Tassiosomeone agreed?00:05
TassioI'm using the beta version of Ubuntu Mate 17.10 Beta. Using Mutiny. the Trash Icon disappeared from the bar. Anyone know if they took it?00:06
exosetQuelqu'un ?04:45
mate|59957Hi, hope everyone is having a good day, I have a question is it possible to run Debian application on raspberry if I flash ubuntu mate in it ?10:07
mate|59957I am stuck at one point the application which I want to use is not designed for ARM structure10:07
guiverc_tmate|59957, if the app is x86/x86_64 no .. if its armv7 there is an excellent chance it'll be good, esp if libs are installed in ubuntu-mate.. an ancient version of an app will likely need different lib versions.10:10
mate|59957ok thanks :)10:46
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NishWhere can I find the Ubuntu-mate source code?16:00
ouroumovHello Nish16:02
ouroumovNish, ubuntu-mate specific code is on github: https://github.com/ubuntu-mate16:02
ouroumovNish, mate-desktop code is on github too: https://github.com/mate-desktop/16:03
ouroumovThe rest of the ubuntu code is available on launchpad.16:03
NishThank you so much16:04
NishIs the Ubuntu-mate version different for raspberry pi 3?16:04
ouroumovNish, you'd have to ask Wimpy. I'm not really up-to-speed on this matter. I'm not even sure the RPi version is supported like the other Ubuntu versions.16:06
Guest74913Antone have an idea how to adjust the the Notification pop-up time? It only takes an glance to read it but distracts me when it goes away.17:01
kirsHow can I compile and build ubuntu-mate for raspberry pi3?17:27
sixwheeledbeastthere is a version for rpi17:43
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nicekiwiheeeeey :)22:29
nicekiwiwill UbuntuMATE use Wayland as the default display server in 17.10?22:29

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