tgBot<neothethird> Research indicates that my bed is much more comfortable than @mariogrip s couch00:23
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tgBot<AlexMex90> Guess who is getting a Nexus 5... 😏02:40
tgBot<Vijay> @mariogrip, I could identify @neothethird  and @Flohack who are the other 2 guys??03:34
tgBot<aclegg2011> alfred and milton04:04
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tgBot<neothethird> @Vijay, That would be Marius Gripsgård and Ricardo Mendoza07:22
tgBot<neothethird> @AlexMex90, Is it me? This is exiting07:27
tgBot<Flohack> @Vijay, You dont know @mariogrip :)07:46
tgBot<DanChapman> hard to identify him without the headphones 😊07:48
tgBot<Vijay> @DanChapman, I agree with him.. this leads to confusion07:49
tgBot<Flohack> His new headphones are awesome07:52
tgBot<Andre Büsgen> Hey, I get an error when trying to register at ubweblate08:06
tgBot<Andre Büsgen> ubpweblate.tnvcomp.com is a disallowed historic08:06
tgBot<Andre Büsgen> Host08:06
tgBot<Andre Büsgen> It appears after clicking the confirmation link08:07
tgBot<Flohack> Uh08:07
tgBot<Flohack> We wanted to phase out the old domain but obviously forgot smth08:07
tgBot<Flohack> did you use email or some 3rd party provider?08:07
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tgBot<neothethird> @Andre Büsgen, try translate.ubports.com08:47
tgBot<geminis65> When I share the internet with another device at the end of the connection I have to reboot the mobile to connect to the 3g or wifi10:19
tgBot<geminis65> Nexus 510:19
tgBot<delijati> is there a nexus 7 (2013) build ?11:58
tgBot<UnityEx> Only legacy12:00
tgBot<delijati> hmm crap12:01
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tgBot<advocatux> Question for @wayneoutthere or @exar_kun what's the recommended new URL to subscribe to the audio cast?15:21
tgBot<exar_kun> @advocatux, I theory, it would be here: https://www.audiomack.com/artist/ubports/feed , but it needs to be enabled by @Mohannes15:22
tgBot<advocatux> OK Thank you 👍15:23
tgBot<exar_kun> and there should be something new up there in the near future15:40
tgBotJavierPuche was added by: JavierPuche16:27
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Welcome @JavierPuche !17:54
tgBot<mariogrip> @wayneoutthere @exar_kun I love your guys podcast!! Amazing!!18:00
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tgBot<Flohack> Bom Dia!22:47
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @Flohack, Ah... another fellow musician... The future is getting brighter in UB-Land...22:56
tgBot<mariogrip> @neothethird, lol :P22:57
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> The irony is not lost on me that Canonical didn't include documentation to create the UITK documentation22:57
tgBot<mariogrip> well, you don't have a cat @neothethird that wakes you up22:57
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> ```error: Environment variable 'BLD' undefined … Environment variable 'BLD' undefined … Aborting```22:58
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> but... what is BLD?22:58
tgBot<bhushanshah> BLD stands for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner22:59
tgBot<mariogrip> @UniversalSuperBox, blue light diode22:59
tgBot<bhushanshah> *hides*22:59
tgBot<mariogrip> hahah :Å22:59
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> silent anger22:59
tgBot<bhushanshah> (Sticker, 507x512) https://irc.ubports.com/4uipdho3/343647892495401116.webp22:59
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> ```excludefiles += $BLD/../src/imports/Components/1.3/PageWrapperUtils.js```23:00
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> uh23:00
tgBot<bhushanshah> But bld looks like abbreviated BUILD23:00
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> `BLD=.`23:00
tgBot<mariogrip> @bhushanshah, lol, to lazy to type BLD23:00
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Let's see what happens23:00
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Hey, that was it!23:01
tgBot<bhushanshah> @mariogrip, I see what you did there..23:01
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> `BLD=. qdoc ubuntu-ui-toolkit-qtcreator.qdocconf` … Did a thing!23:01
tgBot<mariogrip> @bhushanshah, hahah23:01
tgBot<Jujuyeh> @UniversalSuperBox, Why do you want to use Banana Laser Dildos?23:02
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> slightly less silent anger23:03
tgBot<mariogrip> *goes back to programming*23:03
tgBot<bhushanshah> Blue laser diode reminds me of space team game23:04
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @delijati, I have this one too.  Except!  I found out that there may be TWO versions of the 7: one which can be flashed to UT and the other cannot.  I have the 'cannot' one.  :(23:08
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @mariogrip, Is it because you are banned and the inner angst drives you to listen?23:09
tgBot<mariogrip> @wayneoutthere, pretty much :P No really I do love it!23:10
tgBot<wayneoutthere> I'm 'working on something right now'.....23:10
tgBot<ChloeWolfieGirl> @wayneoutthere, He's a rebel23:10
tgBot<ChloeWolfieGirl> @wayneoutthere, Is it a beyblade?23:10
tgBot<mariogrip> @ChloeWolfieGirl, U not a sleep yet? too late for a englander23:11
tgBot<wayneoutthere> and @exar_kun is having an audiocast/RSS breakthrough day... we're thinking bigger picture on this stuff and will probably ask some questions to some of you smart people one day23:11
tgBot<ChloeWolfieGirl> @mariogrip, Shush, I got home at 2:30 am last night so shush23:11
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @ChloeWolfieGirl, No.  I'll give you a hint though: it starts with an "A" and the last part is "CAST"23:11
tgBot<mariogrip> @ChloeWolfieGirl, ohohoh such a bad ass23:12
tgBot<wayneoutthere> So, I see that Garden of Grip got himself a brand new headset?  That's highly annoying.  It was so awesome with that white thing.23:12
tgBot<mariogrip> @wayneoutthere, Ablacast?23:12
tgBot<ChloeWolfieGirl> @wayneoutthere, Atari dream collections for DreamCast?23:13
tgBot<ChloeWolfieGirl> @mariogrip, That's me23:13
tgBot<mariogrip> A ChromeCast?23:13
tgBot<ChloeWolfieGirl> AND I DIDNT EVEN GET LOST23:13
tgBot<mariogrip> @ChloeWolfieGirl, wut is this! did you use gps this time?23:13
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @ChloeWolfieGirl, hey... I have an original Atari with a bunch of games I'm thinking of selling.23:13
tgBot<ChloeWolfieGirl> @mariogrip, Did I heck23:13
tgBot<ChloeWolfieGirl> @wayneoutthere, Never had an Atari, but I have a dreamcast23:14
tgBot<mariogrip> @wayneoutthere, well, I can tape it back up23:14
tgBot<ChloeWolfieGirl> Got a lift from people who live in Portugal though :)23:15
tgBot<mariogrip> @ChloeWolfieGirl, you got an elevator for free? where are you gonna put that?23:16
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> (Photo, 989x571) https://irc.ubports.com/CiIHfK7Q/file_250.jpg I, uh... I did it23:16
tgBot<mariogrip> @ChloeWolfieGirl, http://www.flat-living.co.uk/images/pages/page801.jpg23:16
tgBot<ChloeWolfieGirl> @mariogrip, I'd say a nasty word, but we're in the UBports supergroup23:19
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @ChloeWolfieGirl, You're such a polite brit23:21
tgBot<mariogrip> @ChloeWolfieGirl, why? Im such a nice guys and all23:23
tgBot<ChloeWolfieGirl> @UniversalSuperBox, Why thank you Dalton.23:26
tgBot<ChloeWolfieGirl> @mariogrip, Don't make me bite my thumb at you.23:27
tgBot<mariogrip> @ChloeWolfieGirl, Love you too :)23:28
tgBot<mariogrip> (Photo, 1280x725) https://irc.ubports.com/mAcd1Ktx/file_251.jpg UBports installer can now handle OEM lock :D23:45
tgBot<advocatux> @mariogrip, That looks great!23:49

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