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Unit193Howdy, mwhudson.21:14
mwhudsonso uh the artifacts from livefs builds expire really quickly?21:15
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Unit193mwhudson: ...After doing the favor of fixing, I suppose I shouldn't ask if you're going to forward the golang-github-jacobsa-crypto-dev fix to upstream should I?21:44
mwhudsonUnit193: the mistake was in the debian delta wasn't it?21:45
mwhudsonbut i suppose some delta against upstream is still required yeah21:45
mwhudsonUnit193: i can send it along if you don't want to for some reason...21:45
Unit193mwhudson: I don't know golang, nor have a GH account. :321:46
mwhudsonUnit193: heh ok21:46
Unit193Did file a Debian bug on the other package, no response yet.21:47
* mwhudson tries to understand how to invoke debian-cd21:51
Unit193mwhudson: I've missed what you're specifically trying to do?22:16
mwhudsonUnit193: turn https://launchpad.net/~canonical-foundations/+livefs/ubuntu/artful/test/+build/107525 into a bootable iso22:17
mwhudsonUnit193: it's for subiquity, building a live image with some custom installer bits22:17
Unit193mwhudson: Ah, sounds like fun.  subiquity could be interesting, perhaps.22:18

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