__martin__greetings again; can someone share a tip on why the "Display Settings" might ignore all the prefs except switching "Night Light" mode? It does nothing at stock Artful with propr. nvidia driver && tested at fresh Budgie+1 with just nouveau as well09:19
__martin__cannot swap primary/sec. screen nor turn either of them off09:19
__martin__thank you for any hints in advance09:20
__martin__[tried to search here and there; found just this https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/389785/dual-monitor-confusion-in-ubuntu-gnome-17-10]09:22
graingerthow do I get the transparent top bar?09:24
bottleofwaterHello everyone. I was wondering if anyone knows what 'acpi_video_register' is in the kernel? When opening any graphical application, that function is using the CPU 100% for several seconds before the application opens. I am not sure how to find the cause of that.10:38
bottleofwaterIt could be the kernel, nvidia, GNOME, Xorg..?10:39
Guest1899One question: I'm trying 17.10 (Xubuntu) and noticed that Firefox is at 50.0 (It's at 54 in stable, e.g. 16.10). How come?16:58
flocculantGuest1899: yea - that's known - this sums it up https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2017-September/039962.html17:08
flocculantgrab it from -proposed17:09
Guest1899Thanks, that clears it up!17:09
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