kraigHello, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but I'll go ahead anyways. I'm having a bit of trouble with cloud-init on Debian 9.1 (DigitalOcean is my VPS provider). As part of my configuration file, I wish to install multiple packages. One of them requires that I add a new source and import a key from a keyserver. Naturally, cloud-init will create the list and attempt to import the key before attempting to install the pac01:19
kraigThe problem is that Debian 9.1 doesn't have dirmngr installed, which is required to import a key from a keyserver. The import will fail and all packages installation will fail.01:20
kraigIs there a way to make it install dirmngr before attempting to import a key?01:21
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thneeI added ssh_keys: with a rsa_private: and rsa_public:, yet there are no SSH keys in sight on the machine. Whats up with that?14:26
thneessh_authorized_keys on the other hand works well14:26
thneeoh wait, the keys end up in /etc/ssh/14:27
thneeso these are host keys, not user keys?14:30
thneeshould have been a lot clearer in documentation14:30

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