RAOFWhat's the shiny new way to get gpg-agent handling ssh-agent duties and disabling gnome-keyring's ssh-agent?04:17
jbichaRAOF: the second part, disabling gnome-keyring's ssh handling should be as simple as unchecking it in gnome-sesion-properties04:34
jbichabut it looks like gnome-session-properties doesn't know how to handle our "ubuntu:GNOME" session, it sees OnlyShowIn-GNOME … etc and doesn't show since it's not exactly GNOME04:35
jbichagnome-session-properties is unique to Ubuntu; upstream dropped it years ago04:36
didrocksgood morning05:32
jibelsalut didrocks05:38
didrocksbon week-end jibel ?05:38
jibeldidrocks, ça a été et toi?05:38
didrocksoui oui, très bien :)05:39
dufluGood morning Europe06:20
dufluWelcome to Eurovision06:20
dufluI mean, Monday06:20
didrockshey duflu06:21
dufluHey didrocks... that font issue is very hard to see. But I made a screenshot in the end06:21
dufludidrocks, run 'weston-info' and it reports 'subpixel_orientation: unknown', which is the same problem we had in Mir06:23
dufluHence it will default to greyscale06:23
dufluThe 'unknown' is coming from libdrm, which is coming from the kernel06:25
seb128good morning desktopers06:25
dufluHi seb12806:25
seb128hey duflu, how are you? had a good w.e?06:25
dufluYeah going OK. Weekend was too short to keep up with life in general. You?06:26
didrocksduflu: with the new theme (coming today), you will see it way more easily06:27
dufluI think06:28
dufludidrocks, does weston-info report unknown for you too?06:28
dufluseb128, Yeah going OK. Weekend was too short to keep up with life in general. You?06:28
seb128w.e was good, nice weather, managed to catch up on sleep and relax06:28
didrocksduflu: indeed, it does06:32
didrocksbut only for my external monitor06:32
didrockswhich doesn't display the panel06:32
dufludidrocks, yeah I suspect the font rendering code is identical between X and Wayland. Only the parameters (known subpixel order etc) are different06:32
didrocksthe one displaying the panel has:06:32
didrocks        subpixel_orientation: horizontal rgb, output_transform: normal,06:32
dufludidrocks, same - I have external monitors only here06:33
dufluI suspect either Xorg guesses HRGB, or the Xorg drivers are more capable at retrieving the subpixel order (from EDID?), or the Xorg drivers also just guess06:37
dufluGuessing HRGB would usually be correct06:38
flexiondotorgMorning duflu didrocks seb12806:43
dufluHi flexiondotorg06:45
seb128hey flexiondotorg06:47
Tribaalhi all! Looks like I lost my gnome session login capability this morning (libmutter segfaults, AFAICT). Is that a known issue? How can I help?07:52
Tribaaldmesg has https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/25463848/07:53
Tribaaland syslog doesn't help much more (https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/25463865/). I'm on 17.10, up-to-date as of this morning07:56
didrocksTribaal: yeah, known issue, it's fixed in mutter master. jbicha will either do an update with .92 or a snapshot IIRC07:57
Tribaaldidrocks: ok, thanks a lot. Then I guess I'll work on i3 this morning :p07:57
didrockshey Laney08:04
didrockshow was your week-end?08:04
Laneyhey didrocks!!!!08:08
Laneyit was most enjoyable08:08
Laneywent swimming in the river on saturday, and then yesterday an architecture tour by bike followed by climbing08:09
didrockssounds nice! We just went from some walks, which were nice :)08:13
seb128hey Laney08:22
seb128didrocks, Tribaal, jbicha did that snapshot this w.e but if you get a new segfault today maybe it's a regression in the snapshot?08:22
seb128Tribaal, what version of the lib do you have?08:22
Tribaalseb128: 3.25.91+20170902~ce515c5-1ubuntu1 (https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/25463935/)08:24
seb128so yeah it's the snapshot08:24
seb128Tribaal, would be useful to report the bug using apport if you have a report in /var/crash08:25
pittibonjour tout le monde ! /me retourne au travail après 3 semaines de vacances :)08:26
seb128salut pitti, comment ça va ? tu as passé de bonnes vacances ?08:27
pittiseb128: oui, merci, c'était très bien !08:29
Tribaalseb128: no report in /var/crash :/08:29
* Tribaal tries to re-login08:30
didrocksseb128: are you sure it was a snapshot? I skimmed over the changelog quickly and didn't find a ref to it08:30
didrocksbut didn't check the git hash08:30
didrockshey pitti! Sounds like your trip was really nice :)08:30
pittididrocks: indeed it was; we've seen a loooot, it was quite intense; I'm glad I wrote a diary and sorted/tagged the photos right away every day :)08:31
seb128didrocks, changelog has "  * New upstream git snapshot (LP: #1714330)"08:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 1714330 in mutter (Ubuntu) "gnome-shell crashed with SIGSEGV in on_crtc_flipped() from g_closure_invoke() from invoke_flip_closure() from page_flip_handler() from drmHandleEvent()" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/171433008:32
Tribaalseb128: yeah, nothing in /var/crash08:33
didrocksseb128: ah, I was expecting to see an explicit line about it :)08:33
didrockspitti: yeah, doesn't seems something you want to tackle post-holidays :)08:33
seb128didrocks, it's one, but it's not in the top changelog entry since he did the snapshot to debian and then remerged/uploaded to ubuntu on top08:34
Laneyhey seb12808:35
Laneywhat's up08:35
seb128it's monday!08:35
seb128grey monday after a sunny w.e08:35
Laneyyou should be a poet08:36
seb128pitti, I just looked at your photos, seems like a fun trip you had :-)08:37
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seb128Trevinho, hey09:08
seb128suspend on lid close is so annoying09:16
seb128and hexchat reconnecting after resume is as well09:16
seb128Laney, you might know that, what helper script do we use for missing codecs install? (or what binary is needed for that to work)09:20
Laneygstreamer-codec-install (gstreamer1.0-packagekit)09:22
seb128Laney, thanks, the reporter from bug #1711067 seems to have it missing09:23
ubot5bug 1711067 in gstreamer1.0 (Ubuntu) "totem is unable to play .mp4. and some .avi, works fine with .webm. Same videos are played successfully by VLC" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/171106709:23
Laneythat should be seeded09:23
Laneymaybe I forgot to do it09:23
seb128it's not in the manifest09:24
Laneyok, let me add it09:24
Laneyit'll need promoting please09:24
seb128Laney, promoted09:25
dufluseb128, BTW totem/gstreamer's container support is poor even when it is installed. I strongly recommend native mpv instead, or native ffmpeg players like mplayer, vlc etc09:25
seb128duflu, what do you mean "container"?09:26
dufluseb128, those file extensions09:26
seb128gstreamer should handle those no?09:26
dufluseb128, should yes, but it's very buggy09:26
duflubest to use ffmpeg-based apps instead09:26
seb128well we can't default to ffmpeg bases player for codec/patent reasons09:27
dufluI know09:27
dufluI know so well :/09:27
seb128so it's still worth trying to make the totem experience as good as we can09:27
seb128but yeah thanks for pointing out that other players do a better job :-)09:27
dufluseb128, yeah I am. But wonder how many more weeks I should devote to totem09:27
seb128what else would you work on if you stopped focussing on totem?09:28
dufluseb128, medium term I would look into libinput09:29
seb128duflu, what totem issues do you work on atm? the clutter refreshing the UI elements when it shouldn't?09:30
dufluseb128, yeah just that at the moment, but other apps like gnome-apps benefit from the same fixes. I'll write it up in the report tomorrow09:30
duflulike gnome-maps09:30
seb128yeah, I saw that09:31
seb128well anyway feel free to move to improve libinput if you think it would be more beneficial overall09:31
seb128totem seems to be in a good enough shape after all the work you put this cycle09:31
dufluseb128, interestingly it seems clutter-gtk is better at embeded GL than the GTK GL widget09:31
seb128they are fixing things for gtk409:32
dufluNewer isn't always better. The issue I'm working on now is actually a regression introduced in 200909:33
dufluJust nobody noticed for a while09:33
seb128right, I saw the bug comments09:33
seb128we did stay away from clutter in Ubuntu default install for a while09:34
dufluseb128, anyway, I hope to come up with multiple apps improved and new knowledge to fix more apps/shell in future09:34
seb128but yeah, shame that nobody noticed at the time it was added09:34
dufluThe learning is valuable09:34
seb128that's the right spirit :-)09:34
dufluseb128, in _theory_ totem could get the same file support as ffmpeg if we omitted all software plugins other than gstreamer-libav. That should replace them all with ffmpeg09:38
seb128andyrock, hey, I think bug #1714489 is for you09:39
ubot5bug 1714489 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "Can't translate singular" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/171448909:39
Laneyis it intentional that you can't disable the default-enabled extensions?09:40
dufluseb128, if Marco comes on later, or someone else, it's worth noting there's still a lingering regression from the Gnome 3.25 update: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/171429509:40
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1714295 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "HiDPI scaling broken in Gnome 3.25" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:40
andyrockseb128: I'll take a look09:40
seb128andyrock, thanks09:41
seb128duflu, jbicha knows about the issue I think09:41
dufluCool. But of course he does09:41
andyrockseb128: sorry about that. I actually read somewhere in the gettext docs that this was allowed09:44
andyrockmaybe it's allowed on the python-side but not on lp09:44
seb128could be09:45
andyrockseb128: https://code.launchpad.net/~azzar1/update-manager/fix-1714489/+merge/33015009:52
seb128andyrock, it might be worth reporting a bug against launchpad still09:53
andyrocklet me check if update-notifier presents the same problem09:54
andyrockmmm nope09:55
andyrockseb128: I'm wondering if this one is going to create the same problem09:56
andyrockbetter ask #ubuntu-translators09:57
seb128andyrock, or #launchpad10:00
dufluseb128, I missed that part of history - what was wrong with clutter in the past?10:00
dufluJust performance?10:00
seb128yeah, it was buggy and not performant for a long time10:01
dufluWell, I'm not seeing proof that's totally resolved but will get to the bottom of it :)10:01
seb128andyrock, in that case you don't have a number though so the syntax seems to make sense to me10:02
dufluInteresting they use frame clocks similar to my final work on Mir10:03
andyrockseb128: mmm not sure lp/gettext is smart enough to parse the string and realize if there is a number or not10:04
seb128andyrock, well ngettext should have singular/plural strings10:09
seb128It is also possible to use this function when the strings don’t contain a cardinal number:10:10
seb128puts (ngettext ("Delete the selected file?",10:10
seb128                "Delete the selected files?",10:10
seb128                n));10:10
seb128In this case the number n is only used to choose the plural form. "10:10
seb128but yeah unsure if you can use the argument for only one of the two variants10:10
andyrockbefore merging the suggested fix let me experiment a little bit10:11
andyrockseb128:  also becuase the fix is wrong10:14
seb128did that maintenance on the mailing lists made @-desktop get the moderation emails sent to the list?10:25
dufluOK, dinner time. If someone could push bug 1709166 along that would be great :)10:25
ubot5bug 1709166 in ubuntu-restricted-addons (Ubuntu) "Refresh Restricted Addons" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/170916610:25
seb128duflu, enjoy10:26
seb128I'm going to try to have a look to that one10:26
seb128I was sort of hopping somebody else would do some sponsoring but that doesn't seem to happen atm10:27
jbichagood morning10:40
amanojbicha, filed the gnome-games ffe as requested. And did some bubblewrap crusading.10:52
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1714876 in gdm (Ubuntu) "GDM doesn't show xorg session at login (Artful)" [Undecided,New]10:52
jbichathe Release Team isn't the blocker for bubblewrap, it's the Security Team10:52
jbichabut as of today gnome-desktop doesn't work with bublewrap, see https://bugzilla.gnome.org/785963 ( I haven't tried the suggested patch there yet )10:53
ubot5Gnome bug 785963 in Thumbnail "Thumbnails aren't being generated with gnome-desktop 3.25.90" [Normal,Needinfo]10:53
jbichaseb128: I think this diff isn't worth keeping any more: https://patches.ubuntu.com/libg/libgnome/libgnome_2.32.1-5ubuntu1.patch10:57
amano(always heartwarming to read hadess' subtle comments on bug trackers)10:58
seb128jbicha, or looking at it the other way it's not important enough that it needs to be changed, that delta can stay there in state10:59
jbichait's less work to sync than to merge and it's unclear to me that the Ubuntu diff is even right or that we even care that much about libgnome now11:01
seb128it's even less work to not sync, merge or change it since it's deprecated and doesn't need any work :-)11:02
seb128you should better focus on trying to resolve those gnome-shell 3.25 update issues that spend efforts on past libs...11:03
seb128but anyway, if you want to sync it and keep an eye for potential fallout that's fine with me11:03
jbichaseb128: it ftbfs11:11
jbichaI did the mutter git snapshot as requested although it might need libgudev to be hinted through artful-proposed to fix the bug11:12
seb128thanks for that11:12
seb128need to drop offline for a bit for testing and lunch, bbl11:13
jbichas390x is holding up artful migrations11:13
Laneynot any more11:13
seb128#debian-gnome backlog suggests the update still has issues11:13
seb128as does the log from here earlier11:13
seb128Tribaal couldn't log in11:14
TribaalYeah, libmutter segfaults here11:14
Tribaal(and no /var/crash entry unfortunately)11:15
Trevinhoseb128: hey seb... Sorry I had to leave my car to the repair shop. And it took more than expected 😑11:27
TrevinhoOther than that they will not fix it soon...11:28
jbichaI've delayed adding e-d-s's installed-tests to its autopkgtest because it's flaky but it doesn't seem too bad in Debian so let's see12:43
amanojbicha, hadess just commited a thumbnailing fix to gnome-desktop upstream13:05
seb128amano, that doesn't change the fact that the new component needs security review/mir which is not likely to be this cycle13:06
jbichaamano: don't be too sad, we still have new libseccomp hardening. (But those commits don't fix the Debian/Ubuntu bubblewrap issue)13:10
andyrockseb128: I asked on #launchpad13:30
andyrockthey said that that the change with update-notifier should work13:30
andyrockif there will be the same problems with the translations13:31
andyrockit's launchpad fault13:31
seb128andyrock, if it's launchpad fault do they plan to fix it?13:32
andyrockcjwatson seb128 I think so, otherwise I'll just change it to "1 livepa...13:35
andyrockshould I go with "1..."13:35
seb128what is 1? what you currently have?13:36
andyrockA Livepatch update13:37
andyrockin other places we have "1 livepatch update"13:37
seb128sorry I don't follow13:37
seb1281 is A?13:38
seb128can you pastebin what you suggest using?13:38
seb128that's probably easier :-)13:38
andyrockseb128: ^^^13:43
seb128andyrock, right, that one should work for sure13:43
andyrockkk I'll update the branch right now13:43
andyrockseb128: I've been also working on dash-to-dock notification badges  https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/wMWPc5Vo/badge_small.png https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/WfSztWrQ/badge_normal.png https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/IDabQktv/badge_big.png13:50
seb128andyrock, nice! is that just visuals or is that connected to some backend already?13:51
andyrockit's in css the graphic so should be themable (colors, shape, etc.)13:51
andyrocki'm wokring on the backend13:51
andyrockusing UnityAPI Launcher13:52
seb128is that what Trevinho recommended?13:52
andyrockseems like it became "the standard"13:52
andyrockit's what we were using13:52
seb128I don't remember now, he said there was a launcher one which was not unity specific?13:52
andyrockplank is using the same13:52
seb128just a name change iirc right?13:52
andyrockwe can keep the name13:53
andyrockif we don't want to update all the application using13:53
andyrockor we can support multiple names13:53
andyrockI would suggest to at least support the old name13:53
andyrocklooks like plasma supports the API too14:00
apwdidrocks, hey ... it is right that the pre-enabled ubuntu-dock/indicator extensions do not appear as enabled in gnome-tweak, and cannot be switched off ?14:10
amanoI think that's the intended behaviour. Just apt purge them14:14
andyrockit looks buggy14:15
andyrockI guess it's gnome-tweaks-tool that fails to deal with them14:16
jbichayes, GNOME Tweaks can't handle GNOME Shell mode extensions but we think that may be more of a GNOME Shell bug14:18
jbichaalso, I don't think GNOME Shell supports disabling mode-enabled extensions14:19
tjaaltonhum, after upgrade gdm runs X and logins fail14:27
seb128tjaalton, what gdm version do you have?14:28
jbichatjaalton: when was the last time you had restarted after upgrade? is this your first time with gnome-shell 3.25.91?14:28
tjaaltonbeen a while, maybe a week or more14:28
jbichadoes the systemd journal give you interesting errors?14:29
tjaaltonnot that I can see14:30
tjaaltonah, nevermind14:33
tjaaltonnope, it's still failing for my user, gnome-shell segfaults14:38
tjaaltongdm is fine now14:38
jbichacan you chck the journal again?14:45
jbichafor instance I had https://bugzilla.gnome.org/786660 but apparently it's rare since I haven't heard any one else mention it14:46
ubot5Gnome bug 786660 in general "3.25.91: Unable to log in: invalid monitor configuration, Logical monitors not adjecent" [Critical,New]14:46
tjaaltonsegfault in libmutter14:52
tjaalton_cogl_onscreen_free assertion fail14:55
tjaaltonhuh, and now it works14:58
tjaaltonafter a reboot'14:58
tjaaltongo figure14:58
jbichaseb128: could you look over LP: #1714821 ?15:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 1714821 in gnome-user-share (Ubuntu) "FFe: Sync gnome-user-share 3.18.3-2 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/171482115:08
seb128I saw it earlier15:08
seb128what sort of input do you want?15:08
seb128I'm unsure if we wanted it for bluetooth only15:09
seb128iirc it does local webdav sharing and that can be enabled from the default install (it prompts to install the packages needed ondemand)?15:09
jbichait only has 1 feature left: webdav but historically we didn't install the apache binaries for that feature to even work15:09
seb128but we had the ui there15:09
seb128and clicking the box would prompt to install the needed packages15:10
jbichanobody ever added support for it to install those packages on demand15:10
seb128unsure how useful that is though15:10
seb128so it was indicated as a label?15:10
jbichaanyway, gnome-user-share doesn't provide a gui any more any way, the gui is now in gnome-control-center15:10
seb128I think I remember the dialog told you what was needed15:10
seb128and is the gcc gui hidden if the backend is missing?15:11
seb128in any case it seems like we should sync the new g-u-s and makes g-c-c install that package when somebody tries to enable the feature15:11
seb128so I think syncing is fine15:11
seb128if the release team ack the ffe15:12
jbichagcc hides the gui if gnome-user-share isn't installed; it's not smart enough yet to know that it still needs those missing dependencies15:12
jbichaby default, the Sharing panel will be pretty empty, just "Computer Name" and "Screen Sharing" (and screen sharing won't work with wayland!)15:13
jbichaif you install openssh-server, you'll get a Remote Login option; if you install gnome-user-share, you get File Sharing, and I think rygel adds Media Sharing15:15
seb128we can look at doing better there next cycle15:16
seb128but it's pretty minor so nothing to worry about for now imho15:16
jbichayeah it's not a problem, we have reasons for not installing all of that by default15:17
seb128jibel, those statements conflict no?16:31
seb128"I mean, if, after boot, I select wayland, then on next logins, the wayland session always starts whether I select X or Wayland."16:31
seb128"1. Boot your system16:31
seb1282. Select Xorg16:31
seb128  -> Xorg session starts16:31
seb1283. Logout and select Wayland16:31
seb128  -> Wayland session starts"16:31
seb128 16:31
seb128jibel, in the 3 steps description your next login is different from your first one16:32
seb128(the bug description states that it's the same when reversing xorg/wayland order, for those reading only IRC)16:32
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