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tgBot<blendergeek0> The pure floss version of telegram on F-Droid does not rely on Google servers. Could we do something like that?00:43
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @blendergeek0, It also uses more battery. I think it always keeps a websocket open.00:49
tgBot<blendergeek0> Well, its better than nothing. If anything we should change UBports to let telegram work in whatever way we can make it work.01:03
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> It'll always work, albeit without notifications01:25
tgBot<blendergeek0> @UniversalSuperBox, Thats good to know and maybe we can set up notifications like in the FLOSS android version later or something. I don't know.02:07
tgBot<kz6fittycent> @UniversalSuperBox is this guide still legit? I am getting some errors... … https://wiki.ubports.com/wiki/Porting-devices/6f9e2f203:10
tgBot<kz6fittycent> Get https://github.com/ubports/android …   % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current …                                  Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed …   0     0    0     0    0     0      0      0 —:--:— —:--:— —:--:—     0 … curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found … Server does not provide clone.bundle; ignoring. … fatal: Couldn't find remote ref refs/03:11
tgBotCouldn't find remote ref refs/heads/ubp-5.1.1 … fatal: cannot obtain manifest https://github.com/ubports/android03:11
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @kz6fittycent, Remove the trailing .103:14
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> 5.1 not 5.1.103:14
tgBot<kz6fittycent> ah okay, I copied and pasted...03:14
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> I don't know how I got that wrong03:14
tgBot<kz6fittycent> @UniversalSuperBox okay, I might be misunderstanding the guide, but once I've done repo init and moved on to . build/envsetup.sh I get the error that the directory doesn't exist. I have tried it from home, from ~/phablet and from ~/bin and I get the same error.  … Did I need to run the phablet-dev-tool PRIOR to the ubports instructions?03:20
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Wait... You already finished syncing?03:28
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Also, I'd recommend you use the Halium guide rather than ours03:28
tgBot<kz6fittycent> dude it didn't sync...03:29
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> http://docs.halium.org/en/latest/porting/index.html03:29
tgBot<kz6fittycent> I'll got to Halium's guide03:29
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Oh... If it didn't sync then you would indeed have no files03:29
tgBot<kz6fittycent> lol03:30
tgBot<kz6fittycent> tis true03:30
tgBot<kz6fittycent> .repo was there, but that was it!03:30
tgBot<kz6fittycent> The only problem I have with halium's docs is that there is a disconnect (for me) for porting to UTouch...like it's impossible for someone like me to make that "leap" and assume tons of steps when I have no idea which one's to make; does that make sense?03:31
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Yeah, I have a phone on my desk for the purpose of making that better03:32
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> I wrote the docs in the wiki, not the Halium ones. :P03:32
tgBot<kz6fittycent> so, syncing failed with halium too. UGH!03:33
tgBot<kz6fittycent> never mind! missed a command...03:33
tgBot<kz6fittycent> THAT one was on me!03:33
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> I'd love to stay and try to help more tonight... But I'm about to drop my phone on my face and fall asleep. Night!03:45
tgBot<kz6fittycent> No worries. Night night03:57
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tgBotsavetier was added by: savetier08:01
tgBot<Jakob> Welcome Andre!08:03
tgBot<bastos777> I think I am on RC channel but did not get ota2. Is this OK?08:06
tgBot<Flohack> No idea if it really happened during last day or we some difficulties, I have no info until now ;)08:06
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tgBotsonu was added by: sonu10:13
tgBot<sonu> Hi, I am interested in working on OS Development.10:19
tgBot<shinyhairsmylifeambition> @sonu, \o/10:20
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tgBot<Flohack> @sonu, Good whats your experience so far?10:41
tgBot<sonu> I am a newbie, I have written a simple bootloader for PI and a simple driver which will display some characters in the screen. Professionally I work as a software developer.10:44
tgBot<Flohack> Ok which profession? ;)10:45
tgBot<sonu> Software Developer,  … https://www.linkedin.com/in/vivek-tripathi-9aa2574810:53
tgBot<Flohack> Oh nice10:58
tgBot<Flohack> You got banking experience ;)10:58
tgBot<sonu> Yes but that's not where my interest lies.11:00
tgBot<sonu> Banking is where I got placed after college.11:02
tgBot<sonu> But I have always been interested in OS and low level programming.11:04
tgBot<Flohack> cool11:05
tgBot<Flohack> what phone do you own11:05
tgBot<sonu> Nexus 6p11:06
tgBot<Flohack> Uh ok11:20
tgBot<Flohack> That is no device where we got an active port for. Probably would be best you have a phone where Ubuntu Touch works already. This will make it easier for you to test11:21
tgBot<Sconio> hi11:21
tgBot<sonu> Okay11:23
tgBot<Sconio> what are the tools needed to develop and test applications on ubports 15.0411:23
tgBot<Sconio> I tested unit but I have too much bug11:26
tgBot<Sconio> *yunit11:27
tgBot<sonu> Is there a plan to work on a port for nexus 6p11:27
tgBot<Flohack> Hmm Canonicals SDK is working only partially, and we got nothing better than this or a simple text editor. I currently use even Eclipse for debugging ;)11:27
tgBot<Sconio> ok tk11:28
tgBot<DanChapman> QtCreator from upstream (not the ubuntu-sdk-ide) works well for testing and debugging on desktop. Just setup a kit to use the system libraries. You can also add custom commands if you want it to output a click. I haven't figured out a way to install and run an app on the phone yet so that's still a manual process.11:32
tgBot<DanChapman> But clickable kinda solves that anyway11:32
tgBot<Sconio> yes maybe but how?11:33
tgBot<DanChapman> but how what?11:34
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @sonu, With enough test devices and time, anything is possible. … But at the moment, no11:44
tgBot<prpleXist> Hi Guys BQ E5 hd no longer chrging is anyone else having the same problem?12:20
tgBot<cibersheep> @prpleXist, I had that once, log time ago. … I think I  just let it run out of batery and charge it after some hours12:24
tgBot<prpleXist> ta12:24
tgBot<hwpplayer1> I need an Ubuntu phone , is it the best way to buy from our community12:25
tgBot<DanChapman> I also recall something similar on the ubuntu-phone mailing list where they were advised to let it completely drain and then do a full charge.12:25
tgBot<Flohack> @hwpplayer1, Hmm we dont sell phones ;)12:26
tgBot<DanChapman> @hwpplayer1, ebay is your friend 😊12:26
tgBot<hwpplayer1> Community is a better source for me12:27
tgBot<hwpplayer1> Anyone uses Ubuntu sDK12:28
tgBot<cibersheep> @hwpplayer1, Yes, with some pain and confusion but happily12:30
tgBot<hwpplayer1> How it goes ? What are the issues ?12:31
tgBot<cibersheep> That I have no idea what I'm doing :D … Sometimes I don't know how to configure correctly the projects to run on desktop or on the device12:33
tgBot<hwpplayer1> Who is responsible for sDK12:33
tgBot<cibersheep> You have some info here: https://mimecar.gitbooks.io/ubuntu-touch-programming-course/content/12:34
tgBot<hwpplayer1> I heard that website12:34
tgBot<cibersheep> I think that clickable is the future: https://forums.ubports.com/topic/236/guide-set-up-a-clickable-working-environment-inside-a-lxc-contiainer/212:35
tgBot<cibersheep> @hwpplayer1, No maintainers at the moment12:36
tgBot<hwpplayer1> @cibersheep, Yes then ?12:39
tgBot<hwpplayer1> What should i do next ?12:41
tgBot<Flohack> @hwpplayer1, Find out whats broken, find all the sources for it and start fixing it ;)12:54
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tgBot<cibersheep> @Flohack, And believe we will love you12:55
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tgBot<cibersheep> A good place to start: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-sdk-ide12:58
tgBot<hwpplayer1> I will talk with Canonical12:59
tgBot<Flohack> @hwpplayer1, I dont know if this will be successful tbh ;)13:00
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @Flohack, I think it would. Gracefully offloading projects is part of the Code of Conduct13:29
tgBot<Flohack> Lets see...13:29
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> When all else fails, Popey is in this group. :P13:30
tgBot<fmolinero> How many of you will go to Ubuntu Paris?13:31
tgBot<popeydc> o/13:31
tgBot<popeydc> @UniversalSuperBox, sup?13:31
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @popeydc, Nothing yet, I don't think. Maybe some SDK questions from Mert later.13:31
tgBot<popeydc> k13:31
tgBot<Flohack> @popeydc, If you have the power you could  give me a lead to the former BQ and Telegram persons who were involved in the cooperation with Canonical, this would be helpful 😆13:33
tgBot<popeydc> Hm.13:33
tgBot<harishsays> https://betanews.com/2017/09/03/android-oreo-linux-kernel/13:35
tgBot<Flohack> @popeydc, I am trying to push all buttons I can. Ah Meizu also would be nice ,)13:37
tgBot<popeydc> I don't know who those people are, and the people on our side have all left the company.13:37
tgBot<Flohack> Actually Tiago is trying to get hold of BQ13:38
tgBot<Flohack> Well yes, thats clear, but some people of the upper management still must know this, needs to be documented somewhere. If necessary ask Mark ;)13:38
tgBot<popeydc> Not sure if we ever had a good contact for Telegram13:38
tgBot<popeydc> @Flohack, hah, that's quite an assumption13:38
tgBot<Flohack> I am a believer :)13:39
tgBot<popeydc> I'm told Michael Zanetti explained this to you previously?13:49
tgBot<popeydc> It seems @izhukov orginally added push for Ubuntu. So he's probably the best place to start.13:53
tgBot<hwpplayer1> For what ?13:55
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @hwpplayer1, Telegram13:55
tgBot<hwpplayer1> Okay13:55
tgBot<popeydc> I don't have a contact for bq, what's the goal?13:56
tgBot<hwpplayer1> @UniversalSuperBox, I will call Canonical again i couldn't reach to the person 246814:07
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Call?14:08
tgBot<Flohack> Good old telephone ;)14:13
tgBot<hwpplayer1> Yes i did but i couldnt reach is there another way ?14:13
tgBot<Flohack> @popeydc, The goal is to get all device trees etc what we need to have easier life with those devices14:13
tgBot<Lorxu> <Insert joke about Canonical being unreachable because of bugs in their old UT images here>14:13
tgBot<Flohack> @popeydc, If he did I forgot ;)14:13
tgBot<popeydc> @hwpplayer1, Who do you think person 2468 is?14:14
tgBot<Flohack> @popeydc, And he responded instantly 😎14:16
tgBot<hwpplayer1> @popeydc, The switchboard staff member transferred there to me14:19
tgBot<popeydc> who are you wanting to speak to?14:20
tgBot<hwpplayer1> I said i want to talk about the maintanence of Ubuntu Software Development Kit14:20
tgBot<popeydc> Ok.14:21
tgBot<popeydc> I may be able to help here.14:21
tgBot<popeydc> But everyone who worked on that (pretty much) has left the company14:21
tgBot<popeydc> (do you see this pattern? )14:21
tgBot<popeydc> none of the sdk team worked in London14:21
tgBot<kz6fittycent> It's not a good one.14:21
tgBot<kz6fittycent> As in a bummer14:22
tgBot<hwpplayer1> I wrote a private message to you @popeydc14:22
tgBot<kz6fittycent> Anyone feel like giving me a hand, because I'm a noob, in porting itch to the nexus grouper? … Don't laugh, I'm new to this and its the only device I have to learn on.14:26
tgBot<kz6fittycent> Anyone feel like giving me a hand in porting uTouch to the Nexus 7 grouper? I'm a noob so your patience is required. … @UniversalSuperBox has been able to help me get started but I don't want to wear any one person out.14:28
tgBot<popeydc> @hwpplayer1 https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit is where the UI toolkit is14:29
tgBot<popeydc> I don't kow if it's already been forked14:29
tgBot<popeydc> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team shows what else there is14:30
tgBot<popeydc> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/+related-projects14:30
tgBot<hwpplayer1> Okay i will check it as soon as possible14:30
tgBot<DanChapman> @popeydc, afaik yunit have forked it14:30
tgBot<popeydc> https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-sdk-ide for example14:30
tgBot<popeydc> ok14:30
tgBot<popeydc> if they've forked it and are working on it, you're better off talking to yunit than trying to phone random numbers in the canonical office :)14:30
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tgBot<hwpplayer1> It was funny14:32
tgBot<Flohack> @popeydc, BTW I think yunit has not much benefits of maintaining this for phones, so we should put this on better grounds. The core UBports team has no capacities atm, but we would love to see an independent bunch of people work on that14:33
tgBot<Flohack> @hwpplayer1, 🤣14:33
tgBot<hwpplayer1> I should write an article14:33
tgBot<popeydc> Ok. While I'm here, anything else I can help with?14:34
tgBot<hwpplayer1> When we can make a hangouts meeting all together14:35
tgBot<hwpplayer1> Not just this group all Ubuntu guys and who forked it14:35
tgBot<hwpplayer1> I filled a partnership form hope they will call me or send e-mail14:37
tgBot<Flohack> @blendergeek0, I got "oral" confirmation by Telegram that they can help us with the push thingie ;)15:06
tgBot<Flohack> thx @popeydc this lead is worth gold ;)15:07
tgBot<Sconio> nice !15:11
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tgBot<Flohack> I got now this: https://core.telegram.org/tdlib15:25
tgBot<Flohack> We need more Russians 😆15:25
tgBot<popeydc> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/6xzERjTs/file_363.webp15:25
tgBot<bastos777> @Flohack, @vanyasem is Russian AFAIK...15:50
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tgBot<Stefan Kalb> @fmolinero, o/16:12
tgBot<gdane> @Flohack, I am Russian16:29
tgBot<dendybus> OMG... I'm Russian too16:41
tgBot<gdane> and fan of opensource16:44
tgBot<vanyasem> @bastos777, Угу, я русский16:47
tgBot<vanyasem> @Flohack, do you need a translation?16:56
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tgBot<Flohack> Well not a full translation, but an idea what you think17:47
tgBot<Flohack> The thingie should replace our bottom lib to make things easier17:47
tgBot<Flohack> We dont need the Java bindings, only the C++ part17:47
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tgBot<Flohack> My McKraft18:52
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tgBot<icethecold> @wayneoutthere, I guess fill me in on where we want to go. Sorry for replying to like a week old message, I need to frequent this a bit more.20:39
tgBot<icethecold> I'd really like to try to separate the os, android container, and ui. But I've been struggling to get past the current build system which uses the cyanogenmod(lineageos) build, which takes up atrocious amount of space and is quite convoluted.20:41
tgBot<icethecold> I was told @Flohack might be able to help with this a bit20:42
tgBot<Flohack> @icethecold, Im not an expert on building20:56
tgBot<Flohack> There are far better ppl. And go to the Halium chat ;)20:56
tgBot<Flohack> there the real porting takes place20:56
tgBot<icethecold> Ah OK cool. Link for halium chat? Or just google? Halium is libhybris yeah?20:58
tgBot<Flohack> telegram group20:59
tgBot<Flohack> No Halium is not libhybris otherwise it would be called libhybris and not halium ^^21:00
tgBot<Flohack> https://halium.org/21:00
tgBot<GranPC> halium includes libhybris and sorta wraps around it at a higher level21:00
tgBot<GranPC> they're closely related and it's probs the best telegram group to discuss hybris issues21:00
tgBot<icethecold> Ah it just uses libhybris, got it. Thanks 😊21:00
tgBot<GranPC> (unless there's a hybrid group..)21:00
tgBot<Flohack> @icethecold, https://t.me/halium21:00
tgBot<Flohack> @GranPC, Thats too far from what we need. We dont want to be upstream, just want to use libhybris. But if we got THAT way we will never finish a port ^^21:01
ubports_botProject daily-bacon build #259: SUCCESS in 11 min: http://ci.ubports.com/job/daily-bacon/259/21:02
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tgBot<icethecold> Is halium a fork off of ubports specifically for an effort to separate OS from UI? If so, is there a parallel effort to make Ubuntu touch run on any Linux distro?21:15
tgBot<kz6fittycent> I hate it when I'm a Johnny come lately to a show...I feel like I'm playing catchup in porting UTouch to an old device that was actually used at one point by Canonical for testing...21:20
tgBot<icethecold> What device are you using?21:22
tgBot<kz6fittycent> Grouper21:22
tgBot<kz6fittycent> Nexus 7 (2012)21:23
tgBot<icethecold> Yeah, I think you are right. I believe n7 was one of the most supported devices in it's time.21:23
tgBot<kz6fittycent> I know it had some issues THEN and that's why it was dropped in lieu of phones and the n7 2013 (flo) but it's frustrating when all the pieces WOULD be there and I COULD do this if it weren't for my learning curve....21:24
tgBot<kz6fittycent> and TIMING21:24
tgBot<kz6fittycent> However, I figure that if I can get this old device running, then I can get a newer device running at some point, too. Given the time and patience.21:25
tgBot<icethecold> The nexus 5 seems like a solid device, I picked one up for ~$100 USD at a second hand shop. I figured it wasn't worth the time on my older hardware with weak dev communities21:26
tgBot<kz6fittycent> Well, my money's tied up in raising a family so this hobby has to stay on the low-buck side for now. I own the 5x and once I'm ready to replace it, I'd really like to give that a shot.  … The plasma-mobile guys have it running "solid" according to their site.  … They're using Halium as a base, too. So, I am hoping that the port for UTouch won't be "as difficult" now that they've done some of the work. Though, I'm learning that mentality isn't21:30
tgBotaccurate way of thinking of this process!21:30
tgBot<icethecold> Nice21:32
tgBot<kz6fittycent> @UniversalSuperBox <when you get this message> I have an idea. Is there a way to update the manifests in the OLD phablet tools from Canonical to pull from the Lineage/Halium repos instead of the defaults? If so, do you know which manifest I "should" be looking at?21:38
tgBot<kz6fittycent> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/GvWTTJpw/file_364.mp421:47
tgBot<kz6fittycent> Well, I just learned how to do a direct check out. I added the Lineage 14 repo. I am not sure that was the right thing to do, but here we go!21:47
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @kz6fittycent, Our goal is generally to go more upstream rather than fork harder. phablet-tools might have been nice, but I've never used them other than to get ubuntu-device-flash.21:55
tgBot<kz6fittycent> @UniversalSuperBox, I am such a dullard when it comes to trying to figure out new stuff! If/when this method fails to get the Grouper to flash, I'll start on Halium. My problem is that I have NO idea how to bridge the code gap to then take that source and port over to UTouch. That's the problem with being old and having a learning curve the size of Everest...21:59
tgBot<kz6fittycent> It's like my old friend said when training for boxing, "You gotta start somewhere..."21:59
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Honestly, I don't think putting the manifests into phablet-tools would help much. It saves a step, but a small one in the scheme of things.22:00
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Where are you hung up right now?22:00
tgBot<kz6fittycent> I am syncing with the Lineage Git repo in hopes that I can get what I need out of that (updated firmwares, kernels, etc)22:01
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Hmm... Normally we'd start with the Halium bones and add in the parts of Lineage.22:02
tgBot<kz6fittycent> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/AndroidDevel22:02
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> mmmmmmmmmmm... the Ubuntu wiki pages won't help much22:02
tgBot<kz6fittycent> @UniversalSuperBox, Yes, and I DID make that attempt but I have NO idea what to do afterward. I can't find anything that REALLY spells it out for a newb...like "This is a keyboard, this is a mouse. They don't fit in your pocket but work well in your house..."22:03
tgBot<icethecold> I'm currently still reading up on halium...but is there a "getting started with halium" somewhere?22:04
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @icethecold, I can't give you anything except... Soon(tm)?22:04
tgBot<icethecold> Ha! I can appreciate that.22:04
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> I mean, I want to write all that. But I also have a Java and .NET (blech) class and a coupla jobs22:04
tgBot<icethecold> There are other projects using hali right now for building?22:04
tgBot<kz6fittycent> @icethecold, Here's what I've found. If you're JUST getting started there's SO much that's assumed in the world of development. Much of that assumption is based (perhaps) that you have a degree in CS or something.22:05
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Yes, in fact. There's a whole Halium group.22:05
tgBot<icethecold> Joined that😁22:05
tgBot<kz6fittycent> ...and I'm NOT going back to college!22:05
tgBot<icethecold> Yeah, I've done kernel dev on Linux and freebsd in the past. Also have a BS degree in CS 😉22:06
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @icethecold, So, we've got Plasma Mobile, Nemo Mobile, LuneOS, AsteroidOS, and some others.22:06
tgBot<icethecold> I just can't stand all the wrappers that were created around android dev22:06
tgBot<icethecold> @UniversalSuperBox, Cool, I'll check those out to see what I can grok. Thanks!22:07
tgBot<kz6fittycent> @icethecold, It'd be nice if we could follow the Solus track, start completely from scratch with JUST the kernel and build from there. Fresh and new/pure.22:07
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> But then we'd lose Android hardware compatibility22:07
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> I mean, we'd all love a world where Halium isn't needed. But our world is one where Android Inc. created Bionic.22:08
tgBot<kz6fittycent> @UniversalSuperBox, Right. I remember reading some of the problems you guys were addressing in here. The problem being that the hardware within a phone is nothing like that of a PC.22:09
tgBot<kz6fittycent> @UniversalSuperBox, I totally understand. I was stating the idea; just dreaming really.22:09
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @kz6fittycent, That's part of it, but it's moreso due to Bionic vs GCC22:10
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> ARM isn't too hard if the drivers are in the kernel tree... and use gcc22:10
tgBot<kz6fittycent> @UniversalSuperBox, but they don't do they...22:10
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> But as it is, we lost on both counts22:10
tgBot<kz6fittycent> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/Zg71yulx/file_365.mp422:11
tgBot<Flohack> @icethecold, Read this: https://docs.halium.org/en/latest/porting/index.html22:11
tgBot<icethecold> I think the problem is that the kernel and initramfs stuff is easy for a lot of people to get up to speed on, the android kernel and libhybris is new, so if there was a tutorial of getting going starting with a kernel and initramfs, more devs would understand.... Right now everything is wrapped up to make things "easy"22:12
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> He's already gotten there. ;)22:12
tgBot<icethecold> So many things to read tonight 👍22:12
tgBot<Flohack> @UniversalSuperBox, This should be enough for the first week or 2 ^^22:13
tgBot<kz6fittycent> so many things to read the rest of my friggin life!22:13
tgBot<Flohack> @kz6fittycent, Well actually the drivers are in the kernel tree, at least most parts, but not the user space blobs that control them and interface to bionic ;) - they are 99% closed source, and we can only talk with them through the bionic lib. Or, through libhybris and then the normal glibc stuff22:14
tgBot<kz6fittycent> That's not ideal...22:15
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> it's all kinda confusing when even those who have been here for a year don't have the whole story22:15
tgBot<kz6fittycent> yeah I totally understand and it's frustrating for everyone involved22:15
tgBot<Flohack> good night from europe ;)22:16
tgBot<kz6fittycent> nighty-night!22:16
tgBot<icethecold> Good night! Thanks for the help!22:16
tgBot<kz6fittycent> Yeah, thank you all for your help!22:18

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