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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:54
brobostigonahoy hoy.08:57
GargoyleWhat is the correct way to restart gpg-agent? Seems to be spawned from "systemd --user" but I cant seem to identify a service unit name for it (service xyz restart, etc)10:39
penguin42bytemark really trying to get me to convert to BigV now; they added something to let you carry legacy IPs over12:09
diddledanAI is taking over - no driver on this bus: https://twitter.com/HackRead/status/89928838427073741215:14
zmoylan-pistand back, i'm in i.t.!!15:17
diddledanI know REGEX!15:18
zmoylan-pihow is reg? :-)15:18
zmoylan-piit was always thus15:19
ali1234if you have a USB LTE adapter, how do you read SMS from it?15:22
diddledanvia AT commands no doubt15:23
zmoylan-piquickly? :-P15:23
zmoylan-pinokia used to have a desktop app that could connect to your phone to do the deed, perhaps something similar exists for the device?15:25
ali1234there's a cdc-acm device so that is probably it15:26
ali12349600 baud, responds to AT commands15:27
zmoylan-pifingers crossed someone has documented all the at commands...15:28
ali1234okay i got a sms out of the modem18:31
ali1234but i had to disable network manager because it takes over the interface normally18:31
ali1234apparently i need to do this instead: https://mail.gnome.org/archives/networkmanager-list/2012-January/msg00007.html18:32
ali1234okay so this is all controlled by modemmanager and apparently indicator-messages should support it19:39
frank__how do I switch channel?21:45
zmoylan-pi /join #channel21:45
diddledanzmoylan-pi: you don't need to prefix with space. just double the /: //join21:49
diddledan/join <-- does that21:49
zmoylan-piwhat can i say, i'm lazy... :-)21:49
diddledanhitting the same key twice is surely more energy saving than hitting two distinct keys, though, no?21:50
zmoylan-piperhaps but my hand was resting on spacebar at the time...21:50
brobostigoni generally always have some of my left hand fingers around the ctrl/alt/fn/shift buttons, unless when i am typing, in which case my little finger on my left hand hovers over those keys, :)21:52
zmoylan-piit's not a proper release till you get it on a magazine cover :-)23:28

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