cmaloneyrick_h: Saw your drone footage. Very cool!14:33
cmaloneyDid you send a note to the FAA to let them know you were flying? (curious how that works)14:33
rick_hcmaloney: so I call a control tower when I'm at home.14:33
rick_hI'm in 5miles from Oakland airport14:33
cmaloneyAh, OK14:33
rick_hUp there on the lake there wasn't any aviation stuff to worry about14:34
cmaloneyAh, got it14:34
cmaloneyAny strange looks from folks? :)14:34
rick_hSo I've got a series of drone apps that map out airports, helipads, etc14:34
rick_hSo some other boats I passed waved but no. No one really did anything.14:34
rick_hI think it's off since it could be anywhere on the lake. They've got a > 3mi range14:35
rick_hSo not a lot of folks probably knew it was me sitting a long way away on a lawn chair14:35
cmaloneySurprised I didn't see more hovering around the family14:35
rick_hSo was my way to have some lake fun14:35
rick_hThe family was the folks on the jetski14:36
cmaloney(gives new meaning to helicopter parenting)14:36
rick_hHave a lot more footage but tried to cut something to music for the first time.14:36
rick_hLol @ helicopter parenting14:36
rick_hNot going to lie, lots of him on the kayak tracking how he did. First time he's taken it out on his own14:37
cmaloneyThat's awesome14:38
cmaloneyI can see the schoolyear now:14:38
rick_hYea he had fun14:38
cmaloney*whirrr* "I don't hear any cleaning in here, Michael; are you cleaning your room?" *whirr*14:38
jrwrenwow! out on his own in the kayak! how old is he now?15:42
rick_hjrwren: 717:21

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