transhumanhi 2 problems ifconfig is missing, now do i just get a list of all interfaces including ones not configured? How do I install ip-utils package doesnt appear to be available and thirdly my wireless on my intel atom processor laptop doesnt show up02:14
transhumanthanks in advance02:14
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ajmalHow to install lubuntu?08:03
Guest8527...pardon the intrusion.15:16
Guest8527Might I ask someone here for some help with Lubuntu 17.04?15:17
Guest8527I am a complete newbie... but I'll share my situation as concisely as I can...15:19
Guest8527Installed Lubuntu on a legacy PC (Dell Dimension 4100)... system freezes before I can even log in...15:21
Guest8527While troubleshooting... I think I got onto something when I ran "sudo lshw -class network" and got a Segmentation fault...15:23
Guest8527I don't know where to go from there.15:23
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Euphony... I took my questions over to #ubuntu16:14
widmarkhi - i am trying to create a usb flash drive that will boot to lubuntu when inserted into a laptop.  When I do this using Starup Disk Creator, I end up with what seems to be a "Live" version as opposed to a standard, persistent desktop environment.  Can you help?20:20
malinuswidmark: you can just install from the live version20:27
demophobiamalinus: I think he wants to save settings and files on the USB drive so as to use the computer as merely a host for the OS and files on the USB drive.22:32
demophobia'a host' -- I mean, temporarily commandeering the computer away from whatever OS it has installed to use the USB drive, so as to carry around a 'virtual computer' (OS + data files) in one's pocket so to speak22:34
demophobiaI would like to know how to do this, actually ...22:35

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