lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:40
ducassegood morning06:18
ducassehi lotuspsychje - work today?06:36
lordievaderGood morning07:19
ducassehi lordievader07:21
lordievaderHey ducasse, how are you doing?07:22
ducasseannoyed, by the first support issue of the day :)07:23
ducasseif a package gets update 1.2.3 with a security fix on monday, then 1.2.4 with a bugfix on tuesday and the user only looks for updates on wednesday, will he be notified of the security fix?07:27
lordievaderIf he reads the release notes.... this means no, btw. It also mean they don't know 1.2.4 has a bugfix.07:39
ducassebasically what i said, then.07:42
ducasselordievader: how is your paper going? ready for tomorrow? ;)07:43
ducassewell, best of luck07:44
* ducasse slides over a huge cup of coffee07:44
lordievaderThanks :)07:45
lordievaderNow typing away on the new keyboard, that helps :)07:45
ducassehappy with it so far?07:46
lordievaderYes, types quite nice. Much better than the rubber dome I had here before.07:49
lordievaderStill have to adjust my fingers, they are still pressing till the bottom -.-07:49
ducassethat habit can be hard to break...07:50
lotuspsychje300mb update on artful07:58
ducasseonly 65mb here, but i updated yesterday07:59
lotuspsychjeducasse: you like it?08:00
ducasseseems much the same as zesty, imo, with a few changes here and there...08:01
ducasseworks fine for me, haven't had any problems.08:02
lotuspsychjeneither did i08:02
lotuspsychjeducasse: legacy tray removed already on your side?08:04
ducassei don't use unity/gnome08:05
lotuspsychjeducasse: whats your base flavor on artful then?08:05
ducassei can't remember which image i used, but it's a minimal install08:06
lotuspsychjebrb reboot after updates08:07
lotuspsychjeso your on minimal i3 artful?08:09
ducassei'm happy with it, going to stick with ubuntu on the laptop for now.08:10
lotuspsychjeyeah pretty stable on my side aswell08:11
lotuspsychjegonna install final on netbook aswell, as i wait 18.0408:11
lotuspsychjeim pretty pleased how gnome is influenced by the ubuntu community08:12
lotuspsychjedidnt excpect to happen08:13
ducasseubuntu has basically created it's own theme, right? since the 'plain' gnome session is still there...08:14
lotuspsychjeducasse: yeah its defenatly ubuntu tweaked08:15
lotuspsychjeaha tray vanished aswell after reboot08:16
ducasseso no systray? where does the trayicons go?08:17
lotuspsychjebut indicators at right upper corner dint come yet08:17
lotuspsychjegnome will put it right upper08:17
lotuspsychjewith another fork08:17
lotuspsychjehmm, but i have ubuntu appindicators enabled as addon in gnome-tweak-tool weird08:18
ducassei'm going to check out duplicati today. it's supposed to be able to sync to jottacloud - they have no linux client, but i have a free, unlimited account there...08:20
lotuspsychjeducasse: cool08:21
ducassewould be nice to be able to use it for remote backup08:21
lotuspsychjeencrypted backups online, looks good08:22
ducasseonly sucky thing is that duplicati is mono-based...08:22
ducasselotuspsychje: already got it :)08:23
lotuspsychjelookin good08:23
lotuspsychjehey EriC^^08:24
EriC^^hey lotuspsychje08:24
EriC^^how's it going?08:24
lotuspsychjegreat here, last month of work08:24
ducasse\o EriC^^08:24
lotuspsychjewow, look who joins08:24
lotuspsychjehi TJ-08:25
TJ-Morning all :)08:25
EriC^^lotuspsychje: cool, going to take care of the shop full time?08:25
EriC^^hey ducasse o/08:25
TJ-I need help (in many ways!)08:25
EriC^^morning TJ-08:25
lotuspsychjewhats on your mind TJ-08:25
ducassesit on lotus' knee and tell him about your problems08:26
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: no, i found a new kitchen job 4.5h/day no more weekends08:26
lotuspsychjeall holidays at home08:26
lotuspsychjeducasse: how did you like dark tower?08:28
ducasselotuspsychje: short version - i didn't ;)08:28
ducassestill love the books, though08:28
TJ-Configuring a 16.04 server remotely over SSH. network-manager's nmtui (ncurses based config tool) reports "Insufficient privileges..." trying to save changes, but it works at the local console. I believe it's a PolicyKit issue but not been able to figure out a PK Action or Rule to solve it08:29
lotuspsychjeexpectable books wouldnt fit the movie08:29
lotuspsychjeno server skills here sorry TJ-08:30
TJ-it's a policykit issue I think, but PK is very obtuse08:30
TJ-I was up until 3am trying to figure out a permutation of rules to fix it but had to give up08:30
ducassetrue, pk is a hassle to deal with08:31
lotuspsychjeTJ-: got some errors for us to search?08:31
TJ-syslog shows this for a successful change at the local console:08:34
TJ-NetworkManager[684]: <info>  [1504486010.4720] audit: op="connection-update" uuid="b6590856-a1c2-3c89-9e8d-e9a034b92b1c" name="LAN" pid=1914 uid=0 result="success"08:34
TJ-And this for a failure on the remote SSH:08:34
TJ-NetworkManager[684]: <info>  [1504485892.2864] audit: op="connection-update" uuid="b6590856-a1c2-3c89-9e8d-e9a034b92b1c" name="LAN" pid=1871 uid=1000 result="fail" reason="Insufficient privileges."08:34
TJ-I've not been able to find any enhanced logging from PK itself though, despite adding some pk.log() calls to a custom rule I've written08:35
TJ-The best understanding I have is that because this is a non-GUI system there is no policykit agent in use. There is a text-based pkttyagent though that is supposedly a possible solution. That doesn't explain why nmtui works fine on the local console though, since that won't have an agent either08:36
TJ-Yeah, those articles all assume the system is running a GUI (where gnome/KDE/etc provide a PK agent)08:37
lotuspsychjethere's few bugs about it aswell08:39
ubot5Debian bug 708828 in network-manager "network-manager: (32) Insufficient privilege - when trying to use GSM dongle (huawei E160G)" [Important,Open]08:39
TJ-Yes, I found a lot last night. Spent about 4 hours on it08:39
TJ-unfortunately most solutions are at best incomplete and at worst incomprehensible or out-of-date08:39
lotuspsychjeTJ-: wich .iso of ubuntu 16.04 did you try?08:39
lotuspsychjemaybe more light on different .2 or .3?08:40
lotuspsychjeother nm version?08:40
TJ-lotuspsychje: none.08:42
TJ-It's a debootstrap install, all up-to-date, equates to 16.04.308:42
lotuspsychje!info network-manager xenial08:43
ubot5network-manager (source: network-manager): network management framework (daemon and userspace tools). In component main, is optional. Version 1.2.6-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 (xenial), package size 2020 kB, installed size 10812 kB (Only available for linux-any)08:43
lotuspsychjehave to go work now guys08:43
lotuspsychjelaterz ; )08:43
TJ-Got it working finally, although only by making the permissions quite permissive09:04
BluesKajHowdy folks11:43
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immuhi EriC^^20:05
EriC^^hi immu20:07
immuwhats up20:27

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