GlamdeskOkay. I'm confused. I'm almost entirely certain I'm running lubuntu 16.04, but (I'm trying to use Xephyr to do something with Wine that has been notoriously difficult to do any other way for a decade or more) when I try to use startlxde, it says, The program 'startlxde' is currently not installed.01:41
GlamdeskIsn't lubuntu using lxde?01:41
sliptteesHi guys13:25
sliptteesWhere call script in local user after logout?13:26
sliptteesrun script in logout session13:28
sliptteesfor current user13:29
demophobiaPlease revise the help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/InstallingLubuntu page as it is apparently 4 years old14:22
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demophobiaHow do I get wireless internet working in lubuntu?18:59
demophobiaI have a Dell D620 using Lubuntu LTS (i think 16)18:59
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