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lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:25
lotuspsychjenew dock, tweaked size and set to bottom with dconf: http://imgur.com/a/q7Yem06:15
BluesKajHiyas all08:53
ducassemorning BluesKaj, all well?08:54
BluesKaj'Morning ducasse. fine here, just some insomnia, but I'll nap later. How about you?08:55
ducassequiet morning, thunderstorm expected.08:57
BluesKajsupposed to be perfect BBQ weather here :-)09:01
ducasseyay, burgers for dinner? ;)09:04
BluesKajNY striploins09:10
ducassesounds good :)09:23
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oerheksObrienDave :-D19:55
ObrienDavesorry, just had too ;P19:56
oerheksThis story just went unbelievable..19:56
oerhekspoor tom19:56
oerheksworking on it for hours19:56
ObrienDavewell, have fun. I need to get ready for the eclipse19:57
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oerheksreally, this xenial xerus dude makes random sentences in multiple channels22:23
Bashing-omgetting close to "ignore" :(22:24
* oerheks warps Bashing-om a choco-icecream22:25
Bashing-omYummie ! Was in need of a lift-me-up :)22:27
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oerhekseclipse gallery RT http://spaceweathergallery.com/eclipse_gallery.html22:42
donofriook I'll ask here - anyone that cares about x and has time if you know how to fix this errors when I try startxfce4 - https://1drv.ms/f/s!AsBlZbBf72iNm7JmP8ZmaQiQ77NWfQ - it's 14.04  and wsl on w10 fwiw23:01

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