is to reboot, anyone else had this issue?16:30
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calcmandanthe KDE instant messaging app, for some reason, can't go online once i add my google talk account profile. anyone seeing the same issue?19:10
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MilesHey, I need some help22:39

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