jbicharicotz: are you aware a symbol went missing since vala 0.37.91?11:50
jbicha#MISSING: 0.38.0# vala_delegate_get_prototype_string@Base 0.32.011:50
jbicha#MISSING: 0.38.0# vala_method_type_to_prototype_string@Base 0.32.011:51
ricotzjbicha, yes11:53
ricotzit is intended11:54
jbichaok, I'm uploading to Debian experimental NEW soon11:57
jbicharicotz: does this patch look ok to you? https://bugs.debian.org/87377811:58
ubot5Debian bug 873778 in src:mozjs52 "mozjs52: FTBFS: Failed to test XUL condition" [Serious,Open]11:58
jbicha(I don't know much about firefox configure flags)11:59
ricotzlooks ok12:02
ricotzthose are mostly workarounds for gcc >= 512:02
ricotzjbicha, jfyi there will be a vala 0.36.513:12
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faekjarzOhai, i have 3 monitors, all horizontally aligned, side by side. I'd like to stretch a wallpaper across all of my monitors. The Gnome settings GUI (Ubuntu 16.04) doesn't feature any controls for that task (https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DI6J9cgWsAENMKP.jpg:large). Maybe there is some gconf or similar tweakery voodoo magic to acheive the goal? Anyone? *summons the wizzards*21:27

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