thumperbabbageclunk: hey there03:17
thumperbabbageclunk: can I get you to look at a PR for me?03:17
thumperbabbageclunk: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/782103:18
babbageclunkthumper: sure03:23
thumperbabbageclunk: thanks03:23
thumperbabbageclunk: I'm working on a followup to that one03:24
thumperthat builds on it03:24
wallyworldaxw: when you get time, would like a second opinion on the modelling for the firewall rules. i've tried to keep it all very simple at the core data model; layers on top can add complexity if needed https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/782303:35
axwwallyworld: ok, will look in a bit. feeling like crap, been sneezing nonstop all morning... going to go lie down after03:40
wallyworldaxw: that's no good, it can wait, go afk and rest03:40
thumperaxw: seconded, go rest03:41
babbageclunkthumper: approved - minor comment about a confusing variable name.03:44
thumperbabbageclunk: cool, thanks03:44
babbageclunkwallyworld: looking at yours now03:44
wallyworldyay, ty03:45
babbageclunkwallyworld: approved.04:00
wallyworldawesome, ty04:00
bdxgiving 2.3 edge a test run17:42
bdxis there some kind of endpoint config for my model17:42
bdxlets say the model from which machines are offering17:42
bdxor applications are offering17:42
bdxtake the use case of an application deployed to maas17:43
bdxon private networks17:43
bdxrelating to an application in a public cloud17:43
bdxI seem to remember this being discussed somewhere17:44
bdxanyone know about a model config that defines a public egress gateway or something?17:45
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wallyworldthumper: veebers: balloons: would you guys be free now for release call?20:56
wallyworldbdx: with the latest edge, you can do what you want. you offer the endpoint in the public cloud for example. if your maas is behind a NAT firewall and traffic originates from a given NAT address, you can either set a model config "egress-subnets" or when you relate to the offered endpoint in the public cloud, use "juju relate --via <subnet>". in each case, subnet is a CIDR, eg <nat address>/3221:00
veeberswallyworld: I could be in 5, balloons is off today.21:00
wallyworldok, that would be great21:01
bdxwallyworld: thats great! thx21:02
wallyworldbdx: the model config is global for all relations, the --via option is per relation21:02
wallyworldbdx: i have tested with mysql in aws, and i then deploy mediawiki to a lxd cloud on my laptop; similar to your set up with maas i think21:03
bdxI see, perfect .... yeah I think thats what was stopping my postgresql relations earlier21:03
bdxIll give it a whirl, thanks21:03
wallyworldbdx: ah psotgres - there will need to be some charm updates, it may not work out of the box just yet21:03
wallyworldit might work, but the postgres charm needs to update the hba.conf21:04
wallyworldand there's internal juu changes in progress to allow things to be modelled properly21:04
wallyworldi don't think the NAT scenario would work just yet21:05
wallyworldfor postgres anyway21:05
wallyworldit will all work real soon21:05
bdxnot sure if this is a corner case or not21:11
bdxso like in my datacenter, we have a direct route to our aws us-west-2 vpc21:12
bdxand vice versa21:12
bdxthe routing tables in aws point back to my private networks in the datacenter21:13
bdxmy datacenter (MAAS) nodes, and my aws instances dont have to traverse the WAN to talk21:13
bdxbecause they talk via a virtual private gateway, and have fiber straight to our racks at the datacenter21:16
bdxso for my controllers/models21:16
bdxI would want the services to talk over the VPG and not the wan21:17
bdxfor my on-prem <-> aws instance21:17
bdxwe also dont get charged for data that travels in and out of our racks at the datacenter to us-west-221:19
bdxI'm wondering if providing the '--via' for my internal nets will make juju do what I want it to do21:20
bdx(route via the VPG instead of externally)21:21
bdxbecause I've already got the routes21:22
bdxI guess this will turn into a matter of juju wanting to support the remote relation via the public endpoint eh?21:22
thumperwallyworld, veebers: oh, have you had the release call?21:35
thumperhere I am sitting all alone21:35
veebersthumper: heh yeah we met as wallyworld needed to pop out. You want to meet?21:40
thumperveebers: is there anything interesting to discuss?21:40
veebersthumper: not really, just we have 2 things being worked on, they should hopefully be done this week for release, otherwise we push out a little longer21:40
thumperveebers: I do have a question for you though21:41
thumperveebers: http://ci.jujucharms.com/job/github-merge-juju/216/21:41
thumperveebers: how do I find out what failed from this link?21:41
veeberslet em look now21:41
thumperhmm... [xenial] Error: retrieving gpg key timed out.21:42
veebersthumper: hit th e"open blue ocean" link on the side there, gives nice logging outpt21:42
veebersthumper: but yeah, looks like a hiccup there failed it :-\21:43
thumperwhat's blue ocean?21:43
thumperlooks pretty though21:43
veebersthumper: blue ocean is a UI layer for jenkins designed for the pipeline builds (a way of declaring builds in code etc.)21:45
veebersthumper: we use it for our merge and check-merge jobs, we where going to use it for the ci-run replacement, but have pivoted away from that21:46
* thumper nods21:47
babbageclunkthumper: ok - after that hump of cloud names the amazon migration fails because we use different machine tagging: juju-env-uuid vs juju-model-uuid.23:24
babbageclunkthumper: this doesn't happen on maas23:24
babbageclunkthumper: since we use the agent-name value from maas.23:25
babbageclunkthumper: do you know how we do it in openstack?23:25
babbageclunkI'll have a dig.23:25
babbageclunkthumper: hmm, looks like it'll be a problem there too.23:28
babbageclunkthumper: is canonistack on openstack?23:30
babbageclunkok - working on sorting that out now23:31

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